All the Drama That’s Followed the Cast of Modern Family since the Show Ended

Mon Dec 06 2021

We all know and love the cast of Modern Family, as we’ve grown with them over 11 amazing seasons. We’ve seen kids turn into adults, unknown actors turn into superstars, and the already large family expand even more. But now that the show’s over, what have all the stars been up to? Are they still one big happy family?

Some of these beloved stars have become household names, while some couldn’t seem to cling to fame after the show’s end. Certain co-stars get together regularly for mini-reunions, while others are left out. Find out all the drama your favorite Modern Family stars have been getting into since the show’s finale.

Alex Has Gotten Real With Her Fans

Alex was known as the genius Dunphy kid who was on the road to success at the end of the series. But what about the actress who played her? There have been rumors about friction between Ariel Winter and the other Modern Family cast, with several cast members reuniting without her. But are any of these rumors true?

We’re happy to report that all is well within the Dunphy clan and Ariel is still close with all of her former co-stars. The young actress has simply been busy working on an Indie film and trying to nab more mature roles. She’s also taking some time to focus on her mental health and has been transparent with her fans about the journey, including posting photos of her anti-depressants on Instagram. That’s a truly inspiring way to promote, and destigmatize mental health!

Andy’s Career Exploded Both on and off Screen

Andy was Haley’s loveable and goofy boyfriend who left California to follow a career opportunity. In reality, the actor left the show for the exact same reason. Adam DeVine’s comedy career was taking off and he relinquished his Modern Family role in order to pursue other ventures, to many fans’ dismay.

Although Andy didn’t get the girl, Adam did. He got married in 2021 to his girlfriend of six years. Adam’s stand-up career also exploded, as he bagged his first Netflix special, which was met with mixed reviews. That didn’t stop Adam, though, as he still has plenty of movies on the horizon and more opportunities to expand his portfolio. It seems that fiction became reality for this star.

Sorry to Break It to You: Cam Is Straight

Modern Family fans have known for a while that the actor who plays the flamboyant Cam is actually straight. But the knife was dug in a little deeper in 2021 when Eric Stonestreet got engaged to his girlfriend of five years. We wish them all the happiness in the world, as does Mitchell.

Although he’s straight, Eric Stonestreet is a proud LGBTQ+ ally. In fact, he recently refused to be photographed with a politician who’s against same-sex marriage. Eric’s professional life has been modest but consistent, with cameos and bit roles here and there. We’re glad that he’s doing well on a personal level, but we do hope to see a bit more of him professionally, in the future.

Everyone Seems to Want Arvin

Arvin was the love interest of both Haley and Alex, leaving fans to wonder how someone so unremarkable could bag both Dunphy women. Interestingly, the actor’s real-life mimics his character’s, as he has his choice of TV shows and has inexplicably become the love interest of fictional characters across networks.

Chris Geere has been on huge shows, since Modern Family, getting more and more screen time with each one. His most notable roles have been on A Million Little Things and This Is Us, playing love interests in both and giving hope to boring men everywhere. Maybe it’s the accent?

Claire’s Real Life Is More Similar to Jay’s Than Her Own

Claire works in her dad’s company, eventually takes over, and becomes the boss. In real life, Julie Bowen is far more similar to her on-screen father than her own character. Julie, along with her three sons, started a production company called Bowen & Sons, and have just signed a deal with Universal Television.

Julie is extremely grateful for Modern Family and all the success it’s brought her, that being said, she’s glad the show ended when it did. She’s now able to spend more time with her family, who she was rarely with while filming. Bowen & Sons seems to be a smart way to continue working but become closer with her children.

DeDe Is Alive and Well… We Can’t Say the Same for Her Career

DeDe played Claire and Mitchell’s hippie mom, who eventually passed away in the series. Luckily, Shelley Long is alive and well, in real life, she was simply sick of her Modern Family role. Shelley complained that DeDe’s storylines were repetitive, and she felt like she was doing the same episode over and over again. To be fair, she has a point.

Nowadays, Shelley is living a quiet life and is rarely spotted in public, with the exception of when she walks her dog. It’s unclear whether her abrupt step away from acting was by choice or something that networks imposed on her due to her tendency to leave TV shows. Let’s remember that Shelley also left Cheers for a movie career. Maybe she doesn’t want to commit to TV shows anymore? Or maybe TV shows don’t want to commit to Shelley?

Dwight Became a Superhero

Dwight was the football player who lived with Mitch and Cam for a while until he just kind of disappeared from the show. While the writers seemingly got bored with Dwight, the world certainly didn’t get bored with Winston Duke. In fact, his career absolutely exploded.

Winston got a huge role in the mega movie Black Panther. Since then, he’s been in hits such as Avengers and Us. In fact, Winston has been announced as the new Bruce Wayne in a podcast drama. He’s come an extremely long way from barely getting screen time in Modern Family. We’re sure that the writers regret sleeping on this talent.

