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47+ People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You

Do you think you’re having a bad day? We bet that the people in the coming pages are probably having a much worse day than you. From disintegrating pizzas to exploding blenders to sinking yachts to flour avalanches, it just wasn’t these hapless folks’ day.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You53
Image: DBNews

Luckily for us, someone managed to capture these bad-day moments on camera just at the right time. Remember, we’re not necessarily laughing at these people, we’re laughing with them. As you’ll shortly see, you won’t be able to keep a straight face.

Major Oil Spill

True, you might say, this is not a “real” oil spill. After all, when we hear those words, it usually conjures all sorts of terrible environmentally disastrous images. But this oil spill is different. What we see here is Grocery Stores Gone Wild.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You35
Image: Imgur / fabidaddy

Some unlucky (and probably inexperienced) supermarket employee must have skipped the “how to stack goods” section of his training program. Our best estimate is that there is about $1700 dollars worth of olive oil on the floor here. Hopefully the employee didn’t get in too much trouble. But wow, imagine the cleanup job! Someone is clearly having a bad day…

Luxury Experience

People usually hire limousine services when they have something to celebrate and they want a luxurious and unique experience. Well, if nothing else, the experience for these party-goers was definitely one of a kind. We just hope this ordeal didn’t make them late for the party.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You15
Image: Reddit / LOLCAT 8

San Francisco is notorious for its hilly geography. And some poor vehicles, like this SUV stretch limo, just can’t handle the abrupt gradients. It bottomed out as it was coming over the hill. True, this picture is hilarious, but it’s also beautiful. Notice that all the people who got together to solve this problem? This is what a community working together looks like.

Sad Tanning

This poor woman has scored a double whammy. She was clearly upset about something before her tanning disaster. But now that her brand new spray tan has been ruined by streaks of tears, she’s even sadder, and crying even more, thus further ruining her tan. It’s a vicious cycle, a total Helter-Skelter of tan and tears.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You42
Image: Cosmopolitan.com

Though she’s definitely upset and her day – not to mention her cosmetic endeavor – is completely in shambles, she’ll be fine. How do we know? After all that has happened to her, she still has enough humor in her to realize the hilarity of the situation and take this epic selfie!

Not the Key to a Healthy Tire

Vehicles have a few key slots that are designated for very specific things: ignition, doors, trunk, and glovebox. Certainly not the tires. This ill-starred motorist found out the hard way that keys and tires have nothing to do with another. As she was backing up, this key just happened to be at the perfect catastrophic angle, leaving destruction in its wake.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You40
Image: Awesome Inventions

No doubt, this is not the driver’s best day – far from it – but if one must see the silver lining in this sucky situation, at least the key is jammed into the tire so firmly that for now the poor tire is not losing any air. Still, this is certainly not the key to a healthy tire or a good day.

Long Way Down

True, at least the ladder did not fall down when this person was climbing it. That would have been a whole other can of worms. Nonetheless, how is this luckless individual going to get down from the roof? It looks like kind of a long way down, so jumping is not on the agenda.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You43
Image: Imgur / Jaditron

At least our unlucky ladder climber has a cell phone to save him or her from this terrible day. When the roof-marooned person did finally call for help, you can be sure that the rescuers had a good laugh and snapped some pictures of their own before putting the ladder back up. With an opportunity like this, who wouldn’t?

Don’t Count Cash Until Your Hair Is out of the Way

Having a rough day? What about getting your hair horrendously caught in an automatic cash-counting machine? We guess you could say that this situation really “amounts” to trouble. It sucks, but there are worse things to get your hair caught in than one of these little machines.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You14
Image: Sharenews

Maybe this young lady’s hair was so nice, looking like a million bucks, that the machine mistook it for money. But jokes aside, at least the woman has help. The guy here is trying to gently untangle her hair, while everyone else takes care of the much-needed photo documentation.

