25 + Superstar Athletes Who Married Their High School Sweethearts

In the competitive world of major league sports, winning is everything. And while many of these superstar athletes are passionate about winning the game, many have been winning in life, too. That’s because they already scored a touchdown and were lucky in love from a young age.

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While the pro sports world is often plagued by rumors and scandals, there seems to be a phenomenal amount of athletes that found their love match before they were famous and are now ultimate couple goals. So we’re here to shine a light on the stars that tied the knot with their high school sweethearts and have now conquered stardom, fame, and fortune together.

Deron Williams Married His Second Grade Sweetheart

Three-time NBA All-Star Player, Deron Williams has achieved more than most in his lifetime. He is now a Gold medal Olympian and is a force to be reckoned with on the court for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The pro athlete also won the heart of his sweetheart, Amy Williams, way back when in second grade.

Image: Instagram / Deron Williams

The pair started out as high school sweethearts before making it official and marrying in 2006. They now have four adorable children together, including two girls and two boys. One of the children was also adopted and inspired them to create the Point of Hope Foundation, to help raise awareness of autism and help less fortunate families.

The Royal Eatons Make the Ultimate Power Couple

Ashton Eaton shot to stardom as an Olympic decathlon champion and a world-record holder. Brianna Eaton is also a gold-medal-winning heptathlon Olympian. While they are both ahead of the game as athletes, they also make an unstoppable team in life.

Image: NBC Olympics

Royally referred to as the Royal Eatons, the pair first met as teenagers and obviously shared the same interests. They both took things to the next level in 2013 and their coach Harry Marra officiated at their wedding. They make the ultimate power couple and push each other to be the best, and support causes together like Team World Vision. Despite all this, Brianne insists, “We feel like pretty normal, boring people, to be honest!”

Chris Paul Met His Wife at a Basketball Match

NBA All-Star Chris Paul has proved to everyone that he has what it takes on the court. The Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player is now one of the highest-paid athletes in the world and has countless accolades under his belt, including two Gold Olympic medals.

Image: Marca

Chris Paul first met his sweetheart, Jada Crawley, just after high school at a basketball match in 2003. The pair clearly had a spark and continued to date for a few years, before tying the knot in 2011. They now have two children together, and Jada regularly floods her social feeds with heartwarming family photos. The power couple are also big philanthropists and give back to the community through the Chris Paul Family Foundation.

Kris Bryant Won Over His Beau at 16

All-Star player Kris Bryant shot to fame as a Major League baseball player for the Chicago Cubs in 2015. After helping the Cubs win the World Series in 2016, he was even named the NL’s Most Valuable Player. Amazingly, while he won all of us over with his talents and charms, he also won over his beau, Jessica Delp at a young age.

Image: Twitter / Jessica Bryant

Kris first met his sweetheart Jessica Delp at high school in Las Vegas when they were both just 16 years old. After graduating, they continued to date long-distance, even though they went to separate colleges. Then when Kris signed to the Chicago Cups, he was very happy to show off his girlfriend and they eventually married in 2017. The love birds also recently revealed they are expecting a baby on Instagram, which sent fans into overdrive.

Russell Westbrook Married a Basketballer

Nine-time NBA All-Star player, Russell Westbrook has set a few records in his time. The Houston Rockets basketball star was named NBA’s Most Valuable Player twice and has two gold Olympic medals to his name. Amazingly, he also met his wife just after high school, and she was a fellow basketball player.

Image: Busted Coverage

His wife Nina Earl was named the “fastest player on her team,” and after the pair fell head over heels, they made an unstoppable team themselves. Russell Once said he admired her for her drive, “because she knows what she wants to do in life.” In 2014, Russell proposed to his long-time love and now the power couple have welcomed three children into the world. They also empower other children through the Russell Westbrook Foundation.

Gregory Campbell Already Met His Match Early on

As the son of a former NHL star, Gregory Campbell was destined for big things. The Canadian native made a name for himself as a pro Ice Hockey player in Florida Panthers, before moving to the Columbus Blue Jackets. He now channels his skills into being a coach and is still successful both on and off the ice rink.

