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Born to Be Wild? Meet Mike Holston, the Man People Are Calling “the Real Tarzan”

    Ladies and gentlemen, friends and comrades, we now introduce you to Mike Holston, the man people call “The Real Tarzan.” Drawing inspiration from legendary animal man Steve Irwin, Holston is a wild animal enthusiast. Have a look at his Instagram and you’ll find a colorful array of photos featuring Holston with a host of different wild animals. And, we have to admit, although some pics are somewhat scary, the results are truly spectacular.

    Image: Instagram / therealtarzann

    Mike Holston started his career as a zookeeper in Miami where he started to cultivate close relationships with lots of different wild animals. He eventually began uploading pics and vids of himself with them and it didn’t take long for his videos and photos to go viral. Now, his YouTube channel “THE REAL TARZANN” has over half a million subscribers and he has become a household name. Stay tuned for the full story and a look at some of his wildest photos!