45 Red Carpet Fashion Flops That Celebrities Want Us To Forget About

Wed Dec 30 2020

When it comes to the rich and famous, never doubt their budget for style. However, with these red carpet ruptures, we’re not sure if more money meant more chic. From absurd patterns to fabrics that visibly look uncomfortable, we literally can’t fathom their selections. Hype Galore has found some of the worst fashion failures from your favorite celebrities featured on the red carpet and we are here to buzz about it!

We’ve searched high and low and have managed to unveil not only the recent fashion flops, but we even have looks dating back to the early 2000s. So you know what that means? Get ready for dresses over jeans, not enough fabric, strange materials, and some looks that are just too much.

We’re Really Quacking Up with you Bjork

We’re bursting at the seams with laughter, but this swan is dying to rock a headline. Bjork, a woman of many talents as an Icelandic singer, songwriter, DJ, and producer, clearly lacks the talent for looking sleek in front of a camera. Maybe it was the inspiration that sparked this look, but we watched the movie White Chicks the last time we saw this outfit. With confidence, Bjork strutted the gown at the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001.

Designed by Macedonian designer Marjan Pejoski, according to him, he nailed the vision of the dress. Seriously, this guy intended for the dress to look like a swan and was thrilled when Bjork pretended to lay an egg on the red carpet. Unclear if it’s iconic or insane, this is one look the world will never forget.

Abracadabra, Z LaLa Shabam…

With one look at this outfit, you’re hypnotized! Whether it’s the intricate hoop skirt or her mesmerizing hair accessory, it seems like Z LaLa is about to put a spell on you. Why have a casual, glitzy, and glamorous red carpet gown when you can recreate Maleficent’s modern-day reality look? When we think of Z LaLa, well, we don’t quite think this, but she show-stopped the paparazzi at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards!

As someone who takes risks, Z LaLa’s dress stresses us out. Think about it: what does she do if she needs to go to the bathroom? Were the doorways even wide enough to accommodate the width of her skirt? Either way, if someone spills their drink on her, she’ll only be a little damp instead of having a ruined dress.

Lizzy Gardiner is Painful in Plastic

Clearly, this look was charged to American Express. It’s hard to believe that her smile is genuine when she probably can barely breathe in this gold card reality, but Lizzy herself designed this masterpiece so she knew what she was literally was getting into. If I were Lizzy Gardiner at this moment, I would be worrying if someone knew my PIN or those three numbers on the back of the card.

Just kidding, no fraudulent activity happened in the making of this dress. 254 expired American Express gold cards were utilized to craft this customized attire perfectly. I guess at the 67th Academy Awards in 1995, people really needed to show that they had money and took this concept a little too literal.

Lil Kim Bringing Purple Nurple into Full Effect

Well, hello to you too, Lil Kim! She shines. She’s scalloped. And one bad mishap away from the ultimate nip slip. While we are totally fans of her purple accessories and bedazzles, we can’t help but wonder how the seashell remained firmly in place? Misa Hylton, the design extraordinaire behind this iconic outfit, confirmed that simple eyelash glue was the trick to stick.

While rocking a pantsuit provides a certain comfort level, we can’t imagine why Lil Kim would skip out on such a critical part of the ensemble at the 1999 MTV VMAs. There’s no doubt about it that this rapper is proud to show off the work that was done, and we’re not talking about her natural work.

A Denim Disaster by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

Okay, as cute as Britney and Justin will always be, this is not. Everybody loves a good jean jacket or has their favorite pair of ripped jeans – but these two took loving the material to a whole new level. Not only do we see different colored denim in a fully-fledged dress and cowboy hat, but Britney and Justin’s whole look isn’t something I would even want my old Barbie and Ken dolls to wear.

Word on the street is that these two went straight to the rodeo after their red carpet debut at the 2001 American Music Awards. Okay not really, but they are totally dressed for the occasion. Did they actually enjoy wearing this or was this only one of their ideas? Listen, if my partner had forced me to wear this, I would probably break up with them too.

A Peculiar Margaret Cho Poised in Peacock

Oh no, no Margaret Cho do not look at us like that! We’re seeing way too much of what we don’t want to see. Pluck one of those precious peacock feathers, and the best of Margaret Cho will also be waving to the world. Animal print is always in, but maybe a little more would’ve helped keep her warm from in this dress. However, it seems she can strut her stuff even without the full package of colorful feathers in tact.

