After Three Women Found out They Were Dating the Same Guy, They Had the Most Perfect Reaction

Thu Jul 29 2021

Dating can be hard at any age it seems, according to these three young women. They found themselves all going out with the same person and without trying to, ended up forming an extremely close bond. These ladies are proof of the saying, “living well is the best revenge.”

Because that’s exactly what they did – only they did it all together instead. Take a look at the fascinating situation that Abi, Bekah, and Morgan found themselves in. We’re diving into just how these gorgeous women realized they had the same boyfriend, got in touch with one another, and what they decided to do together after.

Morgan Tabor Had a Feeling That Something Wasn’t Right

It all started when one girl listened to her gut that something wasn’t right with the guy she was seeing. Morgan, pictured, had noticed a lot of girls commenting on his social media posts. “I had this uneasy feeling that I couldn’t shake, so I looked up one of the girls’ names on Instagram,” Morgan explained.

It turns out she was right about her hunches: “Almost all of the photos on this girl’s page showed her with this guy who I’d thought was my boyfriend.” Morgan was in shock and felt terribly betrayed. “I have no words to describe the feeling I had when seeing the photo of him with another girl. I thought I was going to marry this guy. We had talked about houses and what our marriage would be like.”

Contacting the Other Woman, Abi Roberts, and Telling Her the Truth

Morgan didn’t just leave it there. She decided to get in touch with the girl and let her know he’d been two-timing them. “When Morgan contacted me, it was the most insane feeling ever,” Abi (pictured) confessed. “This guy had literally slept at my house the night before, kissed me goodbye, and said he was driving back to Boise [in Utah] to visit his family.” Morgan lived next door to his family house in Boise, and that’s really where he was heading.

In a twist of bad luck, the cheating boyfriend turned up at Morgan’s house shortly after Abi was informed. Morgan was in the middle of a lengthy video chat with Abi when she answered the door. “We were talking, and I suddenly heard his car outside and he came to the door with flowers,” Morgan stated.

He Turns Up During Their Video Call and Gets a Rude Awakening

“Hey, look here,” Morgan, pictured, told him at her doorstep while holding up the live video of Abi on her phone. “I’ve made some new friends.” Looking back, she admits that “Watching his face drop when he saw who I was talking to on FaceTime was the most cinematic moment ever.”

His response surprised his supposed girlfriends. He tried to convince them then and there that there was nothing wrong with dating more than one person, but it landed on deaf ears. After all, he had told the girls – both of which he had been dating for months – that they were seeing each other exclusively.

There Were Even More Girlfriends, and One of Them Was Bekah King

“After he left, we did some more research,” Morgan explained. And they couldn’t believe what they uncovered: “We found at least six women he’d been seeing.” Luckily, they decided to let all the other girls know about who they were really dating, and one of those girls was Bekah, pictured here.

“I was as shocked as anyone to find out what he’d been up to,” Bekah stated. “Just two hours after he’d been confronted by Morgan and Abi and told them he was going to become a changed man, he was messaging me, asking to hang out.” And it wasn’t long before they all realized that he had been talking about a future with all of them!

What Started out as Mutual Support Soon Turned Into Real Friendship

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that all three of them were finished with him. But they had each been hurt, and in the following months ended up acting as a support system for one another. “We did a lot of trauma processing and memory sharing, and it was obvious that we were all really cool, fun people who had a lot in common.”

“Right away, we became good friends,” Abi admitted. They felt a strong connection to one another, and it wasn’t long before they decided to meet up at Abi’s house – all three of them. Unsurprisingly, they got on like a house on fire in person, too.

He Had Dreams of Travelling in a VW Bus…

During that meet-up, the girls had a lightbulb moment. “This guy had told each of us that it was his dream to pick up a VW bus and travel around the country in it,” Abi recalled. “We were sitting around laughing and talking about the van life that weekend, and pretty soon we thought, ‘Hey, we can do this.’”

“We all had a free summer coming up, and I knew a guy who could sell me an old bus,” Morgan added, with Bekah pitching in to explain: “Since we’d all worked really hard and had saved some money, we decided, ‘Why not?’” Amazingly, they pooled their money together and bought an old bright green school bus, which Bekah’s parents allowed them to keep at their place for a while!

They Made a Big Decision and Committed To It

The bus was in no state for them to travel in the way it was, and they decided that they’d each work at renovating it. It was at Bekah’s parent’s house, but the girls met up every weekend to start whipping the bus into shape. And so began their epic sisterhood bus renovation journey! And it was only the start of the adventures together.

And the funny thing is, none of them had experience doing something like this before. They took to Youtube to try and get some tips, and otherwise looked to their dads for some advice. But this was their project, and there’s alone to build up to standard.

They Sketched Up a Plan For the Perfect Travel Bus

First thing’s first, Morgan, Abi, and Bekah needed to come up with a plan of how best to tackle the interior. The bus was full of seats, which would need to be stripped. Then, they wanted to put a new floor in, as the current was old and filthy. It had been a bus after all!

The girls sketched out exactly how they saw the bus looking from then on. They decided on bunk beds to save space, and they knew they would need a lot of storage space to hold all their traveling gear. Aside from that, they wanted a small kitchen area and couch that could also be turned into a pull-out bed. For three young and inexperienced women, this was one hell of an undertaking.

Making Room By Stripping Out the Insides

Now that they had their plan together, they needed to put in the work and execute it. In this photo, Bekah’s getting busy stripping the old floor. But even that wasn’t easy for them, with Abi calling out at the time “I’m gonna get a sliver in my a** I just know it.” Presumably, she was worried about shrapnel from ripping the floor apart.

