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30+ Hilarious Moments Spotted at the Gym That Were Almost Too Bizarre To Believe

Admittedly, we have all run into some bizarre behavior while pumping iron at the gym and no one can blame you for looking twice. We aren't sure why but sometimes the gym brings out the strangest in all of us. Whether its someone using a machine completely wrong, a questionable choice in activewear, or someone eating junk food while doing their cardio, here are some of the most head-scratching moments spotted at the gym.
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47+ Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Nature’s Sense of Humor

For us humans, we can all get up to a little mischief when we think no one's watching. And just when we least expect it, we can also get caught off guard by an awkward photo we weren't ready for. So for animals in the wild, they can get up to some funny and dramatic antics when they think humans aren't around too. From laughing otters to chest-pumping seals, let's see how wild animals really act in their own habitats.
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47+ People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You

Think your'e having a bad day with your spilled coffee? Think again. In the coming pages, you will see some unlucky people who have landed in unfortunate situations. Needless to say, they did not have a good day. From sinking boats to mud tsunamis to ripped trousers, while you'll feel bad for these people, you'll also get a good laugh.
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Celebrity Goofballs: 47+ of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces

In this article, you will see some of your favorite celebrities stretch the geometry of the human into shapes you previously thought were forbidden by the laws of physics. The range of emotions you be exposed to here is wide, including happiness, dismay, shock, disappointment, skepticism, anger, and more. Strap in while we take you a wild ride past some of the goofiest celebrity moments ever recorded with photos.
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People Who Lost Their Battle Against Sleep and Caught Some Zs In the Funniest Ways Imaginable

We're all human, and that means we all get tired. While most of us are pretty good at surviving the day and only going to sleep once we're in the comfort of our own beds, not everyone is so lucky. These people lost their battle against sleep and dozed off in the funniest and weirdest places, and in the strangest positions you can imagine. Just as they didn't make it through their day without falling asleep, you won't make it through this article without cracking up!
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Behind the Memes: Unmasking the Real Faces of the Internet’s Biggest Memes

Memes have come a long way since their first mention in a biology book in 1976. Richard Dawkins, the man who coined the term meant it to be the cultural equivalent of "gene", indicating information passed down through generations. These days though, they have taken on a life of their own. They are usually used as satire or other tools of comedy. But how did the memes come about? And who are the people (and animals) behind them? Stick around and find out!
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The Strangest Celebrity Face Swaps That Will Stay With You Forever

To think, face-swapping all started when Snapchat updated their filters. Since then, people took to applying face-swaps on famous figures, particularly people with a relationship to each other. At Hype Galore, we've compiled a list of the absolute best. But be warned; you'll want to unsee some of these bizarre amalgamations. Expect to find various celebrity hybrids that should never come to be.
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Creative Artist Brings His Children’s Doodles to Life, Just The Way Their Imaginations Intended

Creative artist, Tom Curtis is clearly a dad on a mission. He has fine-tuned his artistic talents to bring his children's animated drawings and doodles to life, just the way their imaginations intended. And the hilarious results are nothing short of spectacular. So get ready to channel your inner child and see the good, the bad, the ugly through the eyes of Dom, Al and some of their childhood pals.
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Hilarious Designer Gains Internet Fame for Solving All Our First World Problems at Once

Vermont based Product designer, Matt Benedetto is clearly a man on a mission. While it's clear he has genius talents and mad skills, he channels most of his time and creative energies into solving problems that don't exist. Nobody asked for these products, but his groundbreaking catalog of unnecessary inventions are nothing short of spectacular. So, let's scroll through the most impressive, hilarious, off-the-wall products that are taking the internet by storm.
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Goofy A-Listers: The Red Carpet Mishaps That Prove Celebrities Really Are Human

We don't know about you, but we're a bit tired of seeing the Hollywood A-listers looking so polished and perfect. After all, they're people too - and thanks to the hordes of paparazzi, their more "human" moments are captured. Check out the funniest slips-ups happening at the most exclusive events in town. It was always going to catch up on them eventually - but don't take our word for it. Take a look at the red carpet mishaps that the papers miss out.
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