We’re constantly finding the obscure, weird, and fascinating photos and events from history. Take a look at moments from the past you wouldn’t want to forget.

Revisit Holiday Cheer From Years Gone by in Vintage Photos of Christmas Past

There's nothing like looking through old photos to rekindle all those fond Christmas memories. Considered to be the most magical time of year, we gather with our loved ones to enjoy some quality time, good food, and gifts. But how were we celebrating before smart TVs and Alexa? Take a look at vintage photos of how we used to enjoy the Yuletide season. Without the distraction of modern technology, we're seeing if Christmas past is beyond comparison to today's world.
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The Story of the Air Max 1: How Nike’s Most Innovative Design Paved a New Way for the Sneaker Industry

Calling all sneakerheads! While it may seem like Nike trainers have been on top of their game since their debut, back in the Eighties the situation was a little different! With the rise of competition leaving the trainers with little to stand out from the crowd, it was all up to one man to keep the stylish sneakers relevant. Without further ado, let us tell you all a little story of how the Air Max sneakers came into being!
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Puma vs. Adidas: The Most Epic Family Feud in Business History

Today, Puma and Adidas are still two of the most successful sports apparel and footwear name brands that exist worldwide. What most people don't know, however, is that these two leading companies, worn both by professional players and amateur athletes alike, began as a result of an epic family feud. Brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler once worked side by side, making their shoe business dreams come true together. However, a sibling miscommunication soon changed everything and Puma and Adidas were born.
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