As a comedian, we know Cho is all in it for the laughs, and that was exactly her plan for this exact moment. She truly believed she had the best ensemble at the 2004 Grammy Awards. I guess if you can laugh at yourself, then it means other people are laughing with you!

Diamonds are for Girls, Pearls are for Cardi B

If Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then pearls are Cardi B’s one true love. At a first glance of this photo, you might think oyster vibes, but we’re thinking more Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Shockingly enough, as jaw-dropping as this is, it’s actually an outfit repeat! Originally worn by model Simonetta Gianfella, she rocked this vintage look by Thierry Mugler.

From head to toe, Cardi is covered in pearls. With a pearl hat representing a Ferrero Roche Christmas tree, to her sheer bodysuit making it seem like she’s emerging from a shell, there was a clear thought process going on here. She definitely made a splash on the red carpet at the 2019 Grammy Awards and the chatter has yet to die down.

Low Rise at High Sea with Keira Knightley

The gorgeous Keira Knightley is rocking our favorite streetwear – on the red carpet? For someone attending the first premiere of The Pirates of the Caribbean in 2003, this wasn’t quite the look the crowd was expecting. As a matter of fact, she looks like she could blend in with the fans right behind her.

While most women would’ve gone with an expected backless top, Keira decided to show off her chiseled front and go frontless instead. Pairing the crop top with the ever popular 2000s styled low rise jeans means there was no chance for her to hide a food baby on this night.

Loud Looks with Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne had to go and make things so complicated with her daring design at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival. Regardless of what others think, she went for a daring look with a punk feel – a classic Avril trademark. By hiding half her face with her hair and displaying the bright red eyeshadow from on eye, this girl displays the definition of tough.

Rocking fishnet tights and a mini skirt with tulle, this bring some softness to her rougher style. While this may be the red carpet, Avril is adamant to be comfortable and reflects this in her choice with a simple band tee and chunky boots.

Praise Be, Why Nicki Minaj Why?

All we can say is what and why?! At the Grammy’s in 2012, Nicki had boldly taken on the red carpet in full veil and gown. Not to be confused with The Handmaid’s Tale, but we are utterly confused. With a body like Nicki’s, you would think she would want to flaunt all the beautiful, fake parts she has, but instead, she completely covered up. Honestly, this is something we would’ve expected to see from our mother monster, Lady Gaga.

From head to toe, this rap goddess is engulfed in the classic Versace. A holy moment, if you will, it was clear to see that Nicki intended on turning heads and breaking necks. We hope she was able to recycle this look, as it’s an easy first place winner for any Halloween costume contest.

Kylie Jenner or the Pink Power Ranger?

It’s no secret that the Kardashian/Jenner families are fashion icons. Especially Kylie Jenner, who can make even the simplest sweatshirt and pants look like a million dollars. However, this billionaire babe showed up to the 2019 Grammy Awards in something we would’ve expected to see at the Met Gala.

Some may call this pretty in pink, but honestly it seems like she’s ready to defend her fellow power rangers at any given moment. Maybe it’s the gloves, but Kylie is definitely suited up for something in this Balmain Haute Couture original.

No, Nicole Richie, No

As if we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it just did. But stop, don’t deny that you didn’t rock this same look on any given day in 2003. From the frayed mini skirt to the train conductor hat, this was totally the trend for every girl back in the early 2000s. But why didn’t she save this for her everyday streetwear? With all that comes with being Nicole Richie, surely she could’ve managed something a bit nicer for the red carpet.

Never again do we want to see a denim mini skirt paired with boots that barely even reach the knee. This look should’ve stayed on the Limited Too mannequins or at your middle school dance. I bet if Nicole is looking at this photo now, she would be saying the same thing.

Silver Sleeves for a Lackluster Kristen Stewart

Of course, Kristen Stewart is embracing her vampire role more than ever in the photo below. An expressionless face with her red-orange eyeshadow, it’s easy to already glance away before even looking at her abomination in silver. It feels awful to type the word “abomination,” especially since Stewart is decked out in no other than Chanel Couture. Truthfully, this looks like something that could’ve been picked up at your local second-hand store.

Spotted at the premiere of Spike Lee’s Blackkklansman at Cannes in 2018, this photo was snapped shortly before Kristen did something truly scandalous. With its strict “no flats” rule, Kristen defied it all by taking off her stilettos so she could actually be comfortable.

