50+ Celeb Moms and Dads Who Had to Grow up Fast When They Became Young Parents

We’re used to seeing the stars flaunt their idyllic personal lives on social media. From perfect baby bumps to curated toddler pics, they seem to have everything under control. But the truth is unexpected or unplanned pregnancies can happen to anyone, regardless of fame and fortune.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties48

We’ve tracked down the famous faces that had children at a young age. Single moms, teens in trouble, and unprepared dads make up our comprehensive list of celebrities you probably didn’t know had become especially young parents. But we’re warning you; there are some surprises along the way.

Sofia Vergara Had Manolo at 19

Columbian-American actress Sofia Vergara is best known for performing in ABC’s comedy-drama Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, for which she has won numerous awards. She is the highest-paid TV actress in the world as of 2019, and had been the top-earning actress in America several times.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties9
Image: Us Weekly

Sofia married young at 18 years old to her high-school sweetheart Joe Gonzalez, but they didn’t last past a few years. Still, they started a family in that time, as she gave birth in 1991 to their son, Manolo. She has spoken about what motivated her as a single parent: “I was a single mother very early, and what made me wake up every day, was that I had the motivation that I needed to make money, to give my son all the things that I thought that he needed.”

Keisha Castle-Hughes Had Felicity-Amore at 17

Australian–New Zealand actress Keisha Castle-Hughes might be most recognizable as Obara Sand in HBO’s Game of Thrones, one of the hot-headed “Sand Snake” sisters. But she’s also known for playing Paikea “Pai” Apirana in 2002’s Whale Rider and Mary of Nazareth in 2006’s The Nativity Story

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties8
Image: Us Weekly

Hughes found out she was pregnant with then-boyfriend Bradley Hull’s child at 16 years of age, giving birth to Felicity-Amore at 17. She revealed to Women’s Weekly in 2012: “I didn’t want to become the poster girl for teenage pregnancy, but I wasn’t focused on that or what other people were thinking. I just did the best I could.” Looking back, she calls motherhood “stressful and tiring, but it’s the most rewarding thing.”

Kehlani Had Adeya at 23

American R&B singer and dancer Kehlani is at the top of the music game at the moment. She’s only 25 years old, but has been growing in fame and recognition over the past few years. With sell-out tours and a Grammy Award nomination, we’re expecting to see big things from this Californian popstar.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties39
Image: The Netline

Somewhere in the middle of her busy schedule, she gave birth to her first child, Adeya Nomi Parrish Young-White, in March 2019. She was 23 years old and seeing her guitarist Javaughn Young-White, who is the father. She also opted for a controversial home-birth, stating: “Home-birth is a medical decision as is hospital birth, all birth is mind-blowing & powerful.”

Anna Nicole Smith Had Daniel at 18

American model, actress, and television personality Anna Nicole Smith became a big star in the U.S. after winning Playboy’s title of Playmate of the Year in 1993. But her controversial marriage when she was 26 to the 86-year-old oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall got her onto a whole other level of press attention. Despite what the public consensus was, she was adamant that she married him for love.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties3
Image: Daily Mail

Anna was 18 and married to her first husband, Billy Wayne Smith when she gave birth to her son Daniel. He would go on to appear on her reality TV show The Anna Nicole Show between 2002-2004, but things only went downhill. Daniel passed away when he was 20 from an accidental overdose, three days after Anna gave birth to her second child, Dannielynn.

Will Smith Had Trey at 24

American actor, rapper, and producer Will Smith is one of the most bankable stars of Hollywood. His films have continuously taken the number one spot in box offices; 11 consecutive films grossed over $150 million internationally. He is known for taking on the lead character in epic blockbuster movies. And today he has two kids with actress Jada Pinkett Smith who have followed in their showbiz footsteps.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties41

However, Will Smith was only 24 when he had his first son Trey Smith III with his previous wife, Sheree Zampino in 1992. He was just getting started with his career and didn’t manage to sustain a good relationship with his firstborn. Now, however, things are different. Will once admitted: “We struggled for years after my divorce from his mother. He felt betrayed & abandoned. It is a wild blessing to recover and restore a loving relationship with my beautiful son!”