Poor Rena

This famous photo spells “worst day ever” for quite a few people in 2011. Off the coast of New Zealand, there’s a big coral reef called the Astrolabe Reef. Due to a navigation miscalculation and strong winds, Rena shifted, lost her equilibrium, and started to lean heavily to one side.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You39
Image: ABC News

As a result, the cargo she was carrying (which was the worst-case scenario: oil and other hazardous material) spilled out. The ship, Titanic-style, would eventually split in two, furthering the damage caused by the accident. This is no laughing matter, no one was hurt, but it was a real disaster. It would be a blatant understatement to say that this was an extraordinarily bad day.

In Too Deep

Clearly, we got ourselves a real handyman here. He’s doing some serious maintenance work and trying to make sure his neighborhood does not get flooded out. But like an undercover FBI agent getting too deeply entrenched in the mobster life, this guy has also taken things too far.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You41
Image: The Sun

That hole is deeper than anyone would have guessed and this guy went in head-first. At least someone was there to capture his “moment of glory.” Jeez, talk about a bad day on the job. What this man needs now is to get out of the ground, have a good warm shower, and get a change of clothes.


This is almost like something out of a Looney Tunes segment. This guy just got involved with the wrong plant and now he’s dealing with the undesirable consequences. Cactuses have had about 25 million years to become the ultimate plant that fights back, so you don’t want to mess with them.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You38
Image: The Sun

When this man took a tumble into the bush, the emergency services had to be called in to sort out the situation. The cactus is holding the guy captive so we’re surprised the SWAT team’s hostage negotiation team wasn’t summoned. In the end, he was fine, but this was the last time he picked a fight with any vegetation.

The Dominoes Fell

The disasterpiece that happened in this epic kitchen fail is a matter of basic physics. We get that you want lots of toppings on you’re pizza, we’re all about those extra toppings. But this guy seemed to have gone a little overboard. He added so many toppings that the pizza became too heavy to be supported by the bottom crust.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You29 1
Image: DIY Fail

With that extra double cheese, huge chunks of sausage, and large cut veggies; it’s no wonder the pizza collapsed. While we had a little laugh at the pizza’s expense, we can definitely sympathize with the would-be eater. Having your pizza and all your extra toppings slide through your oven rack is 100% a day-ruiner.

Snowed In, Big Time

In January last year, there was more snow than usual in Europe, especially in the Alps. The scene you’re witnessing here is a few hotel workers doing what they can to shovel out the snow after an avalanche. And you thought you were having a bad day because you were ten minutes late to work?

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You33
Image: BBC

Throughout this resort and others like it, with some rooms located literally on the ski hill, snow cascaded into lobbies, restaurants, pubs, and stores. It covered whole neighborhoods. One town in Germany was even cut off and they had to call in the armed forces. Needless to say, and it couldn’t be more true: many people had a number of their days seriously turned bad.

Coming Down

This isn’t, obviously, the most conventional way to come “downstairs.” This man was just hanging out when he happened to walk onto a part of the damaged ceiling. It didn’t turn out well. He didn’t fall through though. He got down about 60% and then he managed to grab on to the remnants of the floor.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You37
Image: Reddit /Wellthatsucks

We would say that this man’s day went “downhill fast”, but that’s not exactly the case. Further, notice how this one is another double whammy. Not only does the man here go through the floor, which is scary. But now, he has a major mess awaiting him. Oh, and don’t forget the inconvenient fact that he now has a huge hole in his floor.


Maybe this guy should just accept the fact that he’s not a kid anymore. Despite his denial, he is now all grown up and clearly some toys are just not meant to be played with by full-grown adults. That didn’t stop him from giving it a try anyway.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You28 1
Image: Reddit / IASIP

You’ve got to respect his young spirit, however, we aren’t sure he thought this one all the way through. We think they will need to cut him out of this one or else he might be stuck there for quite some time. This for sure put a damper on his playday.

