All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together

While we love nothing more than chowing down on a delicious chocolate egg filled with candy, it’s fair to say that our favorite easter eggs of all time are those found in Marvel movies. But just like your average family easter hunt, finding these hidden gems on the screen takes time, resilience, and a keen eye. And the Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of secret messages that are often hidden where you’d least expect them.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together1
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Thankfully, we’ve decided to put our bordering-on-obsessive love for Marvel to good use and do the hard work for you. We’ve put together the ultimate collection of hard-to-spot easter eggs within the MCU, and we bet you one pair of Vibranium-powered wrist blasters that you hadn’t noticed them before. These genius easter eggs prove once and for all that everything within the Marvel Universe is connected, and our minds are well and truly blown…

The God of Thunder’s Failed Coronation Scene in Thor Welcomed Two Hidden Attendees

In the first Thor movie, we all sat down to watch the God of Thunder be crowned King of Asgard – but the ceremony came to a chilling end when the Frostgiants infiltrated Asgard. During this time, you may have mainly focused on Thor’s arrogance or the fact that Odin called Thor his “first-born” (which we discovered in Ragnarok just isn’t true). So, you might not have noticed the extra attendees.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together2
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If you look on either side of Odin, you may see two birds sitting atop the large throne chair. These two ravens are Hugin and Munin, Odin’s spies who appear countless times throughout the comic series. While they are rarely prevalent in the movies, it seems as though the Marvel producers just had to include them – even for just a short snippet.

Stan Lee’s Cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Features a Hidden Message

Before his sad passing in 2018, Marvel Creative Lead Stan Lee loved to make a cameo in every movie. And it’s no secret that fans looked out for this short and often hilarious appearance every time a new release came out. It was easy to spot this cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, but it turns out that there was more to this easter egg than meets the eye. And it took fans four years to figure it out.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together28
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As Rocket zooms in on Stan’s face, his technologically advanced bounty hunter gun pulls up a whole load of Skrull text. And most of us originally thought it to be gobbledegook. But after one die-hard fan deciphered the encrypted code, they realized that the translation of this Skrull text actually spelled out “Excelsior.” Of course, we probably don’t need to explain this famous catchphrase to you.

Black Widow’s Necklace in Avengers: Civil War Came Complete With Its Own Unique Meaning

It seems as though the costume department within the MCU likes to include hidden meanings within their character’s accessories. This is especially true with Natasha Romanov/Black Widow’s necklace choices. And in many movies, she wears an arrow necklace to symbolize her relationship with Hawkeye. But in Civil War, her necklace is different – and for an interesting reason.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together24
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In this film, Natasha wears a green east-west marquise necklace. While some may suggest the green color links her to The Hulk, many fan theories believe it’s a hint towards Bucky Barnes. In fact, he’s the only one in the movie who has direct contact with this necklace as he tries to kill her while in Winter Soldier mode. He covers it with his metal arm, almost covering up their past, which is detailed within the comic book series.

The Revengers in Thor: Ragnarok Aren’t Just a Big Ol’ Joke

Thor: Ragnarok introduced us to a world of new characters, including the fiercely strong and independent Valkyrie. But this movie also brought the Revengers to life – mainly out of pure desperation as Thor tried to battle his villainous older sister. And while the Revengers were portrayed as a joke team with very little to stand on, they’re actually pretty legit.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together3
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When The Revengers appeared on our screens, many of us didn’t realize that this laughable group of people formed a popular team within the Marvel Universe. Their appearance may not be as famous as the actual Avengers they ripped off, but the Revengers have their own story arc within the comics and cartoons. And this legitimate group is mainly comprised of Thor, Hulk, Loki, and Valkyrie.

Bucky’s Post-Credits Scene in Black Panther Hints Towards a Famous Story Arc

Black Panther kept us all on our toes and allowed us to embrace the wonder of Wakanda. And in the second post-credits scene, Bucky made his way to this hidden African country and had his wounds tended to by the technologically-advanced Wakandan people. But while many of you were focused on his injuries, you may have missed out on a secret easter egg.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together29
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As Bucky Barnes recovers, we hear children in the background calling him the “White Wolf.” While you really have to listen out for this comment, it seems as though this off-the-cuff statement means so much more. That’s because this ally-turned-villain is a character that is prevalent within the Black Panther comics. This hints towards a hugely famous story arc that could be coming our way sometime soon.