Britney Spears Had Sean at 23

American pop princess Britney Spears made it big in the late nineties as a teen pop icon. She was only 15 years old when she signed up with a record label and skyrocketed to international fame. Her 1999 album …Baby One More Time and 2000 album Oops!… I Did It Again became the best selling albums of all time, making her the best-selling teenage artist yet.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties11
Image: ESPN

Britney was at the height of her career at the age of 23 when she fell pregnant with her first child. Before giving birth to Sean Preston Federline in 2005, she had something to say to the critics: “I’ve had a career since I was 16, have traveled around the world and back and even kissed Madonna! The only thing I haven’t done so far is experience the closest thing to God and that’s having a baby. I can’t wait.”

Shirley Temple Had Linda at 19

American actress, singer, and dancer Shirley Temple was the number one child actress during the Golden Age of Hollywood. She was only three years old when she started appearing in films, going on to star in box office hits as she got older. Her wholesome public persona stayed with her through the years, as did her famous babyface.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties31
Image: Flickr / Vintage-Stars

Shirley married her teenage beau John Agar when she was only 17 years old in 1945. She gave birth to their first child, Linda Susan in 1948, making her still a teenager by the time she became a mom. It wasn’t easy for Shirley to balance a Hollywood career while being a full-time parent, and she retired only a couple years after Linda’s birth following her divorce from John Agar.

Lucky Blue Smith Had Gravity at 19

American fashion model Lucky Blue Smith is only 22 years old but it still making waves in the fashion game. Signed up with famous international talent agency Next Management, he has featured in editorials from the biggest publications. VogueGQ, Marie Claire, and i-D are just some of the magazines he’s appeared on.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties7
Image: Celeb Tattler

Model of the moment Lucky Blue was dating fellow American model and former Miss Teen USA Stormi Henley when she fell pregnant. She’s seven years his senior, giving birth to their daughter Gravity Blue Smith when he was 19. Some followers took to social media to criticize his lack of time spent with his daughter, to which he had a strong response. “Just because I don’t blast my daughter on social media to the world does not mean I’m not with her,” he asserted.

James Rodriguez Had Salome at 21

Colombian professional football player James Rodriguez is the attacking midfielder or winger for top division football club Real Madrid CF. In 2014, he transferred from AS Monaco to Real Madrid for a whopping £63 million, which made him the most expensive Columbian football player of all time. He is also one of the most expensive players in the history of the sport.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties37
Image: Twitter / James Rodriguez

James welcomed his daughter into his life at the young age of 21 in May 2013. He had been married to professional volleyball player Daniela Ospina for two years prior to her giving birth. They have recently decided to part ways, but have every intention of working well together as co-parents. “When we decided to have her, we knew it was a lifelong responsibility,” Daniela explained.

Solange Knowles Had Daniel at 17

American singer, record producer, and performance artist Solange Knowles started out as a backup dancer for her big sister Beyonce’s group Destiny’s Child, before focusing on her own singing career. Now, she’s put out four studio albums that have seen commercial and critical success and she has turned into a huge star in her own right.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties18
Image: TheThings

Solange was only 17 years old when she had Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr with her first husband, Daniel Smith. She had married her high school sweetheart a few months prior, but it ended in divorce less than three years later. She has spoken about her son being the “greatest unplanned blessing” in her life, but looking back, regrets to some extent having had a child at such a young age.

Hilary Duff Had Luca at 24

American actress and singer Hilary Duff made it big in her youth after starring as Lizzie McGuire in the Disney Channel TV show of the same name. She became a huge teen idol, and it opened doors for her into film work and singing-songwriting. She had been in high-profile relationships before she married Canadian Hockey player Mike Comrie in 2010, namely with fellow teen sensation Aaron Carter and Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties20
Image: Us Weekly

Hilary gave birth to Luca Cruz Comrie in March 2012 when she was 24 years old. She’s been open about the struggles of being a young mom, admitting that she lost a huge part of her identity in the first 18 months. “It was a little isolating in the beginning because I didn’t have any friends that had babies yet, but I had been working for such a long time that it felt like a natural step for me,” she revealed.

John Lennon Had Sean at 22

English singer John Lennon is the world-famous band member of the megaband The Beatles. Along with Paul McCartney, he was the lead singer and songwriter who also played rhythm guitar. He is credited as having been one of the most influential people in the ’50s and ’60s, with a continuing impact on music today.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties22
Image: The Palm Beach Post

At only 22 years old John’s first son, Julian, was born in 1963. Famously, the two of them had a rocky relationship while Julian was growing up. He lived with his mom Cynthia Lennon, John’s first wife, after they divorced. “He was young and didn’t know what the hell he was doing,” Julian once said, adding: “That’s the reason I haven’t had children yet. I didn’t want to do the same thing.”

