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A World Left Untouched: Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe

Whether it’s the mystery behind an empty room or the beauty of a building overtaken by nature, there is something fascinating about finding an abandoned place. Although seemingly eerie and empty these places are actually full of real memories preserved amongst the decaying walls, chipped paint and rooms gathering dust.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe54
Image: Henk Van Rensbergen

From airports and theaters to hospitals and hotels, we have put together some of the most eye-catching abandoned locations found around the world. While the photos might be somewhat haunting, we can’t deny that each of these forgotten places holds a unique aesthetic that we never envisioned could be this beautiful.

Swingin’ Turned Spooky

This now empty spot was once be filled with children’s laughter and peoples’ screams of excitement. Now it is pretty quiet and overgrown. Jazzland is one of the properties owned by theme park corporation, Six Flags. After closing in 2000, Six Flags was ready to bring it back to life!

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 7
Image: Frank Aymami

But then Hurricane Katrina hit and that was that. The theme park was completely flooded and had remained totally untouched since the big storm. The only people you might see wandering around are trespassers exploring the abandoned grounds and looking to capture a cool photo.

A Little Deserted

This mysteriously sand-filled room looks beautiful against the chipping blue painted walls. Kolmanshop, the name of the location in Namibia, actually used to be the site of a bustling city and diamond rush. It was left after World War I in search of new diamond deposits. But the buildings still remain untouched.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 8
Image: The Active Times

The city has essentially been claimed by sand. From sand storms that wiped through the town and overtook much of the infrastructure. It probably isn’t a big surprise but it is actually a hotspot for ghost hunters around the world who come and visit and see who they can find. But we have no ghost spottings to report!

Sun Kissed Church

Taking a trip to the small village of Żeliszów in Poland, you will find the abandoned yet majestic Giersdorf Church. When it was built, Żeliszów was still part of Germany and was at one point deemed by locals “the Pearl of Żeliszów.” After the village became a part of Poland following the war, the church fell into disrepair.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe45
Image: Business Insider

Although its walls have been left to crumble, even as an abandoned place we can’t deny the beauty of its unique elliptical shaped architecture. The sun peeking in from its cracked ceilings almost adds an added unexpected beauty to the building. In recognizing this, the city does plan to reopen the church as a multifunctional event space.

Ghost Town Water Park

This seven-story tall, four-part slide can be spotted in the middle of the Skinner’s Wet ‘n Wild in Manitoba, Canada. It officially opened in 1984, becoming the second-largest water park in Manitoba. The slides were reportedly 425 feet long. Now that is one ride we want to try out!

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 18

The water park started to fall and in the early 2000s, several summers were unseasonably cool which also meant a decline in attendance. And as you can guess, when attendance is low, so is income! It closed in 2005 with safety hazards listed as one of the top reasons for closing, it was just too expensive to repair. So it was left as is.

Untouched Salon

It might seem a bit random but in the 60s and 70s, Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains became a frequented hotspot for honeymooners from across the country. The resorts that sat there were infamous for their circular beds and heart-shaped hot tubs.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 22
Image: Travel and Leisure

These resorts were full of honeymooner attractions such as pools, restaurants, games rooms and salons. But years later, the hype wore out and all these rooms were left to sit, overgrow, and decay. Here we see one of the old salons that have long been abandoned. It looks like they left in a rush too!

Graffiti Covered Pool

This abandoned location once belonged to the strip club tycoon Bill Hull. It was built in 1972 in Chattanooga, Tennessee and quickly gained an interesting reputation. For years, it was widely known as a swingers mansion. However, once Hull was sentenced to jail for arranging a hit on his wife’s lover, the place was left untouched.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 1
Image: lovePROPERTY

The house has remained idle since then. Now you can see the glass, rubbish, and graffiti that cover the interior of not just of this pool room, but of the entire mansion. The creepiest part of the house is this bunny-shaped pool that covers over half of the house and has bunny ear-shaped swimming tunnels that lead to the bedrooms.