Cher in Sheer

Making her grand entrance to the 1998 Oscars, Cher truly captured the room with her evening wear. She might as well have been completely nude because it’s clear to see there is no built-in slip as far as the eye can see. As if the sheerness of her gown wasn’t enough to draw attention to her, it must have been her diamond-studded choker or halo headpiece.

However bizarre this outfit may have been, only Cher could be the one to pull this outfit off and get away with it. The diva she is requires a wardrobe that matches as such, and this dress certainly fits the part. But to be clear, this is one look that should not be repeated or considered a vintage look.

Kendall Jenner Is All Party in the Back but Confused in the Front

Breaking boundaries in bold ways, Kendall Jenner basically “stuck it to the man” by wearing jean shorts on the red carpet. Notoriously known for its strict dress code on the Cannes red carpet, Kendall defied this confidently at the Fashion For Relief Gala in 2017. While this wasn’t the official Cannes red carpet, it’s a tenacious move nevertheless and frankly one we don’t support.

The elegant crop top (and train) are designed by Alexandre Vauthier and paired with a Jimmy Choo black heel. Unfortunately, her high waisted denim shorts completely destroys the look of grandeur. Unless we’re talking about the 1990s or early 2000s, it’s best to save her jean shorts for her summer yacht parties. Business is business, Kendall.

Infinity and Beyond With Whoopi Goldberg

3,2,1…..blastoff! With this fit worn by Whoopi Goldberg, she can partner with Buzz Light Year into the great unknown. At the 1993 Oscars, not even Whoopi herself could’ve predicted her twin would be recreated in the Toy Story movie in 1995. Well not exactly, but Whoopi did buy this dress herself and even claims it as one of her proudest purchases.

After strutting her stuff at the Oscars, she donated this one of a kind piece to Planet Hollywood to be put on display. While this seems more like a costume than a red carpet-worthy outfit, this gown screams “statement” and can easily be spotted a mile away. Good thing this was put on display because no one should ever wear this one again.

Katy Perry Wears a Pinata

In her own bubble, as per usual, Katy Perry made this even more apparent with her bubble-esque gown at the 2019 Grammy Awards. A true fashion enthusiast at heart, it’s no surprise that Katy plunged into the loofah look for this red carpet affair. This Balmain Couture dress may be considered high fashion, but looks like something we would’ve worn to our childhood tea parties.

With all the layers of pink frills and the given shape, Katy easily replicates a party pinata ready to burst! And this whole mismatching earring situation is not enhancing the look any more than it should. In reference to Perry’s song “E.T.,” she’s looking “supernatural, extraterrestrial.”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Plaid Cues the Bagpipes of the World To Play

Oh SJP, the pipes, the pipes they’re calling – and asking for their fabric back! Plaid is just one of those things we should see once a year in the fashion world, and that’s in winter on pajamas. So really, we shouldn’t even see this pattern! Leave it to Sarah Jessica Parker to forget any fashion faux pas as she struts the red carpet at the 2006 Met Gala 2006 wearing Alexander McQueen.

As someone women look to as an iconic fashion role model, especially for being known as the Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, this outfit choice really hurts our hearts. Sarah Jessica Parker is supposed to be someone we can say oooh and awe over, not ew and no! Let’s hope this plaid fiasco was buried in the depths of her extensive closet.

Is there Anything We Can’t See on Kim Kardashian?

Dripping all over the 2019 Met Gala red carpet, Kim Kardashian was basically wearing a transparent dress so everyone could know exactly who she was. From the corsetted top to her cinched waist, how did she even manage to put this on? The look was inspired and designed by Thierry Mugler, who came out of retirement to create this masterpiece for Kim. You might recognize his name from our earlier look of the credit card dress.

“He envisioned me as this California girl stepping out of the ocean, wet, dripping,” Kardashian stated when interviewed on the red carpet. For something that seems to have used such few materials, it took Thierry a total of eight months to perfect the look.

Invasion of the Aliens, Uh We Mean Gwen Stefani

Basically anything and everything we know about fashion today, we’re guessing was just not applicable in the 1990s. Gwen Stefani at the 1998 VMAs is a prime example. We get it California girl, you’re used to the casual vibes of walking along the boardwalk at the beach. But this look here, with the fuzzy bikini top, multilayered skirt, and blue mini buns – we have so much to say but are speechless at the same time.

