33+ Little-Known Facts About Tom Brady and His All-Star Life

Thu Aug 27 2020

There’s no other way to put it: Tom Brady is an absolute football god. He busted out of a blazing high school football career straight to college, where he continued to dominate the scene. Fast forward a few short years, and Brady was inducted into the ranks of the NFL where he played for the New England Patriots for 20 seasons. Not any old 20 seasons though… In nine of those seasons, he made it to the Super Bowl, and his team won six of them!

In what came as quite a shock to fans and the rest of the football community, a few days ago news emerged that Brady is transferring to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the wake of this unprecedented transfer and pivotal moment in NFL history, the time is ripe to have a look at what goes on behind the scenes in the life of today’s greatest football hero. Gear up and enjoy the ride!

He Loves Junk Food

True, Tom Brady is what Rob Zombie might describe as a “Super Beast.” He goes to bed early, wakes up at the crack of dawn, works out, eats a healthy meal, works out again, eats again, practices football, works out… You get the point. He and his wife, the famous supermodel Gisele Bündchen, have even put together a special family diet to keep them and their kiddos healthy.

Don’t let of this fool you though – Tom Brady is a man who loves his junk food. For years Brady was very strict with himself when it came to nutrition. He even wrote a book about peak performance wherein he said fruit was no good because it has lots of sugar. But lately, he has loosened up and he loves to eat junk, including bacon, pizza, and fried chicken. His diet hasn’t deteriorated, he just eased up a little.

Tom and Gisele Are Even Richer Than You Think

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, are filthy rich. After all, he is an NFL quarterback with multiple Super Bowl wins and she is an ultra-famous model. Yeah, it’s no secret, they’re loaded. Even so, you’d be surprised at how deep their combined wealth actually runs.

According to Business Insider, Brady is the 4th highest paid NFL player of all time. His estimated worth adds up to almost $200 million. Wow. But wait, Gisele is no broke lady. Estimates indicate that she is worth about $400! So if you combine the couple’s money, and their assets (such as multiple luxury properties), it comes to about $600 million. Estimates vary, and these figures are liberal, but still, it looks like they’re worth over half a billion!

Brady Dozed Off Right Before Playing His First Super Bowl

Who dozes off before their first Super Bowl? The year was 2002, and Tom Brady had helped carry the New England Patriots all the way to Super Bowl XXXVI. With Brady’s insane pass completion ratio and outstanding success at rush touchdowns, the Patriots were ready to go to war with the St. Louis Rams. As you can imagine, the pressure was on.

The pre-game tension was at an all-time high. Not for Mr. Brady though. Prior to the kickoff, deep in the bowels of the locker room, Brady dozed off and took a little pre-game nap. About 12 minutes later, the match started. The Patriots would go on to win, and Brady bagging himself his first Super Bowl trophy.

At First, Gisele Wasn’t That Into Her Future Husband

That’s right people, the seemingly perfect, match made in celeb heaven didn’t start with an abundance of feelings on Gisele’s part. No doubt, Tom Brady is a good looking guy, but when Gisele was first shown a photograph of him, she wasn’t that into it.

Apparently, as one source indicated, when Gisele was first shown a picture of him and it was suggested that she should try to date him, she said he was “cute”, but not much more than that. Well, obviously they did date, and things worked out because now they’ve been happily married for over a decade and there’s no doubt at all that she’s super into him.

All of His Siblings Earned Athletic Scholarships

Obviously, our friend Mr. Brady aggressively rode the college football wave right to the NFL. He was awarded a scholarship to play football at the University of Michigan. He rocked everyone’s world there and was soon thereafter scooped up by the NFL. But as it turns out, Tom isn’t the only one in the Brady fam to get a sports scholarship.

Tom has three sisters. Maureen Brady attended California State University on a full softball scholarship. Julie Brady played soccer at St. Mary’s College in California, and she was eventually awarded a full scholarship. And last but not least, Nancy Brady was headhunted by the University of California, Berkeley and given a full scholarship, but she ultimately decided to not pursue a career in sports. We guess athleticism just runs in the Brady DNA.

