There Are a Ton of Useful Ways To Use That WD-40 You Have Lying Around the House

You may not have heard about all the other uses that a simple bottle of WD-40 can do. The cleaning product has been relied upon for stripping away paint, lubricating door or drawer hinges, and it even has anti-rust properties to keep your items in good shape for longer. But there’s a lot more that you can be doing with your WD-40 than just what’s advertised. We’re breaking down some of the ways in which a simple bottle of the multi-purpose solution can be put to good – and varied – use. You’ll find that not only does it do odd jobs around the house, like protecting your car in cold weather or decreasing pest problems in your front garden, but it’ll save you from spending time and money on other products as well.

People Have Mixed Feelings About What the Survivors of the Andes Flight Disaster Do Every Year

There were 45 people on board the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 when it crashed in the Andean Mountain Range along the western edge of South America. The airline disaster and tale of endurance would come to shock the world when the survivors revealed the true extent of their cannibalism. Many people still can’t wrap their heads around what went on. Now in the seventies, the survivors meet once a year on the anniversary of their rescue date in order to celebrate their resilience and remember those that didn’t make it. But what they choose to do when they come together has garnered a mixed response.

Steve Irwin’s Recently Unearthed Letter to His Father Bob Makes Their Family Feud Even Sadder

Yes, behind one of the world’s happiest and most famous families lies relationships that are fraught with tension – leaving some individuals shoved to the sidelines. But how would Steve feel about the growing hostility amongst those he loved most dear? Well, a recently unearthed letter written by Steve almost two decades ago sheds light on the family feud, and makes the whole situation even more unsettling.

Behind-the-Scenes Facts About HBO’s Succession That’ll Give You a Whole New Perspective

HBOs Succession is the hit family drama that everyone’s talking about. The unpredictable storylines, stand-out performances, and sneak peek into the realities of a family empire are all too good to miss. But there’s a whole truckload that goes on behind the scenes that shows the hit TV drama in a whole new light. From writing room secrets to actor quirks, take a look at all the interesting things you probably didn’t know about the show. You may find that the actors and the storylines mirror reality more than you realized.

Homeless Veteran’s Piano Playing Goes Viral and Transforms His Life in More Ways than One

Donald Gould was once a proud military man, a father, and a husband. But when his life changed before he could realize what had happened, the damage he was faced with seemed irreparable. He found himself on the streets and struggling to find a hot meal – and the only solace he could enjoy was his love of music. Little did he know that one decision to play the piano on the street would impact his existence in so many different ways.

Cloud Storage Providers That Keep Your Data Safe and Easily Accessible

Since its inception in 2007, cloud storage has become ever more reliable and convenient. More and more people are looking to utilize cloud storage to deposit and keep their data remote. With so many different options on the market, it can be hard to know which file hosting service can best fit your needs. Among the most popular data backup applications, there are various pros and cons to be aware of before committing to any one of them. Take a look at who the most dependable providers are on the market to find out which one will suit you best.

Instant At-Home Remedies To Help Reduce the Appearance of Under-Eye Bags

The appearance of dark under-eye circles is a concern for many people of all ages. Cosmetically, eye bags may alter one’s image in an unfavorable way, leading many people to seek professional or even surgical treatment for it. However, it’s possible to help reduce the appearance of a dark and puffy under-eye area if you’re squeezed for time and looking for a quick and temporary fix. Luckily, it’s possible to achieve a near-instant change in the appearance of under-eye bags through a few simple techniques, leading to a smoother, more refreshed, and more youthful appearance.

The Best Senior-Friendly SUVs Are Being Sold For Under $40,000

SUVs, or sport utility vehicles, are gaining more popularity among seniors for good reason. They appeal to those who want a more spacious driving and riding experience, as they tend to have more room than typical four-door passenger cars. They also tend to offer more space for cargo and passengers alike, making them perfect for seniors with larger families that sometimes need to be accommodated. Nowadays, it’s now possible to purchase a state-of-the-art SUV for under $40,000. Take a look at which manufacturers and models won’t break the bank and are being designed with seniors in mind.

Here’s How Often You Should Really Change Your Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are more important than we give them credit for. We spend approximately a third of our lives in our beds, which equates to around 36 years, according to the National Library of Medicine. Sleep is a big part of our lives, and good quality sleep is essential for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. While often overlooked, maintaining clean bed sheets is especially important in ensuring we have good quality sleep. We’re going to break down exactly what they say about how often we should be changing our sheets and what factors to consider when we do.

News of HBO’s Harry Potter TV Reboot Receives an Unfavorable Response From Fans

News of an upcoming Harry Potter reboot was recently confirmed by Warner Bros. Discovery, hailing a new era of magical adventures for fans of the beloved franchise. The Max Original series promises to “dive deep” into each of J. K. Rowling’s seven books, with HBO and HBO Max CEO Casey Bloys promising to create “a faithful adaptation.” According to the press release, they intend to dedicate “10 consecutive years” to the hotly anticipated production, which promises to partner with author J.K. Rowling to preserve “the integrity of my books,” as she stated.

Essential Skills You Need to Succeed In a New Career As a Project Manager

Project management can be an extremely rewarding career for several reasons. As a project manager, you’ll take ownership of projects, collaborate on a small and big scale, and reap the financial benefits. On top of that, those who are successful in a project management role can expect to have great opportunities for career advancement in the long run. With the right qualities, you may find that a new career in project management is exactly the kind of change you’ve been looking for. Take a look at the essential soft and hard skills that a project manager needs to succeed in any kind of corporation or organization.