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When Fantasy Meets Reality: This Guy Photoshops Himself Into the Everyday Lives of Cartoon Characters

As children, many of us dreamt of what it would be like if we could go on exciting expeditions with friends that we made in a make-believe world. Our young imaginations ran wild with adventures and elaborate storylines. Most of these fantasies were inspired by our favorite movies that we saw on repeat back in the day. Growing up, we sadly start realizing that the magic wasn't real. However, one artist refused to let 'growing up' take away his imagination. He decided to bring back those imaginary friends from his favorite childhood cartoons and include himself in the magical world of Disney's everyday life.
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Around the World

25+ Photographs That Capture the Beauty of Our Planet From All Different Angles

We see the world as we know it. But it's great to see that we can share experiences through the power of Photography. Fortunately, some photographers worked hard to provide us with the most beautiful images. These pictures not only capture the stories of all kinds of people from around the planet but also showcase the earth's natural beauty. It was an incredible decade of shedding light on our earth's beauty, but it's fragility too.
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