Tom Brady and His Family Are Equine Enthusiasts

Riding horses is certainly not a pastime for the poor. Horses require money to feed and house them, and they also require a lot of love and compassion. Tom Brady, his wife Gisele, and their kids check these boxes. They don’t own their own horses, but they love animals and several times have gone on family excursions together to practice the equestrian arts.

Also, for us fans that like to get glimpses into the all-star life of Tom and his family, we are lucky because the Bradys are very social media savvy. They are happy to upload lots of Instagram photos so we can see what they’re up to. If you check it out, you’ll see the Bradys on their horses on a beach, and, somewhat humorously, you’ll see Tom riding a horse while wielding a machete.

He Didn’t Always Play as a Quarterback

Quarterbacks occupy a special spot in the football food chain. True, they are are an important position. With no reliable, rocket-armed quarterback, you have no pass-completion potential in your arsenal. Quarterbacks are also multi-faceted; they throw passes, but they also rush, which is an essential weapon when it comes to squeezing in critical yards.

Tom Brady, as a quarterback, is definitely among the best of the best. According to some rankings, he’s even among the top five! But he wasn’t always a quarterback. Before he even became a QB in his high school varsity years, he played for a while as an outside linebacker. Apparently, though, Brady was awesome at that position as well.

Gisele and Tom Brady Are Real Estate Gurus

Estimates vary regarding how much money Tom and Gisele actually have. Of course, though, they’re filthy rich. The more liberal estimate (which is the one we’re going with here) puts a price tag on them at over half a billion dollars.

Tom is a current king of football, and Gisele is certain a queen in the modeling world. But as it happens, they are also royalty when it comes to owning property. Seriously. They own a massive mansion (with a moat!) in the LA area. They own a sprawling house (pretty much a castle) around Boston. And rumor has it that they were pretty recently house-hunting in the New Jersey and Connecticut areas.

Not All of Us Are Good Skiers…

No one is making the argument that Tom Brady is not a superstar professional athlete. He plays a wicked game of football of course, and he also rides horses, plays some golf, and plays hoops. By most reports, he’s pretty good at those sports too. There is some strong evidence, though, that Brady is not a good skier.

In the offseason, he frequents a ski hill in Montana. According to some videos he uploads, it seems he’s quite the inexperienced novice. He gives fans a good scare – maybe they think he’ll break his arm. A couple of years ago, he wrote on Instagram, “If you french fry when you’re supposed to pizza, you’re gonna have a bad time. Trust me!!!”

His Sister Is Married to a Baseball Legend

Tom Brady has three sisters, and each one of them is also athletic. Two of them actually pursued careers in professional sports. What other connections does he have? Lots. Of course, as we know, his wife, Gisele, is a supermodel. In fact, she’s the second-highest-paid model in the world. One of his sporty sisters, Julie, is married to baseball legend Kevin Youkilis (right).

Known for his grittiness and dirt-stained jerseys, Youkilis spent most of his career playing for the Boston Red Sox. He’s really famous and he even wrote a book about baseball that was published in 2003. So, as you see, sportiness doesn’t just run in the Brady blood, it also runs in the marriage lines!

Tom and Gisele Had Two Wedding Ceremonies

For Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen as a romantic couple, they are standing at two weddings with zero divorces. Not bad! The two superstars got hitched in 2009 in a nice traditional ceremony in a Santa Monica church. There are lots of photos of the beautiful event, but at the time it was not too heavily publicized.

They didn’t date for too long before tying the knot, and they were only engaged for one month before actually sealing the deal. After their first wedding, they traveled to Costa Rica to have another ceremony. This time, there were only very close friends and family in attendance.

