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Amsterdam’s Making Changes: First Female Mayor Takes A Stand for the Women of the Windows

If you have not seen The Red Light District, you might never have a chance. Amsterdam’s first female mayor is taking charge of the district’s windows. Her goal is to slowly buy out the windows and move the sex worker industry to different parts of the city. Here’s why:



Amsterdam is Heading Towards Change

Amsterdam’s mayor is planning to issue sex worker permits for locations outside the city’s historic center in an attempt to encourage women working from behind windows in the De Wallen red-light district to move out of the area.

Amsterdam has a new plan in the making. The mayor of this famous city is working hard to issue sex worker permits for locations in areas other than this one city. She aims to get the women who work behind the windows on the Red Light District, to move elsewhere.

The First Female Mayor Stands Up for the Women in the Windows

Femke Halsema is Amsterdam’s first female mayor. She’s doing as much as she possibly can to clean up the city’s streets to create a more tolerable working environment for the women. Women who work in the Red Light District, find it increasingly difficult to make a living.

Tourists take advantage of Amsterdam’s unique freedoms by harassing women in the area. The Dutch Labour party said it wants to continue a policy created in 2014 that eventually buys out the windows while continuing to give it’s support to this type of work.

Giving The Power to Sex Workers

The mayor proposed a different approach to the sex worker industry. She mentioned a “prostitute run brothel.” This would be a huge game changer. The prostitutes would have a panic button if things go wrong, a safe to keep the money, and the ability to work anonymously.

Security cameras would monitor who goes in and out of the rooms so that workers can feel safe. Tourists constantly take pictures of the women in the windows and often abuse the situation by acting aggressively. A prostitute run brothel gives the workers the power and respect they deserve as human beings.

The Problematic Attachment to Amsterdam’s History

A leader in the Socialist party, Nicole Temmink, emphasizes the fact that there is a problematic attachment to the history of the town. When people think of Amsterdam their minds immediately jump to The Red Light District.

It’s this attachment that makes it so hard for the town to get rid of these windows. The fear is that the rate of lucrative tourism will dramatically drop and the city will lose business. However, Temmink stated that the history of the town should not stop it from progressing.

The Windows Are Empty Anyways

The working conditions for the women in the red light district are simply not ideal, that’s why they’ve moved their business elsewhere. Sex workers can easily find work on the internet. The windows are still up for tourists, but they’re empty. The government in this city does not want to make prostitution illegal, they just want to make the industry better for the workers and for the people in the city.

The windows in the Red Light District keep attracting sex traffickers and gangs to the city. Sex workers and business owners are expected to pay taxes, but this problematic area continues to bring illegal activity.

Hopefully, the plan pulls through. This female mayor is definitely standing up for the women.