WandaVision‘s Sparky the Dog Is the One Thing Brings the Comics and the Show Together

The release of Marvel’s TV show, WandaVision, left fans reeling. The genius show brought fun, laughter, and a whole new style to the MCU, but the Marvel world’s dark undertones were still there. In fact, it seems as though there’s much more to Sparky the dog than we first thought. And his story is a little different to the one we all know.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together30
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While we see Sparky as Wanda’s creation on the show, the real comic book story actually follows Vision and another synthezoid family – and not the Maximoffs. Vision creates a completely different family for himself in the comics, and actually, the only similarity that connects his comic book family to the one we see on the screen is Sparky the dog. And even that doesn’t end well.

Selvig’s Ramblings in Thor: The Dark World Are a Nod Towards the Whole Marvel Universe

The 2013 Thor installment of The Dark World took us on a journey of many twists and turns. So much so that even those within the movie couldn’t keep up. Because of this, Professor Erik Selvig eventually ends up in a mental institution, where he scribbles his “ramblings” on a chalkboard. But if you look closely, you may spot the reference to “Earth-616” – the main fictional universe that exists within the Marvel Universe.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together26
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As if that wasn’t enough, he also mentions the likes of “The Fault” (the rift in the space-time continuum in Subsector 43 of the Shi’ar Galaxy that’s mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy) and “The Crossroads” (a mystical dimension that leads its inhabitants to other dimensions as introduced in Dr. Strange). So, it’s fair to say that these “ramblings” are really just subtle easter eggs.

Bruce Banner Is in Spider-Man: Homecoming After All

While Spider-Man: Homecoming may not have gifted us with Bruce Banner’s physical presence, what you might not have realized is that he’s still in this movie. Sure, he doesn’t fight alongside Peter Parker and the rest of the gang. And his cameo could easily be missed if you blink at the wrong time. But he’s still there if you embrace your Spidey senses and look hard enough.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together25
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If you look closely at this scene, you’ll notice Ms. Warren teaching physics – with some rather famous scientists on the whiteboard behind her. There are legends like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, and on the far right, there’s someone equally as iconic. Yes, that’s Bruce Banner, AKA The Hulk in his lab coat and glasses hanging out with some of the best in the business. And rightly so.

The Old Man’s Appearance in Ant-Man Isn’t Quite as Random as You’d Think

We think we’d all be pretty confused if Ant-Man landed on our cars in the middle of our journey, so we understand why the old cab driver in this movie was a little startled. And while it would be easy to assume that this actor was chosen due to his age and his acting ability, it seems as though every single casting choice comes complete with its own little easter egg.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together23
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That’s because this wasn’t just a random actor. This old man was actually played by an actor by the name of Garrett Morris, who some of you may recognize for his other movie and television roles. But those who have watched Saturday Night Live since its inception may also recognize him as the first-ever person to portray Ant-Man’s character on TV. He did this in a wildly famous SNL skit in 1979.

Sylvester Stallone’s Appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Brought an Old-School Guardian To Life

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 proved to everyone that Marvel knows how to slay a sequel, and while his appearance was brief, Sylvester Stallone’s role in this film was out of this universe. Movie lovers everywhere were amazed to see the iconic actor step into the role of Stakar Ogord, AKA Starhawk. But it turns out that this casting was well-thought-out, as only legends can play legendary characters.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together22
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And Stallone certainly became a legendary character. While those who have just watched the movies saw Stakar as a relatively minor role, those familiar with the comics will know that this character is actually one of the original Guardians of the Galaxy from the 31st Century. Star-Lord, Rocket, and the gang are actually the modern reinvention of the Guardians, so this nod to the OG characters went down well with die-hard fans.

Killmonger’s Suit Pays Tribute To a Very Special Comic Book Character in Black Panther

While there’s no doubt about the fact that T’Challa steals the show in Black Panther, the introduction of Killmonger left many fans hanging on the edge of their seats. Especially for those who have read every Marvel comic in existence, as they may have spotted a sneaky little easter egg hidden within Killmonger’s custom suit.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together21
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While Killmonger’s comic book sidekick, Preyy the Leopard, didn’t make his way into the actual movie, it seems as though those behind the camera still gave a nod to this animal legend. Fan theories have suggested that Killmonger’s mask – complete with leopard print spots – is the ultimate tribute to this sidekick. So we guess Preyy does still get his chance to shine on the big screen.