Manny May Be a Movie Director in Real Life, Too

Manny was known as Gloria’s lovesick and sensitive son, who had romantic dreams of becoming a movie director. As it turns out, Rico Rodriguez has expressed the exact same dream! He’s been quoted as saying, “A couple of years ago, my sister and I, we started our own production company. We’re hoping to write our own stuff and produce and direct.” But what’s happened to that dream?

The truth is, no one’s really sure. Rico hasn’t done any work in Hollywood at all since Modern Family ended, neither in front of nor behind the camera. We know he’s doing okay, as he’s active on social media, clearly living his best life. Maybe he just needs a bit of a break? Or maybe he’s decided that Hollywood isn’t for him after all? Only time will tell.

Dylan May Leave Hollywood, for Good

Dylan was Haley’s first love, and her end-game, bringing their romance full circle. In real life, Hailey and Dylan would never work, as Reid Ewing came out as gay during Modern Family‘s run. He’s also been extremely upfront with his fans about his body dysmorphia and plastic surgeries, as well, announcing all three at the same time.

Unfortunately, for his fans, Reid may be leaving Hollywood permanently. He says that he’s still auditioning for roles but he’s far pickier than in the past, as he wants parts that will better reflect who he is. Reid has said, “I want to play something fruity and fabulous, like a character on a Disney show.” Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see more of Reid in the future…

George and Poppy Are Growing Up

George and Poppy were Haley and Dylan’s twin babies, and they’re twins in real life too! Hunter Dutch and Andie Phoenix Pomeranz got their Modern Family role at just four months old. The twins already have a bank account, which probably makes them the youngest kids ever to earn their own money.

Andie and Hunter continue to live in Australia and don’t seem to be acting at the moment. Instead, the kids are enjoying having regular childhoods away from the spotlight. Perhaps, they’ll return to acting one day and their story will come full circle. But for now, they’re just being kids.

Lily Has Chosen to Star on a Different Kind of Screen

We remember Lily as Mitch and Cam’s adopted daughter who grew up in front of our eyes, on our TV screens. Now that the show has ended, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons has become a star on a different kind of screen… Our computer screens.

The 14-year-old has seemingly quit acting, as she doesn’t have any projects lined up. But she’s still in the public eye through her YouTube channel, FoodMania Review, which she co-hosts with her mother. In 2021, Aubrey’s channel exceeded 35,000 subscribers and 3.7 million view. This Modern Family star definitely knows the modern way to make money!

Gil Thorpe Is Actually a Really Nice Guy

While Gil Thorpe was obnoxious and cruel to Phil, Rob Riggle is actually a really nice guy who’s going through a hard time. It seems that when playing Gil, he was channeling a bully from his real life. That bully is his ex-wife who he divorced in 2020.

In 2021, Rob told the courts that his ex-wife was hacking his personal accounts, breaking into his home to steal money, and spying on him. It turns out that his ex had hidden a camera in Rob’s home, and had over 10,000 videos recorded on it. Rob now has a restraining order against her and hopes to find a more permanent solution. Well, now we know how he learned to play a bully…

Gloria Became a Household Name

No one can forget Gloria, with her big heart, loud voice, and head-turning appearance, she definitely made her mark in the family. Actress, Sofia Vergara is no different, as she quickly rose in fame to the point of becoming a household name. In fact, she recently got some very significant bragging rights…

In 2020, Sofia was listed as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. Now, her net worth has increased even further as she’s become a judge on America’s Got Talent. Fans needn’t worry that Sofia’s done with acting, though, she’s currently working on a mini-series that will likely come out in 2022.

Javier Isn’t a Flake in Real Life

We know Javier as Manny’s flaky and unreliable dad, but Benjamin Bratt is completely different. Benjamin is an activist in the American Indian Movement and, recently, has been working on films that reflect his political stance. In fact, he has a TV mini series coming out about a civil war in a futuristic America.

Although he’s still acting, Benjamin seems to be primarily focused on his activism since Modern Family ended. He works with the American Indian Friendship House and supports the American Indian College Fund. It’s safe to say that Benjamin is nothing like his character Javier!

Jay May Be Ready to Retire

Jay was the patriarch of the family and, in the end, he accepted that it was time for retirement. We wonder if life will imitate art, as Ed O’Neill hasn’t worked since Modern Family. After years of being a TV legend with hit shows like Married With Children, it’s understandable if he’s decided to hang up his hat.

Although, Ed was in one Indie film after Modern Family ended, his schedule is currently empty. He’s stated that he’s taking a breather and has no plans at all, at the moment. At 75 years old, Ed may choose to simply retire altogether, just like his character Jay.

Joe Has a Future in Hollywood All Lined Up

We know Joe as Jay and Gloria’s adorable and snarky son. But what has Jeremy Maguire been up to? Apparently, he’s setting up a bright future for himself in Hollywood, and playing Joe was just the beginning. At just 10 years old, this kid is ready to take the world by storm!

