Alicia Silverstone’s Unique Parenting Methods Have Got Everyone Talking

Fri Feb 04 2022

Alicia Silverstone is the kind of all-American actress we can’t help but love. She rose to fame thanks to her iconic role in the 1995 classic, Clueless, and since then she’s maintained her place within the limelight. But while everyone knows her as an actress, did you know that she’s also a mom and an author of parenting books? In fact, she welcomed her son Bear Blu Jarecki in 2011.

Since becoming a mom, Alicia Silverstone has pushed back against the notion of “normal” parenting. She even knows that people think she’s a “freak” for the way that she raises her child, but she’s more than happy for people to think that – as she is convinced that her alternative parenting techniques work for her and her family. So, what are Alicia Silverstone’s controversial rules, and why are they raising so many eyebrows?

Alicia Feeds Her Son Pre-Chewed Food Like a Baby Bird

When children are weaned onto solid food, it can be a difficult process for parents. Some thrive, while others struggle – but ultimately every family finds something that works for them. For Alicia, what worked for her and her son was pre-chewing the food in her own mouth before passing it into Bear’s mouth. She controversially uploaded a video of her doing this in 2012.

Apparently, Bear loved this regurgitation method so much that he “crawls across the room to attack her” when he saw that his mom had food, and Alicia loved it too. She confessed that “I can understand that it would make some people feel uncomfortable, possibly, because it’s all new to them. But I do want to let you know that this has been going on for thousands of years – still going on all over the place – and it’s natural.”

The Actress Doesn’t Give Her Son Any Modern Medicine

When it comes to modern medicine, Alicia Silverstone isn’t a fan. She’s actually the co-founder of an organic, vegan supplement and vitamin range, and she prefers to keep things natural in her household. This also extends to her son, and in 2002 she confessed that her son has not “needed any kind of medical intervention” and “never needed antibiotics in nine years.”

Bear is reportedly “such an example of health” and rarely gets ill. Alicia told Good Housekeeping that “He can get sniffles and a running nose but he’s not down, he still goes to school. Two times in his life has he been like ‘Mummy I don’t feel good,’ and it was only for a few hours and he was back running around.”

The Actress Doesn’t Let Her Child Conform to Gender Norms

Over the years, Alicia’s Instagram comments sections have been full of messages from strangers telling her to cut her son’s hair. Countless people have told her that Bear looked like a girl and that he didn’t look like a boy. Alicia definitely didn’t appreciate these comments, and in September 2020 she explained her own thoughts about Bear’s locks.

She wrote that “He’s beautiful and we love his hair! We would never impose any social ideas about what hair on a boy or a girl should look like. We should all try to embrace our children and who they choose to be without any judgment.” Although many people still criticized her after this, she’s also been praised by her fans for speaking out about these outdated gender norms.

Alicia Still Takes Baths With Her 10-Year-Old Son

It’s not unusual for parents to get in the bath with their children when they’re babies or toddlers. In fact, most parents have done it at some point or another. But Alicia Silverstone found herself facing questions in May 2020 when she told The New York Times that she still bathed with her son. He was nine years old at the time.

She told the publication, “My son and I take baths together, and when he’s not with me, I take a bath and that really feels nourishing and comforting.” Her comments sparked controversy across the world, with many readers of the belief that her son was way too old to be sharing a bath with his mom. But it’s something that works for them.

She Doesn’t Use Any Form of Discipline on Her Child

Many parents utilize various forms of discipline to keep their children in line, and for some, this involves shouting or time-outs. Alicia Silverstone doesn’t think that’s very conducive to a happy and healthy child, though. Because of this, she doesn’t use any form of discipline on Bear, and she’s never experienced any problems with his behavior.

Alicia told Us Weekly that loud discipline has never quite felt right to her. She noted that “All I have to do is say, ‘Oh, Bear, no thank you,’ and he goes ‘Ok, mom.’ He got it. We just can talk like that because he’s not feeling crazy. When they feel bad, when they eat unhealthy food and they don’t feel good, then they don’t act good. Same as us.”