Jourdan Dunn Had Riley at 19

English supermodel Jourdan Dunn became a model after being scouted in central London as a teenager. it didn’t take long for the major fashion houses to notice her, and she began walking for Couture brand in just a few months. In 2008, she became the first black model in over a decade to walk down a Prada runway.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties23
Image: Hello!

When Dunn gave birth to her son Riley in 2010, it gave her a push in a positive direction. Speaking about becoming a young mom, she said: “More than anything, having a son has made me realize I have to make shit work: I’m his voice, I’m his lifeline, I have to be driven. She added, “I think he pushed me in the right direction. I’ve always been ambitious, but now I have more focus. I’m more hardworking.:

Jenni Rivera Had Chiquis at 15

American singer, actress, and television producer Jenni Rivera was the child of Mexican immigrants who became one of the top Latin artists in recent years. She was active in the Mexican community and earned a name for herself as philanthropic and devoted to charity work.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties38
Image: New York Daily News

Her daughter and first-born, Chiquis, came into her life in 1985, when she was only 15 years of age. She followed her mom’s footsteps into showbiz, singing and appearing on TV. They shared a close and special relationship throughout their lives, until just before Jenni tragically passed away in 2012.

Camila Alves Had Levi at 24

Brazilian-American model Camila Alves had humble beginnings as a house cleaner before she decided to move to New York City and try her hand at fashion modeling. She also dabbled in TV show hosting before her marriage to American actor Matthew McConaughey in 2012.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties1
Image: OK!

While they were only a couple of years into their relationship, Camila gave birth to their first-ever child, Levi, in 2008. She was 24 years old and finding her life was taking a far different turn than she had expected. She once even explained how she didn’t think marriage and family life was for her. But happy surprises came along, and now the Hollywood couple has added two more to their brood.

Lil Wayne Had Reginae at 16

American rapper, singer, and record executive Lil Wayne is considered to be one of the greatest hip hop artists of our time. He started out young, signing with a record label at the age of 12. Having sold over 37 million digital tracks in the U.S., he’s become one of the best selling music artists ever.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties24
Image: Complex Networks

Lil Wayne had his first child, daughter Reginae Carter when he was only 16 years old back in 1998. He had her with his high school love Toya Johnson, who he later married and subsequently divorced after a couple of years. Now at 21 years old, Reginae is a grown woman but still shares a close relationship with her dad. That being said, she has decided to completely swear off dating rappers.

Kendra Wilkinson Had Henry at 24

American glamor model and television personality Kendra Wilkinson got her big break after being chosen by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner to be one of his girlfriends. She starred in the E! Network show The Girls Next Door, in which she let cameras document her life in the Playboy Mansion.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties27
Image: OK!

Wilkinson moved out of the mansion in 2009 after she starting dating her future husband Hank Baskett. After marrying at the Playboy Mansion, they had their first child together, Henry, in December 2019 when Kendra was only 24. She struggled with motherhood at a young age, once explaining: “After giving birth, I never brushed my hair, my teeth, or took a shower.” Luckily, she pulled through and had another child with Hank a few years later.

Snooki Had Lorenzo at 24

Chilean-American reality television personality and television host Snooki is best known for her role on the MTV reality series Jersey Shore since 2009. It shot her to fame in the U.S., and she followed up by appearing on several talk shows and hosting other TV programs. But she left her party-girl lifestyle behind her, swapping her nights out drinking with nights in caring for her son.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties4
Image: In Touch Weekly

Snooki was 24 when she gave birth to her first child Lorenzo. She had reservations at first, telling Parents magazine that “when I got pregnant, I knew things were going to be different. I was terrified. I was never really good with kids.” But that fear went out the window once he was born: “It is the best thing ever. I feel like I have a new best friend.”

Tom Jones Had Mark at 16

Welsh singer Tom Jones has had a long and fruitful career, having started in the mid-1960s after several top-ten hits. He is known for his soulful, husky voice, and regular live performances in Las Vegas. He had also remained married to the same woman, Linda, since he was 16 years old. They were together for 75 years until she passed away, despite his numerous well-publicized infidelities.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties16
Image: Express

Tom and Linda decided to get married after they found out she was pregnant. She walked down the aisle when she was 8 months along, giving birth to their only son Mark in 1957. Truthfully, his son witnessed his father becoming a huge star, as he was nine years old when Tom started to make it big. They were definitely close, as Tom made Mark his music manager.