Tom Brady Has a Line of Nutrition Products

Brady attributes much of his success and outstanding performance to his diligent dietary habits. Though he does love junk food these days, he largely has a very healthy diet. A few years back, he decided to share his tips for peak performance with the world. In addition to writing a book about nutrition and well-being, Brady also has a website called tb12sports.com.

The site offers a wide range of services and products. Whether you’re looking for athletic training advice, apparel, and accessories, or health supplements and snacks, Brady’s got your back. His website is jam-packed with all these great things.

Tom and Gisele Have Quite the Dating History

Tom and Gisele are a well-known superstar couple, but did you know that they both dated superstars prior to meeting each other? Actually, Tom dated actress Bridget Moynahan between 2004 and 2006, known from movies such as Coyote Ugly and I, Robot. While Gisele dated Leonardo DiCaprio between 2000 to 2005 and the couple even listed amongst People’s Most Beautiful Couples in 2004.

Lucky for them, both these relationships fell apart. With Gisele stating in her book, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life that the reason for the split with DiCaprio was because she had started soul-searching and changed her drinking, smoking and non-stop working ways, while Leo had no interest in changing his ways.

Blind Dates For the Stars

Did you ever wonder how these two megastars met? They were actually set up by a mutual friend, with Gisele stating that at the time she was set up on multiple blind dates by friends, trying to find her a boyfriend. Tired of this routine, she decided that with Tom, a drink would be better than dinner so that if it did not go well, she could more easily cut it short.

They met at the Turkish wine bar Turks & Frogs in New York’s West Village neighborhood and, well, the rest is history, this was hardly a failed blind date. The two superstars hit it off extremely well and neither of them has looked back since!

From Investor to Football Hero

Tom Brady is known for his intense competitiveness on the field, but did you know that he is a very driven person in general? During his summers as a junior and a senior in Collage studying at the University of Michigan, he got an internship at Merrill Lynch, the well-known investing firm.

His former boss, Oliver Owens, at the time remembers hardworking Brady as liking to be busy, polite and well-liked. He even remembers him putting his hands up at a particular less busy time at the office and asking whether anyone actually does any work here.

The Brady Household is Definitely Dog-Friendly

The Brady crew is quite a colorful little family. Tom’s a hyper star, and so is Gisele. They have tons of money and real estate. They also have quite a few kiddos running around. As it turns out, they also have three cute doggies. Two of which are rescue dogs that they adopted from Wags and Walks in LA.

The third one, who happens to be the most recent addition to the Brady fam, is named Scooby, and she was also a rescue pup. Scoopy, the beautiful girl on the right, actually starred in a commercial alongside her papa! So in addition to being awesome and giving these cuties a loving home, Tom also gives them commercial work.

Showdowns and Letters

We don’t mean to go all cliché on you, but what happens when an unmovable object meets an unstoppable force? We saw the result of one case of this situation in the game leading up to Super Bowl L when Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were unable to defeat Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. A result that led to Tom eventually addressing all of his fans.

What, you thought Tom Brady was the only insanely good quarterback in the NFL? The Manning brothers are also stupefyingly talented. Anyway, after having lost the game, Brady addressed all of his fans in a nice letter, thanking them for the support. A year later though, Brady was back with a vengeance and bagged the Patriots the trophy for Super Bowl LI.

Gisele Wants Tom to Quit the Football Life

At first, it sounds a little harsh: Gisele would like Tom to quit playing football. After all, football is his life to a large extent. It’s how he made his fortune, it’s how he carved out a place for himself in the books of legends. Nonetheless, Gisele wants him to stop. She quit modeling in 2015 after a long and extremely successful career.

To be fair, football is a dangerous game, especially when you play with the big boys from the NFL. And being a quarterback, in particular, makes you a constant target. In literally every single play, the defense rushes and tries to “sack” the quarterback. And if the QB is in a play where he needs to rush, he’s no better off because he has to get past the defense gauntlet. Concussions are common, so maybe we don’t blame Gisele.

