25+ Photographs That Capture the Beauty of Our Planet From All Different Angles

Wed Jan 22 2020

Isn’t it lovely that we can share experiences through the power of Images? Photographers are often able to capture moments and stories from across the planet thereby showcasing the earth’s natural beauty. These photos not only shed light on our earth’s beauty but it’s fragility too.

We have these photographers to thank for enlightening us and providing us with the most awe-worthy photos of our planet that perfectly exemplify our planet’s vast story. It’s hard to imagine how we’d be exposed to the history of those indigenous tribes and endangered animals that otherwise only exist oceans beyond our reach.

Say Hello to My Friends

The fishermen who live along the Li River make up a colony of people with a long and painful history. Since the beginning of time, these tribespeople have been living either around or literally on the water. They spend their days either fishing or taking tourists around the river to earn money for themselves and families.

Yin-Bou people often build floating homes that stand on poles on the shores of Li River. Many find that this living solution is easier for getting more fishing time in. Photographer Chanwit Whanset wanted to bring attention to the various different types of rural colonies out there and we are glad he did.

Tsaatan Tribespeople: Reindeer Herders

The Tsaatan people have always been traditional reindeer herders located in northern Khövsgöl Aimag of Mongolia. However, the world barely knows of their existence as they are the last surviving Tsaatan tribe. Photographer Jimmy Nelson hopes to shed light on their unique tribe, enlightening people with how they survived for 1000s of years inhabiting the remotest lands.

Jimmy managed to capture the essence of a tribesman’s day to day life, showing how the reindeer and the Tsaatan people completely depend on one another for survival. His photos, like the one seen above, do so in the most beautiful way.

Africa’s Finest

Africa is known famously for its abundance of wild animals. Some of the best places to go and see the big five animals are South Africa and Tanzania. Photographer Majed’s purpose was to broaden everyone’s perspectives and create animal awareness by showing how cared for animals can thrive under the right conditions.

Tanzania, in East Africa, has over 20 percent of the continent’s biggest species of wild animals. They are spread across reserves and conservation areas. Animals across a wide range of species are very well cared for in Tanzania, having over 17 national parks spread around the country.

New-ordained Monks

Leading to the most important day of these young boys’ lives, the start of a life-long journey into religious dedication. In Myanmar, identified as one of the most Buddhist countries in the world, it’s customary for boys aged seven to twenty to join the monastery for at least a week. The majority of boys will become fully-ordained monks.

Making a life long decision at such a young age seems absurd to many of us. But the photographer, Ling Ling, wants to emphasize the fact that even though they are monks and have made such significant commitments at such a young age, they are still only children.

Baby Mama

What a mesmerizing picture. It’s true when they say that there is no love like a mother’s love. The lionesses, (a female lion), is very protective over their newborns. Before the lionesses give birth, their natural instincts drive them to leave their pride to give birth and raise their baby cubs far away.

Cubs don’t open their eyes until they are at least 3 to 11 days old. Because the newborns are in such a fragile state, the lioness is understandably protective during this time. The photographer was lucky to have gotten so close to this beautiful family without triggering her. Once the cubs are more independent, the new family will make their way back to the pride.

The Red-Robed Maasai Tribesmen of Africa

While Africa has 54 unique, independent countries, it has over 3000 diverse tribes. The red-robed tribesmen being one of them. The Masaai are an ethnic group of 841,622 people that inhabits areas surrounding major game parks and lakes throughout Kenya and Tanzania.

As you can see, Photographer Ami Vitale managed to captivate how the Masaai still live. They live in their ancient customs and are strongly patriarchal in nature. Regardless of how modernly advanced the outside world is, these tribes still live like one would, thousands of years ago.

Sacred White Rhinos

Photographer Justin Mott is using the influence of photography to hopefully encourage animal awareness. Sadly, there are only two female white rhinos left, a mother and daughter. Fortunately, they have caretakers working around the clock to nurture them and protect them.

