All the Possible House of the Dragon Clues, Hints, and Easter Eggs That Are Hidden Throughout Season One

Mon Oct 24 2022

The much-anticipated HBO prequel House of the Dragon has been the talk of the town. Season one has set the scene for what promises to be one of the most epic series to date, having exposed us to the dramas and conflicts under a Targaryen rule. Based on George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood fantasy, House of the Dragon is proving that things often aren’t what they first seem.

Luckily, the showrunners have been leaving clever clues throughout the series that foreshadow what’s to come. Take a look at all the subtle signs and hidden easter eggs throughout the series that have been strategically planted for the most eagle-eyed viewers. Some things are being hidden in plain sight.

While Never Explicitly Stated, Aegon Snuck out of the Castle Through One of the Secret Passages

Most recently in season one, we were introduced to the idea of there being secret passages in the Red Keep of King’s Landing. When Prince Aegon went missing in episode nine, little was mentioned of how he managed to escape from the castle completely unnoticed. But suggestions from earlier in the series suggests how he may have done it.

Episode four shows Princess Rhaenyra sneaking through secret passages of the Red Keep to meet her uncle Daemon Targaryen. Her use of the castle’s hidden tunnels suggests that’s how she also engaged in an affair with her rumored lover during her marriage to Laenor. We also know of these secret passages thanks to Game of Thrones, as Jamie Lannister is seen meeting his sister Queen Cersei in one of these tunnels.

Jacaerys and Helaena’s Cute Dance Scene Has More Meaning Than Meets the Eye

In episode eight we see more of the dynamics between the younger generation. During the family feast with the King, it is announced that in the future Prince Jacaerys will marry Baela Targaryen, therefore binding House Targaryen with House Velaryon once more. Jacaerys is a total gentleman to his future wife, but his dance with Lady Helaena doesn’t go unnoticed.

After hearing Helaena talk about being ignored by her husband (and brother) Prince Aegon, Jacaerys steps up and asks her to dance. It may seem innocent enough, but this scene is actually a nod to Rhaenyra’s peace offering to Alicent, where she offered to marry Jace to Helaena. It teases us with what could have been, as the pair appear to have chemistry and seemingly do care for each other.

Lady Melisandre and Mysaria Might Be the Same Person

One theory that’s dividing fans is one about Mysaria’s background. The former lover of Prince Daemon Targaryen, not much is known about Mysaria’s past. What we do know is that she came from the east, she used to be a slave, and she has a heightened sens of moral purpose. A bit like another character from Game of Thrones.

Some fans suspect that Mysaria might actually be a younger version of Melisandre. Of whats known about it, they both share the same back story pretty much, having left behind their slavery origins in the east, and since come into a lot of knowledge about the realm. The fact that we know Melisandre can change her appearance only deepens people’s suspicion that she’s the same character as Mysaria.

The Infamous Mushroom Makes A Brief Appearance

Fans of the book Fire & Blood were bubbling with excitement when they spotted an appearance from this guy in episode five. This court entertainer was briefly seen playing the drums at the wedding of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Ser Laenor Velaryon, but his short screen time meant that few were able to catch the reference.

Fans noted that this man’s appearance and role at the wedding suggest that he’s the infamous “Mushroom” character from the book. While fitting the physical description, his presence was extra exciting as some of the most indecent or obscene claims come from Mushroom’s chronicles. Much of his stories are far too lewd to mention, but let’s just say he had the lowdown on Westerosi’s raunchy antics.

Alicent Hightower Dons Royal Green To Rhaenyra and Laenor’s Wedding

Who can forget young Alicent Hightower’s late entrance to the wedding of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Ser Laenor Velaryon? You could cut the tension in that hall with a knife. Alicent may not have turned up wearing white (although we half-expected her to), but she did make a subtle statement with her wedding-attendee outfit.

Up until this point in episode five, Alicent had been wearing the colors of the House Targaryen since her marriage to King Viserys I. She would don shades of black and red as the king’s second wife, but choosing to dress in forest green for Rhaenyra’s wedding sent a secret message to the princess. Green is the color of Alicent’s family’s house, House Hightower, and she was marking herself as Rhaenyra’s enemy and competitor for the throne.