The Hidden Side of Being Healthy

Making this big a mess when you’re trying to make a quick health smoothie has some day-destroying potential. The guy making the smoothie made a couple of mistakes. For one, he overfilled the blender; take it from us (experienced smoothie makers right here), you have to leave more empty space at the top.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You36
Image: Imgur / Haganblount

And two, it looks like he put the blender on and then left. Big no-no. You have to supervise until the job is done. Now he has major cleanup. On the bright side, it looks like most of his apple/avocado smoothie is still intact, so after he cleans up, he can reclaim the goodness of the day and enjoy a nice healthy treat!

Water Onslaught

While giving a demonstration of the awesome power of pressure and H2O to some kids on their field trip, these technicians messed up a little bit. The pressure hose was pointed directly at one of their heads. The moment it turned on, the technician standing on the edge just couldn’t “face” it.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You34
Image: watson

As the overwhelming pressure of the water assaulted his visage, he was pushed back into the water. He was fine though. These technicians are ready for contingencies like this – it’s why they wear life jackets. Still, the embarrassment and the cold water are enough to cast a wet shadow over anyone’s day.

We Just Wanted Chocolate Milk

This picture is proof that once you passed the “sugar exists” barrier with your kids, then you should teach them how to make chocolate milk on their own as early as possible. Now instead of taking it easy for a few minutes, the parents of these kids have to contend with a sandbox of Nesquick in the middle of their kitchen.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You31
Image: The Sun

Perhaps the parents should have just been more open about chocolate milk with their kids. Then maybe the kids would not start what looks like an archeological excavation in the kitchen to look for it! But hey, we’re just messin’ around, we know parenting isn’t easy.

Parking Fail

No judging, we know people are preoccupied with all sorts of struggles of their own, but wow. This lady needs to really have her eyes checked and it wouldn’t hurt if she retook a driving exam. Clearly she’s missing some key points when it comes to parking.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You25
Image: ServiceTrade

Thankfully, nobody was injured in this snafu. And though it’s unfortunate for the vehicles involved here, the boat actually saved the woman from even more trouble Had it not been there, the woman could have driven right into the water. Of course, her day is in the dumps, but it could have been worse. Thanks boat, you did well.


This is definitely a day-wrecker. We looked it up; unfortunately Apple warranties don’t cover cases where you mistakenly burned a hole right through a part of your screen. Yikes, we just hope that this unlucky laptop owner can still save any important files he or she has opened.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You26
Image: DailyBase.nl

This could have ended up a lot worse than it did. For the glass-half-full people out there, you can take comfort in the fact that the person didn’t end up burning the house down, at least. In light of this near-dangerous accident and the wrecked day, we would suggest that next time you need some ambiance while you’re working, just put on some music – no candle needed.

Aviation Delay

When we think of planes being delayed, usually it’s due to the weather, late passengers, or because some minor mechanical adjustments need to be made. It’s not usually because the luggage-towing vehicle has crashed right into the plane’s engine.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You30
Image: The Sun

Quite a few people had a bad day because of this screw up. The plane engine sustained thousands of dollars worth of damage. The driver of the tow vehicle now has his tail between his legs. And not least, this is a major delay causer. We feel bad for the passengers sitting idle on the tarmac.

Silly Doggie

The adorable poor pooch has gone a fishing expedition he wasn’t ready for. we don’t think this fishbowl was inhabited but what we do know is there was something inside there that caught this pup’s attention. Without getting out his tape measure or at least taking a careful test run, he dove in.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You16
Image: watson

His parents managed soon to get the fishbowl off of his head, but as you can see in this photo, he’s not a happy camper. We’re not sure what problems your day has brought you, maybe you spilled your coffee, but it probably wasn’t this bad.

Kitchen Calamity

This case occupies prime real estate on Bad Day Boulevard, a complete and epic fail and a massive mess to clean up. It makes us want never to buy a pressure cooker. The one these poor folks used was faulty and it exploded, violently sending the pot through the stove and its lid into the ceiling.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You27
Image: Reddit / Equipment Failure

This is, unfortunately, somewhat of a known problem. In 2015 a couple in Florida sued the company that made the pressure cooker that exploded in their kitchen. But others have sort of convincingly shown that this is extremely unlikely to happen, and that pressure cookers are no more dangerous than a skillet. Whatever the case, this couple’s pressure cooker exploding was the bad climax of what was a terrible day.

