47+ Sports Reporters That Are Guaranteed to Distract You from the Game

Sun Oct 18 2020

When we watch sports – whether live or on TV – we’re usually in the zone. We taste the sweat, hear the panting, smell the grass, and feel the energy in our bones. And a lot of the time, we’re hanging on the edge our seats, praying for that goal, that home run, that touchdown. But with these 47+ beautiful sports reporters, we find our eyes drifting away from the game. Our gaze uncontrollably gravitates towards them.

In the coming pages, we’ll have a look at the biggest female names in the world of sports reporting. From football to basketball to racing to soccer and more, these pretty ladies got all the action covered and keep us in the loop of all things sports. Who are they? What are their stories? Put on your helmets and join Hype Galore as we answer all your questions.

Jenn Sterger – All Elite Wrestling

Jenn Sterger started down the road to becoming a sports reporter when she was shown on a televised game of a Florida state football game. An announcer quipped that since she was featured in a segment, the number of fans and viewers skyrocketed. This got her name on the map. Soon after, she posed for some risqué magazines, namely Maxim and Playboy. Her name was then ever more on the map.

With a reputation for turning heads, a portfolio, and a rich knowledge of sports, she wrote a couple of articles for Sports Illustrated. This was her break into the world of sports journalism. Then boom! She was contacted by none other than the New York Jets, who hired her to be their “Gameday host.” And as of 2019, she’s been doing on-air commentating for All Elite Wrestling.

Britt McHenry – Fox 5

Britt McHenry’s has been immersed in the world of sports since a fairly young age. In the beginning, she played soccer. But throughout college, it seems her interest in playing waned as she reoriented her career goals. She then decided to do a degree in journalism, at which she excelled like cray cray.

She worked with ESPN, the golden standard for sports reporting, but she was let go in their mass layoff in 2018. Now, she works for Fox Nation. Her career is great – she has done live reporting and she’s a great writer. Seems the only thorn in her side was an incident in which she was rude to a trucking employee. The exchange was caught on tape and released. But McHenry has since apologized and she keeps excelling at what she does.

Marisol González – Televisia Deportes

When it comes to reporting, analyzing, and commentating on the world of Mexican sports, Marisol González is your gal. But she actually started her career as a beauty pageant contestant. She debuted in a Mexican pageant, killed it, and then went on to compete in Miss Universe. And by that time, she was well known in Mexico and had been offered a job at a network.

But wait, in case you doubted how busy she is, she’s also a famous actress on Mexican television with a respectable list of credits. In 2010, she got engaged to a boxing champion, but their relationship didn’t last and they soon broke off the engagement. But now she’s happily married to former Fox Mexico sports host, Rafael Márquez Lugo.

Alexa Datt – MLB Network

Alexa Datt is the lady you go to when you want an intense dose of baseball action analysis. One of her starting jobs was co-hosting a show called The Morning Run on 120Sports.com. Then she got out of the studio and onto the field when she was the in-stadium host for New York Mets games at Citi Field.

With an impressive resume in sports reporting, she joined the MLB Network, the cream of the crop for baseball reporting. She was in charge of covering the hottest storylines in the baseball universe. And since then, Datt has been splitting her time between the field and the studio – always a busy woman.

Josina Anderson – ESPN

Josina Anderson is without a doubt a trailblazer in the high-speed world of sports reporting: she’s ESPN’s first national female insider, which is certainly a big deal. It’s as if she eats, drinks, and breathes football. Every stat, every unique moment, every cliffhanger – Josina Anderson knows what’s up. She started her career working for Coos Bay, a CBS affiliate channel.

At some point, she had her own sports talk segment on WKYS 93.9 called ScoopeCenter, in D.C. She got a lot of recognition when she broke a big story about players using cannabis and steroids. Just a few months before this time of writing, however, she left ESPN after her contract expired. Now, she’s on the hunt for a job. But we doubt she’ll be looking for long, we can imagine everyone wanting to scoop up a veteran like her.

Sarah Spain – ESPN

Since high school, Sarah Spain has had both feet in the world of sports. She did track and field, played field hockey, and basketball. She was the captain of every team. Then, she went to Cornell University, where she majored in English. How did she get famous and get to where she is now? Well, back in 2007 she was supposed to attend Super Bowl XLI with her friends, but they bailed on her at the last minute, citing costliness.

She made a post on eBay asking if someone wanted to be her date for the Super Bowl, hoping a company would sponsor her. And voila! Lo and behold, the makers of Axe Body Spray were into it and they covered all her expenses. And this publicity move (stunt?) was her ticket in. It wasn’t long before networks noticed her and her story, saw she could write, saw she knew sports, and started offering her jobs.

Lauren Gardner – NHL & MLB Networks

Lauren Gardner hasn’t been in the game that long, and despite being set back by the pandemic, she’s rocking it. She joined the NHL & MLB networks in 2019. After graduating from University Colorado with a degree in political science, Gardner dove head-first into the world of reporting and broadcasting.

The variety if topics she has covered is incredibly wide. They include pre and post game shows, boxing, red carpet events, football, basketball, fantasy football, baseball, and more. She’s a real professional; fans have noted again and again that she has a special knack for breaking down complex tactics and plays and making them accessible to anyone (even someone who has never watched sports).

Kristen Rodgers – Fox 29

While attending the University of Southern California, Kristen Rodgers, she pursued a degree in broadcast and digital journalism. She also studied some business and sports media. And during her college years is when she started doing sportscasting, covering the football recruiting.