The Targaryen’s Should Really Pay Attention To the Rat Problem at the Castle

Do you recall seeing furry critters around the castle this season? Rats have been spotted in the Red Keep of King’s Landing more than once in this show, and knowing George R.R. Martin, it’s hardly a coincidence. These rodents have been seen drinking Joffrey’s blood and crawling all over King Viserys’ giant sculpture of the city, but what do they represent? There are two leading theories about them.

For those who have read George R.R. Martin’s book, they may be picking up on a plot line revolving around “Blood and Cheese”. But many believe that these rats are actually spying on the families through the power of Greenseeing. We know from Game of Thrones that Greenseers exist and they have the ability to inhabit an animal’s body and spy on their surroundings. Perhaps there’s someone watching all the family drama unfold who wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.

King Viserys Mistakes His Wife Alicent For His First Wife, Aemma

You may have missed this telling moment in episode seven in which King Viserys tells his wife Alicent that he’s retiring to bed. It seems innocent enough, except for the fact that he mistakenly calls Alicent after his first wife Aemma, confirming many people’s suspicion that he never really wanted to marry Alicent. He murmurs it under his breath, but those with the subtitles on might not have missed it.

More than the disappointment written all over Alicent’s face, it hinted towards the fact that King Viserys was quickly losing his mind. As much as the king tried to ignore it, his rare form of Leprosy was deteriorating his body and mind, and everyone who was close enough to the Targaryen ruler could see that his end was close.

Aegon Feeds off of the Love of the People As He Doesn’t Get Love From His Parents

You’ll recall that moment in episode nine in the carriage when Prince Aegon poignantly asks his mother Alicent if she loves him, to which she bluntly replies, “You imbecile”. The next time we see Aegon, he’s getting crowned as the sixth Targaryen King to sit on the iron throne. Ultimately what he wants is to be loved and accepted by his parents, but he fails to meet their approval at every stage of his life.

King Viserys never especially liked his first-born son, which is made clear later in season one when he forgets he even exists. And Alicent, on the other hand, can’t stand his selfish behavior. When he’s cheered by the crowd at his coronation, he experiences love and acceptance for the first time in his life, before his moment is quickly cut down by Princess Rhaenys on her dragon. It’s thought that the future of Aegon’s quest for validation is hinted at in this moment.

Larys Might Be a Greenseer Like Bran From Game of Thrones

You may feel after episode nine that you know more than you want to about Ser Larys Strong. But there’s another side to the Lord of Harrenhal that might explain where he gets all his information. One fan theory believes that “Clubfoot” is a Greenseer, a group of people who possess special magical powers especially when it comes to nature. There have been hints of this throughout the season, such as Larys growing up opposite the Isle of Faces i.e the mysterious island supposedly inhabited by Green Men.

Larys is from House Strong, a family descended from the First Men, and Greensight is noted as being gifted only to those of First Men descent. Greensight also often comes to those with physical disabilities, like in the case of Bran in Game of Thrones, and Larys has a clubfoot. Aside from that, showrunners chose to include this strange weirwood tree (which Greenseers can inhabit) in this scene with Larys, despite there being no mention of it in George R.R. Martin’s books.

Helaena’s Kids Might Be Aemond’s Instead of Aegon’s

Helaena was married off to her brother Aegon and had three children with him. But some think there’s enough reason to doubt whether or not they are really Aegon’s kids. Fans have spotted more than a bit of chemistry between Helaena and her other brother Aemond, who we’ve seen cast lingering stares her way as the season has progressed.

We know that Helaena doesn’t have the best marriage to Aegon, as she complained about him during the family feast, stating “He mostly just ignores you, except sometimes when he’s drunk.” It’s very similar to what Cersei Lannister said about Robert Baratheon in Game of Thrones, in which she called her husband a “drunken fool”. And in the case of Cersei, we know she actually got pregnant by her brother Jaimie instead of her husband…

The Touching Scene Where Daemon Picks Up Viserys’ Crown Was Completely Improvised

We almost shed a tear when Daemon rushed to King Viserys’ aid to pick up his fallen crown from the floor and help him sit on the Iron Throne. It was a touching moment between the brothers which showed that their bond runs deeper than the power struggle that used to tear them apart.

Amazingly, this poignant scene was actually totally improvised by the actors. When the crown accidentally fell from actor Paddy Considine’s head, Matt Smith instinctively picked it up, and the actors stayed in character. The director noted that “There was a discovery there of this moment” and admitted that she was “so thankful that accident happened”.

