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47+ Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Nature’s Sense of Humor

For us humans, we can all get up to a little mischief when we think no one’s watching. And just when we least expect it, we can also get caught off guard by an awkward photo we weren’t ready for. So for animals in the wild, they can get up to some funny and dramatic antics when they think humans aren’t around too. They also never really know when an unsuspecting photographer is just waiting to capture them red-handed either.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 33
Image: New York Post

Thankfully, we no longer have to wonder what animals in the wild really get up to when they think humans aren’t looking. And the picture-perfect results are nothing short of spectacular. From laughing otters to chest-pumping seals, let’s see how wild animals really act in their own habitats.


Well, this baby chimpanzee has life all figured out. It doesn’t even have to go into the wild and find a comfy spot to lay down and chill in the sun. That’s because it’s already found the comfiest spot in the world, resting on its moma’s fur. Yes, this chimp is out there, living its best life.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 24
Image: The Times

Chimpanzees are intelligent mammals and are actually the closest relatives to humans. So, as it turns out that we’re not so different after all. While it lays back, relaxing, resting its arms behind its head, without a care in the world, we can just imagine this cool chimp telling us all to chill and that every little thing is gonna be ok.

The Gate Keeper

Although this lion might think it’s just grabbed onto a suspicious pole in the middle of the wild, it’s unwittingly become the gatekeeper to the nearby village. It’s almost as if this lion is standing there, waiting to tell all its curious pals where the nearest residents are hiding…

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 29
Image: Standard

While we would be a little terrified if we saw this lion hanging on to a sign next to where we were sleeping, thankfully for the residents, this lion can’t actually read that sign. So we can sit back and take in this hilarious picture for what it is. The lion actually looks a little friendly, so maybe its actually guarding the residents against any of its nosy pals too!

Ugh, Mondays… I Can’t Bear It

If you’ve ever wondered what a real-life bear looks like with a sore head, now you no longer have to wonder! We can only imagine the kind of day this bear has had before it all got too much. It looks like this bear is nursing a thumping headache after it had a big night out by the lake with its pals.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 17
Image: The Guardian

So, being as free as a bear, it decided to hibernate from the world, rest its paw over its head and take a long and leisurely nap. What it didn’t know, is that it looks hilarious to us humans. Thankfully, some unsuspecting photographer was there to capture the bear in this hilarious pose for all the world to see.

Houston, We’ve Got a Problem

As our parents would say, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt! And while this troublesome twosome look like they’re just having some playful fun, it seems that one of these foxes really got the butt end of the joke.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 23
Image: Australian Photography

We can just imagine the sly fox on the left telling its pal that he has a cunning plan. Then when it told the other fox to turn around, it took its chance to grab its hind legs and let it hang with its nose to the floor. Ha, well the plan worked and we can only imagine that fox is still laughing to this day!


We’ve all been there. Whether we forget that we had an important meeting today or we left our wallet in the other jacket, we all can feel the pain of this confused otter. Admittedly, this otter probably has a whole different set of issues than us.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 13
Image: Lad Bible

Perhaps this otter forgot where it left its secret stash of food for later. Or it forgot where it said it would meet its other half that night. Either way, we’ve all been there too. And this poor otter looks a little shocked, dazed and confused about the whole thing, just like we would be!

Cross-Species Chest Pump

We’re pretty used to seeing sports superfans watching the game, and chest-pumping, when they’re team wins. Well, as it turns out, animals really aren’t so different from us humans after all. But we never expected a penguin and a seal to be so friendly as this unlikely duo are.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 6
Image: Forbes

Whether they really are chest-pumping or having a competition to see who is the tallest out of the pair, we can’t get enough of this majestic photo. Although the seal is clearly taller than the penguin, we have to give credit for the little guy for standing up to the challenge. We also would love to see follow this unlikely duo around all day to see what they get up to next!

You Wanna Take This Outside Bro?

We’ve all heard the rumors, but it looks like there’s a new King in town. So, meet the new King of the chimpanzees. From its animated expression and wild gestures, it seems like it has a few wild stories to tell. It’s also ready to show us its physical might with its impressively long arms.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 16
Image: Insider

Now we’re not saying this chimp is exaggerating, but maybe they really did fight against the largest and fiercest lion in the jungle. Perhaps they also wrestled the most dangerous packs of hyenas. Either way, we’re pretty impressed. So, this mighty chimp has earned the new title of the King of the Jungle in our books.