Mr. Brady, It Looks Like You’re In a Rush

Of course, being a good quarterback means that instead of a normal arm made from flesh, bone, and nerves, you have a rocket launcher. That is, you can throw a football at breakneck speed and with pinpoint accuracy. You are a high-powered piece of ballistic equipment. But the rocket arm isn’t the only weapon in a quarterback’s arsenal. There’s also the fine art of rushing. And Mr. Brady is awesome at it.

For those dear readers out there that are not football heads, we mean that in addition to passing the ball, sometimes the QB needs to carry the ball forward and plow through the defense. When it comes to rushing, Brady is crazy. For one, he has 17 rushing touchdowns! Also according to one Boston sports media outlet, he has more rushing touchdowns than most of the running backs from his draft!

Brady’s Bedtime Is Probably Way Earlier Than Yours

Being a professional athlete means you have to be strong in mind and in body. That means you have to take care of yourself by working out and eating correctly. In turn, this also means that you have to have a very early bedtime. If there was ever a competition for the earliest bedtime, we guess that Tom Brady could give some toddlers a real run for their money.

The man reportedly goes to bed at the fine hour of 8:30 PM. According to several sources in the sporting world, in some ways, Brady lives a pretty Spartan lifestyle, and he has had to make several “concessions” that enable him to be at the top of his game. Also, he apparently gets up at 5:00 or 5:30 AM every morning.

The Brady Family Are Avid Gardeners

You can’t say the Bradys don’t live busy lives. Football, modeling, mansions, horseback riding, they’ve got it and done it all. Not least, though, among their list of pursuits is their passion for gardening. The whole family gets involved. If you check out Tom and Gisele’s Instagrams, you’ll see tons of photos of them spending quality time with kids beside the garden.

They put lots of effort into gardening and it shows. A lot of their gardening photos feature beautiful hand-made gardens, lush organic veggies, and supremely luxe landscapes. We have to say, we’re a little jealous. Also, since Tom and Gisele are both paragons of health and fitness in many ways, we assume they probably put their vegetables to good use!

Around the World With Tom Brady and His Family

If you thought that Tom Brady and his family are homebodies and spend all their vacation time at home in the U.S., think again. They travel all around the world on vacation. We guess this is one of the major advantages of being absolutely loaded. And even Tom has a rigorous training schedule, we’re sure he also has quite a bit of free time on his hands in the offseason.

A couple of years ago, the Brady fam made their way to China. Among their destinations was the Great Wall of China. He took some cool pictures there, and he expressed that he dreams of playing a game in the country. But this trip is not unique. The Brady family travel all over the world and hit up some really exotic locations.

Tom Brady and His Mystery Juice

When you’re a celebrity who’s as big as Tom Brady, your life is an open book. You want to check out his football stats? No problem, they’re published all over the internet. You want news and gossip about him and his wife, Gisele? Also no worries. But the internet can’t tell you what’s in Brady’s mid-game concoction.

Not every piece of Tom Brady information is available to the public. Among the most confidential details of Tom’s life is his top-secret concoction that he drinks during a game. It’s not water, it’s not Gatorade. More intriguingly yet, Tom Brady claims that he himself doesn’t even know what’s in his magic potion! But he credits some of his good performance to the stuff.

Tom, Gisele, and Bridget Take Coparenting Seriously

Let’s talk about baby mamma drama. It has a happy ending though, don’t worry. Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele, had sort of a turbulent start. Shortly after Tom and Gisele linked up, they found out that his ex, Bridget Moynahan, was pregnant with his child, uh-oh. From that point on, media circles were swirling with lots of colorful speculation regarding what’s going to happen.

After the dust settled and the rumors evaporated, the three stars decided to go public and they revealed that they had every intention of getting along and making things work for the sake of all the children involved. Good job guys, it’s always nice to see grown-ups acting as such. Even though Tom’s son, Jack, isn’t Gisele’s biological child, she definitely treats him like it.

