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Hard to Believe Hyper-Realistic Sculptures That Will Leave You Questioning Everything You Thought Was Real

The term "hyper-realism" emerged in the '70s as a descriptive for the super-realistic works of art and sculpture that was growing in resurgence. Today, hyper-realistic artists are using their jaw-dropping skills to create works of art that supersede details seen by the naked eye. There are a few sculptors that have been pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, using a variety of materials and a boat-load of patience to execute their ideas flawlessly. Take a look at the must-know contemporary artists that are challenging people's perception of reality with their exceptional talent.
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Yeezy 2020: The Hottest Footwear We’re Anticipating From Kanye and Adidas Next Year

Kanye's certainly created something of a running meme with his controversial fashion line Yeezy, and his footwear collaboration with Adidas has been no exception to public scrutiny. In light of Paris Fashion Week, people are ever-more curious as to what lies in store for his line. You'll be all too familiar with the Adidas Yeezy Boost sneaker and it's signature textile fit, but you'll likely not be aware of the leaked information about what's to come! At Popular Everything, we're bringing you the 2020 prospective for Yeezy footwear - sure to be accompanied by a hefty price tag!
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Celebrating Heritage Through Sci-Fi: Everything You Need to Know About Afrofuturism and It’s Importance Today

You might not know it yet, but you've likely had many run-ins with the concept of Afrofuturism. At Popular Everything, we're bringing you a necessary overview of the philosophy and aesthetic whose growing interest sees it further represented across the spectrum and acknowledged as important. Music, fashion, art, and film - Afrofuturism has exploded on to the scene of mainstream media and we're grateful it's being seen. Today, it defines conversations or depictions of the African diaspora in a futuristic context. But more than just representing Black people in science fiction, it imagines a future where African/Afrodiasporic culture is celebrated.
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A Black Panther Project for the People: The Tattoo Parlor Offering Self-Healing on a Deeper Level

Brooklyn based Doreen Garner is a tattoo artist, performance artist and contemporary sculptor who is using her talents to facilitate community and inclusion. In her tattoo parlor, Invisible Man Tattoo, she has created a platform that specializes in catering to the black community. "I had always felt uncomfortable in most tattoo shops," she admits. The lack of representation in the inked community became her catalyst for creating a Black-friendly, as well as female-friendly, space where people of color would feel welcome and safe.
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