Super Cute, Enough Said

While the cameraman was curious about capturing this wild quokka. it seems that wild quokka was just as curious about the cameraman. It also looks like it’s full of questions about life and wants to know everything about the cameraman. If only animals could talk…

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 25
Image: The Morning Chronicle

We could just imagine what this inquisitive quokka would say to the curious human that’s capturing him. It also looks much like an over-enthusiastic salesman that’s ready to sell us anything. Well with those brown eyes and brown fluffy paws, how could we resist.

Stripes and Gags

In case you didn’t think animals had a wild sense of humor, here’s the proof we’ve all been waiting for. We’re pretty sure that whatever adventures these troublesome pair get up to in life, they’ll find a way to laugh about it for days to come.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 8
Image: Science Focus

Whether they just ran away from some fierce lions or played a few jokes on some unsuspecting elephants. we’re sure this pair is full of mischief and have some tricks up their sleeves. They actually look like a real comedy duo and we would love to see their adventures all day!

Saturday Night Fever

So, if you ever wondered whether animals have rhythm and are ready to get down on the dance floor, then this little guy is just what we needed to see. The photo was captured in the Alps of an Austrian marmot, and it looks like its definitely got a case of Saturday Night Fever.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 21
Image: Interesting Engineering

Seriously, it seems like when animals think humans aren’t watching, they really are ready to let off steam and let loose on the dance floor. It looks like this little fella is half-way through it’s dancing rendition of “Staying Alive.” Either that or this is some kind of curious ritual where they stretch their hands in the air like they just don’t care.

Savannah Dancing

These animals really do get up to mischief when they think no one is watching. Whether this is a ritual jumping and leaping competition or a strange kind of jumping arm wrestle, we can all be sure that there will never be a dull day in the animal kingdom.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 15
Image: Forbes

This pair of lions seem to be so caught up in their playful game that they don’t seem to care about the pack of zebras lurking behind them. We’re guessing that this started out as a jump and now one lion is holding onto the other for dear life. It also looks like an awesome mid-air fight scene from the Matrix and we’re just happy someone captured it!

When It Gets to Be Too Much…

We can only imagine what happened before this picture was snapped, but we’re pretty sure it was hilarious to this animated seal. Whether someone just told it the most hilarious joke or it just remembered that it played the biggest trick on its pals, it really couldn’t contain its excitement.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 5
Image: Standard

Seriously, laughter is contagious and we’ve all heard a joke before that’s so funny we burst into fits of giggles and roll around the floor like a seal. But who knew that seals could really roll around, laugh and giggle like us humans. Nature really is awesome sometimes!

Never Again…

Just in case you needed any more evidence that animals are just as dramatic as us humans, here’s another melodramatic case for the books. This polar bear looks like it really did have a wild night out on the ice and has done a few too many things that it regrets in the morning.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 3
Image: ABC

We suppose this is the animal equivalent of nursing a hangover after a regretful night out on the tiles. And as the memories of last night start to flash before its eyes, there’s nothing else to do but take a long lie down and cover its head with its paws. Now, all it can do is wait for the memories to melt away…

Hey There Human

When these friendly Alaskan sea otters stumbled on a boat in the distance, they were just as curious to say hi to the mysterious human creatures as we would be. So, as their natural instincts kicked in, they simply popped their heads further out the water to take a closer look.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 12
Image: The Guardian

While it’s pretty usual for humans to greet each other with a welcoming smile and wave, it’s one thousand times cuter to see a waving sea otter. Although the otter on the left looks a little dazed and confused, it couldn’t help but wave and smile to its new friends in the distance, and we could watch them wave all day.

Let Me Explain Something to You, Kid

While some creatures in the animal kingdom are pretty friendly and welcoming to their human neighbors, others are a little more suspicious. Whether this monkey woke up on the wrong side of bed that morning or it really is just suspicious of the camera, we wouldn’t wanna mess with it.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 11
Image: Forbes

With that piercing stare and the defensive hand gestures to match, this monkey looks much like a human would react if they didn’t want their photo taken that day! While it does look pretty dramatic and comical to us as outsiders, we wouldn’t want to meet that monkey when it’s had a bad day in the jungle!

When Animals Grab Life By The…

When you need some motivation in life, we’ve all heard the empowering expression, “go out there and grab life by the…” Well, it seems that this playful lion got a little too overexcited by the phrase and took it more literally than we could ever imagine.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 9
Image: ABC

We have to wonder what the baby lion was hoping to achieve that day when it hilariously stretched its arms out hoping to grab the prize jewels. Perhaps they thought this really was the way to win the competition of life and prove to everyone around that they could do anything if they set their mind to it.