Football Isn’t Tom’s Only Athletic Pursuit

By now we know it clearly: Tom Brady (and his siblings too) have some serious athletic genes. When it comes to football, Brady has broken all sorts of records and he’s been instrumental in winning the New England Patriots multiple Super Bowls. But in conjunction with playing football, he’s happy to try his hand at all sorts of different sports. Let’s have a look.

He plays golf, he’s an avid aerobics fan, he rides horses, he skis, and not least, he plays basketball. By all accounts, he’s not bad at it either. His hoops game definitely trumps his skiing game (which we discuss elsewhere in this article). One day, when Brady was on vacation in the Bahamas, he was playing a game of hoops, and guess who shows up. The legend himself, Michael Jordan! And, less surprisingly, Jordan dominated everyone.

Tom Brady Loves His Parents, But Censorship Isn’t Off the Table

Tom Brady Sr. and Galynn Brady must be two of the proudest parents out there. Their son succeeded in climbing to the top of the world, making a fortune, starting a lovely family, and inscribing himself in the eternal book of football luminaries. Amusingly, though, Tom Jr. can’t seem to get his parents to keep a lid on it when it comes to opening up publicly.

Tom loves his parents, no doubt. They’re really close, and it’s super cute. But his proud parents are all too eager to bestow praise on him through public channels. They love to give interviews about how great their son is. So much so that, in fact, Tom Jr. has even tried to institute an official ban on his father from giving interviews and mentioning him! You see, even when you’re ultra-famous, your parents can still embarrass you.

A Quarterback Wins On His Stomach

Some people, no names, are football stars and awesome chefs. Professional trainers, nutritionists, bodybuilders, and all sorts of other creatures from the physical fitness bestiary, all agree that when it comes to “making mad gains”, most of the work is done in the kitchen, the grocery store, and the dining room. We’re sure Tom Brady would agree with this advice.

And we also figure that if (however meager the chances) Tom’s football career doesn’t continue to work out, then he definitely has a rock-solid plan B as a chef. He loves to cook (and of course, he loves to eat). Though Tom Brady has a private chef on the payroll, he loves to get his hands dirty in the kitchen; he’s an avid culinary artist. Make sure you have a snack on hand if you check out his Instagram, cause it’s loaded with cooking sessions.

Brady Absolutely Hates Being Called the GOAT (Greatest of Them All)

“I wish you would say, ‘You’re trash, you’re too old, you’re too slow, you can’t get it done no more,'” said Tom Brady during an interview with Good Morning America. He continued, “And I would say, ‘Thank you very much, I’m going to go prove you wrong.'” Brady says that he responds really well to criticism, but it makes him cringe when people call him the GOAT.

When asked about how he feels when people say he’s the greatest of them all, he replied, “I don’t even like it. It makes me cringe.” We guess that when your life largely revolves around you being the best at what you do, being called the GOAT can get tedious. Nonetheless, we need to remark that he does in fact deserve some relly special distinction.

Tom and Gisele Love to Hit the Gym Together

Ok, fine, maybe this isn’t a “surprising” fact about our dear Mr. Brady, but it’s definitely worth our attention. Lots of couples work out together, but Tom and Gisele go above and way beyond. Of course, fitness is pivotal in their respective careers, so they need to take seriously, and they certainly do.

Tom says that Gisele has so much energy, that if she didn’t always work out, she’d just be bouncing off the walls and wouldn’t be able to ever sit still. He said, “She trains hard, and when we’re in there together sometimes she goes harder than me.” He said because he practices so hard on the field, when he hits the gym, he’s a little intense. Though we suspect that his “less intense” workouts would probably leave us incapable of walking for two weeks.

Brady Is Buds With Stephen Curry

Tom Brady and basketball superstar Stephen Curry are sports star friendship goals. They have quite a bromance going on. Brady has even referred to Curry as a “young Jedi”. But Star Wars references and matching golf apparel is not the only thing keeping this friendship going.

