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This Agency Gives Older Models the Spotlight & Prove That Age Doesn’t Define Beauty

Who said beauty had a single definition? Oldushka, a Russian modeling agency, fights against the notion that the media decides who’s beautiful. They specifically hire the elderly to prove that age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to beauty.



Much of how people view beauty is a result of the fashion industry’s prominent influence. Modeling agencies, magazines, clothing lines, and brands, all create a narrow list of criterion to fit their version of beauty. One year the hourglass figure is in, and next year emaciated bodies appear on advertisements everywhere. It’s hard to keep up, especially since the beauty “rules” are always changing.

We tend to forget there’s a wide variety of different types of beauty, and they don’t rely on what a magazine is publishing at the moment. People are thick, thin, old, young, dark, and light. It would be crazy to believe that the particular types of people in the media are the only people who can turn heads on the street.

Oldushka is a modeling agency with a mission. The Moscow based modeling agency aims to expose the truth; everyone is beautiful. They specifically shine the spotlight on the elderly. With botox and plastic surgery on the rise, being old is perceived as being ugly. Young adults fear the most natural of all processes; aging. What they don’t know is that old is beautiful too, and Oldushka’s models are living proof of the fact.