Alicia Doesn’t Believe in the ”Cry It Out” Method

A crying child can break a parents’ heart. Many people immediately feel like they should see their baby to soothe them and to calm them down – but they often stop themselves in their tracks. Instead, they decide to let their children “cry it out” so that the child can learn that their cries can’t always be answered. Alicia isn’t the same, though.

Alicia doesn’t believe in letting your child cry and cry until they eventually stop themselves. She’s noted that “If you let your kids cry it out or self-soothe, you’re hurting your parent-child relationship. So the baby misses out on the trust-building that’s crucial in infant development.” So, when Bear cried when he was younger, she would immediately run to his aid.

The Actress Won’t Let Any Animal Product in Their House

One thing you might not know about Alicia Silverstone is that she’s vegan. As an animal rights and environmental advocate, her reasons for being vegan are mostly ethical – but she also thinks a plant-based lifestyle is the healthiest lifestyle you can have. That’s why 10-year-old Bear has been vegan since birth.

The young boy’s fully vegan diet has come under fire over the years, with many critics suggesting that vegan diets can be dangerous for growing children. Alicia doesn’t agree, though. The actress told People that Bear loves being vegan and that “He’s not being deprived of anything. For him, having amazing fruit is like candy.”

She Believes That Vaccinations Can Have Harmful Effects

When it comes to vaccinations, celebrities rarely speak their minds for fear of being the subject of controversy. In Alicia Silverstone’s case, though, she’s made her thoughts pretty clear. She wrote all about vaccinations in her parenting book and has stated that she believes vaccinations can have harmful effects. Considering this stance, it’s assumed that Bear hasn’t had as many vaccinations as his peers.

In this book, Alicia wrote, “There has not been a conclusive study of the negative effects of such a rigorous one-size-fits-all, shoot-’em-up schedule. There is increasing anecdotal evidence from doctors who have gotten distressed phone calls from parents claiming their child was “never the same” after receiving a vaccination. And I personally have friends whose babies were drastically affected in this way.”

Alicia Believes It’s Neglectful to Have a Baby Sleep in a Crib

The concept of co-sleeping is as simple as it sounds. It’s the practice of young children and parents sleeping in the same bed – but it’s proved to be controversial over the years. But while many people believe the concept to be extremely dangerous, Alicia Silverstone is all for it. In fact, she thinks anything else is extremely neglectful.

Alicia is a huge advocate for co-sleeping, and has described that a baby in a crib is like being in a “barred-in box completely alone.” She’s suggested that it’s “tantamount to child neglect” as she believes that parents and their children should be together at all times, rather than separated.

The Actress Maintains a Mostly Tech-Free Home

In today’s day and age, young children have phones, tablets, video games consoles, and many other tech products. While this works for some families, Alicia has made it very clear that she doesn’t want her son to have too much screen time. In fact, she maintains a mostly tech-free home so that they can be present at all times.

She’s noted that “Bear and I have never experienced boredom. When he’s at my house, there’s no media. We’ll watch a movie maybe once a week as a special treat, but he’s not on iPads or any electronics; he’s just with me. We walk the dogs every day, we trampoline, we jump rope. In the beginning, I would trick him into thinking we were playing, but really he was just helping me get exercise. “

The Actress Is a Firm Believer in Breastfeeding

Although the world is slowly but surely coming around to the idea that a fed child is the best child, it’s long been suggested that breastfeeding is best. And in Alicia’s eyes, she agrees. The actress is a firm believer in breastfeeding and believes it was a hugely important time for her son’s development – and their bond as mother and son.

While Alicia understands that the world can be judgmental of mothers breastfeeding in public, she’s stated that “there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to give their babies the most amazing start in life with clean, mean, glorious breastmilk. And because we are a community of beautiful souls who recognize the importance of food as health, I say we help support those mamas and babies who need a hand during one of the most important times in their lives.” Of course, these claims have come under fire.