A Decaying Theatre

In New Bedford, Massachusetts lies the Orpheum Theater, an old theatre and movie house. It used to go by the name of the Majestic Opera House when it opened way back in 1912. Oddly enough, it opened the same day that the Titanic sank, on April 15. The theater closed the first time in 1958-59 but opened several times for special events.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 9
Image: Matt Lambros Photography

Eventually, it was sold by the original owners, the French Sharpshooters Club in 1962 and was later used as a tobacco warehouse. Still, the theatre looks untouched. Although there is faded and peeled paint, the theatre somehow still maintains its beauty and charm!

Gloomy Games

Way back when, in 1984, the Olympic Winter Games were held in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The location was all the hype because of the natural surroundings and pristine skiing facilities. But this all came crumbling down when the Balkan Wars hit the city, and the Olympic Village became a ghost town full of creaky chair lifts, overgrown trails, and hotels.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 3
Image: Condé Nast Traveler

The picture shows the graffiti-covered bobsled track, which is one of the examples of abandoned sport facilities. But new hotels and condos are starting to pop up and in 2010, a $12.7 million ski lift opened at one of the primary Olympic venues.

A Mall out of Business

This abandoned mall is in Bangkok, Thailand. The mall closed in 1997 and its roof was completely destroyed by a fire in 1999. Consequentially, the rainy season flooded the mall with water and today, a pond full of thousands of fish sits on the ground level.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 23
Image: Reddit / Urban Exploration

The fish that live below were actually brought in by locals to fix the mosquito problem that had broken out. It is full of both catfish and koi-fish. So, this now makes the mall one of the biggest natural aquariums in the world. Pretty cool!

Forgotten Hotel

This architectural design is called the Haludovo Palace Hotel and can be spotted on the Croatian island, Krk. Although now full of graffiti and other signs of decay, back in the 1970s and 80s, this hotel was full of life. Unfortunately, tourism dropped significantly when the war hit in the 90s.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 5
Image: ARCH+ Magazine

The hotel actually had its last guests in 2001, but no one else was really coming through so they decided to close the doors for good. You can still go and check out the hotel which although falling apart, is still beautiful. It even has casinos, saunas, and tennis courts on the grounds that you can wander around.

Neglected Shops

The creepy scene below of a mall left with rubbish and broken shop equipment is the Hawthorne Plaza. It is a neglected indoor mall that sits along Hawthorne Boulevard between 120th Street and El Segundo Blvd in Hawthorne, California. The shopping center opened in 1977 but by the end of the 90s, it was pretty much empty.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 21
Image: Ghost Town Travels

Because the mall has never been re-done, it still remains an eerie empty large space. It has actually been used as a location for a couple of movies like Rush Hour and Gone Girl. It has also been used for music video clips for singers like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

Ghost Train Platform

Similar to natural selection when it comes to living organisms, some aspects of survival of the fittest also seem to apply when it comes to New York City transport stations. They emerge, they fall, they reemerge, and they shut down for good. One of the main victims of this harsh cycle is the City Hall station, also known as the City Hall Loop. The station was opened in 1904. It’s located in lower Manhatten.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe37
Image: Condé Nast Traveler

It was designed to showcase the innovation of the New York City subway, rather than operate as a transport hub. Due to NYC’s expanding population, trains were also extended. The City Hall Loop’s platform just wasn’t able to accommodate the longer trains and the increase in passengers. So after some time, city planners realized that the station was obsolete. Now, it’s still there, but it’s desolate and only ghosts walk the platform.

Prisons and Haunted Houses

In the first few decades of the 20th century and the last ones of the 19th century, Eastern State Penitentiary, located in Philadelphia, was the most famous and expensive prison on the planet. It was completed in 1829 and the designers had ambitions (which largely came to fruition) that it would be the first prison in the world to focus on reform rather than punishment.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe39
Image: Condé Nast Traveler

Some of America’s most notorious criminals were incarcerated there, including Al Capone, James Bruno, and Willie Sutton. As more and more prisoners started pouring in, the system just wasn’t capable of housing all the inmates. It eventually closed in 1971. Now, the penitentiary is a historic heritage site and hosts numerous events, including a yearly haunted house. We’d be hard-pressed to find a creepier, more appropriate place for such an event!

