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Double Trouble: These Actors and Their Identical Stunt Doubles Make the Ultimate Power Duos

Hollywood is home to some of the most talented actors on the planet. It's also a hotbed for special effects, illusions, CGI and camera tricks. So, since not all of these talented actors are real kung-fu fighters, superheroes or heavyweight champions, sometimes they need a little Hollywood magic too. Luckily, that's where their real hero stunt doubles swoop in to save the day. They also make the ultimate power duos. So, let's scroll through the best double trouble talents in Hollywood.
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The Joy of Being Humble: Celebrities Who Live the Simple Life Despite Their Fame and Fortune

Some of us spend our days stargazing, and dreaming of fortune and fame. That includes the lavish lifestyle that accompanies it. After all, when you're blessed with an unlimited bank account and celebrity status, you can live the high life. For these bankable stars, the sky is the limit. Other people are a little more grounded. They stay humble despite being super-rich. Others didn't forget to give back. So let's glimpse at these refreshingly modest celebrities who didn't let wealth change them. They live like regular people, despite their riches.
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Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey Join Forces for the Epic Charlie’s Angels Remake

If you're familiar with the popular Charlie's Angels action series over the years, we may have just found the perfect treat for you! Recent movie buffs have just announced the latest installment to head to our cinema screens shortly. In preparation for the motion picture, three of the fiercest singers in the music industry right now have teamed together to perform a backing track that screams women empowerment. Go on, girls!
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