Rhaenys’ Black Clothes Hinted That She Wasn’t Going To Side With Alicent

In episode nine we see Queen Alicent visit Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, who’s been locked up in her room since King Viserys’ death. Alicent beckons Rhaenys to unite their families through marriage and align herself with the Greens, before giving Rhaenys some time to consider whose side she wants to be on. We know before the end of season one’s penultimate episode which side Rhaenys chooses, but it’s already hinted at in the scene in which Alicent visits the princess.

The color of their outfits suggests that Rhaenys has already made up her mind. She is dressed totally in black, one of the two colors of House Targaryen, and the color frequently donned by Rhaenyra, Daemon, and their kin. Those who picked up on the fashion choices already knew that Rhaenys was putting her support behind Princess Rhaenyra.

There’s a Reason Why Helaena Won’t Let Spiders Go

While Helaena plays with a spider in episode seven, she mutters a strange riddle that turns out the be a prophecy. She states, “He’ll have to close an eye” predicting her brother Aemond losing his eye in order to acquire a dragon. But fans believe she isn’t just pulling these predictions out of thin air – she’s dreaming about the future like her ancestor Aegon the Conquerer did – he dreams about a great winter that threatens to kill all living creatures.

It’s when Helaena is playing with a spider that she says, “Hand turns loom, spool of green, spool of black, dragons of flesh, weaving dragons of thread,” – foreshadowing for the coming seasons. Eventually, we see Helaena crushing the spider in her hand, a strange choice considering her interest in bugs. But the spider is thought to represent Larys Strong, the “spider” of Westeros, which might tell you something about his fate. Also note that in a later episode she embroiders a spider with six legs instead of eight…

A Familiar Scene Suggests a Similar Fate

There’s a scene in episode five where Rhaenyra and Daemon dance together for a few moments, solidifying their connection to one another. It’s a romantic scene that sees Daemon put his hand on Rhaenyra’s neck with his index finger and his thumb pointing up. And people have spotted the similarity of this scene to a moment in episode 10 when Rhaenyra is talking with her son Jacaerys.

Just like Daemon, Rhaenyra puts her hand on Jace in exactly the same way. But what does it mean? Immediately after Rhaenyra and Daemon’s moment on the dancefloor, the two were separated for a very long time. As we know from the finale of season 10, the same comes true for Rhaenyra and Jace in the worst possible way…

Criston Cole and Aemond Mirror Daemon and Rhaenyra

In episode nine, Prince Aegon goes missing, and Ser Criston Cole and Prince Aemond set out to find him before Otto Hightower and bring him to Queen Alicent. They don weak disguises to walk through the Street of Silk where they question a brothel owner, but fans noticed something about them that seemed oddly familiar.

It appears that Criston Cole and Aemond were dressed exactly like Daemon and Rhaenyra on their “first date” in episode four, when they went out for a night on the town. One Twitter user joked, “You don’t style yourself in Daemon & Rhaenyra’s dating outfit, and act like you’re not dating, Aemond & Criston.” It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that the showrunners were trying to bring to mind that fateful night.

Harwin’s Farewell To Rhaenyra’s Sons Mirrors Ned Stark’s Promise To Jon Snow and Hinted To a Similar Fate

When Ser Harwin Strong AKA Breakbones, the strongest man in all seven kingdoms, bid farewell to Princess Rhaenyra and her sons, people spotted the similarity to a plot point in Game of Thrones. In season one of GoT, Ned Stark relays a similar message to his bastard son Jon Snow, which turned out to be the last time that he would ever see him.

Like Ned Stark, ser Harwin leaves Rhaenyra’s son with a departing message that holds a promise. “Be good to your mother lads; I’ll visit when I can. Though that may be some time… I will return, I promise.” In hindsight, this may have foreshadowed Ser Harwin’s similar fate to that of the Lord of Winterfell.

Daemon and Rhaenyra’s Marriages End In Fire, Hinting at Their Future Targaryen Union

It’s not an accident that both Princess Rhaenyra’s husband and Prince Daemon’s wife suffered death by fire. Lady Laena Velaryon commands her dragon to burn her alive after the failed pregnancy, and Ser Laenor Velaryon burns in the fireplace after a battle with Ser Qarl Correy. While we know that it’s not really the case for Laenor, it still says something about the future.

The fact that both of the Valeryon siblings and lovers of the Targaryen’s died by fire suggests that Princess Rhaenyra and Prince Daemon’s fates were tied to each other from the start. They elope soon after the death of their spouses, too, in an ancient Valyrian wedding ceremony that saw a fire burning in the background.