Silent Mass

There’s something particularly uncanny about an abandoned, decrepit, and desolate church. We’re not sure why it’s so uncanny, but we’re sure this place will give you the heeby-jeebies. Welcome to the City Methodist Church, Gary, Indiana. The church was completed in 1926 and was operational as a place of worship until 1975.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe36
Image: Yahoo

Due to a bunch of complex demographic and socio-political factors, the town experienced a decline. Much of the infrastructure started to crumble, and lots of residents started to leave. The church was officially closed in 1975 and no more congregations were held. Now, the once beautiful church stands in a lonely town and is home to only empty halls and rubble. It actually reminds us of a scene from the post-apocalyptic film 28 Days Later.

Seasoned Shopping Mall

This shopping mall turned into a kind of winter wonderland, but the creepy snow-covered kind, not the fairytale kind. The Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio, can be seen completely covered in snow after each shop was left vacant. Between 2000-2013 all of the shops slowly began closing, before nothing was left open by the end of 2013.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 19
Image: The Business Insider

And soon it enough it became an area to stay clear of. We’re not sure of the nitty-gritty details but the empty mall was actually the scene of several serious crimes over the years. So the local residents were pretty happy when they decided to demolish the rotting building in 2016.

Casualties of Conflict

Nicosia International Airport is another heavy-hit casualty of the Turkish invasion and subsequent occupation of the northern part of Cyprus. In its prime, meaning its pre-1974 days, it was a colorful place and an important spot in the Mediterranean sea. Located pretty much at a maritime crossroads between three continents (Europe, Asia, Africa), it was a common spot for connecting flights.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe29
Image: The Sun

In 1974, when Turkey invaded Cyprus and commenced its occupation, the airport sustained heavy structural damage due to bombing, which forced its permanent closure. Today, nothing has really changed. Time has exacted a heavy toll on the once-bustling airport; bird droppings litter the terminals, buildings are in disrepair, and depreciation has won the day.

The Tormented Hospital

This place doesn’t even qualify as creepy. No, the situation is orders of magnitude more severe. It’s downright terrifying. The bed and the remnants of healthcare equipment in this photo conspire to give us something truly frightening. The place is called Beelitz Heilstätten hospital complex, and it’s located in Germany. The facility has had some truly diabolical patients, including Adolf Hitler.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe41
Image: Imgur / Jgood8

The hospital was built in the late 19th century, and it was home to patients with violent diseases, like tuberculosis. During WW1, it became a field hospital. Again in WW2, it was used to treat casualties. These days, there are a few buildings that are still in use, but most of the complex is decrepit and being reclaimed by the surrounding forest. The good news is that it’s open to visitors! So if you’re in Germany and looking for a good scare, check it out.

Paradise In Decay

Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel (or what’s left of it) is located in Liberty, New York. When the resort was built and the hospitality business there was established, it was an all-kosher place and it catered to the Jewish community in the New York area. At the climax of its glamour, in 1972, it was a sprawling 2 square miles. It even had its own ski hill, post office, and airstrip.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe34
Image: TheTravel

As its primary clientele and guests started to enter old age, it became evident that the resort was in trouble because it (and other resorts like it) just didn’t appeal to younger guests. The decline accelerated, and eventually, in 1986, the resort closed its doors. For over 30 years, the place collected dust and debris, effectively transforming it into a total (and creepy) ghost town. In 2018, everything was demolished.

Aircraft Graveyard

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. As we all know, until then, the Iron Curtain had major military infrastructure and tons upon tons of equipment. Lots of things changed when the collapse happened, and much of the military equipment was not needed. So what happened? Since Russia was in complete disarray and priorities were rearranged, much of the equipment that comprised the USSR’s military prowess was just left to rot.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe31
Image: Twitter / yaplakalcom

This resulted in abandoned military bases being scattered across the country. Some of the equipment was preserved and put to use elsewhere, but much of it stayed where it was, and that has remained so until this day. Thus includes airfields, where innumerable planes and helicopters sit on their tarmac graves.

Phantom Football Stadium

We’ll do a little experiment here. Let’s refer to this place only in the past tense because it’s no longer even close to what it once was. So, the Pontiac Silverdome Stadium, located in Pontiac, Michigan, “was” a huge sports venue, until it closed in 2003. Its construction was completed in 1975, and when it was up and running, a full game would mean it the stadium hosted over 80,000 spectators!