Bruce’s T-Shirt in Thor: Ragnarok Hints Towards an Eventual Show-Down Within the MCU

Bruce Banner isn’t exactly himself in Thor: Ragnarok. After the Grandmaster chooses the Hulk to be his champion, he gets stuck as his green alter-ego until Thor comes along. But when the sun got real low, Bruce came back and had to wear some of Tony Stark’s old clothes. And his T-shirt had “easter egg” written all over it – especially for those familiar with the Marvel comics.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together20
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That’s because this shirt includes Duran Duran album artwork, and it just so happens that this album has the song “Hungry Like the Wolf” on it. This song seems to foreshadow his eventual fight with Fenris Wolf. While this played out on our screens in a very short-lived battle scene, those who read the comics know more about this showdown and the two characters as a whole.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Features a Prominent Member of the Marvel Family in a Very Small Role

Every Avengers movie comes complete with an all-star cast full of super characters. And while most of us are familiar with the main roles, some of the smaller ones go unnoticed- even if they’re kind of a big deal within the Marvel universe. This was certainly the case in Avengers: Age of Ultron with the character of Dr. Helen Cho.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together19
Image: Marvel Wiki

While Dr. Cho did get a few minutes of screen time, only true fans of the Marvel comics will know who she really is and why she deserved more credit. That’s because Helen Cho is actually the mother of Amadeus Cho in the comics. Originally, Amadeus served as the Hulk’s sidekick. But then, in the 2015 comic, The Totally Awesome Hulk #1, he eventually succeeded in becoming the new Hulk.

Secret Symbols Were Hidden in the Backdrop of Captain America: The First Avenger

It’s no secret that all of the Marvel movies are interconnected, but sometimes these connections aren’t easily visible until you look back over them with a fine-tooth comb. And if you watch Captain America: The First Avenger again – and you’re familiar with Norse cosmology – you might have seen that this movie gets us ready for Thor’s arrival later on.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together18
Image: Marvel Guides

Yes, if you check out this particular scene, you should be able to see a tree sculpture behind Red Skull. This is actually the Yggdrasill, a sacred tree within Norse mythology that supports the rest of the universe. This meant nothing to us at the time, but when Thor later explained the concept of the Nine Realms to Jane Foster, he actually drew this tree for us all to see.

We Got a Taste of The Avenger’s Famous Post-Credits Scene Before It Happened

Every time Marvel fans make their way to movie theaters to watch the latest addition to the franchise, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to stay behind after the credits. The Marvel post-credits scenes are legendary, but the post-credits scene in The Avengers is perhaps more famous than most. There’s something about the whole crew eating in a shawarma restaurant that makes people happy.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together32
Images: Screen Rant (top) and Entertainment Weekly (bottom)

But what you might not have realized is that we actually saw this restaurant before they all sat down for a bite to eat. If you watch the awesome third act fight in this movie again, you’ll be able to spot Iron Man touching down next to the exact same shawarma restaurant they find themselves in later on.

The First Shot of Zola in Captain America: The First Avenger Is a Very Recognizable One

Captain America: The First Avenger introduced us to some very villainous characters, including Arnim Zola. While his glasses and short stature made him look like an unlikely villain on the screen, those familiar with the comics will know that appearances can be deceiving. And you may have also noticed this little easter egg.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together16
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The first-ever shot we see of this character is through a magnifying glass that distorts his appearance. He has an enormous head and a small body, which ultimately brings his comic book appearance to life. After all, Zola is drawn as a giant head projected on a screen – which we later see in The Winter Soldier in the secret bunker. It’s a small detail, but an important one.

Luke Cage Offers a Comic-Book Perspective on Seagate Prison

Seagate Prison is widely recognized within the Marvel Universe. Not only does it appear in Luke Cage, but there are also references to this penitentiary in Iron Man 3, Thor, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. But its appearance in Luke Cage is the one that has everyone talking, as it offers the real comic-book perspective that Marvel fans are used to.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together15
Image: Marvel Wiki

While some of the characters in this show are considered to be minor, they actually have much bigger parts to play in the comics. For example, the likes of Albert “Billy Bob” Rackham and Dr. Noah Burstein all appear in comic book arcs – and even Warden Stuart appears on our screens. And die-hard fans will know that Tyler Stuart is actually Tom Stuart’s father, who later becomes the criminal vigilante Stiletto.