But they stuck with it and after a few days, managed to take out all the seats and flooring. They also had time in the evenings during the week to work on the bus, but the bulk of the work was done on the weekends together. “Manual labor has never had us smiling more,” they joked on Instagram.

Giving the Bus a Fresh Lick of Paint

Next, they wanted to repaint the interior of the bus. This was a nice change from the physical labor that came with taking the floors and seats out. As we can see, all three of them helped give the old school bus a fresh lick of paint. And that included the ceiling.

The ceiling and walls had originally been a sage green color that was similar to the color of the bus’ exterior. Morgan, Abi, and Beka wanted to paint the ceiling white in order to let in as much natural light as possible. It would also help the bus feel less short and cramped.

The Floors Are Down But There’s Still Lots To Do

Before long, they laid down their brand new floors and the bus really looked like it was coming together. “We have a floor!” they exclaimed excitedly on Instagram, which meant they could now get on with another crucial part of the renovations. It was time to get some furniture built!

It also meant that they could move in some other important stuff like the cooler Morgan is sitting in. This project would have been considerably more expensive had the girls not chosen to do the work themselves, even if they were total newbies when it came to renovating.

Youtube Gave Them Everything They Needed To Know

Their DIYing included building all the furniture we saw earlier in their blueprint. From the bunk beds to the sofa, Morgan, Abi, and Bekah were going to learn how to use power tools for the first time. The girls had tentatively decided on mid-June 2021 as the start of their travels, so they knew they were on a time crunch.

That’s probably why they carried on working until it was dark outside, as we can see in the photo on the right. “We watched a few YouTube videos, but a majority of it was pretty straightforward,” Morgan later stated. It’s amazing to think that all the girls had was internet access and a will to see this thing through.

They Gave Their Bus a New Name That Has a Piece of Each of Them

Soon enough the girls were on to building other furniture items, like their kitchen countertop. By now the girls had acquired a bunch of new Instagram followers on their joint account, which they called The BAM Bus. The word BAM contains the capital letter from each of their names.

They informed their followers what they’d been up to lately: “We partially built a counter… Painted an area for people to sign their names when they visit… Abi sanded the roof… Washed the roof (lots of dirt up there)” and finally “Painted a heat and noise reduction coat on the roof.” They certainly were getting their hands dirty.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Take a look at how good of a job these girls did with building the furniture! The place was really starting to come together and look like a super comfortable travel bus. Best of all, there was bed space for more than just three of them, so friends could come along with them too.

“A lot has changed in here the last few days. We have beds ! ! !” they wrote on Instagram. “We’ve got a couch, her name is Pamela ! She was a beast to put together but Abi really came in clutch and figured it out.” Everyone was pulling their weight, and they worked together like a dream.

Bekah’s Dad Didn’t Mind Lending a Helping Hand

There was one area where the girls needed an extra helping hand. Bekah’s dad was more familiar with construction work, having built things here and there around their family home. When it came to framing the interior space, they thought it was best they had his expertise on it.

They wrote on Instagram: “Bekah’s dad and my dad helped us with the framing, but beyond that, we built the rest of it.” The fact that they had been doing everything else on their own was a mighty accomplishment. But they were growing increasingly excited and impatient to finally be on the road!

Finishing Touches To Make Their Travel Bus Homey

When all the building work was finished, it was time for the fun part – decorating. They were sure to add homey touches to their van like a bookshelf, potted plants, and macrame hangers. They kept the color palette relatively neutral with pops of color here and there.

Finally, there was some paperwork to do. “We got the title, worked out an insurance plan, drove the bus to Caldwell, registered it (we are officially a “motorhome!”), made a big Amazon purchase (oof),” they listed out to their followers. “Meanwhile, Morgan and Abi are moving out this weekend…” That’s it! It’s official!

They Had Accomplished Something Worth Celebrating

Morgan, Abi, and Bekah had accrued thousands of followers during the two and a half months it took them to renovate their school bus. But before they were going to embark on their summer travels, they wanted to celebrate with their new online friends.

“We wanna celebrate with all of you!” they told everyone. “If you’re around Boise on the 21st (or wanna take a little road trip) you can stop by and party with us! We’re so lucky to have such supportive, awesome friends and we’d love to see all of you before we get on the road. Bring friends and something to eat and see you there!”

The Ex-Boyfriend Had Something To Say

News of their story had reached The Washington Post, and the newspaper got in touch with the guy that cheated on them for a comment. He agreed to speak as long as they kept his identity a secret, and picked up the phone to a journalist. “There are two sides to everything,” he told them.

He continued: “But I think the best thing right now is to say nothing.” He finished the brief conversation with, “I really don’t want anything to do with them anymore.” This is funny because they’re the ones that dumped him. Despite what he did to the three girls, they also asked for his name to be held back by publications. They didn’t want him to get dragged through the mud and wanted to focus instead on the beautiful thing that came out of that situation.

They Were Finally on the Road and Living Their Best Lives

“2 and a half months later and we have a tiny home on wheels,” they wrote on Instagram. The day to start traveling was finally here, and their first stop was going to be Idaho City. All three of them were extremely excited, and couldn’t be happier to have crossed paths in life.

“We wanted to live this dream and we found our group of adventurers,” Morgan told a publication. “Having that from the beginning, something that we could overcome, helped a lot. We were living our dream. It was something very necessary in a very hard time.”