So when she finished her bachelor’s degree, she already had some real experience under her belt and she was ready to hit the job market. Her first serious post-college gig was an intern position at NBC covering the 2012 London Olympics. And these days, between enjoying life, she’s mostly in the studio, doing reporting for Fox 29.

Lindsay Czarniak – FOX Sports

Lindsay Czarniak is a seasoned sportscasting veteran who has been around for a while and she has perfected her craft. Never a hair out of place, never a stat misquoted. In 2000 she graduated James Madison University with a degree in online journalism. She started reporting while still in college, working for WUSA in D.C. Her first broadcasting job was in the sports department at CNN.

She worked on a bunch of sports shows (e.g. The George Michael Sports Machine) before leaving for China in 2008 to cover the Olympics. These days, she works at FOX Sports, mainly covering the NFL and NASCAR. She’s married to Craig Melvin, a WRC-TV reporter and weekend anchor.

Alex Curry – FOX Sports

The charming and knowledgeable Alex Curry currently works for FOX Sports where she reports on the NBA, college football, and also as a fill-in host on Undisputed. She has always been immersed in sports. In high school she played soccer, and she went on to lead her team to championship victories. She also studied theater. Fun fact: she played a small part in a segment of the hit sitcom 7th Heaven.

Curry has a bachelor’s in journalism media studies and she also studied some marketing San Diego State University. Her first reporting job was production on Last Call with Carson Daly. In 2012 she got the job with FOX Sports and they shipped her off to China to cover the World University Games for Fox College Sports.

Taylor Rooks – SportsNet New York

Taylor Rooks (daughter of Thomas Rooks, a former player on the Illinois Fighting Illini men’s basketball team) is becoming a frequently uttered name in the high-octane dynamic sphere of sportscasting. Taylor studied journalism in college in Illinois. While there, she started writing and reporting on sports.

Taylor specialized in breaking the national football and basketball recruiting news. She even uncovered a huge recruiting scandal! With all her expertise in recruiting, she made it onto national news. Then, a mere two months out of college, she became a host and correspondent for the Big Ten Network, before eventually moving onto SportsNet New York.

Mina Kimes – ESPN

Mina Kimes is a super big name in the business. She’s a Yale-educated, award-winning investigative journalist. Before she got into sports, she did exposes, focusing on the business world. She’s well known for exposing a company’s unauthorized use of a cement to repair bone tissue, with lethal consequences. Her writing has notably appeared in Fortune and Bloomberg News.

Already a well-established and respected journalist, Kimes wrote an essay on a “bond between herself and her dad and the Seattle Seahawks” (her father is from Seattle so she has a special connection with the city and its football team.) This landed her a job at ESPN, where she works until now. She specializes in NFL analysis.

Niki Noto – ESPN

When Niki Noto was a little girl, rumor has it that one of her teachers deemed her the “most likely to have her own talk show.” As one biographer of Noto put it, “how prophetic.” And the prophecy came true because she hosted a sports show. She also works as an on-field reporter. She has covered football and baseball for a bunch of big outlets such as SEC network, PGA.com, and FOX Sports South, to name a few.

Noto started studying journalism and reporting even in high school as a sophomore, and it obviously paid off. These days, she’s also involved in podcasting and all sorts of other public speaking gigs. Also, between work and family life with a husband and two kids, she finds time to volunteer as a mentor for the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta’s Youth of the Year program. She currently is under contract with ESPN.

Kristen Berset – WUSA-TV

Award-winning journalist Kristen Berset is a long-time host and reporter for WUSA9, a Washington D.C.-based outlet. Her current show is called Great Day Washington, which she has hosted for the last nine years. She has experience covering sports like football, basketball, baseball, and more. But she also covers a wide range of other topics. For instance, she covered a story about a guy that knows how to save mad money on Amazon.

She went to college in Florida, earning a degree in telecommunications. For sports telecasting, she was the co-host for The Ravens Report and she was a reporter for WBFF Fox 4. And she’s a super strong fighter. When she was 27, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She survived it not once, but twice. Now she is fully recovered.

Sara Carbonero – Telecinco

Europe needs its beautiful sports reporters too; Sara Carbonero is one of the best. As she was finishing up her journalism studies in Spain (her native country), she started working as an intern at a radio station. When she finished up, she got work at Telecinco, a popular TV channel in Spain.

In 2009, Carbonero was voted “sexiest reporter in the world.” And then came the World Cup controversy in 2010. Her husband, soccer player Iker Casillas was competing in a match and she and her camera crew were on the sidelines, reporting. Some (many British journalists among them) say she distracted Casillas (the goalie), and caused Spain to lose. But then it seemed that Spain’s journalists fired back, calling the claims ridiculous.

Kristen Ledlow – NBA TV

In college in Florida, where Kristen Ledlow studied broadcasting and communications, she played volleyball in the afternoon and after the game, she served as an announcer for the men’s basketball games. In her last year, she was crowned Miss Capital City USA in a pageant.

After college, with a handful of experience with sports – playing and otherwise – Ledlow found a position at Florida-based WTXL TV where she hosted the Good News Show. At the same time, she also contributed articles to a local publication. Around 2012, she turned down a job offer from ESPN and chose instead to work in an athletic ministry. These days, she’s in the big leagues: she currently reports for NBA TV and hosts Inside Stuff.