A Pair of Dramatic Grizzly Bears

When these two grizzly bears were captured in Alaska, they both looked like they were both preparing for a dramatic play about bears in the wild. While they were both fully in character, preparing for their part, they didn’t seem to notice or care what the other bear was up to, which made it all the more comical.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 10
Image: The Guardian

Seemingly, the bear on left is playing the part of the zombie bear, who roams across the wild with its arms outstretched like a zombie, looking for prey. The other bear is playing the role of the hunting bear that seems to get more and more excited by the ground than we expected, and we’d love to see what happened next in their play!

Slow Traffic

As they say, life is not a race. So, instead of living life in the fast lane, sometimes you have to slow down and see the bigger picture. For this snapping turtle, they don’t seem to worry about living life in the fast lane either, which made it all the more comical when they tried to cross the road.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 19
Image: Insider

While the snapping turtle was happy to crawl along the road at its own pace, it seemed blissfully unaware that there is a giant sign for traffic saying SLOW down. So if you were looking for a sign to take life at your own pace, this perfectly-timed photo is the sign you’ve been looking for.

Otter Tickle Showdown

Although it might look like these sea otters are in the middle of a dangerous sea battle, we can rest assured that this is a harmless and pretty hilarious tickle fight! As it turns out, just like us humans, animals never cease to find amazing ways to entertain themselves in the wild.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 18
Image: CTV News

And now that we know this is a playful tickle fight, we can now see that the sea otter on the right is more ticklish than most and can’t contain its laughter. It seems that when these wild animals think no one is watching, they really can play all day and we’re so glad that this photographer was able to get up close and personal to the action.

Rhino Sprinkler Cool-Down

The animal kingdom really is full of never-ending surprises. So, just when we thought we’d seen everything, we stumbled across this dramatic sighting. While this small ergot had just landed in that spot on the field and was just minding its own business, it didn’t realize that the giant rhino had other plans.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 7
Image: ABC

Before he knew it, this ergot was caught by complete surprise and showered with spray by the giant rhino. To be fair, the rhino was blissfully unaware that the ergot was there and was just marking its territory, but we have to feel for the poor little fella!

This Won’t End Well

If we didn’t know that this was a real shot taken in the depths of the deep blue sea, we would think this was an animated scene from a Disney movie. You see, as the photographer was trying to capture a shot of the jack fish, they didn’t realize that there was a real-life shark lurking in the background.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 14
Image: BBC

In this winning shot, as the shark swims into photobomb the photo, it’s almost as if the jack fish senses what’s lurking behind him. As its mouth quivers and its eyes grow melodramatically wide, it looks like an animated cartoon character, trying its best to swim away as fast as it can.

Help, I’m Stuck

While it’s pretty usual to see fox squirrels roaming in the trees, it looks like this little fella went in a little carried away and went too far into the hole in the trunk and got trapped. When it finally realized what it had done, it needed to find a rescuer to help save the day.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 20
Image: ABC

Some might say this squirrel is a little melodramatic, with its hand outstretched and its’ mouth wide open. But it also looks like a comical scene from an animated movie. We just hope some brave superhero squirrel rescuer came just at the right time to save it from its fate.

Psycho Horsie

We all think of horses as beautiful, elegant, muscular, noble, and somewhat majestic creatures. After all, it’s no coincidence that throughout our history, for the last few thousand years, they’ve been the animal of choice for noble knights, royalty, and other people of high status. And don’t forget who we used as a base for unicorns. But as you can see from this photo, not all of our equine pals are so noble.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 72
Image: Imgur / FiftyShadesofBacon

This horse and its photographer captured a fleeting moment perfectly, just in time to give us this great shot of the horse looking absolutely psychotic. Its lips are rolled back to expose its teeth, its eyes are focused in an unsettling way, and the whole thing is creepy. Some people (and horses) just get photoed at the wrong time.

Komodo Dragon Slow Dance

This is cute. What we see here are two Komodo dragons embracing each other in what appears to be a slow dance. It’s hard to tell from the photograph because we don’t have any comparison for scale, but these two reptiles are actually huge. The average male Komodo dragon weighs about 180 pounds and is about 8 feet long.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 63
Image: The Telegraph

They live in the Indonesian jungles, which is a hard place. It’s buggy, it’s wet, and there’s always something bigger lurking around the corner that might eat you. So these two lizards are seizing the moment, dancing closely, and professing their love for each other, because who knows what tomorrow holds?