Earth to Zenon from the 21st century, Gwen Stefani was trying to be you. This look is out of this world completely and we’re pretty sure her mini buns are used as antennas to contact the aliens. If this outfit was replicated in red and green, Gwen probably could’ve auditioned for the role of Cindy-Lou Who in The Grinch.

Lena Dunham Looking Perplexing in Pink

Lena Dunham is known for being unconventional regarding how she’s viewed in the public eye. This is immediately apparent in the role she plays on the TV show Girls and remains true in any of her public appearances. This oversized wannabe pink tutu fits the mold when Dunham appeared at the 2014 Emmys in Giambattista Valli Couture.

Aside from the layers of ruffles, somehow she managed to still put factor in the element of comfort by sporting a pajama top look alike with the frilly skirt. While comfort is essential, this top totally collides with the boisterous appeal of the skirt. Overall we rate this a frilly flop in need of a different top – actually all of it has to go.

If Christina Aguilera Was the Genie in the Bottle, We Blame Whoever Let Her Out

Cher? Cleopatra? Oh wait, it’s Christina Aguilera. We’re not sure if a pair of scissors attacked her or if she had a bad mishap with the shredding machine. Either way, something definitely happened to Christina’s dress on the way to L.A.’s Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in 2001.

With all these slits, she might as well have saved the cost on the creation and just draped the velvet over her instead. One wrong move and her goodies would either be exposed or have a panty line be revealed….if she even has one to show. Dress aside, everything from Aguilera’s toddler style make-up to her unnatural afro is enough to make you look and then immediately look away.

Jennifer Lopez Turned the Red Carpet Into a Safari

Was the fluorescent lighting and camera flashes too much for you, J. Lo? Clearly, this must have been the only reason deemed necessary for Jennifer Lopez to suit up in a sun hat. While the carpet was crawling with celebrities, Jennifer Lopez was covered in a jungle cat look we can’t comprehend. Posing at the 2001 VMAs, we’re unsure why she even stopped for pictures wearing an outfit like this!

Everything about this ensemble has us screaming GO CHANGE! As if the loud cheetah print pattern embellished with the quarter sleeve jewels wasn’t enough, the full frontal slit only to be merely held together with a drawstring brought this over the top?! To pair this with a set of thigh high’s and the sun hat – honestly we’re baffled and concerned that maybe Lopez got dressed in the dark before her red carpet debut.

Jessica Alba Doubles as One of the Muses From Hercules

If gaucho pants shouldn’t make a comeback, then neither should wearing dresses over jeans. Whoever had started this as a fashion trend should go into hiding and never claim this idea. A gorgeous Jessica Alba totally ruined her beautiful aesthetic by pairing this sheer white dress over a pair of her bootcut jeans. Thankfully no one paid attention at the 2003 ESPY Awards, but this picture will always be on the internet.

Sadly, Jessica’s angelic smile and golden skin aren’t enough to distract even the most loyal of fans to this fashion failure. Listen, if a dress is too translucent to wear without something underneath it, that doesn’t mean it should be worn with pants.

Lizzo Will Be Your Corona and Lime

Send help – we think the ever popular Lizzo has been trapped in a time machine! When she stepped out on the red carpet at the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards, her dress was a shade of bright slimey green and everything about her screamed the 90s. Wrapped in this feather encrusted frock by Christopher John Roger’s, from the color to the design, not even the ruching could make this garb look like less of a catastrophe.

Let’s also address her footwear situation. Since when was it approved that sneakers and dresses were appropriate for a red carpet function? In conjunction with the high ponytail, it would speak to the heavens if it could get any higher. Lizzo, let the 90s be the 90s and the 2000s be the 2000s.

Cheetahlicious Jessica Simpson

Could it be – that this revolutionary eyesore of a leopard matching set inspired Disney Channel’s The Cheetah Girls? Maybe, maybe not. Jessica Simpson however thought this was the ultimate get-up to wear on the red carpet at the Teen People Party in 2000.

If this shocking pattern and color choice weren’t enough, sporting her low cut top and midriff makes this picture that much more distasteful. We hope this was the expected attire for this exclusive party, but then again what was relevant in the 2000s has no statute of limitation.

The Yellow Traffic Light Also Known as Solange

Good morning, afternoon, and evening from Solange at the 2014 Met Gala. The only way we would’ve been able to spot this artist is merely by the gown’s color – otherwise, she has a floating head. While we fully understand the Met Gala is composed of some of the most ludicrous apparels, this one isn’t so much shocking as it is disappointing.