As you can see, their guardian shares a close bond with them and will continue to protect them until necessary. Sadly, the power of documenting these fantastic animals shows how vulnerable our world is. Also, it captures the Rhino’s beauty before they’re gone for good, leaving many speechless and emotional.

If Animals Could Talk

This picture reminds me of an elderly couple that has been married for a really long time. However, the photographer Yongqing Bao managed to capture a one-of-a-kind prize-winning image. This is a rare Tibetan fox and a marmot engaging in a fight, according to Yongqing.

In the meadowland of China’s Tibetan Plateau, 14,800 feet above sea level, is a place people rarely dare to visit. Having said that, this unique photograph from “The Roof of the World” took many by surprise. So for the photographer to have captured such a powerful interaction between the two species- it is impressive.

Following a 1000-Year-Old Tradition

On the shores of Situ Patenggang lake in Indonesia, lives an old fishing tribe which has preserved the traditions and skills of fishing for over a thousand years. These traditions are kept alive by many of the elder men living in surrounding villages.

Photographer Glen Valentino sheds light on this tradition, reminding many people of how humbled some corners of the earth truly are. This man routinely wakes up before sunrise, takes his gas lamp, a net, and his bird to help him fish. Isn’t that beautiful?

Gelada Baboons Huddle Ethiopian Guassa Grass

We never knew these baboons were such troopers, being vegan and all. Meet the world’s only grass-eating monkeys. At an impressive height of 11,000 feet, the monkeys survive off flowering herbs and thick grass along the edge of the plateau in the Ethiopian Highlands.

Photographer James wants to shed light on the importance of taking care of agriculture. Gelada Baboons sometimes referred to as monkeys with bleeding hearts depend on the grass of Ethiopia. Let’s hope each one will keep doing their part to protect our environment.

A Snowy Night in the Alps

The photographer Nadia Aly captured this image intending to showcase the life of the many animals in Antarctica. As we can see, the American photographer took this photo on an incredibly snowy, cold, and windy day last October.

These small chicks were patiently waiting for their parents to return from the water with food. The gorgeous birds were huddled up to keep warm. The talented photographer was quite surprised by the social behavior of the baby penguins and how weather conditions affect the animals.

Empowering Women in Zanzibar

In today’s society, unfortunately, it’s still common for some cultures, depending on where you are from, to discriminate against women and treat them differently. Zambia is one of those places. In aid of helping women feel empowered, photographer Anna captured their freeing moment the best she could.

The majority of girls who inhabit the islands of Zambia never learn how to swim. Conservative Islamic culture compelled community leaders to dissuade girls from swimming. Until now, the women decided they’d teach themselves, which is both “Empowering and freeing,” as stated by Anna.

Tigers Rescued and Living Their Best Life

We know you hear it a lot, but our planet is an extremely fragile place. Whether its weather conditions, deforestation or our fast-paced decrease in wild animals it’s important to offer the earth some TLC whenever we can. It’s in Steve Winter’s best interest to bring light to this matter.

Daniel, Enzo, and Clay are three out of 39 tigers that were rescued from an animal park in Oklahoma. The tigers can be seen relaxing, gathering around a pool at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. These cats will live out their lives here, with proper nutrition and the vet care they deserve.

Tradition in The City

Madurai is home to over 1,561,129 people. As Photographer Ezra Millstein has shown, the people of Madurai take great pride in their rich cultural heritage. Even though they seem to be adapting to a bit of a more modern lifestyle, traditions will always play an enormous role in their lives.

Despite religious diversity, the people live in peace and harmony- they live a very simple life. Ezra found that no matter who you are, they will always be hospitable in nature, treating strangers in the most humble manner. The contrast between city life and the man’s traditional face paint and garb makes for an unbelievable photo that leaves us feeling speechless.