Not Only Humans Are Gymnasts

That’s right! We humans are not the only species on the planet that can practice gymnastics and acrobatics. Exhibit A: looks at this squirrel practicing its latest moves in agility and flexibility. It has somehow managed to balance itself perfectly between two stems of a pretty flower plant.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 71
Image: Insider

So this squirrel gets points for athleticism as well as photogenicity. It’s super cool, very cute, and really pretty. But when we think of it for a sec, we notice that squirrels ‘should’ be good at this kind of thing. After all, they spend their days leaping from branch to branch dozens of feet above the ground – they’re not noobs.

Get Outa My Way Bud

The facial expressions here say it all. First, look at the snapping turtle. He is grumpy as heck. Angry eyes, cranky mouth, and, not to mention, he’s shoving some big old Napolean Maori Wrasse fish right out of his way, even though there’s room for both! Geeze, talk about being an inconsiderate traveler.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 68
Image: The Scottish Sun

And get where this is happening. The Great Barrier reef. So it’s literally the biggest coral neighborhood on the planet! There’s tons of room. Why did the turtle need to be pushy? Now look at the fish, he does not look too happy about the situation. This reminds us of bad drivers and Black Friday shoppers, ugh.

Hole In One

Uh-Oh, looks like we got a furry Tiger Woods Junior over here. They say foxes are sly. Well, this might be the sliest of them all. He’s taking advantage of the empty putting green to go up to the hole and relieve himself. We wonder what’s going through his head. Maybe “Ohh well wouldya look at that! The humans made me a nice toilet.”

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 62
Image: The Sun

Alternatively, maybe, just maybe, the fox knows what’s up, and he knows that he’s doing something that he shouldn’t be doing. It’s quite the prank. Just picture the next unsuspecting golfer that gets in it the hole and then puts their hand in there to take the ball out. Good thing golf courses are equipped with ball cleaners!

Lazy Tongue

The tongue of a full-grown giraffe is over a foot and a half long, and they weigh about 25 pounds. Wow. Of course, giraffes are big and strong, but still, that’s a huge tongue. So maybe it’s not so weird that this giraffe is just letting its tongue droop our of its mouth. Maybe it’s just too big and heavy and the giraffe needs to let it chill for a minute.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 70
Image: UK Home

What is the deal with the giraffe’s tongue anyway? We always see them hanging out, they’re always full of saliva, and they’re purple. Well, giraffes are vegetarian animals that get all their nutrition from leaves and fruits on very high tall, often tough and thorny trees. They have tons of saliva (and big muscles) to protect the rest of their mouth. And the tongue is purple to prevent sunburn since it’s outside the mouth all the time.

Trying to Be Cool

We always think of owls of being nocturnal, tough, and always-in-control birds. This is obviously not always so. Here, we have three young owls. Two of them perched on a branch, looking cool, while the other one is clearly struggling. She’s just trying to get on the branch with her brother and sister, but it’s not going great.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 49
Image: The Sun

If you have older siblings, then you know the struggle. You want to be grown up and cool just like them. So you try, you imitate, you take note, you fail, you try again. But you’ll never be as cool as them. We guess that this owl will just have to learn sibling dynamics the hard way. Godspeed, little one.

Butt Sandwich

We get this hippo was just really hungry. But instead of being patient and snacking on some nice green grass, he decided to try his luck with his momma’s behind. We bet that if we could press ‘play’ on this photograph, we would see the mom turn around and shoot the cub an angry look.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 47
Image: The Telegraph

Jokes aside, we don’t actually think that the little hippo tried to take a chunk out of his mom. He’s probably just playing around. Or maybe he’s teething. Hippos don’t even eat meat. They’re herbivores, and their diet consists primarily of grass and fruits. In any case, bon appéttit little guy!

The Most Ungrateful Guest Ever

This is just straight-up, 100% inconsiderate. This African buffalo was gracious enough to provide a nice perch for this bird. He lets him sit on his head where he’s essentially protected from predators, he’s comfy, and he has a good standpoint from where he can look for tasty insects. And how does the bird repay the buffalo’s hospitality? You can see it for yourself.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 48
Image: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The bird decides to relieve himself right on top of the buffalo’s head. That’s just mean. Now the buffalo has to walk around like this (if it even notices), but maybe it can wash itself off in a stream or lake. Poor buffalo. We feel bad and we can sympathize. We all know what it’s like to have ungrateful, undeserving guests.

