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Amazing Photos of Secluded Tribes and Village Clans That Still Exist Today

Our history books only tell us of ancient tribes because history is a part of the past. However hidden deep in forests and mountains are collections of people, tribes, and clans that live in a way you didn’t expect in the 21st century. Photographers captured unbelievable images of these remote tribes and clans from all over the world and they’re simply incredible.



When we bring up tribes, we tend to think of them as an object of the past. We learn about ancient tribes and their cultures in school. Much of modern fashion is inspired by tribal patterns and designs. Musicians, DJ’s and composers get their inspiration from tribal music and instruments. Even if we are to notice how many beautiful pieces of our modern world stem from groups of people who lived in ways much different than ours, it almost never crosses our minds that tribes exist today.

1. Bhutan, 2016