Brady and Curry also share a love for winning. They are both champions in their respective sports worlds. As we know, Brady has helped the New England Patriots take home six Super Bowls. Curry helped his NBA team, the Warriors, take back to back championships in 2017 and 2018.

Electrolyte Addict

One of the things that became clear about Tom Brady is that he is an electrolyte enthusiast. No, wait. He’s a straight-up electrolyte addict. We guess we all are though, but Tom Brady for sure takes his electrolyte consumption to a whole other level.

With regard to his special sideline liquid concoction (that we discuss elsewhere), that even he doesn’t know what it contains, the only thing he knows is that it contains tons of electrolytes. Also, on his website tb12sports.com, one of the products he offers is pretty much a pure bottle of an electrolyte solution. When asked about nutrition, Tom always makes sure to stress their importance.

The Owner of the New England Patriots Saw Brady as a Son

As an accurate CBS Sports article recently put it, “After 20 years and six Super Bowl wins, the once unthinkable is finally happening: Tom Brady is leaving the Patriots.” It must have made lots of people sad when the news broke that Brady is transferring to the Tampa Bay Buccanneers. Not least among the crestfallen is the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft.

Kraft has always treated Brady like a son, and he was devastated by the news of his departure. Even so, as a professional, he took it well. He said, “I love him like a son. That’s why I gave [him] the freedom. I figured after 20 years, anybody who has brought us six Super Bowls, if he wants to be free, he has the right to do that.” We’re sure that even though they are parting ways, the two will be in contact.

Tom and Gisele Love Costumes

If you look up celebrities and their costumes, the results are great. And when they have kids that also get involved, the results are even better. Sometimes we wonder whether the parents are dressing up to go along with the kids, or vice versa. And when it comes to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, we’re not sure.

What we are sure about, though, is that the whole family is really into playing dress-up. Here, we see them rocking some hilarious onesies. Tom appears to be dressed as an avocado, and Gisele as a slice of toast. And who doesn’t love avocado toast? This case isn’t special; they always dress up! Whether it’s Star Wars or food, they’re game when it comes to costumes.

He Has a Cal Ripken Streak On His Injury Profile

Football is one of the most hard-hitting (non-marshall arts) sports. A lot of the game consists of slamming people into the ground in hopes that they will be hit so hard, that they drop the ball, a.k.a. a fumble. Also, unfortunately, due to the extremely high impact nature of the sport, getting injured is unavoidable.

We know that of course there isn’t an infinite number of breakable bones and tearable muscles in the human body, but still, this is weird. Tom Brady’s injury report looks pretty much identical to that of baseball star Cal Ripken. What are the odds that they got the same injuries, in the same order? Maybe they called each other to coordinate.

He’s a Real Momma’s Boy

Just because you’re a mega football superstar, you’re filthy rich, you have some nice kids, and a beautiful and talented Brazilian-born supermodel wife doesn’t mean you can’t be a momma’s boy. Tom and his mother, Galynn Brady have a really close relationship. She has always been very supportive of his sporting endeavors.

After the news broke that Tom is transferring to the Tampa Bay Buccanneers, ESPN aired a 7 hour-long compilation of the best of Tom Brady. His mother watched the whole thing and then sent him a text message saying “I think they think you’re retiring.” He responded with a simple “I love you mom!!!!!”

Tom Brady Breaks Some Super Bowl Records

When it comes to Super Bowls, Tom Brady is quite the accolade collector. Before we get into that though, let’s whet our appetites with some insane stats. As of now, he has 9,988 passing attempts. He has racked up almost 1,500 rushing yards. And he has actually scored over 17 rushing touchdowns!

Now get ready for the Super Bowl stats. He is the record holder for most Super Bowl wins by a player. And last but certainly not least, Brady is the oldest person to have ever won a Super Bowl, at 41. He’s no joke, and it’s no wonder why he’s such a superstar. If you’re into football you know this already, and if you’re just curious, you can look up his complete football portfolio, and prepare to be impressed.