Bear Cha Cha

Someone is having a good time! Between taking long snoozes, eating berries, feasting on salmon, and climbing up trees, these young bears also have the time to dance. What a life, we’re a little jealous. We also want to dance and eat salmon at our leisure.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 46
Image: Insider

From what we can tell by the photo, these two bear cubs are getting quite good. It looks like they’re able to coordinate their steps. Cha Cha on, amigos. In general, bear cubs and teenage bears are quite playful. In fact, it’s really important. Siblings spend years playing and fighting in order to develop their hunting and self-defense skills.

Almost Human

If you were the kind of person to doubt science and the ‘theory’ of evolution, then doubt no longer, dear creationist. Here’s all the proof you need. Obviously, man and ape come from the same ancestor. Isn’t it clear? Even though humans diverged from gorillas on the Tree of Life anywhere between eight and nineteen million years ago, the resemblances are striking.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 45
Image: The Independent

So there you have it, my friends; gorillas are avid nose-pickers, just like humans. We’re not sure if this gorilla knew it was being photographed at the time of the picking expedition, but we also don’t know if it would care. It had a job to do, it had some junk to clear, and that’s what it’s going to do, camera or no camera. Our cousins are awesome.

Winter Soccer

Here, we see a crane apparently kicking a ball of snow. We all knew cranes could fly, catch fish, and sing. But who knew they could play soccer? Well, now we know. Besides being some kind of avian Christiano Ronaldo, this crane is also really good at having his picture taken.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 44
Image: Cosmopolitan

So in light of his multiplicity of great skills, if flying around the wilderness thing doesn’t work out, then this crane has a promising career as a model or professional soccer player. Also, props to the amazing photographer who managed to capture this one-of-a-kind moment.

Commando Deer

This stag is practicing the fine art of camouflage. And why shouldn’t he? After all, hunters usually wear some kind of camouflage gear. So why shouldn’t he level the playing field? We give this stag an A for effort, he’s good, no doubt, but he seems to have forgotten that he has massive antlers protruding from the foliage on his head.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 43
Image: New York Post

He does look pretty cool though. It sort of reminds us of one of those commercials we see for the Marines or the Navy Seals, where they pop out of a swamp or jungle, draped in camouflage, guns ready. But in this case, we guess that the stag is emerging from the foliage and plans on eating some grass or rubbing his huge antlers up against a tree. #deergoals.

Observe the Fine Furry Specimen

These penguins are in the middle of observing one of their goofy mammal cousins: the fur seal. Usually, seals seem to be the pinnacles of grace. They effortlessly glide through the water and stylishly slide across the ice like it’s nothing. But this crazy looking furry guy brings all of that into question.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 42
Image: Twitter / Chris Cusack

He’s making a hilarious face, mouth half-open, and eyes rolling in what we could only interpret as a heavy dose of sarcasm. The leading penguin, the one leaning toward the seal, is carefully examining the whacky seal and probably talking smack to him, and about him to the rest of his crew.


Until now, we thought that Botox injections were for humans only. But as you can, it seems that that humans-only presupposition was wrong. Look at the lips on this chimp! Pouty, full, and loaded with attitude. The lips, facial expression, and position of the chimp make it look like it just got done giving someone some major style critique.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 41
Image: UK Home

But the human characteristics we see on this chimpanzee shouldn’t surprise us. After all, chimpanzees are our closest animal relatives. Scientists estimate that in terms of evolution, we diverged from chimps only about five to seven million years ago. And when we’re talking evolution, we’re talking about hundreds of millions of years. So with those time scales, it’s as if we split with chimps yesterday.

LOL, Good One Human

Humor is not an expression that is lost in the species gap between humans and other living creatures. Animals have a sense of comedy. What makes them laugh? Who knows? Maybe you should ask this walrus what’s so heckin’ funny. Clearly, something has got it cracking up.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 40

The walrus you see here looks like your uncle after he finished telling a dirty joke, and now he’s cracking up at his own silliness. We can almost imagine the laugh. Of course, we don’t know exactly what’s going through the walrus’s head, but through our human eyes, it looks like something hilarious.

Big Happy Teddy Bear

This is a bear that is having a good time. Spring is in the air and she’s just happy to be out of hibernation. So much to do, so many things to catch up on. You can tell she’s thrilled by the fact that she’s dancing around with a huge uncannily human smile on her face.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 38
Image: The Sun

We can understand why she’s happy, it’s probably not always so easy to hibernate, to essentially lie in bed, for seven months straight! But now that she’s back in business, she can’t wait to relive all the joys of catching salmon, eating berries, and going for a swim in the river. Life’s good for this big teddy bear.

Silly or Sly?