Image: Instagram / Katie Campbell

That’s because he’s already scooped the biggest prize of all. Gregory met his sweetheart Katie in high school and the pair hit it off from there. After romancing his beau and dating for a few years, he finally married Katie in the summer of 2012 in the Trump Tower in Toronto. Katie is an expert yoga teacher too and the picture-perfect pair have now welcomed two bundles of joy into their lives.

Jordy Nelson Met His Future Wife in Kindergarten

NFL star, Jordy Ray Nelson shot to fame playing for the Green Bay Packers. After helping them win the Super Bowl in 2010, he then moved the Pittsburgh Steelers, before retiring. While he has accomplished a lot in his career, he’d already scored a winning touchdown in life.

Image: Green Bay Packers

Jordy grew up in a small town in Kansas and first locked eyes with his future wife, Emily in kindergarten. The pair grew up together and although they briefly split in seventh grade, Emily was always by his side. In 2007 the sweethearts got engaged in Cancun and married in the same year. They soon welcomed a baby boy into the family, before adopting two further children.

Joe Flacco Married His Senior Year Sweetheart

NFL quarterback, Joe Flacco shot to the spotlight playing for the Baltimore Ravens, before moving to the Denver Broncos. He’s known for having one of the “strongest arms in the NFL” and has some impressive statistics. While he is strong, he also has a stronger team player whose been by his side from day one.

Image: Los Angeles Times

Joe grew up in Audubon in New Jersey and met his sweetheart, Dana Grady in his senior year at high school. The pair dated and finally got engaged in 2011. On their wedding day, they had the cutest photoshoot at their high school football field and are still happily together. They also now have a brood of five kids and we’re sure they’re growing a football team too!

CC Sabathia Married an Athlete

Major League Baseball pitcher CC Sabathia enjoyed a long career that spanned 19 seasons. Over time, the six-time All-star became known as “the face, heart and soul” of the New York Yankees. After reaching the top of his game, he has now retired and he had his loving wife Amber to support him through it all.

Image: Instagram / Amber Sabathia

Amber first met CC in high school and the pair have been inseparable ever since. She graduated as an honor student-athlete too and has even been credited as a secret behind his success. The power duo married after high school and now have four children together. They are also still connected to their old high school where they met and they renamed the pitch in CC’s honor.

Peyton Manning’s Wife Pushed Him to Keep Going

NFL Pro, Peyton Manning, is widely considered to be”one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.” He enjoyed a long and successful career with the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos. Nicknamed “The Sherrif”, Peyton has now retired with plenty of records to his name. He’s also scored a touchdown in his love life.

Image: Peyton Manning Central

Peyton first met his beau Amanda just after high school through a mutual friend and the pair hit it off instantly. They then took things to the next level and tied the knot in 2001. The pair are still very much together and now have two adorable twins. After having kids, Peyton said “I didn’t feel like I had to play to get another win,” but “Amanda pushed me to do it.”

Drew Brees Married His Own Saint

NFL star, Drew Brees shot to the limelight as a quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, before moving to the New Orleans Saints. He has now been hailed as”one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time” and was once named “Sportsman of the Year.” Drew now holds some impressive stats, but he’s also a big family man at heart.

Image: New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees first met his love, Brittany just after high school and tried to impress her with his charms. Although she wasn’t so impressed, he soon won her over. The pair eventually got married in 2003 and Brittany now runs their Dream Foundation full-time. With his ever-supportive wife by his side, the pair are also proud parents to four adorable children.

Philip Rivers Started a Football Team with his Sweetheart

NFL quarterback, Philip Rivers has also enjoyed a long and eventful career. Over time, he has played for the New Orleans Saints, the Tennessee Titans, and the Los Angeles Chargers. He’s scored countless records and is adored by fans across the country. During that time, Philip has also had a pretty eventful personal life.

