A Behind The Scenes Look Onboard the Set of James Cameron’s Masterpiece, Titanic

    Over 20 years have passed since the release of James Cameron’s feature-length film based on the ill-fated maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic in 1912. The retelling of that tragic night and the unlikely romance formed onboard managed to capture the hearts of audiences and has never let go since. Titanic won 11 Oscars including awards for Best Picture and Best Director and introduced the world to some of Hollywood’s most shining stars.

    Image: The Design Inspiration

    But telling this story and conveying the heartbreaking disaster that followed was not easy. Luckily the cast and crew were left in the hands of James Cameron, who is notorious for his hands-on commitment to perfection. Bringing his vision to life and witnessing history in the making was an incredible experience for all those involved. Here are some of the most fascinating, resurfaced discovering behind the making of Titanic.