A Look Inside the Most Popular Air Bnb and How This Humble Home Became Such a Tourist Hot Spot

Tue Dec 17 2019

A Unique Place for Many to Marvel at

Today, people look for the most unique spot to spend their vacation. Whether it be an eco-friendly home that keeps it’s carbon footprint down or a modern property with expanses of glass windows as far as the eye can see, the opportunities are endless! Recently, the Air Bnb site has remained a front-runner for keen travelers to find the perfect dwellings for a short stay.

This lodging marketplace started back in 2008 by Brian Chesky, in the heart of California’s San Francisco. Since then, the site has welcomed a variety of weird and wonderful habitats for people to stay. Out of all the properties that featured on their website, Hype Galore has found the most visited home of them all. Introducing to you, Silicon Valley’s Mushroom Dome!

This place takes the term “thinking outside the box” to a whole new level. We’re not sure anyone’s ever used a mushroom as inspiration to shape their next home before, so we’d consider the owners to be real trendsetters! Situated in Aptos, a coastal town in Northern California, owners Michael and Kitty Mrache opted for an untraditional approach to housing.

Let’s get into the details. Just like an ordinary house, the Mushroom Dome features a kitchen, wooden patio, and a bedroom with four beds; but looking around, you can tell that’s probably the only ordinary thing about this place! Starting out as a temporary guest house on her parent’s property, Kitty soon decided to take things one step further. She transferred the dome home to her own land and opened it out for tenants to stay at.

Making the Owners Their Millions

It’s safe to say, the big risk paid off! Since they started opening up their unique home to the public via Air Bnb, the couple’s Mushroom Dome has been in seriously hot pursuit by customers; talk about a success story. People have traveled near and far to pay this fungus-shaped cabin a visit. Of course, the pair behind it all have reaped all the benefits from it.

Kitty and Michael have been on quite the journey. The Mushroom Dome went live on Air Bnb back in 2009, way before the site had earned its notoriety. It may have had a shaky start, but as the years went on, the place simply boomed with popularity.

In terms of statistics, the property’s listing alone attracts a grand average of three million views every single year. The Mushroom Dome costs $130 per night, and it’s fully booked with visitors to pay it a quick visit on their holidays until January 2020. So, if our calculations are correct, the Mraches are set to earn a pretty hefty paycheck by the new year!

For Kitty, being a good host is paramount to giving her guests a pleasant stay at the cabin; in other words, she puts the effort in to make visitors feel at home! In an interview, Kitty stressed that you must “invest your time in your guests.” This includes keeping her cabin clean and tidy, and ensuring she’s present to answer any questions guests have on the surrounding area. All we can say to this remarkable couple, is a huge well done!