Let’s just say that this fox is not exactly the epitome of the stereotypical slyness attributed to the species. What’s happening here is that during a hunt, the fox pounced face-first into the snow to probably catch some small rodent making its way through the snow.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 36
Image: Business Insider

Maybe the end result was slier than this picture seems to imply, but you can’t deny that it’s hilarious. The fox’s body is poking out of the snow, straight as a board, while his head is buried. Sometimes, catching animals off-guard during their clumsiest-looking moments is amazing.

Motor Monkeys

These monkeys are having a great time. Some guy or gal left their motor scooter hanging around and this pair of pals took the opportunity to practice being human. And we have to say, they’re doing a great job. The driver has got it down, one hand on the handle bars, butt planted on the seat, and he’s looking ahead at what he can visualize as the wide open road.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 37
Image: The Sun

The second monkey, the passenger, is also doing his thing. But we’re not quite sure what he’s roaring at. He’s got his mouth wide open and articulating what seems like a fierce roar. It’s almost as if he just heard a joke and he’s cracking up big time. One thing is certain: there’s a whole lot of monkeying around going on here.

Reptile Twins

Clearly, this cute lizard has found a friend with whom she identifies, albeit a plastic one. She really sees herself in this toy Velociraptor. This species of dinosaur lived about 75 million years ago. When she stumbled upon the toy, she was so impressed that she had to get close and check it out. Their skin is the same color and their eyes are similar. Even though one is real and one is a toy, you could easily mistake them for siblings.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 35
Image: Twitter / Fernando Mendoza

We can easily put ourselves in the lizard’s skin and imagine a scenario wherein you, a hairy biped, are walking down the street, and then you stumble across a life-size model of a neanderthal. Wouldn’t you want to get up close and see what’s up? Of course, you would.

Fencing Lemur

Lemurs are extraordinarily athletic creatures. These furry little guys, who belong to the primate family, are capable of leaping up to 30 feet. Imagine a human athlete being capable of leaping 30 feet. It would be impossible without superpowers. Also, it goes without saying that they can use their powerful arms and legs to climb trees with the grace of an Olympian skater on the ice.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 34
Image: CNN International

But this lemur has gone beyond his innate athletic skills and has taken up a new high-octane hobby: fencing. Though he doesn’t have a sword in his hand, he’s got the movements and the stance down to a perfect T. Observe how his right leg is extended for balance and the left one is ready to propel him towards an opponent. So in contrast to the rest of the animals in this article who have been caught off-guard, this lemur is certainly “on guard!”

Goofy Llama

Llamas like this one do a fantastic job of upholding the species reputation as kind of goofy. They’re very cute animals, but they’re known for all sorts of shenanigans, such as spitting on people and humming loudly (which is one of the ways in which they communicate). Also – and we don’t mean to offend any llama out there – they often have funny teeth. Some people call llama’s the “hippie cousins of camels.”

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 32
Image: Tiqets

The llama you see in this photograph embodies much of what we think of as the typical llama personality. He’s kind of goofy, he has a major hipster hairdo, and, well, let’s just say he didn’t invest in braces when he had the chance… What makes this adorable goofball even funnier is that he has managed to squeeze his head between two boards on the fence.

Emperors of the Savanna

You may think of lions as the kings and queens of the wild, the apex no-nonsense predators of the African savannas. And with their fierce reputation comes the notion that they are super serious cats. While the predator aspect is true, they’re not always as serious as National Geographic makes them look. Don’t take our word for it, just have a look at the character in this picture.

Funny Animals Caught Off Guard 30
Image: Twitter / Warriors4Wildlife_Int

This youngster is giving us all a good laugh by snuggling up between the two back legs of her mother. The perfect angle here almost makes it look like she’s wearing a huge winter coat with a hood. The mother doesn’t mind because she’s happy to protect her little one. We don’t actually know if this does anything to trigger the lions’ sense of humor, but it sure gets us laughing.

Midnight Romance

What? There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of midnight romance. This is the life in the making, people. This pair of boo’d up bears probably didn’t know they were being photographed and they decided to steal the moment and have some private time. True, maybe the photographer should have left their privacy in tact, but then we wouldn’t have this truly amazing pic.

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Image: New York Post

Besides appreciating nature at its best, you have to take a second to admire the aesthetics of this shot. We only see the bears’ silhouettes against a dark and snowy sky. And we can barely tell the difference between snowflakes and stars. True, this picture has its comedic features, but it’s also stunningly beautiful.

Caught Green-Handed

The expression on this koala bear’s face – which is absolutely adorable by the way – is unmistakable. You guessed it. It looks like he or she just got caught stuffing his cute face after stealing some tasty eucalyptus leaves. That’s not going to stop him though.