Pandas Gone Wild

Photographer Ami Vitale believes that photography can empower us as individuals, cultures, and as communities. There are a lot of stories to tell about this planet, many of which can be told by the many natural inhabitants on our earth. She believes that in saving animals, we’re actually saving ourselves.

Ami had been following stories on different subjects including poverty and health. But what she didn’t realize was that the whole time the issues were about nature. This picture speaks a thousand words, and who wouldn’t want to be part of taking care of nature after seeing this picture?

Among the White Umbrellas

The beautiful land of Myanmar is loaded with colors, whether it’s man-made or natural. To bring out more happy shades in the world, the tones are enhanced to some extent by the magical umbrellas and parasols. Photographer Aung ThuYa shows us the efforts put in to bring happiness to their nation.

They might look dull right now, but once the young lady has finished beautifully designing each one with artistic paintings on them, the Pathein parasol will look absolutely enchanting and colorful. Imagine seeing beautiful colored umbrellas filling the streets, what a beautiful sight!

An Unexpected Selfie

The surprise in this picture is knowing how religion has played a paramount role in the daily life of Afghanistan people. As many of you know, there are a lot of things religious practitioners are forbidden to have, such as certain beverages and certain attire.

However, what’s far more interesting is a stringent practice that was imposed on its people, like the banning of television sets, technology and other forms of entertainment. So really, this is a one-of-a-king picture, photographer Shan Marai managed to capture.

A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

This leopard was spotted at South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. Zambia is one of the wettest countries in Southern Africa. The rivers and lakes offer excellent fishing alongside thriving populations of all the wild animals you can imagine.

Photographer Will Lucas is a nature and wildlife photographer who too, brings as much attention to the wild animals as possible. He really managed to capture the animal’s beauty, making us want to hop on a plane to Zambia and see them with our own eyes.

A Story Told Through Color

Photographer Nese Ari captured this creative and magical picture in a small village in southern Vietnam near Phan Rang. These three women are wearing typical cone hats and creating a large amount of nig fishing nets in a traditional manner.

Like it was once, hundreds of years ago, the manufacturing of these handmade nets is still a typical Vietnamese tradition for the women. While the men are out fishing all day, to later sell at the market, their wives carry on creating the nets throughout the day.

The Bear Necessities

What a breath-taking image of a bear fishing for his salmon. Yes, this picture does seem somewhat of a risky task but with ingenuity, patience and an abundance of bears, photographer Mikhail Korostelev accomplished just that.

To get this majestic photo, Mikhail had to travel to South Kamchatka Sanctuary, a protected reserve. This reserve is home to the largest protected brown bear population in Russia, with a river that has some of the largest salmon runs along the Pacific Coast.

A Day in The Life

The standard of urbanization in Indonesia is very low compared to other countries that are in a similar stage of economic growth. Yogyakarta, a place in Indonesia, is home to many villages that still uphold old customs, traditional ways of life, rituals, and culture.

The locals from the rural villages spend many of the hours throughout the day plunging in the water springs. Photographer Vichaya Chatikavanij captured this moment beautifully, showing how humble the rural side of Indonesia is.

We’re Not Seeing Eye to Eye Right Now

Photographer Zhayynn James from India, intended on sharing this picture in hopes of raising some sort of attention towards our giant friends. He had no idea his work would have such an effect, bringing focus to the elephant sanctuaries around the world.

After entering his image into a competition, it gained more attention than he could have imagined. The sanctuary for elephants is a unique and safe place for the animals to live in peace and hopefully more endangered elephants will become part of that newfound family too.

A Walk to Freedom

Some of you may have heard a bit about Buddhism. One of Buddha’s greatest beliefs is to live in the present. Photographer Santi, captured this breathtaking picture of the Monk walking Dhutanga (An ascetic practice). This is the Big Buddha statue at Wat Muang Angthong, Temple Thailand. The sunset makes it look like a dream.

Often referred to as forest monks, they usually are the type of monks who believe in deepening the practices of meditation and often assist others in living the Holy life. Their goal is to help fellow practitioners detach from the materialistic things in life, including the body.