Alicia Won’t Allow Diapers in Her House – Disposable or Not

Alicia Silverstone is extremely passionate about the parenting methods that she believes in, and perhaps one of her most controversial is her decision not to allow diapers into her house. She won’t allow either disposable or eco-friendly reusable diapers, as she believes that the whole concept is “fueled by corporate-backed pseudoscience.”

To be more specific, Alicia doesn’t even think diapers are necessary. She is of the opinion that babies are “much more content leaving their business in the grass than having to sleep and eat accompanied by their own pee and poo.” As you can imagine, her fans and critics have had a lot to say about this.

The Actress Is All About the Elimination Method for Toilet Training

Successfully toilet training your child can take years, and most parents choose to go at their own pace. Of course, Alicia doesn’t follow traditional parenting rules – which is why she instead followed the Elimination Method when it came to toilet training her son Bear Blu. In fact, Silverstone claims that he was completely toilet trained by the time he was just six months old.

The Elimination Method is all about communication and learning to read your baby’s signals. The aim is to be able to tune into your baby’s cues for when they need to do their business, so instead of letting them soil themselves, you hold them over the potty instead. Apparently, it worked wonders for Alicia.

Alicia Outright Refused to Use a Stroller for Her Baby

If you search the internet trying to find a picture of Alicia Silverstone pushing a stroller, you won’t find one. That’s because Alicia doesn’t agree with them, and she outright refused to use a stroller when Bear was a baby. In her eyes, strollers simply create a detachment between the parent and child – something she didn’t want to happen during her own parenting journey.

As a keen supporter of attachment parenting, Alicia believes firmly that skin-to-skin contact is one of the most important things for parents and children to have. This reportedly strengthens bonds and forms attachments, which is why she would always either carry Bear in her arms when he was younger or wear a sling around her body.

She’s Teaching Her Son to Question Everything People Tell Him

Alicia Silverstone has made a name for herself as someone who goes against the grain, and it seems as though she’s now teaching her son Bear to do the same. She’s noted that “He’s learning to really question everything” and that she’s told him “don’t believe what they tell you.”

Alicia doesn’t want her son to feel like a sheep, and he “sees his momma not necessarily doing what the masses are doing and really questioning things, really thinking about things and looking at things through a magnifying glass, and trying to create peace for everyone. But his dad lives very differently, so he gets to have the whole picture. He can pick and choose and be who he wants to be. I love the idea of not imprinting on him.”

She Won’t Allow Any Dairy Products in Her Home

While many parents give their children a glass of milk before bed or some ice cream as a treat, Bear Blu has never had any form of dairy product in his life. That’s because Alicia won’t allow any dairy product in her home, as she believes that it’s incredibly toxic and should be avoided at all costs.

The actress believes that the health and happiness of her son is proof that children don’t need to eat dairy to thrive, but many people have found her comments to be incredibly controversial. Many even wonder whether Bear will continue to live in such a way when he’s older, and away from the confines of his mother’s rules.

Alicia Believes a Healthy Lifestyle Results in Good Behavior

As someone who has a plant-based diet and regularly practices yoga, Alicia Silverstone has a healthy lifestyle, and she’s passed this down to her son. In her eyes, it’s this healthy lifestyle that keeps her son Bear so calm. She told People in January 2020 that “Because of the healthy lifestyle that we lead, he didn’t go through terrible twos or terrible threes.”

In her eyes, maintaining this good behavior comes from a healthy lifestyle. “The food I choose for myself and for him keeps us calm and centered. That is my parenting trick, that’s my tool. When I eat well, I sleep well, and then I can be really patient for each little morsel of his being. We only have so much time with these monkeys.” Considering Bear’s favorite food is kale, she seems to be onto something.

She Makes Sure to Spend as Much Time With Her Son as Possible

Although Alicia has set her own rules when it comes to raising her son, much of her ideas come from the theories within the attachment parenting style. The main aim of this is to form an irreplaceable bond between parent and child, and Alicia does this by spending as much time with her son as possible. In her words, her son “reminds [her] to be absolutely present, because [she doesn’t] want to miss a moment of him.”