Image: Chargers Wire

Philip first locked eyes on his beau, Tiffany, in high school and it was love at first sight. The couple then both attended university and Philip proposed soon after in 2001. After tying the knot, the power couple decided to start a football team of their own. Seriously, the wonder duo have welcomed eight children into their busy lives, with a ninth on the way!

Clayton Hershaw’s Sweetheart Helped Him Achieve Greatness

Major League baseball pitcher, Clayton Kershaw is now one of the stars of the LA Dodgers. After playing 12 seasons in the major league, he has eight All-Stars and has been hailed as “the best pitcher in baseball.” While he is widely respected by fans, Clayton Kershaw also achieved greatness with his loving wife by his side.

Image: Twitter / Ellen Kershaw

Clayton grew up in Dallas, Texas and first met his future wife Ellen in high school. They then married in a beautiful ceremony in 2010 and now have three children together. The pair are also involved in humanitarian work together and even built an orphanage in Africa. Ellen recently called Clayton the “greatest husband in the world” and the pair really are couple goals.

Mariano Rivera Met His Wife in Elementary School

Thirteen-time All-Star and Five-time World Series Champion, Mariano Rivera has proved to be an unstoppable force on the baseball pitch. He has now played for the Yankees for 17 seasons and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2019. Riviera is also part of a great team that helped make it all possible.

Image: NY Daily News

Riviera first met his wife Clara in elementary school and the pair stayed together ever since. They eventually married in 1991 and since they were originally from Panama, they chose to live there until 2000. The couple now have three sons together and now happily reside in New York City. They are also both major philanthropists and Riviera recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his efforts.

Servando Carrasco Married a Soccer Star

There really is something to be said for athletes being attracted to athletes. Especially when they’re as cute as Servando Carrasco and Alex Morgan. Servando Carrasco is a Major League Soccer star for LA Galaxy and Alex Morgan is a pro soccer player for the Orlando Pride and is on the US Women’s Team.

Image: E Online

Servando and Amanda met just after high school and attended the same college together. During that time, Servando was the senior co-captain of the soccer team and Amanda was impressing talent scouts with her skills. The pair hit it off and in 2014 Servando took their romance to the next level and proposed. After marrying, they are both juggling their romance and pro careers and are the best cheerleaders for each other on social media.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia Found the One in High School

Not only does Jarrod Saltalamacchia have the longest name in Major League Baseball history, but he’s also a pretty good catcher. He has earned the nickname of “Salty’ and played for numerous clubs during his career, including the Atlanta Braves, the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers.

Image: The Future Blog of the Red Sox

While he scored a great deal during his career, he also won in his family life. Jarrod met his future wife Ashley at high school and the pair married a year after he graduated in the summer of 2005. The couple are still happily married and have now welcomed four adorable children into their lives.

Jarome Ignlia His Been Together Forever With His Sweetheart

Canadian NHL player, Jarome Iginla is a former professional hockey forward. The six-time All-Star played 1500 games, scored two Olympic gold medals and widely respected for his talents. He’s also known for his warm-hearted nature and his coach described him as “a better person than he is a player, and we all know what kind of player he is.”

Image: PressReader

Apart from being an all-round nice guy, Jarome is also happily married to his high school sweetheart, Kara. They first met in eighth grade and never looked back. Kara once said, “We’ve been together forever. He’s the same person. Life is good to us.” The couple now have 3 adorable kids and are also big humanitarians. Jarome was even awarded the NHL Foundation Player Award for his community service.

Brandon McCarthy Met His Love in Colorado

Former pro baseball pitcher, Brandon McCarthy enjoyed a long and successful career pitching for major league teams like the LA Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves. After reaching the top of his game, he’s now an office executive for the Texas Rangers. He was also just as successful off the pitch and met his match as a teenager.

Image: NY Daily News

Brandon first met Amanda as teenagers when they attended the same high school in Colorado. After graduating, they separated and went to different colleges. However, they later reconnected and the spark was still there. Brandon popped the question in 2009 and they tied the knot in 2010. Amanda is also a model and fully embraces her WAG status in her blog. She also often trolls her husband on social media and the couple also have one child together.