Samantha Ponder – ESPN

After going to college in New York City, Samantha Ponder applied for a small-time job at ESPN. She got the job, and while there, she struck up a good rapport with a college football researcher and manager with ABC Sports Radio. Through her connections and talent, she landed an intern position at the network as a research assistant for a college football show.

After her time with ABC-TV in New York, she transferred to Virginia because she was offered a job as a sideline reporter working for Liberty Flames Sports TV network. She was right down at the action level, covering football and basketball up-close.

Olivia Wayne – Sky Sports

From the other side of the Atlantic, we have Olivia Wayne, a talented young British sports journalist. But whatever culture gap there is for Wayne between America and our British counterparts (if any) is bridged by the fact that she has a degree in Canadian and American studies.

She also looks smiley, charming, and in good humor, but under the surface, she’s super serious about her career working for Sky Sports. In fact, she usually gets up at 3 am to start the day since she’s the presenter on The Good Morning Show. It was while studying at the University of California when she started becoming interested in a career in presenting.

Erin Andrews – Fox NFL

Andrews has always described herself as a tomboy, taking after her father and being heavily involved in all things sports. She says she didn’t have a lot of female friends, as she preferred to hang with the guys and talk sports. In college in Florida, she studied communications. In her early career, she worked as a freelancer for Fox Sports Florida.

Soon after, she got a job at ESPN, reporting on football and basketball. Today, Andrews provides in-studio and on-field coverage for Fox NFL. Back in 2008, she had a scary experience. At a hotel, the man in the next room stalked and filmed her through a peephole. But she took the man and the hotel to court. In the end, she won, and the jury awarded her restitution of $55 million. The man needed to pay 51% and the hotel the other 49%.

Malika Andrews – ESPN

Malika Andrews got a bachelor of arts from the University of Portland. In college, she worked as the editor-in-chief of the school’s student newspaper. She wrote for Chicago Tribune for a year after graduation and then went on to work as a sports reporter with The New York Times. Following her jobs working for (highly reputable) newspapers, she was offered work at ESPN, where she works today, reporting mostly on basketball.

Lately, she has had tons of attention because like the NBA players, since Covid-19 measures were taken, Andrews has been inside of the famous (or infamous?) “NBA Bubble.” It’s a massive isolation zone inside Walt Disney made to protect players and other NBA staff from infection in a bid to salvage what was left of the season and to ensure the continuity of further seasons.

Mieke Buchan – Macquarie Sports Radio

Mieke Buchan, the extremely popular and highly talented Australian sportscaster, is certainly a name with which the sports world is well-acquainted. She’s had lots of sports reporting jobs at lots of different places both in Australia and in the U.S., including FOX Sport America, ESPN, and SBS. She also did coverage of the 2000 Olympics in Sidney.

Beyond sports, Buchan has other ventures. She has done work on shows for National Geographic. These days, she’s working on a psychology degree and she frequently gets hired to ghostwrite speeches for events. Her most recent sportscasting job was at Macquarie Sports Radio, but she left when the network came under different ownership and name.

Lisa Guerrero – Inside Edition

Before diving into working the sports entertainment sector, Lisa Guerrero trained to be an actress, which she started at a very young age to cope with the tragic loss of losing her mother. After the theater training throughout her youth, Guerrero got a job as a cheerleader for the L.A. Rams. Then she became the entertainment director for the for the Atlanta Falcons.

Her writing has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times and Huffington Post. In her acting ventures, she has appeared in Moneyball with Brad Pitt for a small part, she played a recurring role in Southland, and a few more things. Also, she has appeared in Playboy, with the cover calling her “The Best Damn Sports Beauty.” Currently, she works at Inside Network, where she does investigative correspondence.

Jimena Sanchez – Fox Sports 2

No, this isn’t Kim Kardashian, in case you’re one of the thousands of people who have thought so. This is Jimena Sanchez, charismatic Mexican sports reporter in the Latin American division of FOX Sports, where reports from the fields and hosts a show. Her first dose of public attention came when she started an online blog where she posted risqué photos of herself and her friends. It became very popular.

Once her name got out there, she took a position working for a Mexican sports mag called Récord. She had acting aspirations at one point but decided it wasn’t for her. Today, she enjoys writing and often contributes to various sports publications alongside her work from the field.

Charissa Thompson – FOX Sports

Charissa Thompson’s successful career as a sportscaster has given her work experience at some of the biggest outlets in the field (pun intended). They include the Big Ten Network while covering college sports, ESPN while covering football, NASCAR, and basketball, and Yahoo Sports, for whom she covered the 2010 Olympics, in Vancouver.

Thompson was educated in law and society at college in California. As her energetic career was underway, she was nominated as one of Playboy‘s “Sexiest Sportscasters of the Year” in 2009. After her journey at ESPN, she returned to FOX Sports, where had worked briefly in the past. This time, they gave her a show and she became the host of Fox NFL’s Kickoff. And she still works there today.

Rhiannon Walker – ESPN

Rhiannon Walker is a master of her craft. She’s always on the ball (sometimes literally, as you see) during live reports and when it comes to writing she’s an absolute verbal wizard. After learning broadcast journalism in college in Maryland, she went through a series of jobs including (but not limited to) positions with The Houston Chronicle, WUSA9, USA TODAY Sports, and The Dallas Morning News.

After getting major experience and proving herself as a highly capable young sports journalist she took a job offer at ESPN as an associate editor. She focused on the intersections of race, sports, and culture. And as of today, in conjunction with her work for ESPN, she’s a regular contributor to The Athletic.