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Image: ThoughtCo

It’s extra funny because in reality, there’s nothing wrong at all with what the koala is doing. In general, eucalyptus leaves are toxic. Most other animals can’t eat them. But the koala bear stomach has evolved to detoxify the leaves., which make up the majority of their diet.

Pit Stop

True, in some ways elephants and humans are similar; we both hold funerals, we both raise kids until they’re adults. But when it comes to putting our noses underwater, our species are oceans apart. We’re sure you remember what it feels like to get water up your nose at the pool: it’s not very pleasant.

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Image: USA Today

But the scene you see here is part of an elephant’s day to day life. To drink, they suck the water until about halfway up into their nose, and then they bring their nose to their mouth and to drink. Ok, it looks kind of funny, but on the other hand, it’s very cute.

Don’t Be Fooled

This owl looks like it has partied just a little too heavily, in particular, maybe it smoked a little too much wacky forest stuff at the party. Look, the woods is a crazy place. It’s not a coincidence that they call the woods “wild.” Don’t be fooled, the squirrels, the deer, the birds, they all party hard.

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor84
Image: Reddit / FunnyAnimals

And if you think the woods is crazy, then take a second to consider the owl. Why do you think they’re literally up all night? Besides hunting at night with their night vision eyes, it looks like they also stay up all night to party. As this owl would say in near slow-mo, “whoaa brooo, mind blown.”

Put ‘Em up

We’re not sure entirely sure what’s going on here but it looks like this tiger is getting into a boxing position, fittingly, in southpaw (winky face to all you boxing fans out there). He’s got his hands up, knees a little bent, right paw tilted a bit forward, perfect – suspiciously perfect in fact. Where did he learn?

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor83
Image: Twitter / Beautiful Animals

Well, as you might recall – and we’re certainly not saying this is normal or even ethical – Mike Tyson, the legendary boxer, had a few tigers for a while. So this might be one of them. Maybe, before he fell into financial disrepair, Mike Tyson taught his tigers how to box.

That Was a Good Meal

This big bear looks like she just had a big feast, and now she’s relaxing, reflecting deeply on how tasty the meal was. We’re not judging, and we’re not calling anyone overweight, but this big teddy is obviously well fed. On conservation sites, like this one, for the most part, bears are fed what humans eat.

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Image: Photography Talk

Their diets are well balanced and they include meat, fruits, greens, nuts, and some vitamin supplements. In fact, according to the feeding protocol for bears composed by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, bears (other than their special bear medicine and the like) can only receive food that is certified “fit for human consumption.”

Knee Slapper to End All Knee Slappers

This seal looks like someone just told a joke and now it’s cracking up, but the reaction is completely over the top. The joke must have been outrageously funny because the laugh we can picture coming out the seal’s mouth is intense. We’re talking a full-on, spit-your-drink-out joke. In the process of having such a good time, the seal is looking incredibly human.

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor81
Image: The Sun

Sometimes we forget that through common branches on the tree of life (i.e. somewhere in our evolutionary history), we’re related to all other animals. But other times, the connection is glaringly clear, especially when we see facial expressions on animals which we sometimes interpret as being what we feel when we make those same expressions.

The Good Life

As we know apes and monkeys are our closest wild relatives. And it’s not hard to see the resemblance. This snow monkey is enjoying the good life, bathing and as it appears, singing. How human is that? For us, singing in the shower is an indication we’re in a good mood.

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Image: The Times

This beautiful photograph of this very human-looking snow monkey was taken in Japan. He or she has taken a few minutes to unwind and is now enjoying a nice dip in thermal water while it’s only 5 degrees outside. That really does sound nice. Have you ever been in an out jacuzzi in the winter somewhere that’s freezing cold? It’s quite nice.

Overstaying Your Welcome

In the wild, seeing birds perched on large animals is a common sight. Sometimes they just chill, sometimes they even help their host by eating bugs crawling on its fur or skin. Less fun are the times when the birds decide to go to the bathroom right on their host.

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor79
Image: The Independent

Here, what we’re seeing is some birds that are clearly overstaying their welcome on the back of this hippopotamus. Maybe at some point, he was down to accommodate some birds, but at this point, the fun is over. Now, he’s flailing around, doing what he can to rid himself of his unwanted guests.

Mr. Whitefur, Photojournalist

In this frame, we see a big polar inspecting the photographer’s camera. Hey, why not? After all these years of humans coming in and using cameras, the bears probably know how to use them by now. Looks like it’s even figured out that you need to look into the camera with only one eye.