We See the Bridge in Dragonstone 20 Years Later and Once Again a Life Is Spared

When we saw Dragonstone earlier on in the season with Prince Daemon standing in defiant opposition to King Viserys and Princess Rhaenyra, we had no idea that we would see a similar scene in episode 10. In episode two, Prince Daemon claimed Dragonstone as his own and claimed that his lover Mysaria was pregnant with his child, and that they would soon wed.

We see an eerily similar scene in episode 10, but this time everything has changed. Prince Daemon and Princess Rhaenyra are now married and standing on the same side, rather than in opposition. But like in episode two, no blood was spilled on the bridge despite Daemon’s threats. Otto Hightower was allowed to return to the Red Keep, as Rhaenyra commanded.

Daemon Foreshadows a Shocking Death In His Conversation With Otto Hightower

Little did Prince Dameon know that he foreshadowed the death of the young Prince Lucerys Velaryon in his conversation on the bridge in Dragonstone. When the Hand offered Rhaenyra and Daemon a way to bow out of the war gracefully (as Otto would have them believe), Daemon had some stern words for him.

Daemon told Otto, “I would rather feed my sons to the dragons than have them carry shields and cups for your drunken, usurper c*** of a king.” This foreshadowed the shocking scene at the end of the episode in which we see Rhaenyra’s son Lucerys eaten alive by Aemond’s huge dragon Vhagar.

The Book Page That Almost Brought About Peace Prophesized What Was To Come

In episode one, we saw Rhaenyra tear out a page of a history book the day that she had been reading with Lady Alicent in the Godswood. They were BFFs at the time, and despite all that happened between them over the years, Alicent had chosen to keep this keepsake. Rhaenyra was noticeably touched, and it encouraged her to consider taking the offer from the Greens.

But what’s on the actual page? The page that Rhaenyra tore talks about Princess Nymeria, the warrior-queen who ended up becoming the first queen of Dorne. She’s arguably the most famous woman in the history of Westeros, and on top of that, the actual text on the page talks about Nymeria’s fleet dispersing during a storm. Let’s just say that Prince Lucerys’ death in a storm at Storm’s End was hinted at earlier in the episode.

Lucerys Was There When His Death Was Accidentally Prophesized By Daemon

In episode 10, after Daemon and Rhaenyra meet with Otto Hightower on the bridge in Dragonstone, we get some foreshadowing from Daemon during their meeting with the council. Daemon announces to the room and Rhaenyra that “It is no easy thing for a man to be a dragonslayer.”

He continues, “…But dragons can kill dragons, and have. The simple truth is this, we have more dragons than Aegon.” Little did he know that later in the episode we get clear proof of this. After all, Prince Aemond’s dragon Vhagar didn’t just kill Prince Lucerys, she also killed the prince’s dragon Arrax. Poor Lucerys, he was even present at the meeting when Daemon accidentally prophesized his fate.

King Viserys Tried To Warn Rhaenyra About How Dragons Can’t Be Controlled

In the finale of episode 10, we saw proof that Targeryans or Dragonriders don’t always have control of their dragons despite having a deep connection with them. In the fight between Prince Aemond and Prince Lucerys, we discover that Lucerys struggles to get Arrax to do as he says before Vhagar disobeys Aemond’s wishes completely and kills Lucerys and Arrax in one swift motion.

This was foreshadowed much earlier in the season when King Viserys is talking to a young Rhaenyra. He tells her, “The idea that we control the dragons is an illusion,” adding that “They’re a power men should never have trifled with. One that brought Valyria its doom. And if we don’t mind our own histories it would do the same to us.” When you add to that the fact that Aemond and Lucerys were inexperienced kids, it all makes sense.

Syrax’s Screams During Rhaenyra’s Birthing Scene Might Mean That Visenya Was Born With Dragon Features

During episode 10, you may have noticed some brief flashes to Rhaenyra’s dragon Syrax during her bone-chilling childbirth scene. Amidst cries and screams coming from Rhaenyra, we see Syrax roaring in pain at the same time. Targaryen’s are known to have strong psychic connections with their dragons, so it’s implied that Syrax can feel Rhaenyra’s pain. But the show only slightly suggests something that’s mentioned in the books.