Mondays Be Like

The first time we saw this photo, before realizing that this woman works at The Home Depot, we thought she had a Cheese Whiz accident. But upon closer inspection, you realize that it’s fresh, bright, yellow paint. As she was mixing paint in the paint shaker, the lid flew off.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You2
Image: Twitter / Marshall Ridley

At least she was wearing her work uniform and she didn’t ruin any of her good clothes. But we can just imagine her boss slowly shaking his head and sending her to get cleaned up (and maybe stay there for the day). The situation would be even worse if this was early Monday morning.

Highway Pizza

This accident involved a transport truck carrying frozen pizza (insert weeping emoji here). All those beautiful pizzas, some squashed, some flung into oncoming traffic, such a shame. If we were stuck in the other lane, we would probably lean over the center divider and try and salvage some of those pizzas.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You32
Image: Yahoo

The accident has caused a significant traffic delay, and as the people sit in their cars, getting more late for dinner by the minute, they can’t help but look over. And it’s making them hungry for a slice or two. We’re sure the police, too, are looking for their chance to take a couple of pizzas – for evidence, of course.

It Is What It Is

This lady has probably already realized that she sat down on a bench with wet paint. She has accepted the circumstances. “Heck,” she thinks, “I’m already wearing a red shirt and a red coat.” Now she’s just chilling and owning it.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You24
Image: Europa Press

To be fair, it’s not enough that the painters only marked the wet paint with notes on the ground. When janitors leave the floor wet after cleaning something up, they even put up one of those wet-floor hazard signs. The lady’s day has certainly not gotten off to a good start.

Snow In, Or…

What you’re looking at here is not the aftermath of a particularly harsh snowstorm. Why would the guy with the shovel be wearing a T-shirt? What’s happening is that in the flour mill where this man works, a product transporting pipe broke, and tons of flour-covered a huge part of the workspace.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You22
Image: Odd Stuff Magazine

As a result of the leak, a couple of tons of flour have covered a big section of the working space. When the mill workers found out about the situation, their day went from decent to dismal quickly. Still, you have to admit, for such a workplace disaster, the guy with the shovel seems to be taking things well.

Diving Board Troubles

This is not what usually happens when you try to use your diving board. Considering this guy’s perfect pre-dive position, you can see that he’s pretty experienced. And that is bad news for the diving board. Probably due to wear and tear, it couldn’t take it anymore and it broke in half.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You17
Image: DailyBase.nl

This guy’s diving board and his whole day fell apart in this incident. Think he’s to enjoy his swim after this? Nope. All that’s left for him now is to get out, dry off, and start picking up the pieces. But we wouldn’t be surprised if the diving board company later got an angry call from an irate customer.

Cakes Are Usually for Happy Occasions

The look on this woman’s face says it all. The sadness, the sorrow, the anguish, the disappointment – it’s all there. And in some way or form, we’ve all done something like this, and it totally sucks. The once-beautiful cake that this woman took the time and care to make met its fate facedown on the kitchen floor. And not, as it should have, in the stomachs of cake-lovers.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You7 1
Image: Press24

To be honest, it still looks good, and maybe some of it is salvageable. We don’t know if this is what the woman in the photo is planning to do, but we probably try to rescue some cake. It’s an understatement to say that she’s having a bad day.

Express Shipping

Maybe what we’re seeing here is some kind of streamlined shipping service for grocery stores where there’s no real unloading process? The truck just pulls up at Ansley Mall in Atlanta, and the driver gets out and shoves all the crates of products out of the container and onto the parking lot.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You21
Image: Reddit / askthepoolboy

Whoever is responsible for this mishap is having a gloomy day. At least the bottles that spilled on the ground are not glass. That would be a whole other can of worms. The situation here is no good, but with a little teamwork and humor, we’re sure things can be cleared up without too much trouble.