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe28
Image: Flickr / MDaveyy

In 1985, Michigan experienced an intense snowstorm and the roof of the stadium sustained some bad structural damage. The dome’s home team, the Detroit Lions, was forced to play the rest of their season offsite. The stadium was left exposed to the elements and was further withered. It was closed for good in 2013. Now, you’ll find only phantoms fans watching specter footballers play!

Ghost Town Kitchen

This creepy dust-ridden kitchen can be found in one of the abandoned homes sitting idle in Bodie California. Bodie, now officially considered a National Historic Landmark, was once a bustling gold mining center following the discovery of gold there in 1859.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe40
Image: Flickr / Lance Nix

By 1920 the population of Bodie had decreased down to 120 people and today it is considered an authentic Wild West ghost town. While the landmark does attract ghost town fanatics, it remains uninhabited and abandoned, giving it a haunted old west appeal fit for an episode of Scooby-Doo.

Failed Mount Rushmore

After Virginia’s Presidents Park went bust in 2010, a man by the name of Howard Hankins was ready and willing to give 43 towering statues of U.S presidents a home. Today this ghostly sculpture collection sits on Hankins’s 400-acre family farm. Each bust stands about 20 feet high and weighs between 11,0000 to 20,000 pounds.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe33
Image: Jenn Brown

Moving each president from the park to the farm was no easy task. The move left the busts with cracked skulls, broken noses and detrimental structural issues. As you could imagine, these crumbling sculptures are now quite an eerie sight to see. While the farm is not officially open to visitors, the temptation for some explorers is understandably too much to bear.

An Abandoned Communist Landmark

What we see here is the Bozludzha Monument located in central Bulgaria. The monument was constructed back in the 1970s and was once filled with mosaics honoring the Bulgarian Communist Party. Since the country transitioned to democracy, however, the building has remained abandoned.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe38
Image: Darmon Richte

The monument closed in 1989, leaving the building in the hands of the elements. After just a few years without maintenance, the UFO-shaped building began to naturally decay and its remaining mosaics are now withered and covered with graffiti. One of the only remaining mosaics is the communist hammer and sickle, that still hovers above the building’s disrepair.

Powerless Power Plant

Here we travel to a small neighborhood in Belgium known as Monceau-Sur Sambre where an abandoned power station still stands over the town. The power plant, constructed in 1921, was once the main source of energy for the area but is now left untouched.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe30
Image: Conde Nast Traveler

The plant was closed in 2007 following major protests from Greenpeace due to its heavy carbon dioxide emissions. Today, the building, although nonfunctioning, remains in view for locals and visitors alike. Inside, nature has already taken its toll in an almost poetic way as layers of green moss continue to engulf the massive stone structure.

Katrina’s Chapel

Here photographer Leland Kent has captured an abandoned chapel housed inside what was once Touro-Shakespeare nursing home. This forgotten building is located along the west bank of the Mississipi River in New Orleans, Louisiana and was built way back in 1932.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe32
Image: CNN Travel

It served as a nursing home for over 70 years. However, in 2005 it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Along with the rest of the building, the chapel has been neglected and left to deteriorate ever since. The pews have since been stolen and the stained glass windows have been removed.

Not So Magical Place

Nara Dreamland was built in 1961. It was largely inspired by Disneyland theme park in California and many of the attractions even directly mimicked the classic Disney rides. Sadly, however, due to a lack of visitors, Nara was forced to abandon its dreamland in 2006.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe52
Image: Business Insider

Now, all that is left is a creepy forgotten theme park that resembles more of a nightmare than a dreamland. The attractions and rides were left to rust and decay and are engulfed by vines and other vegetation that are slowly eating away at the once bright and lively structures.

Gym Class Has Been Cancelled

Belgian photographer Henk van Rensbergen captured this photo of a crumbling school gymnasium as part of his vast collection of photographs all dedicated to abandoned places. Although we don’t have the full story behind this particular photograph, the image speaks for itself.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe48
Image: Henk van Rensbergen

The floors have completely given out, the once bright yellow paint has begun to chip away and mold grows along the walls and ceiling. While it’s clear that this gym has been neglected for years, the photo almost echos with the sounds of the activities and games that once took place here.