T.I. Had Messiah at 19

American rapper, singer, and producer T.I. is known as one of the hip hop artists who gave rise to trap music in the 21st century. Since releasing 10 studio albums and winning three Grammy Awards, he was ranked as number 27 in the best artists of the 2000s decade by Billboard in 2009.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties46
Image: Prince Williams

From a previous relationship to TV personality Lashon Dixon, T.I. became a father while he was still a teenager finding his place in the world. He was 19 years old when Messiah YaMajesty Harris was born in 2000. As we can see, they are in a good father/son relationship. And T.I. enjoyed the experience so much he went on to have six more children over the years! All before turning 40.

Victoria Beckham Had Brooklyn at 24

English singer, fashion designer Victoria Beckham had huge worldwide success as a member of the girl band Spice Girls. They were a British pop band formed in 1994, but she would make a name for herself in another creative venture. She is now an internationally respected fashion designer for The Victoria Beckham label.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties2
Image: Vogue

Famously, Victoria is happily married to former British football player David Beckham. They had their first child, Brooklyn, a few short months before their wedding in 1999, when Victoria was 24 years old. She claims to be a strict parent, only spoiling her son with love. She told The Sunday Times Style, “we’re always cuddling and we communicate constantly.”

Elizabeth Taylor Had Michael at 21

English-American actress Elizabeth Taylor was one of the biggest stars of old Hollywood. Her career took off in the 1950s and she continued to be a major figure in showbiz up until she passed away in 2011. She famously got married eight times throughout her life, with her tumultuous love life being a constant source of press attention.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties33
Image: People

Taylor’s second marriage to British actor Michael Wilding saw her give birth to her first child in 1953, Michael Wilding Jr. She was 21 years old and her husband was 20 years her senior, but they split after a few years. And despite her high profile she always kept Michael, and her later children, out of the spotlight.

Reese Witherspoon Had Ava at 22

American actress and producer Reese Witherspoon became a household name once she appeared as Elle Woods in 2001 romantic comedy Legally Blonde. It did so well she followed it up with a sequel only two years later. She’s also produced a series of film and TV productions, as well as won several accolades for her acing through the years.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties29
Image: E! Online

Reese gave birth to her daughter Ava Philippe at 22, with her then-husband Ryan Philippe. Speaking about what she went through as a young mom, she explained: “Whatever I was going to do in my life, I had to do it myself. Then when I had a little girl at 22, I was even more determined to.” Ultimately, having Ava those years gave Reese more direction: “I went from just surviving to, ‘Who do I want to be for this other person?’ That’s what happens when you have a child … You kind of look inward.”

Neymar Jr. Had Davi at 19

Brazilian professional football player Neymar Junior is considered to be one of the best players in the world. He plays for teams Paris Saint-Germain and the national team of Brazil as a forward. And for the last couple of years, he’s been ranked as the third highest-paid athlete in the world.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties40
Image: The18

In 2011, Neymar became a father for the first time. He was just 19 years old, while his then-girlfriend Carolina Nogueira was 17. The birth of Davi was joyous nonetheless for the teen athlete, with him remarking that his son was “2.8 kilograms of pure happiness.” Neymar and his blonde mini-me have a close relationship despite his busy schedule.

Bristol Palin Had Tripp at 18

American reality television personality and public speaker Bristol Palin is best known for being the eldest child of Alaskan politician Sarah Palin. In 2010, she raised her profile by competing in Dancing with the Stars and succeeded in reaching the finals. But her pregnancy in 2008 saw her receive the most press coverage.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties30
Image: IMDb

Bristol had only recently turned 18 when she gave birth to her first child Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston-Palin. It was widely thought that she chose to keep her son because of her mother’s strong stance on the issue, but she refuted those claims. “It doesn’t matter what my mom’s views are on it,” she told the pubic, “It was my decision.” She was initially engaged to Tripp’s father, but they called it off three months after she gave birth.