First Day on the Job?

We think this painting company should revise the curriculum of their employee training program because this guy does not look like he knows what he’s doing. You don’t need that many buckets of paint open at the same time. His day is not going well at all, but at least he has figured out how to tackle this mess without getting covered in paint.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You20
Image: Worka App

With a stroke of genius, he decided to use the pole of a roller to fish out the spilled paint buckets carefully. And bucket by bucket, he’ll get all of them out of the way. He’s not the only one having a bad day, though. Whoever has to come clean this up (how could someone even do that?) is not going to be having a fun time.

One Big Omelet

We’re not sure if these employees are trying to make a gigantic omelet, but one thing is for sure: they have a terrible mess to deal with. This is not what a good day looks like. We hope their boss understands that accidents happen and isn’t too hard on them.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You12

We know that it’s not nice to laugh at the mess, and certainly not at the wasted food. But imagine if someone did actually make an omelet with this many eggs? You could probably feed a whole hotel buffet crowd with that amount of egg.

Terrible Timing

This is one of the worst times to have your pants rip. Poor soldier, here he is, trying to look severe and formidable. He and his comrades are in formation during a ceremony, swords raised, and the march is on. He notices what’s going on. And with a rip of that magnitude, there’s no ignoring it.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You10 1
Image: T News

But the show must go on. Even though it’s clear to everyone what has just happened i.e. the pants splitting because of their tightness and the marching movements, there’s nothing anyone can do. The soldier can’t stop marching and the formation can’t stop on his account. So he’s out of luck for now, and his day will go down as one of his most embarrassing. At least he’ll have a good story.

First-World Problems

True, this is definitely a first-world problem, and no one is thankfully getting hurt. So that’s a good start. Nevertheless, this is not something we would wish upon anyone. The owner paid good money for this sweet convertible, and it’s a shame that the roof was not up to protect it from the rain.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You19
Image: Index.hr

At the time of the photograph, the car owner didn’t know they were having a bad day yet. They were probably cozily snuggled into the chair at their work desk, sipping away on a nice hot coffee. We wonder if the realization that they forgot to put up the roof dawned on them or if they only remembered when they came back to their car.

Uh Oh Spaghettio!

This is not something anyone wants to go through. It’s a mess, and a whole plate of food is going into the garbage (once it’s picked up off the floor). This moment was so devastating and so picture-worthy that the unfortunate spaghetti man here had to get out his phone and capture the moment before doing anything else. We don’t blame him.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You5
Image: Imgur / Spiggiti

We feel extra bad for him because not only did he spill the spaghetti all over himself, he spilled it all over the carpet floor and all over his clothes! This kind of of reminds us why we have dinner tables in the first place. His clothes he can wash in the machine. He can probably get the stains our of the carpet too. But he will never get his almost-happy spaghetti time back.

Extreme Tubing

Wait, is this girl parasailing? Nope. She’s just tubing. Well, she was, at least. In the middle of a sharp turn made by the boat that was pulling this girl, her tube smashed into a wave made by the boat’s wake. What happened next, as you see below, is pretty crazy. The girl got some major – we’re talking X Game-level – air.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You8
Image: Twitter / I Hope to Treat Others

At about 9 feet up in the air, she has a long way down to go. Of course, there’s always a risk that something like this will happen when you’re tubing, but this case is on the extreme end of the spectrum. We’re not sure if the girl’s day was completely ruined by what happened here, but we’re not sure if she continued tubing.


Oh, the irony. It’s palpable. This crew was given the job of removing parts of this big looming tree outside. Why? To protect the house. But instead of doing anything to protect, the tree smashed right through the upstairs window of these unlucky homeowners.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You11
Image: Pressa.tv

So however badly you think your day is going, there’s a good chance that this tree cutter’s is worse. We know it was an accident, but still, they made a big mess. We can just imagine the look on the homeowners’ faces when they found out. We bet they weren’t too pleased.