Critics have suggested that too much time together could be smothering, but Alicia doesn’t see it that way. “It’s not some kind of spoiled thing. It’s just that when you love someone, you want to take them in and soak them in. And many of us didn’t get that. If he starts to cry, I listen. If he’s upset about something, I stop and I talk to him about it. You’d be surprised [at] how much [you notice] that other people don’t.”

Alicia Is All About Immersing Herself and Her Son in Nature’s Beauty

Despite the fact that Alicia comes from a world full of glitz and glamor, she has come to appreciate the natural world as she has gotten older. She not only appreciates the lives of animals, but she also appreciates the wonder of the world. Because of this, she regularly takes her son out to enjoy what nature has to offer.

When coronavirus lockdowns hit most of the world, Alicia spoke about what they used to get up to when they could leave the house. She said that “We would go on nature hikes and cook. We live in a beautiful home that’s humble and gorgeous and we love it. Being together is what we do no matter what. Prior to all of this, I had taken him to Bali, and we spent three weeks just running around Bali together — no electronics, just being together. And now, we just went to Alaska together.”

She’s Teaching Her Son to Be as Eco-Friendly as Possible

In today’s day and age, many parents are choosing to raise their children in a more eco-friendly manner – and they’re imparting this wisdom onto them so that they can grow up and help the planet. Alicia Silverstone is doing the same thing. Not only does she drive an electric car and eat vegan, but she also has solar panels and they grow their own fruit and veg.

The actress has noted that “In terms of teaching him about the world, and about animals, and about being a good citizen, I think he just is. That’s how we live…It’s just a part of his life. There’s nothing really to teach. He goes to play with animals, and he talks to chickens, and he hugs cows. That’s the experience he’s having with animals, so it’s natural that he doesn’t want to hurt them.”

Alicia Believes That Communicative Co-Parenting Is Crucial

Alicia welcomed Bear with her former husband, rock musician Christopher Jarecki. They were together since 1997, they got married in 2005, and then they had their son in 2011. However, the couple separated in 2018, and their divorce was finalized a few months later – throwing their family into disarray. Despite their separation, though, the couple works hard to co-parent their son.

Alicia believes that parents need to work extra hard to co-parent, for the sake of their kids. When talking about her current relationship with Jalecki, she confessed that “We’re so good at co-parenting with each other. We both see Bear unless I’m away shooting something where he can’t be there, but he usually comes with me anyway. We literally communicate every day.”

Alicia Isn’t in Charge… Her Son Is

Many parents rule the roost, but Alicia doesn’t see Bear as a child – she sees him as a tiny adult, which is why she makes sure that he is in charge of every choice that he makes. This was especially true when Bear decided that he wanted to cut his long hair in November 2020. In fact, Alicia was heartbroken.

She captioned a video of the haircut with: “I miss his hair!!!!! Was it his decision? Yes. Did I cry inside as I watched him get it cut? Maybe… but did I try to stop him? Not for one second. The reason he chose to keep it for as long as he did was because he loved it so much!!! He just wanted to try something new. Although I have a feeling he’ll find a way back to his long hair again in the future. No matter what though, I will always support my sweet, caring, and precious little boy in every decision he makes.”

The Actress Gets Consent From Her Son to Share Him on Social Media

Although Alicia Silverstone is very much a celebrity mom, she doesn’t consider herself to be one. She just sees herself as a proud mom who loves to show off her son online – but she makes sure that she is considerate when it comes to what she posts. As he’s gotten older, Alicia has started to ask her son if she can share his photos and videos online.

The actress loves to share her life and her parenting journey with her fans online, and she’s not one to hold back. Naturally, her open relationship with her son has raised many eyebrows, though. Being so raw and honest on social media has allowed even more people to question her methods and parenting techniques.

Alicia Is of the Opinion That Feminine Products Cause Infertility

Although Alicia Silverstone is very happy with her one child, she has noted that she would love the chance to have another child at some point in her life. But she does have some controversial thoughts when it comes to prospective mothers. In her opinion, feminine hygiene products can actually cause infertility in women.