Designed by David Laport, his curious decision to hide Solange’s clavicle is something to think about – especially when it is one of her most appealing features. Instead of emphasizing elongating her lengthy legs, the yellow thigh-high sleeves only blend these body parts with the rest of her physique. Regardless of what red carpet event might be next, this look should have been left in the sketchbook, David.

Hailee Steinfeld Trapped in a Macrame Muddle

Almost got this Balmain Couture gown confused with one of my grandmother’s macrame arts and crafts projects. Hailee Steinfeld rattled her exceptional reputation of dressing well, by dressing down with this gown at the Toronto International Film Festival’s premiere of Edge of Seventeen.

This heavily beaded, the eye-boggling dress is causing some major headaches. With the crisscrossing color pattern, it’s creating an optical illusion we just can’t stand. Aside from the color, the ultimate design gives off grandma vibes all the way around. Hailee is way too young to be looking this old.

Rihanna the Iguana in a Floral Flurry

Blending in with her surroundings, Rihanna is all swept up and incognito amidst her life-size floral arrangement. While this outlandish outfit has stunned the red carpet and its viewers alike, surprisingly, this collage of an ensemble had already been worn. Rihanna may have traipsed up and down the 2017 Met Gala in this design by Comme des Garçons, but Anna Cleveland originally modeled this first in the fall of 2016.

What might seem appropriate on the runway, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable off the runway. Not to mention Rihanna’s heels are bound so tightly it looks like her legs are about to combust between the laces! Altogether, maybe the models should stick to this and leave the red carpet for more classic, and tasteful selections.

Ashley Tisdale and Her Faux Fur Sash Are Part of the Reason This Outfit Is Trash

High School Musical may have been a hit on Disney Channel, but their stylist should have strictly instructed that costumes must stay on set. Ashley Tisdale is one actress who took her role as Sharpay Evans all a little too seriously both on and off the camera. Her character loved everything about the color pink and took fashion to an extreme. Ashley replicates Sharpay’s wardrobe in real life and brings her characters looks to the red carpet.

Based on Ashley’s choice of clothing and accessories, it looks like she raided a ten-year-old little girl’s closet. After gazing inside, she must have grabbed everything she could reach, put it all on, and decided it could work. With the evolution of Sharpay Evans, came the evolution of Ashley Tisdale’s style, and for that alone, we owe it all to the Disney Channel.

Joy Villa in a Truly Villifying Element

Basically baring it all, Joy Villa took the 2016 Grammys red carpet in utter shock while she displayed a dress similar to an animal’s ribcage. Villa has been known for making political statements at the Grammys for the past two years, but she took more of a bizarre approach before her activism came about.

Wearing only a thin black thong under her ribbed garment, Villa basically walked the red carpet in complete nudity. In a world where body positivity is promoted, this is one time where we wish she would’ve kindly covered up. Leaving nothing to the public eye’s imagination, the only thing left to imagine is what she could’ve looked like in proper formal wear attire.

Anne Hathaway Hath Not a Stylist in Sight

A clash of color and trends, sadly Anne Hathaway too was a victim of the dress over jeans facade in the early 2000s. But who can blame her if she was following the lead? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, and we’ve got all of them to describe this image.

The color palette is all over the place with one glance at this photo. The forest green bag does not match with the pink and white sundress, and the light blue floral coat is confusing us on the season at hand. Individually, these items might have looked fine, but together, it’s like letting a small child dress themselves.

The Evil Queen of Narnia but in Beyonce’s Body

Dear Queen B, I apologize in advance, but I think she owes us an apology as well. As she graced her presence at the 2016 VMA’s, immediately the crowd was astonished, and not in a good way, by her eveningwear selection. Almost instantly Beyonce went from legendary to laughing stock with all the memes that had been trending on Twitter due to her dress.

Customized by Francesco Scognamiglio, what was sought out to be couture ended up being quite comical. Fans and followers compared Beyonce’s look to the evil queen from The Chronicles of Narnia, Sam the Eagle from The Muppets, and even Drew Barrymore from Never Been Kissed. While the BeyHive may have been quick to protect their queen from the commentary, this is one image we’ll never forget.

Ruffles, the Rainbow, and Halsey, Oh My!

