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Female CEO Buys & Opens Women-Only Luxury Island Near Finland

Kristina Roth is a highly successful entrepreneur who just opened a health-focused and luxury island that has a strict “no boys allowed” rule. SuperShe is an island built to allow women to recharge and build themselves in ways that enable them to accomplish their life goals. Seminars, workout classes, and meditation are just a few of the perks of getting accepted to participate in her women’s-only retreat.



Meet Kristina Roth

Kristina Roth is a highly successful entrepreneur who just opened a health-focused and luxury island that has a strict “no boys allowed” rule. Supershe is Kristina’s gift to women across the world. She’s spent years in cubicles, working her way up to the top.

Roth says that throughout her experience in the ruthless business world, she’s noticed that women tend to get distracted by the presence of men in the workplace. Roth did not build her island on the basis of any gender equality issues in the workplace.

She simply acknowledges that the presence of men, in general, makes it hard for women to relax. Even on vacation in the Bahamas, women may feel the need to swipe on some lipstick to look good for men. Supershe is intended to trigger a full state of relaxation by eliminating the subconscious stress felt by women in the presence of the opposite gender.

This Ain’t Her First Rodeo

The 7.8-acre island off of Finland is not heaven, but it might be pretty close to it. This isn’t Roths first rodeo in the business of health and relaxation. After quitting her high-stress job as the CEO of a consultancy company Roth decided to go into the business of relaxation and health.

She started off with a lifestyle blog and networking group. Now the superwoman worked her way into a private island that embodies the essence of her newfound business.


Supershe is an island that helps women build self-confidence and learn to accomplish their life goals. She imagines women from all over the worlding, coming together to relax and grow as a person.

The subconscious if not totally conscious distraction caused by men can get in the way of a quiet healthy mind, Roth believes. However, she’s made it clear that her motivated is in now way, a result of any type of hatred towards men.

Supershe is set to officially open on June 15, 2018, for 12 weeks. During this time, up to 120 women will get the opportunity to relax fully. Supershe offers these lucky women activities such as yoga, meditation, cooking classes, healthy eating, and workout classes. The whole experience boils down to one big mental massage.

A Tough Application Process

So far, over 3,000 women applied to join the Supershe retreat. As much as Roth would love to open the island to all women, she insists on a strict review process. Women applicants must explain why they want to come to Supershe and what they plan to accomplish while they’re there. A board strictly reviews these applications and approves only 120 lucky women.

Who is a Supershe?

In an interview, Kristna explains exactly who is a Supershe. “For me, a SuperShe is someone who is really striving to be mental, emotionally and financially independent. It’s a woman who knows what she wants for herself; I’m looking for someone who is independent and has positive energy.

She may be a young woman from Texas who needs a break from her tech job where she’s surrounded by men; [or] the mom of three children who just needs some “me time;” or a woman who just really loves to travel and wants to be around like-minded women from different cultures,” she explains.

Plans for Expansion

Roth is aware that helping 120 women in the world is not enough. Millions of women need this “me time” for a number of reasons. That’s why Supershe is just the beginning. Roth plans on expanding her project by opening up smaller women retreats all over the world.