She’s not only suggested that plant-based and sugar-free diets can help women get pregnant, but that “Unfortunately, feminine-care manufacturers aren’t required to tell you what’s in their products, which means that no one’s talking about the potential pesticide residues from non-organic cotton and the ‘fragrances’ containing hormone-upsetting, fertility-knocking phthalates.”

You Won’t Find Any Bananas in Alicia Silverstone’s House

When it comes to Bear Blu’s eating habits, we know by now that he’s perhaps one of the healthiest children out there. He’s completely plant-based and doesn’t eat any processed food, and he loves to eat fruit as a sugary snack – just as other kids would eat candy. However, there is one fruit item that Alicia Silverstone doesn’t like in her house.

The actress has dubbed bananas a “naughty treat” – but it’s not understood why she has something against this particular fruit. What we do know is that she doesn’t often let Bear have bananas, and tends to avoid buying them altogether. Thankfully, it seems as though her fruit and vegetable patches are so full of other organic produce that he probably doesn’t miss bananas too much.

The Actress Isn’t Against Kissing Her Son on the Lips

Celebrity parents like David and Victoria Beckham have often come under fire for continually kissing their children on the lips as they get older, but Alicia Silverstone doesn’t understand this backlash. She is a firm believer in showing your child affection whatever their age and has confessed that her son continues to kiss her on the lips today.

In fact, in 2018 Alicia noted that Bear had watched Clueless for the first time and learned something particularly memorable from the movie. She told Stephen Colbert that “The one thing he took away from [watching Clueless], aside from all the things I was worried about, was he kept trying to French kiss me afterward, which was very sweet. I just kept my mouth closed. That’s what I did. And I just giggled. It’s super sweet.”

She’s All About Taking Those Placenta Pills

After welcoming Bear back in 2011, Alicia Silverstone’s mind was opened up to a whole new world. She meticulously researched natural parenting techniques, and she was particularly interested in the chance to eat her own placenta. So, she had her placenta turned into pills – even though the CDC states that there are no measurable benefits and they should be avoided.

However, Alicia found them to be groundbreaking – and she even called them her “happy pills.” She wrote about these particular placenta pills in her book, stating that “It got to the point that my husband said, ‘Did you have your happy pills today?’ And I was really sad when they were gone. It really helped me.”

The Actress Won’t Buy Her Son Any Fast Fashion Clothes

As someone who loves the environment and someone who aims to make as little of a mark on the planet as possible, Alicia Silverstone makes every effort to live as eco-friendly as she can. This trickles down to her son, as the actress refuses to buy her son any clothes from the fast fashion industry. She only buys sustainable clothes.

Alongside this, she’s also a fan of upcycling and recycling old clothes. Not only did she swap with other parents when Bear was a baby, but as he’s gotten older she’s focused on buying strong, durable clothes that should last years. If they don’t and his jeans happen to get ripped, she’ll turn them into cut-off shorts instead!

Alicia Rejects the Claim That Vegan Children Are ”Weak”

Although she has received criticism over her opinions on the matter, Alicia Silverstone will always stand by the thought process that all children should be raised vegan. She’s raised Bear as a plant-based child since the day he was born, and she fully rejects the common claim that vegan children are “weak” and lacking essential nutrients.

Alicia even jokes about this claim. She told Us Weekly that “I always laugh, like, ‘Oh, my poor vegan baby, he’s so weak,’ because he’s jumping all over the place and he’s so wild. But there’s a calmness to him and a centeredness. He’s not off the charts.” All in all, she thinks other parents would benefit from raising their kids vegan.

She Loves the Fact That Her Son Doesn’t Want to Be an Actor

Many children of celebrities follow in the footsteps of their parents and become actors themselves, and it’s not uncommon for multiple generations to step into the spotlight. But things are going to be different for the Silverstone/Jarecki family because Bear has made it very clear to his mom that he doesn’t want to be an actor.

Alicia told Us Weekly that Bear had “so far, no [interest]” in acting. “He’s happy with doing a bunch of other things, so we’ll see. But right now, it’s not in his mind.” That doesn’t mean that Bear doesn’t love watching his mom at work, though. Alicia often takes Bear to her rehearsals, where he’s quite happy hanging out in her trailer during takes.

