A New Era: Everything That’s Going To Happen Now That the Queen’s Impressive Reign Is Over

Upon the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her eldest son Prince Charles succeeded the throne, becoming King Charles III. Now the Elizabethan era is over, however, people have questions. What will happen to the other royals now? What changes will King Charles make? And who takes over the Queen’s unusual possessions and duties? Well, this is everything that will happen now that the Queen’s impressive reign is over.

You May Have Thought These Stars Were Born in the USA, but Their Lives Started Overseas

America is a melting pot of so many different ethnicities and cultures. No matter where someone hails from, they can seemingly always find a little piece of home, no matter where they go. Plus, they bring new cultural contributions from across the globe.

Heartwarming Reunion Signs That Welcomed These Soldiers Home at Last

The friends and families of soldiers spend their days counting down the months, weeks, days, and even hours until their loved ones get home from deployment. And when the time comes, they head to the airport or the military base to welcome them home with open arms – and a custom-made sign designed just for them. These signs make their homecoming as special as possible, and, thankfully, many of them have been captured on camera for us all to see.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Created a New Work-Life Balance

COVID-19 has affected all of us, essentially pressing the “restart” button on our lives. Plans had to be put on hold for so long, and so unexpectedly, that we were all jolted out of our usual routines and forced to take a look at how our lives are actually going. While the pandemic has had […]

These PR Stunts Will Go Down in History as the Most Bizarre and the Most Expensive

In today’s day and age, we’re bombarded with advertising from all angles. And while anyone can create a commercial for television or stick a generic billboard up in cities across the globe, there are some marketing gurus who aim to go the extra mile. They come up with elaborate PR stunts and their aim is simple; to stand out from the crowd. But of course, everything comes at a price. And this is how much these ridiculous stunts really cost their companies.

Australia Has Just Been Dragged Into the Bizzare Monolith Mystery As New Structure Found in Adelaide

It all started in November 2020 when an 8-foot tall metallic structure was found in the desert of Utah. Now, Australia is the most recent country to be dragged into the story because another metallic monolith was found just south of Adelaide. But like the one in Utah, the Adelaide monolith disappeared just days after it appeared. As people continue to investigate what’s going on, the world still isn’t sure. Pranksters, artists, government conspiracies, aliens? No one knows.

An Insider’s Look at How Kate Middleton Has Been Preparing to Take the Throne All This Time

It’s a momentous period for the British Royal Family. But somehow, the Duchess of Cambridge is proving to be just as busy as ever. It’s not all for nothing, which is why we’ve taken a deep dive into how Kate Middleton has been prepping herself for her future role as a queen. Whether she will take the title of queen consort or not is heavily debated… But everyone agrees that regardless of her title, she would be reffered to as “Queen Kate” by the public. But there’s been a lot of drama on her way to the top, and we’re unpacking all of it. Check out what’s been going on in her hectic life.

Why the Spanish Opera House Performed to an Audience of 2000+ Plants

Getting a hold of a ticket at one of the most opera houses in the world is an exclusive experience. But somehow, over 2,000 different plants were treated to a concert in Barcelona, Spain, after the venue suffered a three-month closure. To mark the reopening, the El Liceu opera house opened it’s doors to a crowd of flora. But the unusual event was more than just a quirky joke, it held a lot of significance for the opera house and the world of opera as a whole. Read on to find out why.

A Look Inside Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

On June 8th, amid protests over the killing of George Floyd, the Seattle Police Department boarded up vacated their precinct located in Capitol Hill, Seattle. They left after clashes with protesters grew increasingly dangerous. Now, the protesters have claimed the neighborhood and have declared the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” We invite you for a look at what’s happening on the ground inside Seattle’s autonomous neighborhood.

What Celebrities Are Doing to Actively Help the #BLM Movement and What You Can Do Too

In wake of what has happened to George Floyd, celebrities are refusing to be passive during this highly sensitive period. People from all over the world are coming together to fight for justice to be served to George Floyd’s family and for an end to the systematic racism in the US. In such a challenging situation, stars are finding ways to put their fame and fortune to good use in a variety of ways. From donating significant sums to peacefully protesting in the streets, many famous faces are choosing to actively help. Here’s the rundown of what’s been going on, and what you can do to help.