In Fire and Blood, the child Rhaenyra gives birth to, Visenya, is said to have dragon-like defects such as a scaly tail. Hearing Syrax’s screams amidst Rhaenyra’s also suggests that baby Visenya was part dragon. In Targaryen history, many dragon-featured babies are born who never live very long. Supposedly, Targaryen’s have dragon blood in them, and some suggest there was even some cross-breeding somewhere down the line…

Talya Uses Candles To Send Secret Messages To the White Worm

If you were wondering how it was that Myseria was one of the first to know about the death of King Viserys, you may have picked up on this brief shot of Alicent’s handmaiden Talya. In it, we see Talya lighting a series of candles near a window just after learning about the death herself.

It brings to mind the scene in Game of Thrones in which we see Sansa Stark light candles by a window in order to send a signal. Well, the same thing happened here – Talya was able to share the information at the speed of light, quite literally, by informing the White Worm through her candle signals.

Showrunners Show Us In a Subtle Way That Borros Baratheon Is Illiterate

When we meet Lord Borros Baratheon in episode 10, he gives the young Lucerys a frosty reception at his castle in Storm’s End. Lucerys was sent as a messenger to deliver his mother’s written message, but note how Lord Borros isn’t the one he reads Rhaenyra’s note directly. It’s a maester who tells him what was written on the piece of parchment.

Perhaps you thought that this was just a noble custom, but it’s not. The books state that Lord Borros doesn’t know how to read, and therefore relies on the maester to whisper to him the contents of the letter. Rather than telling us out right, the showrunners chose to hint at the fact that Lord Borros is illiterate. This may cause him problems in later seasons, as he his wholly dependent on the maesters for outside information.

Aemond’s Sapphire Eye Brings To Mind the Future Threat of the White Walkers

We finally get to see what’s underneath Aemond’s eye mask in episode 10. He reveals the full extent of his left eye scar, along with the huge sapphire jewel that sits in place of his lost eye. We should have seen it coming, however, as Tyrion Lannister said in season one of Game of Thrones to Jon Snow, “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”

Well, Aemond is certainly embracing his new look. But some believe that icy blue sapphire has more meaning behind it than – excuse the pun – meets the eye. Notice how the dazzling blue color of the jewel looks kind of like the eyes of White Walkers in GoT? Perhaps it’s meant to serve as a reminder that eventually, all the squabbles about who should sit on the Iron Throne pale in comparison to the threat of the northern ice creatures.

Seeing Vermithor’s Enormous Size Might Tell Us Something About How Daemon Will Use Him

Vhagar stole the show in episode 10, so much so that we almost forgot about our introduction to another dragon moments earlier. When Daemon is heard singing in High Valerian down in the cellars, he is suddenly met with an enormous roar from a humungous dragon. This is Vermithor, the dragon that formally belonged to King Jaehaerys.

We know it is Vermithor because of his great size and aged appearance, as he spent most of his life paired with the old king. His size is so huge, it’s comparable to that of Vhagar, which might tell us something about what’s to come in future House of the Dragon seasons. Along with Vhagar and the now-dead Balerion, Vermithor is one of the biggest dragons to have ever lived.

Rhaenyra’s Message to Her Firstborn Son Jaecaerys Hints At a Future Alliance

There’s a scene in episode 10 that leaves clues as to what to expect from Prince Jacaerys in future seasons. Jacaerys offers to ride out on his dragon and attempt to curry favor with other Lords, and Rhaenyra begrudgingly accepts his proposal. She tells her oldest son to first fly out to House Arryn, before flying out to House Stark in Winterfell.

Rhaenyra also mentions that Cregan Stark should be there, the firstborn son of Lord Rickon Stark, and tells Jaecaerys that the two of them are close in age. This foreshadows a strong bond that Cregan and Jaecaerys eventually strike up, with the two of them hitting it off like wildfire. Eventually, the BFFs make a pact known as A Pact of Ice and Fire, that sees them uniting both of their families to each other.

Daemon Is Confronted With His Lack of Legitimacy as an Heir to the Iron Throne

Rhaenyra exercises restraint in episode 10 when it comes to waging a war with the Greens. But she and Daemon don’t see eye to eye on the matter, leading to a shocking scene in which the prince chokes his Rhaenyra. Fnas of the show were shocked at Daemon’s apparent change in behavior, however, clues were there from the start that make his violent behavior very true to brand.