Alicia Focuses on Telling Bear What He Can Do, Not What He Can’t

We already know that Alicia Silverstone tries not to punish her son in the way that many other parents do, and this is largely because she focuses on what Bear can do, rather than what he’s not allowed to do. This puts a positive spin on parenting, and Alicia thinks that it creates a more wholesome bond between the parent and child.

So, instead of telling her son Bear that he should stop playing with the ball inside of the house, she would instead say something like “Balls are for outside. Inside, you can throw the stuffed animals into the bathtub.” By raising her son this way, she believes that he’s come to appreciate her authority, rather than resent it.

Alicia Believes Laughing Can Change Your Body’s Chemistry

Anyone who follows Alicia Silverstone on social media can tell that she absolutely loves being a mom and that she loves her son Bear so much. And while many critics wonder whether what we see online is actually what parenting is really like for this actress, Alicia claims that it is. She is always laughing with her son – and there’s a reason for that.

Alicia is of the opinion that laughing with your child every single day is the key to a successful and fulfilled child-parent relationship. That’s because she believes that laughter actually changes the body’s chemistry, by increasing the bonding hormones and decreasing the stress hormones. Because of this, she believes that laughter strengthens your relationship.

Alicia Always Takes Time Out of Her Parenting Day for Herself

It’s no secret that Alicia Silverstone loves spending time with her son more than anyone else. But while she could spend all day, every day with Bear, she actually forces herself to spend time away from him. She always takes the time out of her parenting day to focus on herself and to put herself at the top of her list for an hour or so.

This thought process suggests that you can only be emotionally generous and loving to those around you if you take care of yourself as well. And while it’s not possible for every parent around the globe, she thinks that getting enough sleep and monitoring your well-being will not only increase your own joy but will also rub off on your kids.

She’s Encouraging Her Son to Volunteer in the Community

As he’s been raised vegan from birth, Bear Blu Jarecki has always held animals and the environment in high esteem. He’s always treated them with respect and vowed to look after them, and he’s often lending a hand at animal sanctuaries to keep the animals safe. But this isn’t all he’s doing, as Alicia is encouraging his desire to volunteer further.

On her blog, Alicia wrote: “My young son, Bear, has done so much activism on his own. He started a stand at our community farmers’ market selling local oranges when he was quite small. He made an adorable messed up sign, used orange crates, and then donated the money he earned — his idea — to Farm Sanctuary.” She also noted that “He routinely cleans beaches wherever we go, on his own accord. I’m always so inspired when I see him on a mission.”

Alicia Believes That Your Body Allows You to Be a Good Parent

This actress is not about being “bogged down in the trendy parenting mandates” that seem to make their way around the world. Instead, she focuses on being as natural and unconventional as possible – and her main ideology is that to be a good parent your body needs to be in full health.

She has noted that “The better we nourish our bodies, the better they work. The better they work, the happier and healthier we feel. And the happier and healthier we feel, the happier and healthier our babies will be. Not only because their little bodies are working the biological magic they’re supposed to, but also because we mamas have the energy to be engaged and present.”

She’s Started Her Own Breastmilk Sharing Initiative

We already know that Alicia Silverstone believes that childhood should – wherever possible – be breastfed by their mothers. She believes it to be the healthiest and the most fulfilling way to feed a child, but she does understand that some people cannot go down this route. Because of this, she has started her very own breastmilk sharing initiative.

She launched the Kind Mama Milk Share movement, which allows lactating moms who have extra milk to share it with others. She’s incredibly proud of this initiative, stating that “We are a community of beautiful souls who recognize the importance of food as health, I say we help those who need a hand during one of the most important times in their lives.” However, many health experts have criticized the decision for lactating people to share their milk.