Buster Posey Married His High School Prom Date

Major League Baseball star, Buster Posey has enjoyed a prolific career as a catcher for the San Francisco Giants. He helped his team win three World Series and was once named the NL Most Valuable Player. Besides being a baseball hero to many and a star catcher, he’s also a family man at heart.

Image: Mambee

Buster first met his beau Kristen in high school when they sat the SATs together. Just like a true rom-com, he then asked her to prom and the rest is history. The loved-up couple tied the knot in 2009 in their hometown of Georgia and then had twins in 2011.

Wayne Rooney Turned His High School Sweetheart into a WAG

British football star and captain for the Championship club Derby County has been hailed as “one of the best players of his generation.” During his time on the English national team and at Manchester United, he was a record-breaking goalscorer. He also met his future wife in high school.

Image: Metro

Wayne first met Coleen at high school before he was famous. After six years of dating, they finally tied the knot in 2008. As Wayne shot to fame, Coleen fully embraced her WAG status as a fashionista and is also a TV personality and author. While their high profile relationship has had ups and downs, they are still stronger than ever and have four children together.

Lionel Messi Married His Long-Lost Childhood Sweetheart

Argentinian professional footballer, Lionel Messi is now a forward for the Spanish club Barcelona and a captain for the Argentinian national team. After breaking records on the pitch, he’s been dubbed “the best player in the world. Messi is also the world’s highest-paid player and has been hailed as “one of the greatest players of all time.”

Image: Washington Post

While Messi has achieved greatness on the pitch, he also married the woman of his dreams. He first met his wife Antonella when he was just five years old and the pair became friends. Messi then traveled to Barcelona for his career, but they reconnected again as teens. They dated long-distance for a while before making their relationship public in 2008. They finally tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony in 2017 and now have three children.

Le Bron James Married His High School Queen

NBA All-star, Le Bron James has been dubbed “the greatest basketballer of all time” and is often compared to Michael Jordon. The LA Lakers forward has accomplished more than most, including two Olympic gold medals and three All-Star MPVs. He is also happily married to his “Wonder Woman aka Queen” who is “the only reason why I can do what I do at the highest level.”

Image: Atlanta Black Star

Le Bron James first met his queen, Savannah James in high school when he was a rising superstar in Ohio. She was a cheerleader and softball player and after their first date, he was love-struck. The power couple dated for a long time before finally marrying in 2013 in a lavish three-day affair. While Le Bron is still at the top of his game, they are also conquering life as a team with their three adorable children.

Brett Favre Married His Rock

Former NFL player, Brett Favre has enjoyed a long and prolific career as a quarterback, mainly for the Green Bay Packers. During his time, he shattered records and became the NFL leader in quarterback wins. In 2016, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and thankfully his loving wife was there for him through thick and think.

Image: Washington Post

Brett first met his future wife, Deanna as children in their home town of Kiln. They both attended the same school and finally started dating in sophomore year. The couple then tied the knot in 1996 and although their marriage has had ups and downs, Deana says they’re stronger than ever as “All the stuff we’ve been through over the years has molded us into two different people.”

Dwayne Wade Met His Love When He Was a Rising Star

Thirteen-time NBA All-Star, Dwayne Wade spent the majority of his career playing for the Miami Heat. He dominated the court, helped his team score four championships and became Miami’s all-time leader in almost every area from points to games.

Image: NewsOne

Dwayne first met his sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches in high school in Illinois and the pair became inseparable. Dwayne even moved into her family house. While Dwayne was a rising star, Siohvaughn was there through it all and they married in 2002 and had two children together. Although things didn’t quite work out the way they had hoped, they had a good run while it lasted.

Gordon Hayward Met His Sporty Match Young

NBA player Gordon Hayward is a rising basketball star. After playing seven seasons with the Utah Jazz, he’s now was one of the stars of the Boston Celtics. Gordon is also lucky enough to have met his match Robyn in high school, and she is just as passionate about sports as he is.