The Toy Helicopter in WandaVision Is So Much More Than a Toy

If you have watched WandaVision, you’ll know that the first two episodes offer a window into the seemingly perfect lives of Wanda and Vision. After all, Wanda designed it to be just so. But as time wears on, it seems as though cracks start to show – and in the second episode, we see Wanda find a toy helicopter outside her house. A very colorful toy in her greyscale world, to be exact.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together27
Image: Games Radar

But those with a keen eye saw something much more than just a toy. If you look closely, you may be able to see a logo on the side of this helicopter. This is the S.W.O.R.D logo, which suggests that the Sentient World Observation and Response Department – a subdivision of S.H.I.E.L.D – is trying to get into contact with her. This logo also appears regularly throughout the series, including on the mysterious beekeeper’s suit.

Iron Fist Gives an Immortal Weapon the Chance To Make Her Debut

It’s impossible for the higher powers at Marvel HQ to include every single character from the comics in their movies and TV shows. Because of this, many superheroes don’t get their chance to shine. While some get their own shows, others make a quick appearance here and there. Just like the Bride of Nine Spiders in Iron Fist.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together14
Image: IMDb

We meet Bride of Nine spiders when Iron Fist tries to save Sabina from the Hand – but her appearance is so brief we barely got to notice the easter eggs included in this scene. Bride of Nine Spiders is one of the Immortal Weapons, and everything about her on the show is reminiscent of the comics. Her costume is almost identical, and if you look closely, you may even see the famous spider tattoo on her back.

The Incredible Hulk Welcomed a New Character Into the Mix Without Us Realizing

Many movie fans only know Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, but Marvel fanatics will know that Edward Norton took on this titular tole in the original 2008 film The Incredible Hulk. During this time, Bruce Banner/The Hulk received help from a cellular biologist named Samuel Sterns. But did you catch the easter egg involving this science genius?

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together13
Image: Tulsa World

When Samuel Sterns gets a head injury in this movie, the Hulk’s blood enters his body. The last we see of him is in a scene where his head starts to mutate – but that was the last time he ever appeared on our screens. But true Marvel fans will know that this wasn’t the end of Samuel Sterns. Instead, this scene set up the villainous character of The Leader that’s prevalent within the Marvel comics.

Iron Man 3 Features a Familiar Name Within the Marvel World

Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed the game in Hollywood, there’s no doubt that the movies wouldn’t even exist without the comics. It’s believed that there are around 37,000 comics within the Marvel canon, written by countless writers. These writers are often given some extra credit when the movies are released, which was the case in Iron Man 3.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together12
Image: Marvel Wiki

That’s because Iron Man 3 was based on a 6-issue comic book story arc called Extremis, written by British writer Warren Ellis. And if you remember all of the characters within this movie, you may have realized that there’s another Ellis within this film. It’s believed that President Ellis was so-called to give a nod to the man who brought the whole story to life.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Features a Very Famous Character Who Blends Into the Background

While there’s no doubt about the fact that Peter Parker is the main protagonist within the Spider-Man universe, those who have read the Marvel comics will know that Peter wasn’t the only one to be bitten by the radioactive spider. In fact, a girl named Cindy Moon was the second person to be bitten – and she later becomes the famous vigilante, Silk.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together11
Image: Geeks Worldwide

Silk hasn’t got her own movie just yet, but you’ll be happy to know that she has at least appeared within the Marvel movies. Not only was she a member of Peter’s academic decathlon team in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but she could also be seen in Avengers: Infinity War riding the bus with Peter and his school friends.

The ID Shown in Thor Is an Easter Egg Only Comic Book Fans Will Understand

Movies can only show us so much, and sometimes a two-hour movie just isn’t enough time to fit in all of the details we know and love – especially when it comes to Marvel movies. There are so many tidbits within the comics that don’t make their way onto the screen, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t hints and easter eggs every now and then. And the ID shown in Thor is one of them.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together10
Image: Screen Crush

While this ID is shown in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene within the 2011 movie, pausing it will show you that the producers wanted to cater to the hardcore Marvel fans. After all, those who have read the Thor comics will know that Donald Blake is his human alter-ego that gets up to all kinds of shenanigans while on Earth. This name is rarely mentioned in the movies, so this ID went down well with fans.