The Beautiful Bengal

Once, there were eight different species of tigers. However, as nature and humans would have it, three became extinct during the 20th century due to deforestation and hunting. The remaining five tiger species are still at risk, with many people seeing them as trophies.

Bengal tigers inhabit India and are sometimes referred to as Indian tigers. At this moment, they are the more common tigers and make up half of the wild tigers left. Photographer Tim Flach set out to capture the world’s attention, trying to encourage animal awareness.

The Atlas of Beauty

The photographer, Mihaela Noroc, decided to visit the islands of central Mongolia during one August, which is a surprisingly cold time to be there. While central Mongolia has a harsh environment, the photographer noticed a graceful and gentle woman who was milking the yaks.

Mihaela has spent her last four years traveling all around the globe, capturing remarkable photographs of women for her project, “The Atlas of Beauty.” She hopes to create a connection between all types of women who have extraordinary stories.

The Noble Maasai Tribesmen

After reading a bit about the Maasai tribesmen earlier on the list, we hope you understand the just of how fascinating this tribe is. There are only over 100 tribes in Tanzania, with the Maasai being one of the most prominent of them all.

Their tribe residing near Lake Turkana got its notable status, not for their skills with spears and shields, but better yet for their talent of throwing an orinka (War Club with a ball head) up to 70 paces. Well, we don’t think anyone would want to mess with these guys. Leave it to photographer Jimmy Nelson to capture the gentle essence of these mighty people.

An Aromatic Old Tradition

This is Vietnam’s “incense village,” officially known as Quang Phu Cau. The local workers and volunteers prepare fragrant sticks before the busy lunar New Years’ holiday. Hundreds of villagers will spend their time dyeing, drying, and whittling down bamboo bark to make the incense sticks.

Buddhism and the burning of fragrant sticks develop here in the village as well as many other places. Even though this profession doesn’t offer any financial stability, people still do it until today because they are committed to their old customs and traditions.

A Walk Through the Desert

Sahara is the harshest and hottest desert in the world. The third-largest behind it is the Arctic and Antarctic, which are both cold deserts. It covers over 3.6 million square miles. Surprisingly, the size of the desert is a third of Africa and the size of the United States, including Hawaii and Africa.

Now you’re probably wondering how the camels survive the heat. But despite the harsh conditions, many animals have physiological features helping them adapt to the Sahara. Camels have a variety of physical attributes that helo them retain water in their system. Because of this, they can travel several days in the desert without drinking a single drop of water.

The Slow Sloth Wins the Race

Photographer Andrew Whitworth happened to see this gorgeous female three-toed sloth while driving slowly during a dark and stormy day. There are only two types of sloths in Costa Rica; both are Brown-throated sloths, but one species only has two toes, and the other species was gifted with three.

The two-toed sloth is nocturnal, so it’s quite rare to see one active during the day. However, the three-toed species can be seen out and about whether its day or night. Looks like photographer Andrew Whitworth was able to capture this three-toed cutie trying to cross the road. We can only wonder why…

Bright Colors of Angola

Few people have heard of this tribe, let alone of most ethnic tribes. The lives of Mucubal are based on preserving old traditions like herding cattle, agriculture, and sharpening of teeth. The girls have their upper teeth sharpened and bottom teeth removed as part of their culture.

But don’t let those traditions startle you, they have some pretty basic traditions too, like their high standards for fashion. As you see, the photographer captured some of their beautiful head jewelry, and they brightly colored clothes to go with it.

Holy Lights

The City of Lights, a place of Holiness, the biggest city in India, Varanasi. The city is highly famous for various things, some of which are the Aghoris (religious practitioners), Sadhus (Practitioners of yoga) and Hinduism. As displayed in the photograph below, this is a Sadhu.

