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McDonald’s Has Launched a Line of Mariah Carey Merchandise For the Holidays – Here’s Why It’s Completely Free

December 16, 2021

McDonald’s is hoping to draw in Mariah Carey’s large fanbase by offering a line of limited-edition Mariah-themed merchandise for this Christmas season. Best of all, it won’t cost a thing. The fast-food conglomerate is offering these complimentary gifts alongside their “Mariah Menu,” and include a black knit beanie hat with embroidery or a black T-shirt featuring the pop queen at one of their restaurants. Yep, apparently, Mariah’s a big fan of Mickey D’s. But you might find yourself wondering why McDonald’s is going to the trouble. Naturally, there’s a very good consumer-led reason for why they’re doing what they’re doing.


Michael Strahan’s Relationship With His Ex-Wife Jean Has Gone From Bad to Worse

November 7, 2021

Houston-born TV personality Michael Strahan has been in the public eye since his early twenties when he was in the National Football League. He met his future-wife Jean Muggli when he was playing for the New York Giants after having had an instant attraction, but it would prove to be his downfall further into the future. Michael’s personal life is fraught with problems, scandals, and even career-wrecking allegations. Take a look at everything that’s been going on with him and his ex-wife Jean behind closed doors.


When They Discovered Their Babies Had Been Mixed Up at Hospital, They Had the Hardest Decision To Make

October 18, 2021

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. In Sicily, Italy, two first-time mothers gave birth to each of their daughters at the same hospital, at the same time. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until they realized that there had been a mix-up at the hospital and they had been raising the wrong child all this time. The problem was, three years had passed at this point. But no one expected them to do what they did next.


These Behind The Scenes Pics Prove The Cast of Squid Game Were Total Goofballs On Set

October 5, 2021

No one knew that their lives were missing a Korean dystopian TV drama until Netflix’s Squid Game came out. Now it’s hard to imagine how we ever lived without it before. Since its release in September 2021, it’s taken the world by storm despite the odds, and has become the first-ever Netflix series to top their charts in all 83 countries. As hard as life is for the desperate contestants, the actors and actresses had the time of their lives while filming on set. Take a look at how different the cast of Squid Game is from their on-screen personalities… you’ll be surprised at what you end up finding.


A Look Back at the Heart-Breaking Life of Anna Nicole Smith and Where It All Went Wrong

September 14, 2021

Before there was Kim Kardashian, there was Anna Nicole Smith – the infamous model, actress, and reality TV personality. She was one of the most famous women on the planet during the nineties, but somehow everything went horribly wrong. At Hype Galore, we’re revealing exactly what happened throughout her life that lead to such a tragedy. From her surprising rag to riches background, to marrying an 89-year-old billionaire while in her twenties, her extraordinary story will show you a side to Anna that few people know about.


Take a Look at These Hollywood Stars Who Have Embraced Adoption and Are All The More Happy For It

August 29, 2021

There are a bunch of celebrities who’ve gone down the adoption route. Whether they struggled with fertility issues or simply wanted a child who needed a home, they’ve opened themselves up to kids who aren’t biologically theirs. And not all of them have been so public about it over the years. That’s why we’re revealing which stars have embraced an adopted child into their family. And the best news is that everyone’s lives are all the better because of it. Take a look at which household names have been quietly raising adopted children and how it’s been going for them.


After Three Women Found out They Were Dating the Same Guy, They Had the Most Perfect Reaction

July 29, 2021

Dating can be hard at any age it seems, according to these three young women. They found themselves all going out with the same person and without trying to, ended up forming an extremely close bond. These ladies are proof of the saying, “living well is the best revenge.” Because that’s exactly what they did – only they did it all together instead. Take a look at the fascinating situation that Abi, Bekah, and Morgan found themselves in. We’re diving into just how these gorgeous women realized they had the same boyfriend, got in touch with one another, and what they decided to do together after.


She Was Born Different but Met Her Challenges Head on To Take On the Role of a Lifetime

July 13, 2021

A lot of us would give up when faced with a challenge like this young woman. Belgian-born Sarah Talbi was born into an extremely challenging situation; she was born without arms. The world isn’t made for people who don’t have arms, and it can be extremely difficult for a person with a disability like this to thrive. But Sarah wasn’t going to let anything stop her from living the life that she wanted. Irrespective of how she is born, Sarah lives an independent life and has a flourishing creative career. But her most important role has come into her life in recent years, and she’s proved that nothing can hold her back from living her dreams.


Adopted Woman Takes a DNA Test, Then Gets a Message That Would Change Her Life Forever

July 8, 2021

Companies like 23andMe and Ancestry.com are advertising everywhere these days, offering information about where you came from for a one-time fee. If you’ve never taken a DNA test, the odds are that someone you know has. And with a growing network of people looking to reconnect with their roots, the chances of relatives finding each other are only increasing. This story of one woman shows just how life-changing a simple DNA test can be. Molly Sinert was just a curious person trying to find out more about where she came from. But she ended up discovering more than anyone could have hoped for.


Famous People Have Tinder Too: Check Out Which Stars Have Signed up for Dating Apps

June 20, 2021

Everyone’s using dating apps to look for love these days – even the rich and famous. But they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve in order to keep their identity protected. From using a fake name to using a secretive dating app for celebrities, famous people are finding a way to meet local singles. Of course, people don’t only use dating apps to try and find love… but we’ll let you be the judge of what it is they were looking for. Take a look at which stars have been busy swiping left and right, and what they’ve had to say about it. Just bear in mind that you’ll be in for a few surprises.