Asia Nitollano Had Thais at 18

American dancer, singer, and model Asia Nitollano is most famous for having been a member of The Pussycat Dolls. She was the winner of Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll but chose to leave behind the opportunity after only a few months. She went on to pursue a solo music career.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties19
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Asia was only 18 years old when she gave birth to her daughter Thais. Now her daughter is 15 years old, however, and has turned into a mini-me version of her mother. The two of them regularly post videos of them dancing together on social media. It wasn’t easy being a teen mom but as she said on her daughter’s birthday this year, it’s an ongoing process: “15 years and I’m still learning and growing as a mom.”

Barbara Mori Had Sergio at 20

Mexican actress, model, producer Barbara Mori shot to fame after she portrayed the title character in the 2004 telenovela Rubi. It is considered to be one of the most successful telenovelas in history and opened doors for her into the Hollywood film scene. Prior to acting, she had been modeling since the age of 14.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties35
Image: Univision

Barbara was dating Mexican actor Sergio Mayer when she fell pregnant with their son. Sergio Mayer Mori was born in 1998 when Barbara was 20 years old, followed shortly by her parting ways with her son’s father. But her son also became a young parent in 2016 when his daughter Mila was born, making Barbara a grandmother at only 38 years old!

50 Cent Had Marquise at 21

American rapper and producer 50 Cent is the recipient of several music awards after many years in the business. He rose to fame with the group G-Unit, an East Coast hip hop subgenre. After selling over 30 million studio albums around the world, he’s been trying his hand at TV producing in recent years.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties32
Image: People

In 1996, 50 Cent’s girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins gave birth to their son Marquise when he was 21 years old. He was moved by his birth, once proclaiming: “When my son came into my life, my priorities changed, because I wanted to have the relationship with him that I didn’t have with my father.” However, in recent years their relationship has soured and it’s not clear why. He declared on social media “I don’t have a son anymore. I will have nothing to do with [him].”

Jackie Guerrido Had Kobe at 16

Puerto Rican journalist and television weather forecaster Jackie Guerrido is a public figure with a real rags-to-riches life story. Forced to seek shelter with her mom and her sister, she eventually moved to New York City’s Bronx area and pursued a career in the media.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties36
Image: Mamas Latinas 

Jackie was still just a teenage girl when her son Kobe came into her life. At only 16 years old she found herself becoming a single mom and she rose to the challenge. Luckily, she considers herslef to be very family oriented. We think it’s amazing how her son almost looks like he’s her age!

Aretha Franklin Had Clarence at 12

American singer, actress, pianist, and civil rights activist Aretha Franklin AKA the “Queen of Soul” is considered to be one of greatest music artists of all time. She was especially prolific in the ’60s, but her influence has been felt far past her heyday. Today, she is recognized for her enormous talent and has received countless accolades for her contribution to music.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties14
Image: Metro UK

Shockingly, Aretha had her first child near her 13th birthday. Clarence was born in 1955, during the time that Aretha was dating her first boyfriend Edward Jordan. She went on to have a second child with him only two years later but kept her life as a young mom extremely private. Her grandmother and sister took turns to raise her kids as she focused on her career.

Emily Maynard Had Ricki at 19

American reality television personality Emily Maynard is known for being a contestant on the 15th season of The Bachelor. She got engaged to Brad Womack, but the pair ended up parting ways in the end. She later appeared in the eighth season of The Bachelorette, where she was given a second chance at finding love.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties21
Image: People

Maynard was still a teenage girl when she gave birth to her daughter Josephine Riddick “Ricki.” She was engaged at the time to race car driver Ricky Hendrick, but he unfortunately passed away in an aviation accident before they even knew she was pregnant. To honor him, she named their baby daughter after her late fiance.

Naomi Judd Had Wynonna at 18

American country music singer and actress Naomi Judd, right, was one half of the extremely successful country music duo, The Judds. The other half was made up of her daughter Wynonna, center. They peaked in popularity in the ’80s up to the early ’90s, when Naomi had to step away due to health reasons. But after 20 top-ten hits and five Grammy Awards, their reach had been enormous. These days she regularly appears on reality TV shows.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties44
Image: Her Moments

Naomi raised her daughter as a single mother from the age of 18. But despite the commercial success they would come to enjoy as the mother-daughter duo, Wynonna would later bring to light that she had a chaotic childhood with Naomi. These days, the pair have a strained relationship and keep a distance from each other. Pictured on the left is Wynonna’s younger sister Ashley.