Wearing a semi-sheer Marc Jacobs dress, Halsey showed up to the 2019 American Music Awards looking like a little bit of everything. Halsey is almost replicating a Lisa Frank item on the red carpet by wearing a gown that has literally every color in the rainbow on it. Rather than a dress, this seems like it should be a duvet cover that you store in the guest bedroom.

The only neutral items we might be impartial too are her rose gold high heels and circular earrings. Aside from these items, Halsey could easily be mistaken for a circus clown from her dress to her makeup – which she did herself.

A Chained Amber Rose Should Be Draped in Literally Anything Else

Amber Rose brought life to rapper Jibbs’s song “Chain Hang Low” at the 2014 MTV VMAs. If you can even call this a dress, she strangely wore layers of chains draped over her body for her red carpet runway, and it felt too much like a risque music video clip. In this body-baring number, we can and can’t believe this diva had the audacity to be so revealing in a place where it is simply not the time.

This constructed array of metal, carefully crafted by designer DeWitt, should’ve been left in the junkyard to use for spare parts. As much as a crowd loves to woo over a beautiful body, this arrangement should’ve been left in the bedroom for her previous hubby, Wiz Khalifa.

Sarah Paulson Is Giving Us Flashback’s From Prom in the ’80s

Did somebody cue Cindy Lauper’s hit “Time After Time?” After a serious time travel trip, Sarah Paulson appeared at the 2019 Oscars wearing a frock that could only be found at a high school prom dance from the 80s. Specifically, we easily could’ve seen Molly Ringwald in a similar fit in the epic movie Pretty in Pink.

Designed by Brandon Maxwell, this gown could easily be chopped and cropped to sport a modern-day drape for yearbook photos. Sarah Paulson has a great collar bone and neckline that it was a real shame for her to cover it with this pink muumuu.

Uma Thurman Is Strapped up but Should Be Headed Back To the Seamstress

We’re not alone in addressing that Uma Thurman’s 2004 Oscar dress was a fashion fiasco. She herself even stated that this Christian Lacroix created smock was her “most embarrassing experience.” With strips of fabric strewn together, it merely looks like Christian ran out of time to finalize the details before Uma’s red carpet appearance.

With Lacroix’s selection of materials, the dress looks like it was composed of an old table cloth, a blue ribbon from a gift basket, and the play clothes for the children from The Sound of Music. Unfortunately, Uma had to learn the hard way not always to trust the vision of the designer.

Tierra Whack’s Wackiest Look Yet

It’s not every day on the red carpet that you see the entire rainbow being featured in a look. But when you do, it’s sure to turn some heads. Tierra Whack definitely accomplished this with her questionable design at the 2019 Grammys. Trusting and believing in emerging Philadelphia designer Nancy Volpe-Beringer may have been her biggest fashion fault yet.

Similar to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, it’s as if Tierra accomplished this intentionally. While we do not doubt that the coat kept her warm for this elite event, it sure can’t comfort her from all the unfavorable (and true) commentary that partnered with this look.

Jacqueline Van Bierk Takes Tacky To a New Meaning

Musical artist Jacqueline Van Bierk took her 2017 Grammy look all too seriously by having her profession displayed on her red carpet gown. Instead of wearing a tasteful design by Andre Soriano, Van Bierk went with a much tackier look instead. The only thing covering this singer up on the red carpet and blocking the transparent material were these recycled cd’s. One broken or fallen record, and the rest would be history.

While her look may have been inspired by electro-pop, this get-up looks like an 80s embellishment with the incorporation of the teal fingerless gloves and blue hair. We get it girl, you love music, and it may be your life, but it doesn’t have to be your wardrobe too.

Lea Michele, Britney Spears Called and She Wants Her Clothes back

The only person allowed to wear a red leather jumpsuit is Britney Spears in her “Stronger” music video, and Lea Michele is not her. Photographed at the Elle Style Awards in 2017, Lea tried to recreate the look with a partial pantsuit and definitely did not pull it off. The buttons down the middle of the boddess had her resembling the gingerbread man from Shrek, an embellishment that surely could have been excluded.

This outfit didn’t just go wrong with the red jumper; the long sleeve shirt with the mix-matched patterns is just baffling. While red, white, and black may usually be a great color combo, this whole look should’ve been re-thought before the execution took place.