Kristina Fitzpatrick – HLN

We suppose you could Kristina Fitzpatrick works three simultaneous jobs. In addition to being the host for Weekend Express on HLN and a sports anchor at CNN, she does correspondence for the Atlanta Braves. And before working this trifecta of demanding jobs, she worked at a bunch of other networks and mainly covered college sports.

She learned journalism at the University of Florida and while she was there, she started reporting for the college-affiliated company aptly called GatorZone (when in Rome, right?). But when it comes to competing, Fitzpatrick does more than stand on the sidelines and report. She also has over 20 years’ experience in dancing and has competed countless times.

Kay Murray – ESPN

Kay Murray is an accomplished sportscaster from Britain. While pretty ladies on this side of the pond are busy with football, basketball, and baseball, Murray is over in Europe chasing the thrills of the fast-paced world of soccer. But even though she spends her work-life in her native continent, she’s actually based in the U.S.A. – she lives in Miami. She does a lot of traveling.

She hit the sports world with a journalism background from a British college. At this point, to be honest, Kay’s list of workplaces is so long it’s hard to cover, but most are connected to soccer. She even covered the Champion’s League and the World Cup. Though not as prominent on her bio, she has also been involved on the production side of a few sports shows. And she knows a thing or two about music.

Kacie McDonnell – Fox News

In her native state of Pennsylvania, Kacie McDonnell studied communications in high school at first and then continued in college. And for a while after, she worked for WTXF-TV. Her main assignment was to provide coverage for the Philadelphia Eagles. After doing a little stint in Missouri, she took a position at the New England Sports Network, where she was based out of Boston and covered a wide rich variety of sports.

With a ton of experience and the wind at her back, McDonnell was approached by Fox News and offered a position. She took the job and was please to see that it incorporated some new flavors for her career: in addition to sports, she has also been discussing lifestyle in the air lately. In terms of romance, she likes to date athletes. She’s currently with baseball player Eric Hosmer.

Amanda Pflugrad – Boston Celtics

Oregon native Amanda Pflugrad currently covers everything and anything relating to the Boston Celtics. We personally love her pregame shows. It surely shows that her major in college, which was at the University of Oregon, was broadcast journalism with a minor in communication studies. She started off as a reporter at FOX Sports Arizona and has since worked for CBS Sports Network and as a team reporter for the New York Jets.

If you can’t get enough of Amanda Pflugard, you should catch her on the Travel Channel, where she co-hosted “Best of the Road.” In the show she travels across America in an RV. Did you know that she once interviewed Tom Hanks? The interview occurred at a Muhammed Ali fight, and looking back at it, she describes him as a really nice guy, which totally falls in line with our own impression of him.

Lindsay Rhodes – NFL Network

Lindsay Rhodes is one of your go-to gals when you’re looking to get your juicy daily hit of NFL football content. While studying journalism in California, she was the editor of the sports section of the school paper. And after graduating she found work with an ABC affiliate company in Washington where she reported the news.

Upon switching jobs and going to KKFX back in Cali, she went back to sports, her true passion. In the ensuing years, she reported on basketball and covered the 2008 Olympics (held in China) from the studio. That year she also joined the NFL Network, where she remains until today. Everyone absolutely adores her wherever she works. She even won a Los Angeles area Emmy for best sports reporting in 2004.

Heidi Watney – MLB Network

Heidi Watney has always been a sports enthusiast. In high school she swam, did cheerleading, track, and gymnastics. After learning media studies in college in San Diego, she started working for The Red Sox Report, doing on-site reporting and hosting a show. Also, she competed in the Miss California U.S.A. pageant, where she was second runner up.

Since 2012, Watney has been working at the MLB network, covering all angles of baseball. She’s so present in the MLB world that she was even included in MLB The Show 19 and 20 as a sideline reporter. When you make it to the virtual world of being a video game character, you know you’re a big deal. Also (and this is kind of random), she appeared in a Dropkick Murphies music video.

Inés Sainz – Azteca Deportes

Inés Sainz is a Mexican sports reporter who, with her husband, owns a production company. She studied in college to be a tax lawyer (like her father) but she ended up in the sports universe. But she’s always been an avid sports gal; she played (and still plays) volleyball, football, soccer, and tennis. After college, Sainz initially started working in the modeling industry but then decided it wasn’t for her and she transitioned to sports.

These days, Sainz does high profile interviews with famous athletes. Some examples of her past interviewees are Alex Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the dearly missed Kobe Bryant. In 2010, she had an unfortunate incident while waiting to interview Mark Sanchez, the N.Y. Jets QB. As she waited in the locker room, she suffered a volley of verbal abuse and catcalls. The Jets owner later publically apologized to her.

Nicole Zaloumis – NFL Network

Nicole Zaloumis studied journalism at the University of San Francisco and then went to work at a variety of jobs, among them co-hosting on Mad Dog Sports Radio. She also spent time doing weekend reporting for a few different Arizona sports teams for ABC 15. And for some time she was a daily anchor at The Big Ten Network, where she covered college sports.

2012 was an excellent year for Zaloumis because she scored herself a sweet contract with the NFL network, covering football games and stories. She’s very well known for hosting NFL AM, a football morning show. And a few years later, she started appearing on FOX Sports Tonight, where she also killed it.

