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Then and Now Photos of Celebrity Couples Whose Relationships Have Stood the Test of Time

November 17, 2021

Whereas most Hollywood romances are short-lived and often plagued by a host a problems, these couples stood strong against the relentless winds of time. Not only did their burning love keep them happily together, but it also slowed down their aging. This article will take you on a whirlwind tour of the longest-lasting and eternally youthful celebrity couples and their interesting histories.

Everything We Have Learned About Will and Jada Smith’s Unconventional Marriage and Family

November 15, 2021

Over the years, we’ve learned so much more than we could have ever imagined about the Smith family. Will and Jada have spilled the tea on their open marriage, we’ve learned that Jaden tried to divorce his parents, and we’ve even come to understand the intricacies of Willow’s sexuality. Don’t worry if you’ve struggled to keep up with this unconventional family, though, because we’ve wrapped together all of the bizarre revelations into one handy (and very juicy) guide.

Michael Strahan’s Relationship With His Ex-Wife Jean Has Gone From Bad to Worse

November 7, 2021

Houston-born TV personality Michael Strahan has been in the public eye since his early twenties when he was in the National Football League. He met his future-wife Jean Muggli when he was playing for the New York Giants after having had an instant attraction, but it would prove to be his downfall further into the future. Michael’s personal life is fraught with problems, scandals, and even career-wrecking allegations. Take a look at everything that’s been going on with him and his ex-wife Jean behind closed doors.

Dangerous Movie Sets That Had Tragic Outcomes and What Went Wrong

October 26, 2021

We all love a good movie and part of the magic of cinema is getting immersed into a fictional world that feels real. Disturbingly, sometimes, it is real. Sometimes actors aren’t acting and they truly are in danger, in pain, and scared. There have even been incidents on set in which cast and crew members suffer permanent injuries and even death, all for the sake of making entertainment. So which of our favorite movies were dangerous to make and what exactly went wrong?

See What These 90s Bands Were Really up to Back Then and What They’re Doing Now

October 19, 2021

The 90s were an important time for music, with the rise of rock bands, girl groups, and boy groups, we had some of music’s greatest talent and some of our most cringe-worthy moments. A lot has changed in the music industry since then, the question is which bands have managed to change with the times and which ones decided to quit while they were ahead? How did your favorite bands really spend the 90s? And, more importantly, what are they up to now?

These Behind The Scenes Pics Prove The Cast of Squid Game Were Total Goofballs On Set

October 5, 2021

No one knew that their lives were missing a Korean dystopian TV drama until Netflix’s Squid Game came out. Now it’s hard to imagine how we ever lived without it before. Since its release in September 2021, it’s taken the world by storm despite the odds, and has become the first-ever Netflix series to top their charts in all 83 countries. As hard as life is for the desperate contestants, the actors and actresses had the time of their lives while filming on set. Take a look at how different the cast of Squid Game is from their on-screen personalities… you’ll be surprised at what you end up finding.

This Is How Nicole Kidman’s Dark and Tragic Past Shaped Her Into the Actress She Is Today

September 23, 2021

Many people know of Nicole’s high-profile relationships, but these newspaper headlines only showcase part of the story. Very few people know what this Australian legend has really been through over the course of her life, and how her dark and tragic past has impacted her place in Hollywood. Yes, Nicole’s past is even more heartbreaking than you thought, and this is why.

Before Their Big Break, These Stars Started off Their Careers With Minor Roles on Gilmore Girls

August 10, 2021

Let’s face it, no matter how many years have passed since Gilmore Girls last aired on our screens, this show never fails to put a smile on our faces. And while you rewatch the show for the 100th times you might recognize certain familiar faces. There are actually many stars that have since gotten their big break which actually started their careers on Gilmore Girls. And while some look almost unrecognizable, you’ll be sure to spill your coffee when seeing the big names that have made their way to Stars Hollow way back in the day.

Hooking up With the Help: These Stars Were Caught Cheating on Their Celebrity Partners With Their Staff

July 20, 2021

Many famous faces have entered into extra-marital affairs with their employees and staff members over the years. While they thought they could get away with their secret relationships with their nanny or their late-night trysts with their bodyguards, we all know that there are no secrets in Hollywood. So if you want to keep up to date with all of the stars who were caught cheating on their celebrity partners with their staff, we’ve got the scoop.

27+ Rarely Heard Origin Stories Behind These Well-Known Stage Names

June 29, 2021

Many stars have branded themselves with the use of a unique stage name. Ranging from Lady Gaga to The Weeknd, these celebrities have chosen some of the wildest names to claim as their own. Although we frequently talk about these stars and read about them on social media, we never stop to wonder where their stage names originated from.Look no further because the meanings behind your favorite celebrities’ stage names are finally revealed.