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor78
Image: National Geographic

The human photographer (the one that took this picture) is standing at quite a safe distance; polar bears are tied with grizzlies for being the most aggressive and dangerous species of bear. It’s not that they’re inherently vicious, it’s that they’re huge, fast, and they tend to see us as food.


Do you know that one friend that we all have? The one that assumes you will love the joke at your expense. Well, clearly this monkey is not feeling it. While one monkey is swinging around by using the other monkey’s tail, the tail provider does not look amused.

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor88
Image: The Sun

But these are spider monkeys. An interesting fact about them is that males tend to stick together their entire lives, unlike the females, and therefore have very strong bonds. Maybe these are guys have been best buds since birth and maybe swinging around each other’s tails is how good friends roll in the spider monkey world?

Kowabunga Dude, Surf’s up!

Who needs a surfboard when you can just use your feet? It’s hard to look at this awesome photograph and not come to the conclusion that this penguin is enjoying a good surf. It’s skimming across the water, arms (wings) out, wave at its back. By the looks of it, it’s having a good time.

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor77
Image: Caters News Agency

This epic photograph was taken in the Falklands, islands located just about 200 miles off the south east coast of Argentina. The region is believed to have the largest Gentoo penguin population in the world, with over 121,500 breeding pairs. And as it turns out, this photo is not a fluke! They actually do surf. But they treat it more like a mode of transportation, and not recreation, like humans.

Camel Choir

Here, we have a jolly trio of one-humped, a.k.a. Bactrian, camels. These animals are awesome. They thrive, among other places, in the shifting sands of the Saharan desert. They also live in the Middle East, Central, and East Asia. They’re legendary for being able to go up to seven months without a drink of water.

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor74
Image: National Geographic

As their humps wear off, they become flabby and wet, giving the camels the hydration they need. And crazy survivable mechanisms aside, they are real cuties. These three are especially adorable. It looks like they’re all smiling and singing together. We’re sure they’re making some good tunes.

America’s Next Top Monkey

This cutie pie is a member of the New World Monkey family, which includes species found in the Americas. This one is a grey langur. If its career of peeling bananas, playing pranks on tourists, and grooming its friends doesn’t work out, then it certainly has a bright future in modeling.

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor86
Image: Daily Mail

Everything about this shot is perfect. The langur is sitting on a concrete fence, legs slightly crossed, hands rested up at its sides. Also, its got that classic photogenic expression; gazing off into the distance somewhere and looking a little bit dreamy. This is another case that reminds us how close we are to our hairier cousins.

Fun Under the Winter Sun

While owls are usually considered wise, this little guy has clearly decided to defy the stereotype and is showing us his silly side. With a huge smile plastered on his face we can assume that he is at least having a good time in the winter sun.

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor76
Image: The Independent

Fun fact: did you know that the reputation owls have of being wise is actually false and their brains are quite small? Actually, you would have even less success trying to train an owl than a pigeon. Still, as far as stereotypes go, being known to be wise isn’t that bad.

80s Disco Alpacas

Alpacas are one of the very few species of the world’s animals that we’ve managed to domesticate. They’re chill, they’re strong, and they don’t bite. So that’s why people can breed them and take care of them on farms. The photograph we see here was taken an alpaca farm.

47 Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Natures Sense of Humor73
Image: The Sun

Just like sheep, alpacas require regular fur trimming, especially in the summer, so that they don’t get too hot. Before completely trimming the fur, these farm owners decided to have some fun and take some photos of the alpacas sporting funny hairdos. These ones here look like they belong in a disco club in the 80s!

Some Kind of Snow Moonwalk

Well, we don’t really know where to start with this magnificently-timed photo of a Japanese snow monkey. It was captured just after it rolled around in the snow, as they really look like they’re ready for some kind of frozen dance-off.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 27
Image: Insider

There’s no doubt about it. This snow monkey looks like it’s ready for its close up. It’s also ready to strut its stuff and throw some shade on the dance floor. Whether it’s doing some kind of icy moonwalk or invented its own new trendy snow dance, we have to applaud for its creativity!

Caught in the Act

Now we know we all like to experiment in life every once in a while. But life is also full of surprises. These young pigtail macaques clearly thought they were alone in the jungle. Little did they know that there were about to get the surprise of their lives.

Funny Animals Caught off Guard 22
Image: Science Focus

To be fair, the photographer was probably just as surprised as them when they stumbled on this wondrous sight. But what’s amazing is that they knew they’d been caught red-handed! And the dramatic, awkward and hilarious look on both of their faces is just too much to handle!