Holly Sonders – FOX Sports

For most of her life, Holly Sonders was an avid golfer. After studying journalism at Michigan State University, she started reporting for the Golf Channel and, later on, for the United States Gold Association. But she also played golf; throughout her youth she competed in multiple tournaments and took home some titles. But unfortunately, an injury prevented her from becoming a pro player.

In 2014, Sonders took a job with FOX Sports where she expanded her repertoire and also started to cover football. With sports, it’s not a case of “seen one, seen them all” because each sport has its own realm, complete with its own details and nuances. Sonders is a quick learner and she soon became a football coverage pro. Sonders trivia: during the Ice Bucket Challenge, she was one of the women who poured ice water on Donald Trump.

Lachina Robinson – ESPN

Lachina Robinson is a masterful basketball analyst. Before embarking on her current career path, she played college basketball at Wake Forest University, in North Carolina, on a full sports scholarship. At 6″4 – certainly on the tall end of the spectrum – she had a physical b-ball advantage. She played for four years, and she started in over 90% of the games.

After playing basketball, she became special assistant to the head coach at Georgia Tech, where she eventually continued as an analyst. Soon after, in 2009, she was hired by ESPN. And the following year, she had her first full season coverage, where she analyzed basketball for ESPN’s Fox Sports Youth.

Kristine Leahy – FOX Sports

Kristine is most known as the former co-host of American Ninja Warrior by NBC, which she co-hosted for four seasons. She has also hosted her own show called Fair Game With Kristine Leahy. The show was sadly canceled in December 2019. But she did meet her current boyfriend, NBA star Sasha (Aleksander) Vujacic, while interviewing him there.

She was born in Chicago but earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Boston. After college she got her first sports job at the sports radio station WEEI. From there she went on to be an official reporter for the Boston Celtics, and the rest is, as they say, history. Currently, she works at FOX Sports.

Rebecca Grant – Fox

After graduating from college in Buffalo with a dual degree in psychology and communications, Rebecca Grant was working as an on-air host for the Buffalo Bills NFL Show. As she rose in the ranks of sports reporting, she made her way from sideline reporting to the host of the popular show NFL Under the Helmet.

In addition to her vast experience in sportscasting, Rebecca Grant has also been involved in acting throughout her career. She has appeared in several shows. Here are some examples: Apartment 23, The Spies, and Third Watch. She was also in the film Brothers, where she worked with Tobey Maguire. She’s been in lots of commercials, and not least, she’s an advocate for breast cancer research advancement.

Laura Rutledge – ESPN

Laura Rutledge studied broadcast journalism in Florida. In 2012, she won the Miss Florida beauty pageant where her specialized skill was ballet. For a few years, she covered the Tampa Bay Rays and she covered the National Paintball Championship for Fox College Sports.

Rutledge joined ESPN in 2014. And just a couple of months ago, in August 2020, she became the host of NFL Live. And as of right now (though we’re not sure how she has the time), in addition to working for ESPN, she does reporting for CNN International and the SEC Network.

Molly Qerim – ESPN

Molly Qerim is a reputable, some even say one of the very best, sports reporters that cover basketball and football. Her career has taken her to in-studio broadcasts as well as to the sidelines at games. After finishing her education in communications, she got to work. Some of the high-profile events she covered testify to her reputation: the Super Bowl, red carpet evenings, the NBA All-Star Game.

One of Qerim’s first jobs was covering college football for CBS Sports Network. Since she has been working for ESPN for at least the last ten years, she has also covered mixed martial arts and fantasy football. We saw her fiery side during one of her shows. LaVar Ball, former football player and current dad to three NBA players, and Qerim got a little heated. She ended up controlling the situation and telling him to “stay focused.”

Michelle Beisner-Buck – ESPN

Michelle Beisner-Buck is a classic football guru. Though she’s also done work on a car auction show and from the pits of the racetrack for ESPN. Before starting her career as a sportscaster, she trained as a cheerleader. She was even on the team of the Denver Broncos. For a time she served as the captain.

In college in Colorado she studied journalism and communications. For a long time, she served as the representative for the Pro Bowl. This gig had her traveling all around the world: she went to Canada, South America, Hong Kong, Australia, and other places, to teach choreography. She also danced for American troops in Iraq. These days she’s a feature reporter for ESPN.

Melissa Stark – NFL Network

After college in Virginia, Melissa Stark worked for ESPN, and for NBC. While at NBC she provided coverage 2008 Olympics in Beijing. She really got her name out there when she had a three-year stint as a sideline reporter for Monday Night Football.And as you can see in this photograph, she’s happy to throw on a beautiful dress, get off the field, and onto the red carpet, microphone in hand.

Stark also did some coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics where she covered speed skating. And since 2012, Stark has been all things football on the NFL Network. She has hosted NFL Total Access and Around The League Live. To be honest, it’s sportscasters like Melissa Stark that make football and all its intricacies accessible, so that even if you have no clue what’s going on, you’ll quickly get it.

Jemele Hill – The Atlantic

Everyone who has read Jemele Hill’s work knows she’s an absolute magician with words. For over ten years, after graduating college in Michigan, she wrote for ESPN. During that time she also hosted SportsCenter. All of her sports writing has mainly focused on football and basketball.

Hill took a publicity hit when she made a comment inappropriate with regards to the Boston Celtics. She reports instantly feeling regret, and she apologized profusely, saying she still feels bad today. In addition to her current job at The Atlantic as a staff writer, in 2015, Jill started hosting her own podcast called Jemele Hill Is Unbothered, where she mainly tackles sports, culture, and politics.