Madonna’s All Party in the Back

Gracing the red carpet at the 2015 Grammy Awards, Madonna charged the carpet in a bull-fighter inspired look by Givenchy. But as the Queen of Pop, the crowd expected nothing short of something outrageous. This outfit took a whole new meaning to “business in the front, party in the back;” because when she turned around a full moon was revealed!

Madonna’s bare bottom was completely exposed, and it seemed as if all was business as usual for this icon. Regardless of her age, with each year, the outfits get worse and worse every time she’s spotted at a red carpet event. It’s as if she is constantly putting on a show, which means to her, anything and everything is acceptable in her mind.

Designer Dencia’s Childish Jumper Is Begging To Go Back in the Costume Trunk

At the 2016 Grammys, Dencia’s playful look was all too childish for us to endure. With the over embellishing of sparkly jewels to the disturbing use of stuffed Hello Kitty dolls, none of this resonates with real reasoning to rock this at the Grammys. It’s as if she wanted to create her own anime or cartoon character and make it her reality.

Minus the shoes, this could have even been a perfect onesie outfit for her to wear at a glamorous pajama party. But for the red carpet, we’re giving this a hard no. As a designer, we’re sure her imagination reaches no limits, and this is exactly where her creativity should have stopped.

Jaimie Alexander Reveals All on the Red Carpet

From the front to the back of Jaime Alexander’s dress, it was easy to show exactly what she wasn’t wearing at the 2013 premiere of Thor: The Dark World. The sheer panels in this Azzaro Couture gown made it obvious that the actress was going full-on commando on the red carpet. While her perfectly sculpted body may have flattered the dramatics of this dress, this is definitely a look that’s not meant for all eyes.

An even bigger scandal could have occurred, should Jaime have had a wedgie or itch and moved the dress in the slightest of wrong ways. It’s clear to see that her confidence level matched the extremity of this dress, and while it may not have been a crowd favorite, we highly doubt she had any issues with her appearance.

A Case of Pink Eye or Linda Cardellini on the Red Carpet?

Whether we’re talking about a figurative eye sore, a literal diagnosis of pink eye, or Linda Cardellini at the 2019 Oscars – it’s all relative. Buried underneath layers of hot pink ruffles, was a Linda Cardellini garnished in a Schiaparelli Haute Couture compilation. Her look definitely confirmed that the only time it’s acceptable to wear tulle fabric is on the stage, and not the red carpet.

While the power of pink may have been the latest trend for the 2019 Oscars, Schiaparelli got it all wrong with the execution of the dress. To be in sync with a trend is one thing, but to mess it up with the design is another. Better luck next time, if she’s ever invited back after this fashion train wreck.

Rita Ora Couldn’t Get Ready in Time So She Brought Her Robe To the Red Carpet

There’s no better feeling than sitting in your towel after a nice hot shower. It’s so nice that it tempts one not to change and even to cancel the plans because the ultimate level of comfort has been achieved. Well, Rita Ora, the genius that she is, shocked everyone at the 2017 London EMAs with a complete look of incompletion.

Wearing her bathrobe as a dress and a towel as her hairstyle, Rita Ora did what no person has ever done on the red carpet. At least she wore a full face of make-up and some bling, but other than that, her whole look should’ve stayed at the spa. While we applaud her on her boldness, we shame her on poor choices – especially since she was hosting the event!

Did Dolly Wear a Tablecloth, the Rainbow, or All the Above?

I guess if you’re attending the premiere of your own show, you can wear whatever you want, right? Well, that may be fine and dandy, but it won’t spare you from the critics of the world. In 2015, Dolly wore something in true southern belle fashion to her premiere of “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors.”

While her dress matched the theme of her show, Dolly should’ve had much better fashion sense to look a bit more elegant at her own affair. Between the patterns and colors, it looks like something that could’ve been found as a tablecloth from her debut in the movie Steel Magnolias. We’re hoping that she retired the dress after this occasion and put it on display at her own Dollyworld in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Leighton Meester Says Peace Out To Her Worst Outfit Yet

Known as a fashionista goddess on the hit tv series Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester’s off-camera fashion choices have now been put into question. The usual stylish Leighton completely went out of this world when she had performed at the grand opening of an American Eagle Outfitters store. Yes, performers are known to stand out for the stage, but we think maybe even the E.T.’s of the galaxy could spot her with this ensemble.

