Ryan Reynolds Pushed a Playboy Lifestyle That Inspired Break-up Anthems and Almost Ruined His Career

Ryan Reynolds is a dreamboat that graces the dreams of gorgeous women worldwide. It turns out, that more than a few famous women graced the actor’s arm… and his bedroom. They’ve all succumbed to the same sexiness that is somewhere between stunning and charming, something few stars possess as much as Reynolds.

These Celebs’ Beautifully Unique ”Flaws” Show That Not Even A-Listers Are Perfect

When they’re not being photoshopped, made-up, and airbrushed, these A-listers actually have some pretty unique appearances that make them all the more beautiful. These celebrities are done hiding the differences they were born with and want to share what they really look like with the world. Whether it be mismatched eyes, webbed toes, or a cleft lip, these stars are embracing their “flaws” and encouraging fans to do the same.

These Celebs Went Above and Beyond to Help Their Fans in a Time of Need

These celebrities love their fans just as much as their fans love them, and they’d go above and beyond for their fanbase. See the most unexpected stories of celebs changing their fans’ lives for the better. Some of these stars get a pretty bad rep in terms of how they interact with the public, but these heartwarming moments just might change your mind. These A-listers know that at the end of the day, they need their fans far more than their fans need them and they don’t mind showing it.

These Comments by Celebs Have Us Shaking in Our Boots

We use social media like our lives depend on it. You know who else does? Celebrities. They interact with each other’s posts just as you would with your closest friends, and sometimes, they even interact with the random folks that are commenting random things on their posts.

Can You Recognize These Celebrities Dressed up as Their Famous Friends?

When it’s Halloween time, or we’re just going to a costume party, we regular folk tend to dress up as our favorite celebrities. Well, celebrities are no different, they dress up as other A-list stars! Can you recognize who’s in these star-studded costumes? So what happens when the celebrity you’ve dressed up as sees your costume? See which stars consider imitation to be the best form of flattery, and which ones were offended by someone else stealing their look.

These Celebrities Got Total Makeovers, Can You Even Remember What They Used to Look Like?

When celebrities get makeovers, everyone seems to take notice. We really do get accustomed to seeing our favorite stars look a certain way and it can be a bit jarring when they suddenly change their appearance. Some of these celebs look like completely different people than when their careers first started! Can you even remember their previous signature looks? See how these stars changed their appearance and the reasons why.

Inside the Tragic Struggles That Jason Mamoa and Lisa Bonet Faced Together

If you’ve ever fantasized about your celebrity crush becoming your forever boo, you should definitely channel Jason Momoa’s energy. Why do you ask? Well, when the Aquaman actor was just 8 years old, he developed a crush on the beautiful actress he saw playing Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show, and that crush would manifest into a real relationship later in life.

McDonald’s Has Launched a Line of Mariah Carey Merchandise For the Holidays – Here’s Why It’s Completely Free

McDonald’s is hoping to draw in Mariah Carey’s large fanbase by offering a line of limited-edition Mariah-themed merchandise for this Christmas season. Best of all, it won’t cost a thing. The fast-food conglomerate is offering these complimentary gifts alongside their “Mariah Menu,” and include a black knit beanie hat with embroidery or a black T-shirt featuring the pop queen at one of their restaurants. Yep, apparently, Mariah’s a big fan of Mickey D’s. But you might find yourself wondering why McDonald’s is going to the trouble. Naturally, there’s a very good consumer-led reason for why they’re doing what they’re doing.

All the Drama That’s Followed the Cast of Modern Family since the Show Ended

We all know and love the cast of Modern Family, as we’ve grown with them over 11 amazing seasons. We’ve seen kids turn into adults, unknown actors turn into superstars, and the already large family expand even more. But now that the show’s over, what have all the stars been up to? Are they still one big happy family? Find out all the drama your favorite Modern Family stars have been getting into since the show’s finale.

The Drama That Followed Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, After She Stole Him From Bobbie Brown

Pamela Anderson would never call herself a homewrecker, even if that’s how it looks to the rest of the world. Talk about starting your relationship with sin; Playmate Pamela Anderson and Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee began their love affair and got hot and heavy real quick, after Lee broke off his engagement to another woman. Their relationship moved at the speed of light and was destined for scandal from the moment it began. Really, the rock legend went from one girl to the next and they were engaged within days. Was this a preamble to the rest of their lives together? This sultry couple has gone through it all together, and it’s rarely been sunshine and rainbows.