Jen Hale – Fox Sports

In college in Louisiana, Jen Hale was the captain of the cheerleading squad. After graduating, she spent some time in Germany as an intern. And then she continued with an internship at CNN. Before she became professionally involve in reporting on sports, she mostly covered politics, often getting deep into history topics. She even wrote a book called Historic Plantations of Alabama’s Black Belt .

While she was busy working for WVUE New Orleans, she got a call from some friends at Louisiana State University asking her if she could interview some athletes. One thing led to another, and she was eventually contacted by FOX Sports and offered the job she has now. This year, in 2020, she stayed in the famous NBA Bubble, the virus-secure area cordoned at Disney World in Florida, to cover the rest of 2020 playoffs.

Jenn Brown – ViacomCBS

It seems like Jenn has always had a burning passion for sports. During one of her high school years, she simultaneously played and captained diving, volleyball, basketball, softball, and track and field. And her was her athletic prowess that led her to college in Florida on a full scholarship where she earned a bachelor’s in criminology.

Brown excelled in college and just as she about to start studying law to become a sports agent, she was contacted by HDNet and offered a job as a host on a travel show called The Wild Side. After getting television exposure and experience, she started co-hosting American Ninja Warrior. She’s also no stranger to football, as she hosted a couple of shows on the NFL Network.

Hayley McQueen – Sky Sports

Hayley McQueen’s background is in journalism and media law. She started her career working for the British TV presenters known as Richard and Judy, the two long-time hosts of This Morning. And then she made her break into the forefront of sportscasting with FOX Sports. In 2010, she teamed up with co-presenter Scott Minto as the two worked for Al-Jazeera as hosts of the daily World Cup Show.

McQueen’s knack for working with sports looks like it’s hereditary. Her father, Gordon McQueen, was a footballer and a famous pundit on Sky Sports, the company where Hayley works today. Most of her current work involves doing interviewees with athletes and broadcasting from the field and studio. Her work has even earned her several awards, such as the RTS Award.

Melanie Collins – CBS Sports

Melanie Collins has one foot in football and the other in golf. She does sideline reporting for CBS Sports and she also hosts a few golfing shows with apt names such as Drive vs. Driver and The Big Break. Between finishing her education in sports journalism in college in Pennsylvania and starting at CBS Sports, she got the chance to work for NBA TV, Yahoo Sports, NASCAR.com, and more big outlets.

In an interview, Collins explained that she grew up in a sports family, so it’s always been a part of her life. Her father was a tennis coach, and her brothers played hockey. She played sports in high school, but the aspects that really interested her were journalism and analysis. She went with it, and she’s been thriving ever since. In fact, she recently was promoted at her current CBS job and given her currently NFL coverage responsilibilites.

Cari Champion – ESPN

In college in California, Cari Champion studied English and mass communications. While there, she was inspired by some college alumni (one of them the editor of the student newspaper) to pursue a career in journalism. Her dedication and her passion for sports (she’s always been an avid basketball fan) got her to where she wanted to be.

Beyond the high-intensity athletic and business that emerge from the sports world, there was also a social aspect that drew Cari into her current career. She was also intent on trying to transform the stereotypes that affect African Americans. For the last eight years, Champion has worked as the host of Sports Nation on ESPN. And as her last name suggests, she rocks at it.

Jenny Dell – CBS Sports

Jenny Dell wasn’t always sure she wanted a career in sports journalism – in college in Massachusetts, she studied tourism and hospitality. But she says she always had the sports bug. After graduation, she got a job working for NESN, where she covered the Red Sox. It was during her time there that she rose to prominence and distinguished herself as a fun, and highly energetic sportscaster.

After putting in time at NESN and become a pro at reporting on baseball, she took a job at CBS and focused her attention on football. But she didn’t leave the baseball world behind. She still has a significant memento – her husband, Will Middlebrook, is a Red Sox third baseman.

Erin Sharoni – DJ Mag

Erin Sharoni has been heavily into all kinds of sports for most of her life. She was a personal trainer, she was Junior Olympic-certified swim coach, and she loves the more extreme sports. Like surfing, snowboarding, and skydiving. Also, she’s done work modeling.

After studying digital media in college in Connecticut, Sharoni had a series of jobs at broadcasting companies, including CBS and NBC reporting mainly on basketball and football. She is currently the deputy editor of DJ Mag, a British monthly magazine dedicated to electronic dance music. Yeah, she’s diverse. But wait. She’s also the creative director for a biotech startup. Is there anything this woman doesn’t do?

Renee Young – WWE

Renee Young, is a Canadian wrestling gal from Toronto. When she was 19, she moved to L.A. to pursue a career in comedic acting. She got frustrated and then moved back to Toronto. So she shifted gears and became a broadcaster. Now, she’s an award-winning wrestling telecaster. She started working at The Score Television Network where she appeared on a show called Aftermath (it was called Right After Wrestling in her day).

Young then got a job at WWE where she did co-hosting and backstage interviews. The world of WWE is tricky, don’t forget. In addition to discussing and analyzing, you have to do some acting. This year, in 2020, Young announced that it would be her last year with WWE, citing the fact that she felt that she accomplished everything she wanted to in her time there.

Kristina Pink – FOX Sports

Kristina Pink started becoming involved in sportscasting while she was in college in Florida to study telecommunications. She contributed feature stories to the university’s television station and at times filled in for the on-air sportscaster there. Her first post-college job was in Mississipi, where she worked for WDBD-TV and covered football.