She Wants All Prospective Mamas to Avoid ”Toxic Sludge”

A huge portion of Alicia Silverstone’s parenting book is dedicated to those who are looking to expand their families but are finding themselves in the midst of struggle. In her eyes, getting pregnant and growing a healthy baby is all about what you put in your body, and avoiding “toxic sludge” that could affect your chances of getting pregnant.

In her eyes, this “toxic sludge” is meat, dairy, and processed foods. She’s noted that you should avoid having these food items anywhere near your uterus, as it’s a “baby house” that “needs maintenance.” She also added that: “You wouldn’t want to bring your baby into a junk-filled house with a leaky roof and backed-up plumbing, right?”

Alicia Believes That Junk Food Causes Post-Partum Depression

Alicia Silverstone has dubbed herself as a “Kind Mama” thanks to her parenting techniques – and the title of her book, The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a HealthierMore Beautiful Beginning. She also claims that those who follow her parenting advice will avoid post-partum depression.

In her eyes, mothers who eat more plants and avoid junk food and processed sugars will avoid post-partum depression. She wrote that “though it’s less common among kind mamas, some women experience the blues after giving birth. If you want to prevent crippling postpartum depression, just avoid eating certain foods, including processed sugars, which makes us feel unbalanced.”

Alicia Keeps Her Son up to Date on Her Dating Antics

Although Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki have seemingly mastered the art of co-parenting, it seems as though Alicia is still looking for another man in her life. She’s confirmed that she’s fully open to dating other people – and she regularly goes on dates looking for Mr. Right. Amazingly, she tells Bear about every date she goes on, to keep him in the loop.

Alicia believes it’s important to communicate with her son, as the dating world can be tough. She’s noted that “I go on dates, and I find it very fascinating meeting interesting, intelligent, different people. I’m super excited about being available and open to whatever’s next. Of course, there’s tons about it that’s confusing.”

She’s Looking for a Partner That Reminds Her of Her Son

Although Alicia Silverstone has confirmed that she’s ready for a new partner in her life and that she’s actively searching for one, she does have some pretty high standards. Alicia is waiting for the perfect man to come into her life, and has even stated that she’s looking for an “extraordinary unicorn.” And that has something to do with her son, Bear.

The actress spoke to Entertainment Tonight about this. She noted that “I think the main thing is wanting someone that’s really happy in their skin most of the time… someone solid. My son is extraordinary — I’m sure everyone feels that way about their kid — so it’s gotta be someone extraordinary to bring to play with him. I’m not taking it lightly… My heart is very open and I’m super happy with whatever’s meant to happen.”

Alicia Celebrates Her Jewish Faith, but Has No Expectations for Her Son

Over the course of her career, Alicia Silverstone has been outspoken about her Jewish faith. She has noted that “I was reared in a traditional Jewish household. We lit candles Friday night and had seders. My brother David and I went to Hebrew school and had our bar mitzfahs. I have wonderful memories of my bat mitzfah.” However, she doesn’t resonate with every aspect of her faith.

Alicia has spoken about certain Jewish traditions that made her uncomfortable over the years. And while her family was upset when she did not circumcise her son, she is content with her own decisions and her own interpretations of her faith. Because of this, she has no expectations for her son and his choices. However, he has also shown an interest in exploring his Jewish heritage over the years.

Alicia Refuses to Publicly Argue With People, for the Sake of Her Son

Alicia Silverstone is fully aware that her parenting views have caused controversy over the years, and she has been inundated with internet trolls who have questioned her decisions online for her son to see. However, she has made a point to ignore these haters to teach her son a lesson of respect.

Instead of fighting back and replying to these people, Alicia instead continues to promote her own personal lifestyle without getting into public spats with those who don’t agree with her. She chooses to educate those who will listen about veganism and her parenting techniques, but at the end of the day, she is doing what’s best for her son. What other people do is none of her business.

Alicia Won’t Ever Celebrate Thanksgiving in Her House

This actress will utilize any excuse to spend some quality time with her son, but she draws the line when it comes to one specific holiday. In fact, Alicia Silverstone won’t ever celebrate Thanksgiving in her house – mainly because she’s a huge advocate for veganism, and doesn’t agree with the tradition to eat turkey on this particular holiday.