Just a Couple of Loose Bolts and Nuts

This is not supposed to happen, obviously. It seems that unless this family loaded up their cupboards with lead, then there is no reason the cabinets should fall off the wall. If this was a DIY job, then it says something about the value of calling a professional.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You4
Image: This Homemade Home

But if it was done by someone who calls themselves a professional, then we could expect the family of this house to call and get their money back. Also, they should be compensated for all the broken dishes! We just hope no one was in the room when disaster struck.

An Icicle’s Got My Car

This crazy icicle is completely covering this car. What would happen if the driver started the car and tried to drive away like this? Would the car break free of the icy clutches? Or is the car so frozen solid in place that it wouldn’t move? We hope the driver is not in a rush because this looks like it could take a little while to sort out.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You9
Image: Drivepedia

Actually, we don’t even know if you could call this natural phenomenon an icicle. It’s much more than that, it’s a frozen waterfall. Even if the driver can just reverse out of there as is, we would be worried that the huge chunks of ice could break a window. So it looks like the owners of the car will have to find different solutions. Bowling water, hairdryer?

The Saddest Sauce Around

We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it. We’ve all spilled some sauce on the floor. But we’re not sure if we’ve ever spilled this much. After finishing preparing what looks a once-nice bolognese or chili, this poor woman dropped the entire pot and now all of its contents are splattered across the floor.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You3
Image: Reddit / happyfaic72

The thing that sucks about spilling this kind of food on the floor (besides the annoying cleanup job) is that the 5-second rule never applies. Whereas if you drop a piece of toast on the floor (given it lands butter side up), you can often still eat it. But when it comes to saucy eats, there’s no such recovery option. At least the cat seems to be enjoying itself.

Do You Like Your Eggs Runny?

We suppose that whoever is responsible for cleaning this mess will be “walking on eggshells,” if you know what we mean. Over the course of five very unlucky seconds, one of the stacks of eggs slipped off its palet and smashed all over the road. The truck driver realizes his day is in the dumps, and now he’s on the phone, relaying the bad news to his boss.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You6
Image: The Scottish Sun

At the very least, not every single egg is broken. Some of the egg cartons just took a little tumble and never actually met their runny fate on the cold pavement of the road. Still, with a couple hundred broken eggs, this is not a situation any of us would be eager to be in.

Law Enforcement Tactics

During a tactical police unit training exercise, one of the participants lost his pants as his teammates dangled him from a balcony. We’re not sure if this is in the tactical manual of the unit, but it’s certainly good for a laugh or two. As dictated by the protocol, the officer attached the rope to his belt.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You13
Image: Genial.guru

Gravity pulled a fast one and peeled back the cop’s trousers, leaving him hanging in underwear. We don’t know if this is day-ruining material. In fact, if the officers have any sense of humor, this might have given them a good laugh and even brightened their day.

Call Your Insurance Provider

This is up there on the high end of bad days. Boats like this one can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, so this, to say the least, is worrying. Though we can assume that for such a luxury boat the owners had insurance, this is nonetheless an ordeal none of us would ever want to deal with.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You18
Image: The Sun

If we’re forced to look on the bright side (though we’re not sure there really is one here), then we suppose we could say that at a minimum this didn’t happen when the boaters were out on the water, it happened while the boat was docked.

He’ll Probably Stick to Washing by Hand

“I don’t always malfunction, but when I do, I make sure to fill your entire kitchen with soapy scuzzy foam and ruin your entire evening,” said the dishwater to the unlucky guy. To give some credit to the technology, this doesn’t happen often. But putting too much soap or the wrong kind can lead to all sorts of crazy outcomes.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You1
Image: The Sun

The wort part about it is that now that the guy’s dishwater is spewing suds, there’s not much he can do about it for the time being. He has to just let it run its course. He can’t stop it. And he can’t start the cleanup job yet because there’s probably more foam on the way. All he can do it sit there in despair. He has our sympathy.

