When Old Hollywood Siren Lana Turner Didn’t Find the Courage to Break up With Her Mafia Boyfriend, Her Daughter Did the Unthinkable

Old Hollywood star Lana Turner had married four times by the time she met mobster Johnny Stompanato. After a period of stalking and incessant phone calls, she eventually gave in and started dating him, but she was totally unaware of his true nature. And it almost cost Lana her life. nly 14 years old she took matters into her own hands, but it landed her on trial. Theories still persist today about what really went on at Lana’s house that fateful night in 1958, and as you’ll come to see, Lana was in a dire situation.

The Drama on the Set of That 70’s Show Was Far From Over When It Went off Air

Some shows that depict a close, tight-knit group of friends often have the most tumultuous relationships behind the scenes. That 70’s Show had a cast and crew that fit that bill perfectly. No other sitcom has managed to have us fooled in such a way as this classic comedy from the aughts. had more than just a few flings and disputes. Actors hated each other, others had to depart due to personal crises – one even went to jail for a spell during filming. Each and every cast member on this show had some kind of one-of-a-kind experience while on set, and we’ve looked into just what we’ve missed when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Double Trouble: These Pairs of Celebrities Look Identical, and Now We Don’t Know Who Is Who

While celebrities are all unique in their own right, there’s no denying that there are some celebs who look eerily alike. In some cases, they look like clones of each other, and it can get pretty confusing. They have the same eyes, they have the same hair, and they might even have the same exact mouth. It’s even more bizarre when they’re both actors or singers. We guess doppelgängers are real after all… even in Hollywood.

Stunningly Restored and Colorized Historical Photos That Shine a New Light on the Past

By colorizing old photos from years gone by, it’s become easier to imagine the past and connect to our history. After all, every single moment in these colorized photos has impacted the world that we live in today – and it’s important that we all understand the clues, the details, and the colors that were present in these people and places. Yes, these are stunningly restored and colorized historical photos that shed new light on the past.

How One Local Hero Risked Everything to Save the Fates of 26 Innocent Children

It was the summer of 1976 in the small, rural California town of Chowchilla. Local children at Chowchilla’s school, the Dairyland School, were being driven home by their faithful school bus driver, Edward Ray. 26 children were on their way back from a summer school session when their lives would be changed forever.

Dearest Readers, These Are the Most Gossip-Worthy Facts and Photos Behind the Making of Bridgerton Season Two

From scandalous hunting trips to Pall Mall shenanigans and bee stings that really take your breath away, the second season of Bridgerton sees the Viscount aim to fulfil his family duty and find his bride. But as we all know, things don’t always go to plan in high society – and filming wasn’t exactly a romantic promenade for the cast and crew of this show, either. Check out the gossip-worthy behind-the-scenes photos and facts of Bridgerton season two.

Ryan Reynolds Pushed a Playboy Lifestyle That Inspired Break-up Anthems and Almost Ruined His Career

Ryan Reynolds is a dreamboat that graces the dreams of gorgeous women worldwide. It turns out, that more than a few famous women graced the actor’s arm… and his bedroom. They’ve all succumbed to the same sexiness that is somewhere between stunning and charming, something few stars possess as much as Reynolds.

These Celebs’ Beautifully Unique ”Flaws” Show That Not Even A-Listers Are Perfect

When they’re not being photoshopped, made-up, and airbrushed, these A-listers actually have some pretty unique appearances that make them all the more beautiful. These celebrities are done hiding the differences they were born with and want to share what they really look like with the world. Whether it be mismatched eyes, webbed toes, or a cleft lip, these stars are embracing their “flaws” and encouraging fans to do the same.

These Celebs Went Above and Beyond to Help Their Fans in a Time of Need

These celebrities love their fans just as much as their fans love them, and they’d go above and beyond for their fanbase. See the most unexpected stories of celebs changing their fans’ lives for the better. Some of these stars get a pretty bad rep in terms of how they interact with the public, but these heartwarming moments just might change your mind. These A-listers know that at the end of the day, they need their fans far more than their fans need them and they don’t mind showing it.

This Artist Was Living on the Street When a Man Pulled up in His Truck With a Proposition That Could Change Everything

When this homeless artist found himself struggling to survive, he reached out to strangers for help but was simply ignored by passers-by. That all changed when a pickup truck stopped next to him one day, and offered him an opportunity he couldn’t refuse. It was this small moment of kindness from a stranger that sparked a series of events that changed Richard’s life forever. Now, instead of surviving, he’s thriving… and he’s ready to tell his tale.

You May Have Thought These Stars Were Born in the USA, but Their Lives Started Overseas

America is a melting pot of so many different ethnicities and cultures. No matter where someone hails from, they can seemingly always find a little piece of home, no matter where they go. Plus, they bring new cultural contributions from across the globe.