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After Discovering His Hidden Talent, This Little Hound Is Taking Instagram by Storm, One Adorable Photo at a Time

When owners, Paul Lavery and Jen Scott first brought home their adorable hound named Harlso five years ago, they felt it was “love at first sight.”. There was definitely something special about this pup however, they could not have guessed that their dear Harlso would end up being such a huge internet sensation.

Image: Instagram / Harlso The Balancing Hound

Amazingly and very randomly, the little hound has discovered his exceptional ability to balance any random object on his head. What’s more, he manages to look impossibly cute in any situation. Understandably, he’s now breaking the internet and melting hearts, one photo at a time. So let’s find out how this whole balancing act came about.

No Ordinary Hound

From the offset, it was clear that Harlso was no ordinary pooch. For starters, he had no time for basic dog tricks. While he was always adorable, he clearly didn’t see the point in entertaining humans by learning to “sit, lie down or roll.” We can totally understand.

Image: Instagram / Harlso The Balancing Hound

That’s because Harlso had had far more interesting tricks up his sleeves. It was only when he turned two, that his owner Paul stumbled upon his true talent, by accident. For a random joke, Paul decided to balance a chicken toy on Harlso’s head. To Paul’s amazement, Harlso took this as a challenge. Instead of moving around or fidgeting, his curious pup just “sat there looking really still” like a statue. He stared up in awe at the toy and was careful not to let the toy fall on the floor.

His Hidden Talent

Paul was blown away. His first instinct was to call his partner Jen Scott straight away. He exclaimed, “Jen! Harlso has a hidden talent!” Jen rushed over in a flash and she was just as taken aback. While they were impressed, there was just one more burning question on the tip of their tongues. Was this a one-time thing, or could he wow them again with his balancing act?

Image: Instagram / Harlso The Balancing Hound

So, the couple started to experiment with other random objects and props; from avocadoes or fruit to cups of water or bouncy balls. Sure enough, Harlso proved he was up to any challenge. He sat down like a statue, focused on balancing a variety of objects, while still managing to look adorable. Soon enough, Paul and Jen realized they had stumbled on something huge and couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

A Viral Sensation

So Paul did what any proud dog owner would do, he created an Instagram account for “Harlso the balancing hound.” Harlso still continues to amaze his owners in every photo, proving he “can balance almost anything” on his head. He’s now known as the “King of Balancing” and has made an art out of his talent. The best part is that Harlso is now the proud owner of over 300 bow ties, which can be color coordinated to match any object he’s holding. Some of his most popular balancing acts range from Starbucks cups to pizza slices, corn on the cobs, or towers of doughnuts.

Image: Instagram / Harlso The Balancing Hound

While Paul expected to capture the attention of friends and family, Harlso’s talents soon attracted the affection of strangers across the world. Now the pup has more followers than Paul could have ever imagined, over 100K. Harlso can now regularly be spotted making TV appearances and even has his own calendar. Not only that but he also now holds a Guinness World Record and has accolades like the 2019 Irish Social Media Personality of the Year Award to his name. So, while Harlso is now enjoying his time in the spotlight, we’re sure the sky’s the limit for this balancing hound!