Chris Brown Had Royalty at 24

American singer, dancer, and actor Chris Brown is one of the best selling artists in the world, releasing popular R&B, hip hop, and pop music hits. He has won numerous awards for his contribution to the field, but in recent years has taken an interest in becoming an actor.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties12
Image: Daily Mirror

Chris Brown found out about his accidental lovechild with Nia Guzman in 2015, while he was dating model Karrueche Tran. He was 24 years old and happy to become a father, calling it a “humbling” experience. “It’s actually great,” he explained, adding, “my daughter’s kinda like mellowing me out.”

Candace Cameron Bure Had Natasha at 22

American actress, producer, and talk show panelist Candace Cameron Bure was most recently known for being a co-host for the daytime TV show The View. But her most famous acting role was as D.J. Tanner on ABC’s Full House. She’s also a familiar face on the Hallmark channel.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties5
Image: US Weekly

Pictured with her baby girl back in 1998, Cameron became a mom at 22 years old. She had married her Russian ice-hockey player beau Valeri Bure two years prior and has since welcomed two more children with him. She once told Cookie magazine: “I love being a young mom and taking my kids everywhere with me. I’m blessed to say my kids have traveled all over the world, and we’ve never brought someone along to help with them.”

Taylor Hanson Had Jordan at 19

American musician Taylor Hanson was the keyboardist and one of the singers in the pop-rock band Hanson. It was made up of Taylor and his two brothers, Issac and Zac, with their late ’90s hit “MMMBop” becoming their most famous song. These days, he’s also a member of the supergroup Tinted Windows, where he sings lead vocals.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties42
Image: Yahoo

Taylor’s son, on the far left, came into his life in 2002, when he was still a teenager. He had married Natalie Bryant, on the far right, only a few months prior, and has since grown his family of three to a family of eight! He loves having a brood, once describing the experience saying “You have a sense that you’re part of a crew.”

Brandy Had Sy’rai at 23

American singer, actress, and record producer Brandy Norwood enjoyed considerable success in the ’90s for her musical talent, but she also starred as the title character in the sitcom Moesha. Throughout the noughties, her popularity started to dwindle and she struggled to maintain her position in the music industry. But she made a big comeback in the 2010s and is now considered one of the best-selling female music artists.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties25
Image: MadameNoire 

Brandy’s relationship with record producer Robert “Big Bert” Smith was kept a secret until she fell pregnant with her first child. Sy’rai was born in 2002 to a 23-year-old Brandy, who she’s kept by her side all these years. When she going through her pregnancy, she let MTV document it in her very own reality show, Brandy: Special Delivery.

Jamie Lynn Spears Had Maddie at 16

American actress and singer Jamie Lynn Spears is best known for being the younger sister of Britney Spears, and as an actress on Nickelodeon. She played the part of Zoey Brooks in Zoey 101 from 2005-2008 and more recently portrayed Noreen Fitzgibbons in Netflix’s 2020 series Sweet Magnolias.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties26
Image: Cosmopolitan

She was only 16 years old when she announced her pregnancy to the world in OK! magazine. Her then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge was also young at 18 years old. The pair had plans to get married and move to Mississippi, but it fell through. Maddie Briann Aldridge was born in 2008, and Jamie was “absolutely terrified” she later admitted. “I never wanted to let my age be an excuse for not being a good mother because that baby doesn’t care what age you are,” she told TODAY.

Ashlee Simpson Had Bronx at 23

American singer and actress Ashlee Simpson got her big break in 2003 on the MTV show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. It followed her older famous sister Jessica Simpson and her husband Nick Lachey. As well as having her own series, The Ashlee Simpson Show, she released solo music over the years which has received mixed success.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties49
Image: PopSugar

Ashlee was famously in a relationship with Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz, which drew considerable public attention to her. They brought Bronx Mowgli into the world in 2008 when she was 23 years old, and despite the well-publicized separation from Pete, she carries no regret. She has called her son the best part of her 20’s, stating that, “He’s the best part of everything.”

LeBron James Had Bronny at 19

Basketball legend and current player for the Los Angeles Lakers, Lebron James is considered to be one of the best basketball players in the history of the NBA. Through his years on the court, he has become one of the most influential and important athletes of our time.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties10
Image: Yahoo

LeBron had his first son Bronny with his high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson in 2004. He was 19 at the time, and wouldn’t marry Savannah for several more years. Currently, in high school, Bronny has been following his dad down the professional basketball route and making headlines. You can often catch LeBron sitting on the bench, cheering Bronny on.