Her experience in football reporting eventually led her to covering the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl, huge opportunities for sportscasters. And as of now, she has switched jobs and currently provides NFL coverage of the L.A. Clippers on FOX Sports. Her job at FOX Sports also includes courtside reporting assignments on the L.A. Clippers.

Jackie Redmond – NHL Network

Jackie Redmond is in the business of delivering people their daily dose of hockey. Which makes sense; aptly (not meaning to stereotype) Canadian, she’s been playing hockey her whole life. She learned media studies in a college in Canada, then, amazingly, she participated in a contest called The Search for Canada’s Next Sportscaster. She was the first woman to win the contest.

Once Redmond became a sportscaster, she was able to pour all of her knowledge and passion for hockey into it. After some time at Sportsnet, she was offered a job in the U.S. at the NHL Network, so she packed up and moved there and hasn’t turned back since. There was a tiny bit of controversy when Toronto Blue Jays player Josh Donaldson’s girlfriend walked in on him and Redmond. But the dust has since settled.

Natalie Sawyer – Talksport

Right out of college in her native country, Britain, Natalie Sawyer started climbing the ropes at Sky Sports. At first she was a production junior. Her job mostly consisted of making tea, escorting guests around, picking up scripts, and a bunch of other miscellaneous tasks. But then at some point she was asked to do a screen test for a presenting task. She nailed it.

Natalie Sawyer was hired at Sky Sports full-time as a broadcaster and reporter. A long-time fan, she mostly covered soccer. And that’s where she stayed for eighteen years. But it ended when she and the network had a few contractual disagreements. She soon found work at Talksport where she does radio presenting and podcasting.

Lauren Thompson – Golf Channel

Lauren Thompson started her career as a voice-actor and a model, appearing in various commercials, music videos, and a few small-time shows. In 2007 she caught the attention of staff at Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and they offered her a job as a backstage interviewer and she took it.

In 2009, Thompson left TNA. Rumor has it that she was let go due to an episode with female wrestler Lacey Von Erich. Apparently, the squabble got physical. She must be pretty bold to have picked a fight with a pro wrestler. Today, she has shifted away from wrestling and now is employed at Golf Channel where she hosts the show Morning Drive.

Katie Nolan – ESPN

Katie Nolan is a well-known name on the sports-scape because she’s the host or co-host of so many amazing shows. Garbage Time (for which she won a Sports Emmy Award) and The Crowd Goes Wild are some good examples. Nolan has always been into sports. When she was 10, she won the gold medal for rhythmic gymnastics in the Junior Olympics.

After college, she bartended for a while and she started a blog called B*****s Can’t Hang, where she talked pop culture and news. It got some attention and in 2013 she was offered a job at Fox Sports 1. She hosted Garbage Time with Katie Nolan, and then in 2016, she started hosting NFL Films Presents. The following year she was hired at ESPN, where, today she is the host of Sports? with Katie Nolan.

Charly Caruso – WWE

Charly Caruso studied journalism at a college in D.C. As graduation was coming up, she was thirsty for experience (and probably money), so she spent time in Miami and in Houston building up her resume. Then she found reporting work at WSAZ-TV in West Virginia as a reporter, but she eventually got sick of covering the stories she was not comfortable with (a lot of those were disturbing crime stories).

After leaving West Virginia and working in Kansas, the “SWAT teams and the double homicides” became too much and Caruso decided on trying out reporting in the entertainment industry. When a telecaster at WWE left, a position opened up and Caruso auditioned and got the job, which is where she works today as an interviewer and host.

Lisa Salters – ESPN

It would be a huge understatement to say that Lisa Slaters knows a thing or two about basketball. She not only reports on the sport, but she also plays it too. She has a degree in broadcast journalism from Penn State and she currently works for ESPN, serving as the head sideline reporter and producer and host of Monday Night Football. But during her time at ESPN she has also covered basketball and the Winter Olympics.

Salters is a seasoned international correspondent. Before the Iraq War in 2003, she covered a bunch of events for ESPN in the Middle East. And when she covered the Winter Olympics in 2006, she was stationed in Italy. She has covered some really high-profile stories, including the O.J. Simpson trial. Her extensive experience and consistent top-notch presentation even earned her a Sports Emmy Award nomination.

Michelle Beadle – ESPN

Michelle Beadle had always been kind of a sports buff but she initially didn’t have any plans to make a career out of it. So she went to college in Austin and studied political science in preparation for going to law school. During this time, she even worked in a firm. And that helped her decide that law was not for her. She moved to Canada for a while, worked some odd jobs, and then came back to Texas.

Beadle got into sportscasting and worked a bunch of gigs upon her return, including on Fox Sports Net, The Travel Channel, and she covered some red carpet events such as the Grammys and the Tony Awards. Then, she took a job at ESPN, and except for a short stint with NBC, she has been working there since, mainly covering basketball. Recently, though, Beadle has said that she and ESPN have negotiated her departure from the company.

Larra Overton – Fox59

Since she set her eyes on college as a teenager, Larra Overton has aspired to be a sports reporter. So at school in Indiana, she studied sports communication (she also competed in track competitions). Then she moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where she took a job doing broadcasting for Fox41. Around that time, she also served as a sideline reporter for The Big Ten Network. After some time with Fox49, she started working with Fox59.

