At 40 Years Old, Paris Hilton Has Once Again Found Her Happily Ever After

In a world where celebrities have access to whatever they want, there is one authentic thing that can’t be bought – and that, my friends, is love. Paris Hilton may be a mega-celebrity, but that doesn’t mean that true love has been easy for her to find. But luckily for her, it seems that 2021 just might be the year that good things start happening.

At 40 Years Old Paris Hilton Has Once Again Found Her Happily Ever After3
Image: Daily Mail

Yup, Paris Hilton is engaged, yet again and hopefully for the last time in her life. At her 40th birthday bash, Paris’ now fiance, Carter Reum, dropped to one knee and asked for Paris’ hand in marriage. First of all, we can’t believe Paris is 40 years old- but we guess this goes to show that it’s never too late for anyone to fall in love.

She’s Now Been Engaged for the Fourth Time but With a Cheaper Ring

While some of us are still waiting to find our special someone, Paris has been lucky enough to find love on four different occasions. We’re guessing that the fourth time’s a charm, right? Since 2002, Paris has rocked some serious bling for each of her engagements, so it’s no surprise that this time around would be any different. Shockingly, this stone is only worth a little more than $1 million – which is much less than her previous rings.

At 40 Years Old Paris Hilton Has Once Again Found Her Happily Ever After2
Image: The Sun

While us simple folks might still be gasping at the price tag on Paris’ newest jewelry, this is definitely a step-down in comparison to her previous wedding bands. If you recall her 2005 engagement to Paris Latsis, this has been her biggest and most expensive engagement ring to date. At the price of $5 million for a 24-carat ring, in our opinion, this is more Paris’ style.

The Proposal

While Paris was preparing to ring-in her 40th birthday while on vacation, she had no idea that an actual ring would be her biggest present for the day. Carter Reum timed his proposal perfectly with the sunset during an intimate beach stroll with Paris. Afterward, the pair joined in a celebration with their closest family members and friends to commemorate this special moment in their lives.

At 40 Years Old Paris Hilton Has Once Again Found Her Happily Ever After1
Image: Vogue

In an interview with People Magazine, Carter professed, “I have gotten the unique opportunity to get to know the real Paris on a daily basis just the two of us during these past 15 months, and I couldn’t be more excited and lucky to have her as my future wife and partner. She shines with her kindness, work ethic, authenticity, and her voice in making the world a better place, and she will do the same as a future mother and wife.”