In 2017, Jeremy made his film debut with the drama I’m Not Here. He’s had some work here and there in between but was focused primarily on Modern Family. Now that the show’s ended, Jeremy’s schedule has opened up and he’s not wasting any time. The child actor nabbed himself a starring role in the 2021 film Turner & Hooch. We can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring for this wonder kid!

We Weren’t Ready to See How Luke Looks Now

Luke was the adorable youngest of the Dunphy clan, who always had something heartwarming albeit unintelligent to say. In reality, Nolan Gould is actually a genius with an IQ of 150. Apparently, now that he’s all grown up, he’s a genius and a hottie all rolled into one.

Nolan is proudly showing his manly physique all over social media and in his continued work on TV. He’s continued to act since Modern Family ended, proving that he doesn’t need the show in order to remain successful. Nolan continues to show the world he’s grown up by publically looking for love on the show Celebrity Dating Game. As of 2021, his search still continues…

Merle Is a Real Life Cowboy

We know Merle Tucker as Cam’s tough, cowboy, dad. As it turns out, Barry Corbin is basically a real-life cowboy! He often wears a cowboy hat and consistently plays the “manly, cowboy type” onscreen. He was even in a TV show that was literally called The Ranch.

Since Modern Family has ended, Barry has continued to work without even the slightest hitch. His schedule is completely full, all throughout 2021, of movies and TV shows alike. It’s clear that we’ll be seeing plenty more of this cowboy in the future.

Mitchell Insists That He’s Fine

We all loved the uptight but loveable Mitch and his family, almost as much as we love Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Our love for Jesse could be why fans got so concerned when they saw him make a cameo on Selling Sunset, a scenario which seemed a bit beneath someone of his stardom. When fans posted concerned messages online, Jesse insisted that he’s “doing great and staying busy post MF.”

Jesse’s assurances seem to be sincere as, bizarre cameos aside, he seems to be doing exceptionally well. He and his husband recently welcomed a baby boy, named Beckett. Jesse co-hosts Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and is planning his return to Broadway in 2022. We’re happy to see that all is fine and well, despite that Selling Sunset scare.

Nicole Has Gone Political

We know Nicole as Haley’s loopy boss, who’s shamelessly based off Gwenyth Paltrow and her company Goop. In reality, Mira Sorvino is far more down-to-earth and has a lot more to say. While she continues to act, in both TV and movies, Mira has found another purpose…

Mira has begun to speak out in solidarity with the MeToo movement, and has told the world what Hollywood does to young women who are trying to make it in the industry. While she never intended to be an activist, Mira feels that it’s her responsibility due to her position and ability to speak to the public. Keep talking, Mira, we’re listening.

Phil Is Just as Loveable as Ever

Phil was the goofy and loveable father of the Dunphy kids, and really, Ty Burrell isn’t too different. Now that he’s finished his role as Phil, Ty continues to act and even started his own production company, Desert Whale Productions. Interestly, he’s also began to do business in an industry that has nothing to do with Hollywood…

Ty and his wife, proudly own a resteraunt and two bars in their hometown of Utah. When asked about his surprising career pivot, Ty said “Selfishly, we all just wanted a place to get a good cocktail. Now there are many cocktail bars in the area and we really are so thrilled.” Well, they do say that if you want something done right, do it yourself!

Rainer Is Ready to Help Out on a Rainy Day

Rainer Shine was Haley’s weatherman boyfriend, despite their large age difference, he was a funny addition to the show for the time he was there. Now that Modern Family is finished, Nathan Fillion continues to act in movies and on TV. While his resume is certainly impressive, Nathan has another accomplishment that’s far more interesting…

Nathan is associated with the non-profit, Charity: Water, an organization which provides clean drinking water to people in developing countries. In 2019, Chartiy: Water collected over $60,000 in donations, much of which they attribute to Nathan’s help. It looks like Rainer Shine is always willing to help out, in rain or shine.

Haley Is Settling Down

Haley’s storyline ended with her getting married and having kids, and it seems that Sarah Hyland’s life is going in a similar direction. Sarah recently got engaged to her boyfriend of five years. She’s continuing to work as an actress, as well, although not without her fair share of struggles…

Sarah has been in a few duds and one show she was meant to star in never even made it to air. That being said, there’s still hope for this starlet, as she has a new project in the works, called Bone, Marry, and Bury, which will be released in 2022. While Bone, Marry, and Bury is a podcast and not a TV show, it’s still definitely a step in the right direction.

Sonia Is Not the Wallflower We Thought She Was

Sonia was Gloria’s less fortunate sister, who seemed to be a bit of a wallflower on the show. However, Stephanie Beatriz is a force to be reckoned with and certainly no wallflower! Stephanie has been absolutely thriving, despite the end of both Modern Family and her other hit show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Stephanie continues to work in Hollywood and has landed role after role all the way through 2022. In 2021, she gave birth to a baby girl, Rosaline Hoss. Stephanie received the National Hispanice Media Coalition Impact Award, and she’s an activist for reuniting immigrants with their families. See? Definitely not a wallflower.