At first, the network had her do traffic reporting. When she proved that she was great at the job and when the studio found out she’s a sports freak, they moved her to the sports department where she works today. She also revived her old track passion, so alongside her work at Fox59, she works for BTN, covering track and field. We wonder if she ever has the urge to throw down the mic and jump some hurdles.

Maria Taylor – ESPN

In conjunction with her busy job at ESPN, Maria Taylor works for SEC Network. Her two jobs give her experience reporting on college football, NBA, NFL, volleyball, and college basketball (both men and women). When Taylor was in high school she showed huge potential as a basketball player. She played, rocked it, won tons of accolades, and received a full scholarship to the University of Georgia.

At college, she continued to play volleyball and she helped win a bronze medal during the Open Division of the US Volleyball Championships. Then, she got into reporting and started working for IGM College (which is at the university). Her experience led her to get hired by ESPN2, where she did analysis of women’s basketball. Today she works for ESPN and covers NBA and NFL

Molly Sulivan French – Philadelphia Eagles

Currently, Molly Sullivan French is the special in-house reporter for the Philadelphia Eagles. She reports on all their news and stats, including training camp reporting, and has them completely covered. French is a Las Vegas native and that’s also where she went to college.

French moved between a few different jobs, including at E! News, Life & Style Weekly, and The Daily 10. She was then approached with a book deal by publishers asking her if she wanted to be involved in an insider’s look at Vegas book for women. Thus was born Las Vegas Little Red Book: A Girl’s Guide to the Perfect Vegas Getaway. Then, she returned to athletic roots and worked at NBC before coming onboard with Philadelphia’s NFL team.

Georgie Thompson – FOX Sports

When it comes to sports and reporting on them, Georgie Thompson, from Britain, prefers competitions of the high-octane variety. And we don’t mean that just as a figure of speech: Thompson has covered the Grand Prix Masters, the Speedway World Cup, the Race of Champions, and more highspeed motorsports championships.

She got her education at a college back home in Britain where she studied broadcast journalism. In 2011, she started working at Sky Sports 1 where she covered maybe the highest-octane of them all: Formula 1. Then she joined FOX Sports in 2013 where she was a panelist on The Crowd Goes Wild. Today she still works there and she also does some reporting work for the BBC.

Erin Hawksworth – CNN

Erin Hawksworth is born in Canada but she grew up in Washington. Her family was always really into sports. She grew up to be a famous sports reporter and her little brother became a pitcher for the L.A. Dodgers. She studied journalism and mass communication in Arizona and then she interned at NBC during the 2004 Olympics in Greece.

Hawksworth also did an internship at KPNX in Phoenix, Arizona. So by the time she joined WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C., she had a good deal of experience. This time, her position was as a full-time sports anchor. Then, she eventually moved on to CNN. Fun fact: Hawksworth was in the hilarious comedy Saving Silverman. Her role as a Neil Diamond fan was small so you might not have noticed her, but she was there.

Jamie Erdahl – CBS Sports

Jamie Erdahl is born and raised in Minnesota and she went to college in D.C. Being an eternal sports enthusiast, while she was in college, she played basketball and softball. Also while there, she was already doing some sports reporting, even putting together a magazine show featuring the men’s basketball team

Erdahl did work for the New England Sports Network where she covered the Boston Red Sox as a fill-in sideline reporter. Then, in 2014 the network took off the field and onto the ice, promoting her to a rink-side reporter covering the Boston Bruins. She stayed at NESN until she got her current job working for CBS Sports.

Allie LaForce – Turner Sports

Allie LaForce studied broadcast journalism in Ohio and then went on to work as a sideline reporter for Sportstime Ohio. She also has a good foothold in the world of beauty pageants – when she was still in high school she won Miss Teen U.S.A. Her winnings included a one-year modeling contract. But upon its completion, she didn’t really pursue modeling any further.

After working at Sportstime Ohio for a few years, covering basketball, she announced that she would be taking a full-time position as a sideline reporter on The SEC on CBS, where she covered football. Then, she went back to basketball and worked for NBA TV for some time. When she subsequently returned to CBS, she and the management could not agree on terms, so she left and went to Turner Sports, where she works today.

April Rose – Comcast SportsNet Chicago

April Rose is the archetypal hot girl next door. No, we’re not just using that as a figure of speech – she literally won Maxim’s contest for the “hottest girl next door in America.” Rose balances her career between modeling, sports reporting, and acting. As it turns out, she’s also certified as an emergency medical technician. And not least, she’s a certified crisis counselor. Colorful career paths, right? Definitively.

Her fame with Maxim was her way into the sports galaxy. She started by being by doing live coverage of a classic car auction hosted by Speed. And then after establishing herself as a vibrant personality there, she took a job with FOX Sports Network. From there, she went on to Comcast SportsNet Chicago, where she has been working as a contributor and host until today.

Diletta Leotta – DAZN

The Italian bombshell you’re looking at here is Diletta Leotta. Her career requires her to strike a balance between the sports world and other spheres of entertainment. For example, she does on-field reporting for soccer matches, but she also has hosted Miss Italia, a beauty pageant. She has also done work for music events.

Previously, Leotta worked for Sky Sport (Italy), and now she’s employed at DAZN, a sports streaming service. Education? She graduated from an Italian university with a law degree. A few years back, as everything was going well, Leotta’s iCloud was hacked and someone leaked private pictures of her. Some accused her of leaking the photos herself, but she said those were lies promulgated by “less intelligent and sensitive people.”