Evelyn Lozada Had Shaniece at 17

American model and television personality Evelyn Lozada is best known as one of the six women who star in the reality television series Basketball Wives. She was married to the NFL player Chad Johnson once in her past, as well as NBA player Antoine Walker and MLB player Carl Crawford.

Stars Who Became Young Parents Before Their Mid Twenties34
Image: Yahoo

Having been in a relationship with American television personality Jamal Hairston in her youth, she fell pregnant with their daughter Shaniece Virginia Sabina at just 17. She has admitted that she was scared at the time, but it didn’t deter her from having more kids down the line. 21 years later, she gave birth for the second time to her only son, Carl Leo Crawford.

Kylie Jenner Had Stormi at 20

American media personality and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner has been a star of the E! reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians since she was a small child. Coming from a famous family, she was thrust into the spotlight from early on and has since used it to her advantage in business. She is currently the CEO of her own successful makeup brand.

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After dating American rapper Travis Scott for a few months, Kylie found herself pregnant with her only child at a very young age. She gave birth to Stormi Webster in 2018 and has relished the role of being a mom. She told PAPER Magazine: “It’s genuinely what I wanted… to be a young mom. I thought, ‘This is what I want to do,’ and if people accept it or don’t accept it then I’m okay with every outcome.”

Niki Taylor Had Jake and Hunter at 19

American supermodel and television presenter Niki Taylor had a highly successful career as a fashion model when she was a teenager. She was signed to a modeling agency at only 13 and made the front cover of magazines Seventeen and Vogue at 14 and 15 respectively. She’s been celebrated for her personal style and since 2016, revived her dwindling career by featuring in the biggest fashion magazines.

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She fell pregnant back in 1994 with former linebacker Matt Martinez when she was still just a teenager. At 19 years old, she gave birth to twins Jake and Hunter, but it wasn’t the idyllic situation she had imagined. She later admitted to rushing into her marriage with Matt: “I was young, and I thought I was in love. So when the babies came, it was not something I signed up for.”

Kate Hudson Had Ryder at 24

American actress and fashion designer Kate Hudson is the famous daughter of fellow actress, Goldie Hawn. She made a name for herself in projects such as Almost Famous and  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, among others. She still acts in films, but in recent years has had more focus on developing her fitness apparel brand.

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Kate married her first husband, rockband frontman Chris Robinson when she was 21 years old. They had their first child together three years later, naming him Ryder Russell Robinson. Now in her forties, she welcomed the birth of her third child in 2018. While being interviewed on Good Morning America last year she joked: “I’ve been having babies a long time, let’s put it that way. But it’s good.”

Suzanne Somers Had Bruce Jr. at 19

American actress and author Suzanne Somers is best known for her television roles in the late ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. She portrayed Chrissy Snow on ABC’s Three’s Company and Carol Foster Lambert on ABC’s Step by Step. In the noughties, she forayed into writing self-help and dieting books.

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At only 19 years old she married Bruce Somers and had a child with him the same year. Bruce Jr. was born at the end of 1965, and from what he says about her now as an adult, it sounds like she did a wonderful job. He calls Suzanne “the greatest mother a kid could ever ask for,” on his social media, adding “I’m extremely lucky because not a day has passed without her love for me.”

Fantasia Had Zion at 17

American R&B singer and reality television show winner Fantasia Barrino found fame after winning the third season of the reality show American Idol in 2004. She has received critical acclaim for her tremendous singing talent and has gone on to release three studio albums.

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Fantasia gave birth to her daughter Zion at the young age of 17. She fell pregnant by her ex-boyfriend Brandel Shouse, but accepts that having a child so young was challenging. In 2009 she admitted “I ended up dropping out of school and having a child at a young age. And I thank God for my daughter, but if I could have waited, I would have.”

Natalia Vodianova Had Lucas at 19

Russian model Natalia Vodianova is one of the most famous fashion models in the world, having been at the top of her game for more than a decade. Her long-standing relationship with the brand Calvin Klein helped propel her into the big leagues of the business.

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Natalia gave birth to Lucas Alexander, her first child in 2001. She’s spoken candidly about what made her decide to become a mother so young: “Where I come from, it was normal to have a baby at 19… It made sense to me completely.” But when asked if she would want the same for her child, she stated, “Absolutely not.”