Slim Aarons’ Iconic Photos Show Us What Life Was Really Like for the Rich and Famous of New Hollywood

Having millions of dollars in the bank and having friends in high places during the height of New Hollywood was a whole new level of fame and fortune. Those who lived in the city of Angels during the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s exuded opulence and class, and it was Slim Aarons’ job to make sure that he captured this essence within his photographs. After all, he was all about “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”

After a Year of Staying Inside This Is What the Stars Have Been Wearing on the 2021 Red Carpet

Noone knew what lay ahead at the beginning of 2020, including our favorite celebrities. They’ve been social distancing and quarantining at home like the rest of us, but now things are starting to change. With the vaccine roll out happening in the states, stars are slowly starting to re-emerge onto the Hollywood scene. After such a long break of being in the public eye, stars have been making surprising fashion statements or reinventing their public identity. Check out the bold and unexpected outfits that celebrities have been wearing at their first red carpet appearances since the pandemic.

All of the Best-Dressed Celebs From the Virtual 2021 Golden Globes

We all love an awards ceremony, right? These events normally see celebrities descend on Hollywood hotels in their hundreds as they perfect their red carpet poses and practice their acceptance speeches. But just like most things in 2021, the Golden Globes had to do things a little differently this year. So, they went virtual. And while our favorite actors, singers, and comedians didn’t get the chance to walk the red carpet, that didn’t stop them from getting dressed up for the occasion.

This Photographer Is Using His Amazing Skills To Show off the Power of Perspective

Anyone can pick up a camera and take a photo. It’s not hard to click a button and take a snapshot of what’s in front of you, but it takes real talent and artistic skill to create a photograph that’s so incredible it will blow other people’s minds. And that’s exactly what Lisbon-born photographer Hugo Suíssas does on a daily basis. He’s filled up his portfolio and his Instagram page with his mind-bending photographs, and now we’re not quite sure what’s real and what’s no anymore.

The Bad Hair Years: Retro Haircuts That We Can’t Believe Used To Be in Fashion

Hair can be a touch thing to get right. We’ve all had bad hair days or awful hair cuts, it’s a right of passage at this point. And nothing is a better reminder of that then looking at the haircuts of yesteryear. Throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s, there were some truly shocking styles running around that we’ve all tried hard to forget. Well, we’re here to remind you that you can’t run from your past. Take a look at the most offensive mullets, perms, extensions, and bangs that we donned in our former years.

45 Red Carpet Fashion Flops That Celebrities Want Us To Forget About

When it comes to the rich and famous, never doubt their budget for style. However, with these red carpet ruptures, we’re not sure if more money meant more chic. From absurd patterns to fabrics that visibly look uncomfortable, we literally can’t fathom their selections. Hype Galore has found some of the worst fashion failures from your favorite celebrities featured on the red carpet and we are here to buzz about it!

Music Videos Have Replaced Fashion Shows This Year as People Look To the Stars for Inspiration

With all the changes taking place in 2020, it’s not surprising that the fashion industry is being turned upside down too. Since runway shows have ground to halt due the global pandemic, people are finding clothing inspiration through a source that’s accessible to them from the comfort of their homes. Music videos are now proving to be massively influential in clothing sales. You need only look at the statistics to see the impact.

Clever, Creative, and Super Relevant Costumes to Get You Pumped for Halloween 2020

These guys and gals have scoured the newest and best emergent cultural gems, whether it be people, animals, places, situations, or software, and they made them into some of the cleverest costumes we’ve ever seen. Here we’ll take a look at these amazing outfits, we’ll have a good laugh, and hopefully, we can get inspired to create an amazing ensemble of our own.

Instagram vs. Reality: Revealing What Really Goes on Behind These Picture-Perfect Instagram Photos

We think it is fair to assume that at some point, you have been scrolling through Instagram with envy over some pretty perfectly styled photos. But have you ever seen the other side of these beautiful photos? The truth behind these shots is often pretty hilarious and unexpected. This photographer shows us the reality behind his perfectly styled and edited photos. Get ready for some of the best Instagram VS. reality!

Digital Artist Reimagines Celebs as Classic Disney Characters and The Results are Spot On

Digital artist Helen Morgun has taken her fan art to a whole new level. And once you see her work, you will understand exactly what we mean. Her colorful and detailed portraits of today’s favorite stars are so jaw-droppingly accurate, they almost look like photographs. Morgun is especially talented at taking well-known celebrities and recreating them to look like Disney heroes, heroines, and villains. And she truly goes all out, making the star in each portrait almost impossible not to recognize.