Croc’s Got My Phone

This is a really bad day in the making. The mischievous croc’s got this person’s phone and there’s not much they can do about it. Sure, the keepers will come in at some point and carefully try to get the phone back. But by the time that happens, it might be too late. We feel bad for the phone owner watching the drama unfold.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You23 1
Image: Reddit / Funny

AT some point soon, the crocodile will realize that the phone isn’t offering him or her anything tasty, and will probably give up. But by then, it’s possible that the phone will be a goner. We don’t know if the phone owner has insurance. And if they do happen to have insurance, will it cover the case of “Phone stolen by a crocodile?”

A Sad Tale of Wasted Pizza

This is enough to bring a little tear to anyone’s eye. This busy woman didn’t want to deal with cooking and the dishes involved so she decided to grab a pizza on her way home from work. She was so tired that she fell asleep on the subway. And then disaster struck.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You46
Image: Reddit / Wellthatsucks

In some cases, a piece of pizza falling cheese side up doesn’t have to be a day-destroyer. But since this happened on public transportation, things are a little more complicated. Still, there is hope! The pizza doesn’t seem to be touching the floor, so maybe (although we should say: don’t try this at home) the woman’s predicament is not inescapable.

Bird Is the Word

If you’re a city dweller, then you’re probably used to large flocks of pigeons rummaging around the town squares, sacking on bread crumbs thrown on the ground by a elderly man and his grandson. The birds are docile, and they’re don’t attack you – usually.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You47
Image: Twitter / ViennaDoLL

For this unfortunate young woman, things did not go according to plan. The white pigeon was not docile as expected. For some reason (maybe the white dress?), he was belligerent. In a flutter of feathers and furry, he gave this poor woman a good scare. Her face says it all – this is the expression of someone having an awful day.

Revolt in the Banana Republic

This happens to the best of us – no matter how skilled you are at peeling bananas. Sometimes, the banana peels itself before its time. But usually, it happens with one banana. We say “shucks” and then we just eat it. But we bet this hasn’t happened to you with eight bananas at the same time.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You50
Image: Pressa.tv

At least the person who bought these bananas isn’t out of options, so we guess their day isn’t as bad as can be. After all, the bananas could be eaten right there on the spot. True, eight bananas is a lot. So the person could also let them ripen up a little and then stick them in the freezer and later make banana bread. Life could be worse.

Cleanup Time

Interestingly, this amazing photograph seems to be the subject of some pretty fierce debate on the internet. Is it real, or is it staged? On Reddit, Twitter, Buzzfeed, and more platforms, internet users are going back and forth, bitterly disputing its authenticity.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You44
Image: Twitter / Fail Tweets

If it’s real, then this is one heck of a bad day. The woman walks into a door, spills milkshake all over the place, and somehow also manages to get her picture taken while doing it. But alternatively, consider the possibility that the photo is staged. This would still require going face-first into a door and spilling sticky beverages. We’ll let you be the judge. Bad day or great humor?

Guilty Puppy

Though getting your passport destroyed is never fun or funny, we can at least knowledge that this guilty puppy is super cute. Even if the passport owner wasn’t sure what went down here, the puppy’s face is enough to tell the story of what happened.

47 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You48
Image: Yahoo

The fact that it’s specifically the passport that got chewed up makes the situation even a little cuter; the puppy didn’t want its momma to go traveling somewhere, so this is its way of sabotaging her plans. It’s cute, but if you know the process of getting a new passport, then it becomes less cute.

Dodge the Mud

We would not want to be in the place of these two unlucky surfers, no doubt. But let’s take a second to reflect on the irony here. There’s no chance they can dodge this tsunami of mud, but hilariously, the truck that’s spraying them is, in fact, a Dodge truck.

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Image: Publimetro

We’re not sure if the surfers were on their way to the beach or back from it. By the looks of their wet hair, it seems they finished their surface session. But after this catastrophe, they’re going to have to turn around, head back for the water, and wash off.