Image: The Entreprise

At high school, Robyn was an outstanding volleyball player and the pair became the ultimate winning team. After dating high school, Gordon then popped the question and the pair tied the knot in front of their friends and family in 2014. The power couple have now welcomed three children into their winning team.

Joe Sakic Met His Crush in School

Canadian NHL player, Joseph Sakic or “Super Joe” has been hailed as “one of the greatest team leaders in league history.” Throughout his 21 year career in ice hockey, he achieved countless accolades and has now been inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Joe is also happily married to his childhood sweetheart.

Image: All Events

Joe first met his crush, Debbie in high school while he was playing in Swift Current. After dating for a few years, he and Debbie married and now have three adorable kids together. While Joe is still adored by fans and is clearly a huge family man, he is also well known for his humanitarian work.

Joe Mauer Met His Sweetheart When He Was Eight

Professional baseball catcher, Joe Mauer spent much of his Major League Baseball career playing with the Minnesota Twins. After reaching the top of his game and becoming he only catcher to with three battling titles, he is now happily retired and happily still in love with his sweetheart.

Image: Twitter / Mins

Joe first met his love, Maddie Bisanz when he was just eight years old. During their high school days, they remained good friends and got closer after graduation. They didn’t begin dating until years later but finally married in 2012. Maddie said, “I love it because who doesn’t want to marry their best friend?” The Twins star and his wife then welcomed twins into the world, which obviously sent fans into overdrive.

Kobe Bryant Married His High School Queen

We couldn’t complete this list without Kobe Bryant, who was widely regarded as one of the “greatest NBA players of all time.” The late star was adored by fans across the world for his unstoppable talents and became an eighteen-time All-Star, won five championships, two Gold Olympics medals and more. Kobe was just as much admired for his talents on the court as his devotion to his family,

Image: Page Six

Kobe first met his true love, Vanessa Laine just after high school. At the time, Vanessa was a dancer and Kobe was working on his music career. The pair fell head over heels in love and after a whirlwind romance, they tied the knot in 2001. The power couple then went on to have four beautiful children together and became the ultimate team in life and love.

Kurt Warner Met His Wife in College

NFL quarterback, Kurt Warner has accomplished a lot in his career. He shot to fame playing for the St. Louis Rams, before moving to the New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals. He was recently inducted into the Pro Hall of Fame and the Arena Football Hall of Fame and is happily married to the woman of his dreams.

Image: Instagram / Brenda Warner

Warner first met his future wife Brenda in college, and their story was very eventful. At the time, he was a rising star and she was an ex-Marine and already had two children from a past relationship. Still, the pair fell head over heels and tied the knot in 1997. He then adopted her two children and the couple have since welcome five more children to their brood!

Matt Barkley Met His Soulmate in Preschool

American football quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, Matt Barkley is another rising NFL star on our list. He’s now making a name for himself in the world NFL and we’re sure there’s more to come for him. Luckily for Matt, he also scored the biggest trophy of all and met his soul mate in preschool.

Image: Twitter / Matt Barkley

Like like in the movies, Matt met first met his true love Brittany when he was just five years old and the pair became inseparable. Later on, they went to separate schools but the pair became pen pals. Amazingly, Brittany’s parents forbid her from dating officially until she was 16. In her birthday, Matt grabbed the opportunity to ask her out. After dating the pair went to separate colleges but eventually tied the knot and now have two children.

Russell Wilson Met His First Love at a High School Game

NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson is now a star player for the Seattle Seahawks. He now holds a record for the most wins by a quarterback for seven seasons and is the highest-paid player in the NF. He also has a love story that began in high school.

Image: Bleacher Report

Russell first locked eyes with his first love Ashton Meem when they were both students. They first met at a high school game and even though they didn’t attend the same school, Ashton transferred schools so she could be closer to him. The lovebirds dated for a few years before Russell popped the question. Although they are sadly no longer together, they also had a good run while it lasted.