Thor: Ragnarok and Deadpool 2 Feature Cameos From the Same A-List Celebrity

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has proved to be so popular over the years that it’s become many celebrities’ dream to star in one of the movies. Because of this, A-listers like Brad Pitt and Miley Cyrus have bagged themselves cameos. But there’s one celebrity who has appeared in two different Marvel movies as two completely different characters – and we bet you didn’t even realize.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together9
Image: Game Spot

While some spotted Matt Damon playing a rather theatrical version of Loki in Thor: Ragnarok, others had no idea that this Hollywood actor also took on a role in Deadpool 2. He appeared as a redneck who had his truck stolen by Josh Brolin’s character, Cable, in this movie. But we’re not surprised that so many fans didn’t pick up on this easter egg. After all, it looks nothing like him.

A Character in Iron Man 3 Made an Emotional Return in Avengers: End Game Without Us Realizing

Avengers: End Game took Marvel fans on an emotional rollercoaster that left many broken. This was certainly the case when we all said goodbye to Tony Stark at his funeral. And while his fellow superheroes attended this heartwrenching event, it also featured another familiar face we’d seen before. In Iron Man 3, to be exact.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together31
Images: Vulture (top) and reddit (bottom)

In this earlier film, Tony found himself stranded in Tennessee, where he was helped by a young boy called Harley Kenner. And in an easter egg that requires a keen eye and the ability to understand the process of aging, you may have recognized that this same character also attended Tony’s funeral. He was obviously a lot older, but he was still there in the corner.

Wanda and Vision Wear Their Costumes in WandaVision for a Very Important Reason

WandaVision episode 6 really did give us an “All-New Halloween Spooktacular.” And while all of the characters dressed up for the occasion, it seems as though there was a reason behind each and every costume the characters wore in this episode. And Wanda and Vision’s seemingly cheesy and low-budget costumes were the most important of them all.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together8
Image: Collider

That’s because these costumes are related to the original costumes the characters wore within the comic book series. Although Scarlet Witch’s costume within the MCU is more modern, her original outfit featured a red leotard, pink tights, a red cape, and a pointed headdress. Vision’s original look was vastly different from his MCU costume and consisted of green skin and a yellow cape.

The Backdrop in Thor: Ragnarok Pays Homage To a Marvel Legend

Thor: Ragnarok is a hugely popular movie within the Marvel universe as a whole, and while the story and characters all come with their own easter eggs, so does the set design. This is particularly true when Thor and Loki find themselves on the planet Sakaar, as the backdrop in the Grandmaster’s main building was inspired by a Marvel legend.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together7
Image: Deadline

In fact, director Taika Waititi has noted that Marvel Comics artist Jack Kirby was inspired by much of the movie. He wanted to pay homage to this legend throughout the whole film but truly took this to the extreme on Sakaar. And when Loki watches the Hulk and Thor fight in the Grandmaster’s box, you can actually see that the artwork on the walls behind him is the exact artwork found on the cover of the 1967 comic, Fantastic Four #64. 

Carol Danvers’ Costume in Captain Marvel Hints Towards Her Unique Storyline

When you think of Captain Marvel, you probably think of her blue, red, and gold costume that’s long been associated with the superhero. Thus, many fans were surprised to see her sport a rather different costume throughout the Captain Marvel movie. But it seems as though there’s a reason why Carol Danvers’ costume is a little more unique in certain scenes.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together6
Image: USA Today

When we see Carol don a green and gold suit with a rather impressive mohawk, this ties in with her backstory as a Kree military member. That’s because comic book fans will know that she originally started off on a supervillain team called Starforce before becoming the Captain Marvel we all know and love today.

Avengers: Infinity War Features a Brand New Hammer but With Some Old-School Features

Avengers: Infinity War certainly wasn’t a walk in the park for Thor. And it was a bad day for Marvel fans everywhere when the God of Thunder lost his trusty hammer, Mjolnir. While he didn’t have to wait too long before he could go to Nidavellir and ask Eitri to forge him a new weapon, this new addition actually hinted towards the past.

All of The Hard to Spot Easter Eggs That Tie the Whole Marvel Universe Together4
Image: Metro

That’s because this new weapon, called Stormbreaker, is more of a hammer/ax hybrid than his usual hammer. And this links him to a legendary character within the comics that hasn’t made his mark on the MCU just yet. Beta Ray Bill also had the power to wield Mjolnir, and Odin made him another hammer similar to Stormbreaker. This hints towards the all-powerful relationship they have in the comics.