During this time every year, Alicia takes to Instagram to promote a no-turkey day, usually with a picture of herself and Bear next to the animal. She’ll share captions like “Please don’t hurt the turkey, kiss it instead!” in the hopes that her followers will heed her advice. However, Alicia does still take the day off to have some quality time with her son.

Alicia Is All About Those Out-Of-The-Box Baby Names

In the celebrity world, unusual baby names aren’t uncommon. Famous faces choose unique and one-of-a-kind names for their children all the time, and while Alicia doesn’t often follow the Hollywood norm, she did when it came to naming her own child. In fact, she’s all for these out-of-the-box baby names that stand out from the crowd.

When Alicia and her ex-husband welcomed their son back in 2011, they couldn’t decide between two of their favorite names; Bear and Blu. Amazingly, both of these names had been suggested by her former mother-in-law, and they loved them so much that they decided to use both of them. She encourages other mothers to do the same.

Alicia Believes in Promoting a Playful Environment Behind Closed Doors

Over the course of her parenting experience, Alicia Silverstone has learned a lot about herself, her son, and what works for them. And in her eyes, parents should always promote a playful environment at home. She believes that this strengthens the bond between parent and child, and she believes that she and her son are an example of that.

Alicia told Us Weekly in 2018 that her son Bear is constantly trying to tease her, and that their days are full of fun, laughter, and practical jokes. On one particular occasion, Bear even tried to convince his mom that he had eaten lamb. Of course, as a vegan through and through, Alicia was astounded – until she realized that he was joking.

The Actress Thinks That Children Should Be Taught to Be Independent

Although Alicia Silverstone is a firm advocate for attachment parenting, she believes that this closeness and this unrivaled bond ultimately leads to a strong and independent child. She’s of the opinion that a child with strong parental ties can be taught how to control their own emotions, control their actions, and ultimately be in charge of their own destiny.

She told Us Weekly that this process is hard but ultimately extremely beneficial: “The whole idea is that you love and attach so much so that they’re free enough to be and leave. it’s heartbreaking, but you have to. My kid’s so fiercely independent because he is right [in my heart] all the time. He’s so great.”

Alicia Believes That Being a Parent Gives People Purpose in Life

While there are many celebrities in Hollywood who do not have children – either by their own choice or because they are unable to do so – Alicia is a firm believer that welcoming Bear Blu into her life has completely changed her existence. She has confessed that being a mom has given her a purpose in life that she didn’t have before.

In the past, the actress has spoken about this new purpose and how it has made her feel over the years. She’s noted that “I had so much going on in my world and in my emotions, and when he was born it was like the whole world stopped… just taking care of him was just such a pleasure.”

She Believes Her Parenting Rules Have Changed Other People’s Lives

As the author of a parenting book and the founder of a parenting and lifestyle blog, Alicia Silverstone has devoted life outside of her acting career to helping other parents. Of course, there are many people who have criticized her rules and have questioned her beliefs – but she believes that her advice and guidance have changed many other people’s lives.

The actress told Redbook magazine that she refuses to listen to the criticism in the media and that it doesn’t bother her. She stated that “Because my experience was women on the street who would say, “Your book changed my life.” I feel very passionate and confident with every choice I’ve made as a mom and as an activist. Anyone who has issues with it can have them; it doesn’t affect me.”

She Wants to Encourage Her Son to Explore Multiple Careers

Most of the people who follow Alicia Silverstone on social media know her as an actress, but she wants people to know that she’s more than that. She also wants her son to know it – which is why she’s encouraging Bear to not only explore multiple aspects of his personality and his passions but also multiple careers. Just as she has.

Alicia told The Guardian that: “I went on a quest to change the world, to make things better – for children, for the earth, for animals. I wasn’t paying attention to my career, I was paying attention to something else. And then one day I went: ‘Wait, I want to act, too, what’s going on?’… I can happily have a husband and a child and a life, and I get to contribute in a really meaningful way to the world and I also get to be an actress. And that’s a wonderful thing to be.”