Not only do we see a side to Daemon throughout the season that feeds on brutality, but we know that he’s especially sensitive when his legitimacy is called in to question. Rhaenyra didn’t question his right to rule directly, but she did let slip that King Viserys had shared important information with her about a prophecy, only meant for the ears of a true heir to the throne. Thats when Daemon snapped.

Helaena’s “Beast Beneath the Boards” Prophecy Comes True During Aegon’s Crowning

More than once through the season, we heard Princess Helaena mumble something about “the beast beneath the boards”. She had correctly prophesized Aemond losing his eye, so it was only a matter of time before this vision also paid off. It eventually did in episode nine, when Princess Rhaenys makes an entrance during Aegon II’s coronation.

Riding on her she-dragon Melys, Princess Rhaenys quite literally burst through the floorboards at the end of the episode and stole the show during Aegon’s crowning moment. The beast that Helaena had mentioned turned out to be a fearsome fire-breathing dragon known as the Red Queen, who definitely killed a bunch of civilians as she burst onto the scene.

It’s Suggested That Aemond Bumps Into an “Old Friend” in the Street of Silk

Ser Criston Cole and Prince Aemond venture out to the Street of Silk in episode nine, attempting to track down Prince Aegon. But there’s a moment between one-eyed Aemond and the brothel owner that tells us it isn’t his first time in the neighborhood. It’s probably not even their first time meeting each other.

Aegon had actually brought his younger brother Prince Aemond to the Street of Silk back when he was 13 years old. The implication is that Aemond lost his virginity then, with many fans believing that he lost to the brothel owner. Judging by how the show decided to play out the scene, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to assume that Aemond One-Eye has a thing for older women.

Daemon’s Lullaby To Vermithor Hints at the Prophecy of the Prince That Was Promised

Curious about what Daemon is saying when he sings a High Valerian song to dragon Vermithor? Well, you’re right to be, as there a meaning behind the words. Language creator David J. Peterson is the one who invented those ancient-sounding words, but George R.R. Martin was consulted to ensure that it fits in his universe.

The song is about the dragons’ connection to House Targaryen, as well as a hint to the future Prince That Was Promised. The translation is: “Fire breather, Winged leader, But two heads, To a third sing, From my voice: The fires have spoken, And the price has been paid, With blood magic, With words of flame, With clear eyes, To bind the three, To you I sing, As one we gather, And with three heads, We shall fly as we were destined, Beautifully, freely”.

The Woman Responsible for Starting the War Between the Greens and the Blacks

Before the tragic events of episode 10, we’re introduced to Lord Borros Baratheon and his seat at Storm’s End. We’re also given a glimpse of his three daughters, ready to be married off to the highest bidder, so to speak. We know that Prince Aemond has agreed to marry one of them, but were not told who exactly.

Marys is the daughter betrothed to Prince Aemond, but the showrunners chose to leave out an interesting book detail involving her in the final cut of the episode. In Fire and Blood, Marys is instrumental in provoking Aemond to chase after Lucerys. She teases Aemond for being a “coward” and not pursuing his cousin, so in return, he gouges out Lucerys’ eyes and gifts them to his future bride.

The Child That Might Be One of Aegon’s Bastards Will Probably Meet a Very Gruesome End

Members of the Kingsguard Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk Cargyll find themselves visiting a fighting pit in their search for Prince Aegon during episode nine. It’s not just any fighting pit, however, as this particular one pits children against each other – children who have been groomed to fight until their death.

We see a young child with blonde hair that looks just like a Targaryen, and it’s implied that this child is one of Aegon’s bastards. But considering where we see the child, we might be correct in assuming that this child is also going to be thrown in the ring at some point to fight for his life. Yikes.

It Was Matt Smith’s Idea For Daemon and Rhaenyra To Turn Around In the Final Scene

The actress who portrays Rhaenyra Targaryen, Emma D’Arcy, claims that it was her co-star Matt Smith (Daemon) who came up with how to portray the emotional final scene in season one. The decision for Daemon to tell Rhaenyra the tragic news about Lucerys with their backs turned away from the camera helped make the moment all the more poignant.

Emma explained: “When we got on set to rehearse, it has to be known, it was Matt Smith, in a turn of f*cking genius, who offered the idea that Daemon should give Rhaenyra the news while we’re both walking away from camera, towards the fireplace. It was a sublime choice, and I could see it instantly. We’ve sort of touched on it, but I think losing a child, losing her son, it reframes grief immediately.”