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Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey Join Forces for the Epic Charlie’s Angels Remake

If you're familiar with the popular Charlie's Angels action series over the years, we may have just found the perfect treat for you! Recent movie buffs have just announced the latest installment to head to our cinema screens shortly. In preparation for the motion picture, three of the fiercest singers in the music industry right now have teamed together to perform a backing track that screams women empowerment. Go on, girls!
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How to Become a Supervillain 101: Joaquin Phoenix’s Transformation Into The Joker

If you were a fan of the Batman superhero franchise over the years, you'll love the latest spinoff Todd Philips has created! As the star of the show, Joaquin Phoenix will enact the twisted tale of the Caped Crusader's biggest nemesis, The Joker. If you're wondering how this actor whipped himself into shape for such an evil role, Hype Galore has done the digging and got all the answers for you.
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Cardi 2020: How Cardi B Is Ditching the Bling to Suit up and Speak Out

Cardi B has now cemented her status as the global rapper and straight-talking superstar the world never knew we needed. While she has unapologetically bounced onto the scene as a true Bronx girl, dripping in bling, Cardi has gradually evolved her style. Lately, she seems to be heading in a different direction. So we're here to chart the evolution of Cardi B.
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Reaching for the Stars: Before Becoming Hollywood’s Top of the Class, These Celebs Attended Prestigious Ivy League Schools

Time and again, we've heard celebrities get criticized in the media for not having a lot going on in the brain department. We're here to prove the tabloids wrong! In an attempt to turn this stereotype around, Hype Galore is paying a visit to some of the biggest A-listers in the business. What do these stars have in common? They all attended Ivy League schools! They may enjoy lavish lives now, but it wasn't without a little hard work!
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The Most Memorable Award Show Moments That Will be Trending Until the End of Time

Award show ceremonies may be prestigious and follow a tradition, but it turns out, they're not nearly as mundane as you might think! Over the years, some of the most notable A-listers have stepped out to do the unexpected at these events, which have in turn gone viral and will forever go down in history. Here's our line up of the most memorable highlights from award shows over the years.
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