Caron Butler Met His Love Just Before College

Pro basketball player, Caron Butler achieved many accolades during his 14-year career playing for numerous teams including the LA Lakers and Sacramento Kings. He became a two-time NBA All-Star and was once named the Big East Men’s Basketball Player of the Year. He has also been lucky in love.

Image: UConn Athletics

Caron first met his soulmate, Andrea Pink just after high school at a pre-college summer program. They then started dating in college and in 2005 they married in Las Vegas. They now have three children together, including one from a previous relationship and are stronger than ever.

Logan Forsythe Married a Soccer Star

American baseball infielder, Logan Forsythe first made a name for himself playing for the San Diego Padres. After proving his worth as a center fielder, pitcher, and catcher, Logan is ahead of the game and now one of the stars of the Texas Rangers. He also found his star catch early on in life.

Image: Ally Forsythe

Logan first met his match Ally just after high school. At the time, Ally was a rising soccer star. The sweethearts attended the same college together and though there was a spark, Logan had to move around while he was chasing his dreams in the minor league. The pair kept in touch and dated long-distance until after college where they finally settled together. The sporty duo now have one child together.

Jose Altuve’s Wife Fits Perfectly into His Life

Venezuelan Major League Baseballer, Jose Altuve shot to stardom as a second baseman for the Houston Astros. The six-time MLB All-Star was recently hailed as “Male Athlete of the Year” and “Major League Player of the Year” and has won once scores of awards, including five Silver Slugs.

Image: abc13 Houston

Jose’s wife Nina is also from Venezuela and the couple first met as teenagers in high school. The sweethearts have been together ever since and Jose once said, “I think she’s going to help me to become a better player. Baseball is the thing I do, and she’s what I’m doing after that. So she fits perfectly into my life.” The couple are now happily married and have one daughter.

Zack Greinke Married A High School Cheerleader

Another Major League Baseball pitcher on our list is Donald Greinke. During his lengthy career, he has pitched for the Kansas City Royals, the LA Dodgers and is now a fan favorite at the Houston Astros. In 2018, he was named an All-Star, and he also married his biggest cheerleader.

Image: Heavy

Zack first met his wife Emily at high school in Orlando. Just like in the movies, she was a cheerleader and he was an athlete, and the duo hit it off from there. Emily went on to cheer for the Dallas Cowboys and was named Miss Daytona Beach USA. The sweethearts then tied the knot in 2009 and now have two children. Zack once said of the former cheerleader, “Just her always being there. You look in her eyes, and it just makes you feel good.”

Vernon Wells Met His Match in His Hometown

Three-time All-Star Major League Baseball Player, Vernon Wells achieved a great deal during his career. The retired center fielder played for numerous teams, like the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees, and is recognized for his talents on the pitch with plenty of awards, including three Gold Glove Awards.

Image: Twitter / Vernon Wells

Vernon is not only a talented baseball star, he’s also a true family man at heart. He first met his match, Charlene Valenti in their hometown of Arlington, Texas. They both dated in high school and the sweethearts never looked back. After marrying in 2001, they now have two sons, who also inherited their sporty genes.

Mike Trout Married His Best Friend

Another All-star athlete on our list is Mike Trout. The baseball center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels has eight All-Stars to his name. He has been hailed as one of the most outstanding young players in baseball history and has been awarded the prestigious Most Valuable Player title three times.

Image: Medium

Mike is adored by fans and has plenty of affectionate nicknames, like “King Fish 2.0.” He also met his “Most Valuable Match,” Jessica Cox in high school. At that point, the couple started out as best friends, which later developed into something more. The couple stayed together and finally tied the knot in 2017. Mike once said, “She’s been there before baseball and through the whole journey.” 

Mike Mussina Married His Own All-Star

Mike Mussina might be better known as “The Moose” to fans. The former baseball starting pitcher played for 18 seasons in the Major League with the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees. He was recently elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and was honored with plenty of accolades, including five All-Stars and seven Gold Glove Awards.