First of all, vests should be worn in winter or with a tux. Above, our Gossip Girl Diva decided to match this with an oversized belt that was completely unnecessary, since her skin-tight pants weren’t going anywhere. Not to mention the coloring on her fitted spandex looked like she had rolled around in fresh paint moments before her performance. Honestly, we think Leighton’s stylist was absent in a moment when she needed her most.

Nicole Kidman Missed the Memo When She Dressed for the Renaissance Fair Instead of the Red Carpet

Whatever Nicole Kidman wants, Nicole Kidman does. This was clear to see at the 2003 UK Royal Charity Premiere of Cold Mountain from her outfit choice. With a Victorian collar the size of my face, it’s sure to have kept at least her neck warm during that cold December evening.

With legs for days, this was probably the only highlight of the whole ensemble. We’re not ones to poke at any fat, but what’s peeking out above her belt line is so not so cute. This is one time we do not support the vibe of “letting it all hand loose.”

Pink Rocked Out With Her Hip Out

Known for her unconventional looks, it’s no surprise that rockstar Pink just wore a lot of everything at the 2000 VMAs. From top to bottom, Pink basically wore an assortment of what could be found at any neighborhood garage sale. A literal chunk of her pants is actually missing, revealing her whole right hip and part of a tattoo that shouldn’t be seen by everyone’s eyes.

Her fur coat with cartoon, colorful graphics may have attempted to provide some warmth, but then again it didn’t cover her exposed hip so its purpose is still unclear. It may have been the year 2000, but this is one red carpet look that has gone down and remained in the archives of Hollywood history.

Sally Kirkland Preps for Takeoff at the Oscars

Only one year before the Twilight series became popular, Sally Kirkland was prepping for her audition at the 2007 Oscars. Well, she easily could’ve been mistaken for a vampire with her multicolored cape that gave off serious Dracula vibes. That, or a flying squirrel.

We wish the cape could’ve functioned more like a shawl on this evening; shielding the world from her transparent mesh top portion of the dress. Her red carpet selection looks similar to a deflated air balloon recreated as a dress for Morticia Addams from The Addams Family.

Angela Sarafyan Leaves Little To No Room for Imagination

Do you ever have that fear of leaving the house without wearing pants or shoes? After wearing a number like this, it’s apparent that Angela Sarafyan doesn’t have this kind of phobia. Posed at the 2007 Vanity Fair red carpet event for L’oreal, Angela revealed more than just a little skin as she turned to the side for a photo op.

From the front alone, no one would have ever know how baring this dress truly is. This is one outfit that leaves plenty of room for exposure, error, accidents – and the list of “what ifs” could go on and on. Similar to a loincloth, we think even the cavemen showed less than her in their time.

Patrick Starr Blossoms at the Billboard Music Awards

Serving up some serious flower power looks, you would think that Patrick Starr was attending the annual Met Gala. But no, lo and behold, it’s just another A-Lister event for him to explore the wonders of costumes and just how creative he can be. The 2018 Billboard Music Awards presented another opportunity for this wild child to express himself, but this time in the form of a flower.

With his oversized hot pink rose bouquet headpiece, we’re certain he drew his inspiration from none other than Chiquita Banana. He may not have been nominated for any awards, but we are confident in the fact that Mr. Starrr was the star of this award show.

Alyssa Milano Should’ve Stayed in the Woods With This Outfit

While actress Alyssa Milano was not cast in the Disney remake of Into The Woods, she certainly dressed for the part. Attending the 2014 world premiere of Into the Woods, her corsetted garb looked like it was part of the costume set for the film itself.

Everything from the sheerness, to the ruching of the fabric, absolutely nothing about this dress is flattering. Not even a model could make this ensemble look good. Milano may be charming in Charmed but was not so enchanting on this red carpet evening.

Kristen Wiig Serving up Lasagna Looks

In general, it isn’t easy to take comedian Kristen Wiig seriously. It was even harder at the 2020 Oscars not to laugh at her, but solely because of her alarming red Valentino gown and arms-length black finger gloves. The Twitter masses charged at the opportunity to even compare Wiig’s wardrobe to that of a lobster costume – and they were right on spot with the similarities.

Besides a lobster, popular memes and tweets also visually compared Wiig’s dress to images of a lasagna meal and a serrated knife. With the structure of the dress’s width, it even looks impossible for Kristen to move freely, much less take a seat in a comfortable position. As much as Kristen may have loved the laughs from this evening, we can almost bet she sent this dress back where it came from.