Being one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities, it’s the Holiest place in Hinduism and Jainism. The photographer wanted the opportunity to capture the uniqueness of spiritual people and how intriguing they are. Well, this picture tells a story of its own.

Immersed in Nature

This old colony, known as the Q’eros are located 5,000m above sea level in the snowcapped Vilcanota mountain of Peru. They are a tribe dating back to the early 1900s and consist of over 3000-4000 tribespeople, divided among 14 villages.

The Q’eros are very hard workers who are immersed in nature at all times. They spend their days giving medicinal and offerings ceremonies for mother nature and the spirit of the mountains. They are in permanent contact with these entities. Seen in the photo is a man praying for a plentiful harvest.

The Land of the Eagle

This photographer, Audun Rikardsen, is a man with a lot of patience. He spent three years waiting for this moment. Audun carefully placed and positioned a tree branch, hoping it would make the perfect lookout for golden eagles.

He went on to set up a camera trap and sometimes left a meal closeby to attract some hungry eagles. Then, very gradually, during the next three years, this eagle in the picture above started using the positioned branch as a perch to view its coastal realm. We are sure Audun is pleased with his hard work and patience.

Water Lily Love

This lovely girl was collecting these beautiful water lily’s so that she could trade them in the local market for money for her family. Like many places in the world, the families living harder lives usually require each family member, nevermind their age, to help assist in any way they can.

The photographer was absolutely mesmerized by the girl’s smile and pure happiness. Even though she’s working, she is absolutely humbled and loving every moment of picking out her flowers. Anindita couldn’t leave without getting a picture and we are happy about that.

The Brave Mountain Goat

Many goats roam the state of Colorado, but it’s also entirely possible you have never seen a Colorado mountain goat in the wild. Some people find mountain goats to be very interesting and fascinating animals, like the photographer Jesse Cox does.

We don’t know if you’ve seen this before, but wild goats climb over steep terrain, navigate around rocks, and on cliffs in Colorado’s highest mountains. It’s quite amazing. This image itself was captured during a thunderstorm. Jesse managed to get them as soon as they all huddled together.

Scarlet Wedding Bells

As tradition would have it, the bride-to-be needs to wear a 16-piece outfit, known as Solah Shringar. Photographer captured this beautiful bride wearing her 16-piece outfit, including her jewelry, clothes, and makeup. The story behind this old tradition is quite impressive, actually.

Each item is meant to bring the natural beauty of the bride-to-be. The most noticeable piece of the Solah Shringar is the Mangtikka, (Which is the giant jewel the bride wears on her forehead like in the picture above). The giant garment will vary, depending on which region a bride is from.

Fox in Slumber

Photographer Ossi Saarinen is in love with foxes, to say the least. He spends most of his time trying to get close to the wild animals and make them comfortable around him so he could finally get the perfect pictures of them in their natural habitat.

Ossi’s main goal with capturing majestic images of the species is to show the world just how mysterious and charming the foxes are. Luckily for him, this was a baby one; they are a lot more trusting and less jumpy when trying to get the perfect image.

A Safe Sanctuary in the Congo

Inside this animal sanctuary, gorilla inhabitants can’t resist showing their human-friend how much they love him. Photographer James Gifford captured the heartwarming moment between the zookeeper, Andre Bauma, and gorilla sharing cuddles.

This behavior isn’t something unusual, the zookeepers hairy-friends adore him. The gorillas were sadly orphaned from a young age back in 2007. However, they were subsequently raised and brought up by Andre, forming a close and loving bond.

We’ve Got your back!

Everyone, get in line for the buffet! These are bank myna birds. We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase, the circle of life. Well, in Keoladeo National Park, the animals are working together and proved the phrase right. The bank mynas are gazing on the fleas from the antelope’s fur. Sounds delicious, right?

Understandably, the nilgai antelope are more than happy to provide a resting place for hundreds of birds to feast away on the blood-sucking irritations. Chotu, the photographer decided to go bird watching and boy did he get more than he bargained for.