Image: Little League Baseball

The All-star also followed the same adorable trend as his pro teammates and met his all-star, Jana McKissick in high school. They then followed separate paths but reconnected later on. After dating for a while. Mike then popped the question and the couple tied the knot in 1997. They now have three adorable children.

Manny Machado Had a Whirlwind Romance

Dominican-American baseball player, Manny Machado shot to Major League fame at a young age. After being signed to the San Diego Padres, his contract became the richest contract in the history of North American sports. He is recognized for his defensive prowess on the pitch and has four All-Stars to his name. He’s also just as rich in love as he is in his career.

Image: Zimbio

Manny met his sweetheart, Yainee Alonso just after high school through a mutual baseball connection. Yainee is the sister of Manny’s close baseball pal, Yonder. The pair first met young and after a whirlwind romance, the sweethearts tied the knot in 2014.

Mark Teixeira Married His Confidante

Former professional baseman, Mark Teixeira has been hailed as one of the most prolific switch hitters in Major League Baseball history. The three-time All-Star spent most of his career with the New York Yankees and has now retired with plenty of accolades, including five Gold Glove and three Slugger Awards.

Image: Facebook / Mark Teixeira

Mark also met his future wife, Leigh Williams young just after high school. They attended the same college together, Georgia Tech and have been together ever since. The couple later got married and welcomed three adorable bundles of joy into their lives. Throughout his career, Leigh has been his rock and he often looked to his wife for career and life advice.

Mitch Moreland Met His Wife at Fourteen

Another pro athlete couple to follow the trend are Mitch and Susannah Moreland. American baseball star, Mitch Moreland is now the first baseman for the Red Sox and has helped lead his team to many victories during his career. He also won over his leading lady in life early on.

Image: Tumblr / MLB Wives

Mitch first met his future wife, Susannah when they were on vacation with their families at Orange Beach in Alabama. At the time they were just thirteen and fourteen and had an instant attraction. The pair dated throughout high school and finally married in 2011. Since then they have welcomed three additions to their brood.

Jered Weaver’s Sweetheart Stood By Him Since College

Former American baseball starting pitcher, Jered Weaver enjoyed a long and successful career with the LA Angels and San Diego Padres. He has now retired with three All-Stars to his name and is well-respected by fans and teammates alike. Jered also found his own angel early on.

Image: Daily Breeze

Jered first met his wife, Kristin Weaver just after high school at a baseball game. The pair then attended college and Kristin stuck by his side through thick and thin. Jered then married his longtime girlfriend in 2011 and the power duo has since welcomed three adorable children into their lives.

Steph Curry Met His Sweetheart at Church

Six-time NBA All-Star has been dominating the court during his time with the Golden State Warriors. He’s been dubbed the “greatest shooter in NBA history”, and helped his team score three World Championships. He’s also winning in every area.

Image: The Mercury News

When Stephen was 15 years old, he Ayesha at a church youth group. They had a spark but the pair reconnected later at an awards show. From there, they rekindled the flame and started dating. Steph proposed in 2011 and tied the knot in the same church they had met as teens. Ayesha is now a celebrity cook and TV personality and the pair are the ultimate couple goals. They also have three children and are slowly conquering the world.

Ryan Tannehill Married His Biggest Cheerleader

NFL quarterback, Ryan Tannehill started his pro career at the Miami Dolphins, before moving to the Tennessee Titans in 2019. He has plenty of honors to his name and was named the “NFL Comeback Player of the Year” in 2019. Ryan is also happily married to his biggest cheerleader, who is an athlete, model, and career woman herself.

Image: 247 Sports

In high school, Lauren Tannehill was a cheerleader and tennis player, and the pair met just after high school in Spring Break in Florida. The duo attended the same University in Texas and in 2012 they got married in a beautiful ceremony in Mexico. Lauren is now a cardiologist and a model and the super team are also now proud parents to two beautiful children.