Haunted Theater

This eerie image shows an abandoned old movie theater that has been long forgotten. Although this looks to be the perfect setting for a scary movie night still today, it’s clear that those seats have not been tampered with for a while now.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe49
Image: ABC News

While the chairs seem to be gathering dust, they all look strangely intact and just waiting to be discovered again. Meanwhile, the rest of this strange brick building has long been reclaimed by nature as vines peek in from outside and will surely soon envelope the whole theater.

Check-Out Time: 50 Years Ago

A few years ago, the BBC published an excellent article detailing the decrepit but once glamourous Varosha Beach Resort. The situation there is fascinating, creepy, and beautiful in its own eery way. The resort is located in Cyprus. Before 1974, the place was absolutely booming; tourism was flourishing, and the Varosha Beach was a hot spot for vacationers from Europe and the Middle East.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe27
Image: Horizon Times

But in 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus and began the occupation. When violence erupted in the northern part of the island (where Varosha is located), many inhabitants fled, leaving behind much of their lives, and, of course, a ton of abandoned infrastructure. Varosha Beach Resort was among the casualties of the crisis. Now, almost 50 years later, the resort still stands, but its halls and grounds are empty.

Ghost Station

Here we are taken inside the Canfranc International Train Station. This station was first opened in 1928 and acted as the centerpiece of a new rail line linking Spain and France and played a huge part in WWII. By 1970, the French abandoned the line, leaving it barely functioning and in disrepair.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe44
Image: The Daily Beast

Today, the building is still left in crumbles. The ceilings have fallen in due to the harsh winter weather and whatever the natural elements have not destroyed, human vandalism has taken care of. It has since become a Spanish tourist attraction and the local government does have plans to refurbish the station as a hotel as well as build a new train station right next to it.

School With Zero Attendance

In 1943, Booker T. Washington High School, in New Orleans, saw its first graduation class: one boy and eleven girls. In the pre-segregation period in the U.S., African American musicians were not allowed to play in many venues across the country, so many were forced to play at the high school. Despite the racist circumstances, the school auditorium became a vibrant cultural hub, welcoming New Orleans’s first black orchestra.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5.jpg
Image: CNN International

After the Civil Rights movement made headway in the fight against racist policies, segregation was officially abolished, and black students started being bused to other neighborhoods for school. By then, in the 1970s, the high school was already showing many signs of decay; mold in the bathrooms, graffiti on the walls, and a general lack of maintenance. The depreciation of the school continued and only got worse.

Abandoned Dreams and Ambitions

Wonderland Amusement Park, in Beijing, China, was never even completed. The blueprints were enthusiastically drawn up, the amusement park was projected to be the largest one in Asia. The vibe of the infrastructure there was similar to that of Disney Land. It had castle-like buildings all over the place and it featured a sprawling, towered outer wall, which further accentuated its medieval feel.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 11.jpg
Image: The Guardian

However, in 1998, due to financial problems experienced by local officials, the construction project came screeching to an abrupt halt. Ten years later, hopes and ambitions for completing the park were renewed, but ultimately, nothing materialized and the second round of abandonment ensued. Hopes were finally laid to rest in 2013 when the remaining structures were demolished.

Radioactive Neighborhood Pool

The creepy place you see here is called the Azure Swimming Pool, located in Pripyat, Ukraine. It is among the many casualties that suffered from the Chernobyl disaster. Let’s do a really quick history recap. In 1986, a nuclear reactor at a plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine (formerly in the Soviet Union), overheated and there was a meltdown. Consequently, the entire surrounding area was affected by radioactive fallout.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4.jpg
Image: stone and dust

The whole region was evacuated. In subsequent years, the Azure Swimming Pool was sometimes used by liquidators, i.e. the governmental crews that were charged with cleaning up the fallout. As of today, the Chernobyl area is still heavily affected by nuclear waste, but the pool is actually one of the cleanest places in Pripyat. Ultimately, cleanup efforts were moderately successful at best, and the pool remains abandoned today.

