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Queens of Cosplay: 50+ Women Who Have Mastered the Art of Make-Believe

The art of cosplay, or costume play, has come a long way since the term was first officially coined back in the mid-80s. Since then thousands of super fans and fantasy world enthusiasts have found ways to raise the bar. And let's face it, leading the way in this realm of insanely talented fandom are the all-powerful female cosplayers of the world. To honor these women, we are taking a look at some of the best in the business who have absolutely killed it when it comes to mastering the art of make-believe.
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The Incredibly Bizarre Street Fashion of Tokyo Shows They’re Lightyears Ahead of Us

When thinking of Tokyo, Japan, it's hard not to bring to mind the off-beat street style of young, fashion-forward individuals. Tokyo is known for is curious subcultures, and it continues to be one of the fashion capitals of the world alongside cities like New York, London, and Paris. But outsiders continue to be alluded by the unique and quirky trends that are seen on the streets. That's why we decided to round up three unusual street styles that have popped up around the city. Check out these out-there looks that make up some of the most forward-thinking fashion in the world.
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Fashion Madness Online: How the Met Gala Is Coping With the Global Situation

These days, it seems that nothing is what it used to be. This includes one of the world's most exclusive social events: the legendary Met Gala. Due to the global crisis, the Met Gala is postponed until further notice. But Anna Wintour, the primary organizer of the event, got online and explained what's happening. She put out an important message to the world, followed by a performance by Florence and the Machine. Also, some online showcasing, talks and stories are being broadcast. So tune-in for your preview to this year's Met Gala!
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A Look Back at the Retro Wedding Dresses Worn by the Stars Of The Last Decades

We're used to seeing all sorts of alternative outfits on the stars of today for their big day. But back in the day, things were very different. We found ourselves asking, what kind of designs, fabrics, and silhouettes were they going for before the digital age of Pinterest boards and social media influence? And it's all too interesting to see what the stars of the day chose as their special outfit. At Hype Galore, we wanted to create a collection of the most iconic bridal gowns worn in the decades before.
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When Fantasy Meets Reality: This Guy Photoshops Himself Into the Everyday Lives of Cartoon Characters

As children, many of us dreamt of what it would be like if we could go on exciting expeditions with friends that we made in a make-believe world. Our young imaginations ran wild with adventures and elaborate storylines. Most of these fantasies were inspired by our favorite movies that we saw on repeat back in the day. Growing up, we sadly start realizing that the magic wasn't real. However, one artist refused to let 'growing up' take away his imagination. He decided to bring back those imaginary friends from his favorite childhood cartoons and include himself in the magical world of Disney's everyday life.
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An Unimaginable Imagination: The World of Infinite Polka Dots

Did you ever think a giant pumpkin covered in polka dots would ever be a global sensation? Yayoi Kusama has been around for decades creating weird and wacky art. Now in the world of social media, her pieces around the world are recognizable to even the least artsy individuals. See what her wonderful polka dot creations are all about.
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Talented Artist Reimagines What Disney Characters Would Look Like as Real People and the Results Are Spectacular

Over the last century, Disney has entertained us all with a whimsical collection of Disney princesses, heroines, heroes and villains. With the advent of advanced technology, the Disney characters on the big screen look a lot more realistic than they used to. Still, this talented artist, Jirka Vinse Jonatan Vaatainen has taken us to the next level of realism. He has blessed us with reimagined illustrations of Disney characters as real modern-day people. So, let's glimpse at all our favorite characters that have been brought to life like never before.
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Male Polish: Famous Men Have Been Painting Their Nails and Its Been Going Unnoticed

It's not anything new, but it is making a public comeback - more and more men are proudly painting their nails. Whether it's keeping up with the fashion or defiant self-expression, nail art is no longer exclusive to feminine identity. Actors, rappers, and rockstars alike are donning a fresh set. It's hard to deny that male nail art is resurging. Just look at the Met Gala this year, where mainstream celebrities like Harry Styles donned a turquoise and black gel mani. Or Jared Leto's frequent paparazzi sightings catch him with varying bright licks of a coat. Take a look at the men who are defying double standards, and how they're going about enamel art.
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Fast Fashion Is Out: How the Rise of Resale Culture Is Paving the Way for Ethical Fashion

The rise of thrifting; we've all been witness to it. What was once a shameful secret is now a booming business with a considerable future. Buying second hand-clothes has been a way to repurpose someone's unwanted items where they are new and interesting to another. Thrifting also allows you to discover the original vintage items you would otherwise try to raid your mom's closet for. Online consignment and thrift store ThredUp predicts that the sector could swell up to $51 billion by 2023, over double than its worth in 2018. And this popularity surge in used clothes is good news for the planet, as less demand for new and "fast" fashion means a reduction in the environmental impact.
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Seek Truth From Facts: After Months of Protests in Hong Kong, Take a Look at the Art Emerging From the Tension in China

In light of much political and social unrest in Hong Kong, visual art is acting as an outlet for expression and a force for uniting a community. "Seek truth from facts;" once a Chinese philosophical statement, it was adopted by Mao as he encouraged the nation to "emancipate" their minds. Its relevance has circled back around amidst mass dissatisfaction in the country, as the public come together to protest undemocratic practices. "Recent incidences have really demonstrated the amazing tenacity, unity, and integrity of the Hong Kong people, and I have never been so proud to count myself as one of them," claims artist Oliver Chang. While a large proportion of Hong Kong's citizens fight for their freedoms and rights, there is a solace to be found in the voice of the community. Take a look at some of the visual art coming out of the rebellion movement.
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