Aborted Vacation Resort

The Sanzhi UFO houses, also known as Sanzhi Pod City, is an abandoned project located in Taiwan. The story here is pretty creepy. The place was designed primarily to cater to American soldiers that were posted at different spots in Asia. It was planned as a vacation resort, and the rooms there featured a unique pod-like style.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 8.jpg

In 1980, however, the construction endeavor ran into some serious financial snafus and saw a chain of unexpected tragic incidents. A dark shadow was subsequently cast on the project. Also, some people argued that the construction grounds were a burial site for Deutch soldiers. Anyway, here we have all the elements for a truly haunted and ultra-creepy abandoned spot!

Some Castles Meet Their Fate

It’s certainly not the case that if you’re scary, you can’t be beautiful. Château Miranda, located in Belgium, for sure falls into this category. Construction of the castle commenced in 1866. The original architect passed away before construction was completed, but the project was finished in 1907. It was home to the De Beaufort family who left their previous home (in France) during the French Revolution.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is A-World-Left-Untouched-Beautiful-Abandoned-Locations-From-Around-the-Globe43.jpg
Image: We Heart It

Since then it changed hands another couple of times. The chateau is huge and so are the grounds, so the upkeep costs are astronomical. Due to this, the different people who took ownership of the property simply could not afford to stay there and maintain the place. Since 1991, it has been abandoned, and in 2017, the castle was finally demolished. Since then, the huge castle stood empty, like one great big haunted house.

Airport Left Uneasy

Hellenikon airport is the abandoned airport in Athens, Greece. It was originally the main airport but was downgraded when a more modern airport was built for the 2004 Olympics. It is hard to imagine it as a functioning airport when we see it in this state, completely wrecked.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 20
Image: Architectural Digest

This one feels a little less creepy, maybe because it is really well lit. Regardless, it may be getting brought back to life, reincarnated as a megacomplex. But there have already been attempts in the past, and many plans to reinvent the property have failed to come to life. So stay tuned!

Unkept Slides

When we think of theme parks, we generally think of childhood memories full of fun in the sun. But have you ever been to an abandoned theme park? Because abandoned theme parks are places of nightmares. Maybe it is because of the dark tunnels, or clown faces, but once there are no kids in sight, these places go from fun to freaky really quickly.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 11
Image: Photorator

There are abandoned theme parks all over the world. Many of which have become popular spots for tourists or locals to explore. We think that the thrill has gone from riding the rides and the thrill of speed, to climbing the old rides and the thrill of a place that seems haunted or just lifeless.

Haunted Hotel Room

Over the years of Hollywood cinema, hotel rooms have become the location of many romantic scenes but also some creepy scenes in movies too. This hotel room with peeling paint falling from the roof, an unmade bed, and an abandoned stroller has definitely started to give us questionable vibes.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 13
Image: Bored Panda

Was this the scene of an emergency evacuation that was never returned to? Was this the location of a crime? We almost don’t want to know what went on here. But one thing is for sure, regardless of some of the decay, this room has remained quite intact with the matching pink wallpaper and bed linen.

Creepy Control Room

This industrial control room looks like it was left in a hurry. With all of the doors open and things that are thrown on the floor, it definitely wasn’t just left as it was. Either someone tried to get out quick and opened every door to close every button or someone was looking for something in a hurry and didn’t care about making a mess.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 14
Image: Flickr / Martin Kriebernegg

Either way, this control room definitely feels forgotten. We wonder if there are still machines that could just be switched on and continue as if no time has passed. The real question is how long will places like this sit there for before someone either brings it back to life or completely demolishes it.

Horrible Kind Of Hospital

The eeriness and quiet ooze out of this photo. We feel like we can get a sense of the space, just from the picture. This hospital seemed like it would have been creepy even before it was abandoned. And now that it is abandoned, it takes it to another level. We wouldn’t want to wander alone in this space!

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 17
Image: Flickr / A_Peach

And we think it is fair to say that that bed looks pretty awful to sleep on. It even looks like it was bent during maybe a struggle with a patient, or maybe it’s just been pushed around. Anyway, it’s definitely not the conditions that we are interested in. We think one is better left to lie.

Just an Eerie Restaurant

First things first, yes, this is a restaurant, not an airport. We are just as shocked by this revelation considering the two real planes on the property. It turns out they are seating at the restaurant. It is located just outside the city center of Villamarzana in Italy, the Michelangelo da Vinci Restaurant Pizzeria.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 24
Image: Imgur / Snappinessss

The bizarre design of the restaurant was actually intended to provide elderly Italians an opportunity to board a plane – a lot of the population who never had. But in 2014, after ongoing legal battles with local government about zoning violations, the Michelangelo da Vinci Restaurant closed. Considering the size of the planes, they have just been left untouched! We want to go check it out and explore the old planes.

A Mess of Monitors

We’re being honest when we say that we’re not quite sure what this space was used for. Clearly a room for monitors, or a control room of some sort. But nonetheless, it has definitely been left as it was and has not been touched since. This makes for an eerie, apocalyptic feel.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 12
Image: Evensi / Perrine Fliex I

The floors are covered in papers and parts of the roof have clearly fallen to the ground. It is unlucky that the windows were obviously left open, which allows birds and other animals to get in. This control room is now completely covered in what also looks like bird poo. We wouldn’t want to help clean this mess up!

Untouched Spa

What would have once been a gorgeous ancient spa bath, now looks like a big ancient trash bin. This pool is a part of the once-pristine Băile Neptun resort, where Roman god Hercules and Austrian royalty reportedly once visited. But now we can see that it has not been touched in years.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 4
Image: Danu Alex

The resort is located in Băile Herculane in Romania. It took years to be completed and was built over time between 1883 and 1886. It is such a shame that it is not being used for anything. But maybe that is half of its current beauty. That it hasn’t been touched and is now just a memory of the past might be part of its charm.

Passenger Free Plane

Did you know that places that have parked retired airplanes are called aircraft graveyards? We just found that out and we don’t know how we feel about it! Even the name of this place is creepy and starts us off with a bit of an eerie feeling. This is a Russian plane graveyard, at Ugolny Aiport in Siberia.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 10
Image: The Travel

But what makes this place even more unsettling is the weather at Ugolny Airport, which is generally windy with grey skies. The Soviet military kept their Tu-22M Backfires and Tupolev Tu-95 Bears here. But they were never really used properly.

Evacuated Cinema

This cinema theatre is one of the least well kept abandoned locations in our collection. Not only has the paint peeled off the walls, but panels from the roof have also fallen to the floor. And not to mention, the room is covered in a lot of trash. It almost seems like someone has taken out their anger with a baseball bat in the room… but it’s hard to say for sure.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 16
Image: Flickr / Martin Kriebernegg

We would not want to be in this space alone! It has an eerie and unsettling feeling in the room, and you can feel it through the photo. It would be the perfect location for a Hollywood horror movie. Maybe we will see it soon as a set for the next new release.

Ditched Dentist Room

The dentist is a place that we have all dreaded going to for as long as we can remember. It’s like a global general consensus. But this dentist’s office takes this fear to another level. The eerie grey room is somewhere that we hope we never end up, thank god is it clearly no longer in use.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 15
Image: Flickr / Martin Kriebernegg

The dust and dirt that cover the floor has flown in through the open window, which also lets the sunlight into this otherwise dark room. We wonder what this space will eventually turn into, one thing is for sure, the dentist’s chair has got to go!

Shop Till You Flop

This abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok has completely transformed into an aquarium as thousands of fish find shelter within its walls. The mall was built in the 1980s but due to permit issues, it only made it to 1997 before shutting down. After closing, a fire in 1999 destroyed the roof of the building, leaving it vulnerable to natural elements, in particular during Bangkok’s rainy season.

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 43
Image: Olga Saliy Photography

The mall’s lower floor soon flooded, attracting mosquitos and other insects. In response, locals decided to breed freshwater Catfish and Koi fish to feed on them. Although the area is dangerous for humans, some photographers just can’t help but seek out this bizarre and mysterious image to share with the world.

Chilling Game Room

We’re not quite sure where this game room is located, but we wish we did. The abandoned games room definitely looks worth exploring. Creepy but cool to explore. Maybe some of the arcade games even still work. You never know, they could be worth a lot of money these days!

A World Left Untouched Beautiful Abandoned Locations From Around the Globe 25
Image: VCVTY

It’s hard to imagine a playful space, less than playful and more creepy. But we can see this here in this space! We want to know why these games were just left to sit and gather dust, and if someone plans to repurpose the space or just let it continue to remain untouched.