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When You See It: The Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check the Background

August 3, 2021

These selfie-lovers really should have given these photos a background check, because they’re not quite as they seem. There are people lurking behind the scenes, there are mirrors giving away intimate secrets, and there are scenes we’ll be seeing in our nightmares for the rest of eternity. Just wait until you see all of these selfie fails, because we guarantee that you won’t be able to un-see them ever again…

Not Their Finest Moment: Paparazzi Photos That Celebrities Don’t Want You to See

May 11, 2021

Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing celebrities look like they have everything together? We know we are, which is why we’ve compiled a collection of photos to remind us that famous people embarrass themselves on a regular basis. Just because they’re swimming in money and have tons of adoring fans, doesn’t mean they don’t have bad days. Their most goofy and awkward moments have been captured by the paparazzi, and we think it’s high time we see them for who they really are – regular people! Rest easy knowing that Hollywood A-listers aren’t always picture-ready.

When You See It: Calling Out Some of The Most Outrageous Celebrity Photoshop Fails

April 8, 2021

While some celebs have mastered the art of airbrushing and look as though they’ve been chiseled out of marble in each photo they post (absolutely crushing our self-esteem in the process) there are others who need a few more Photoshop lessons if they want to try and trick us. So, at Hype Galore we’ve decided to whip out our magnifying glasses in search of the worst celebrity Photoshop fails of all time… and there are some real doozers.

Harry Potter but Make It Fashion: The Instagram Account That Puts the Potter Cast in Haute Couture

March 9, 2021

There’s one Instagram account, Gryffindior, that’s taking our favorite witches and wizards and updating their wardrobes. But only with designer items from the world’s top fashion houses. If money wasn’t a factor, perhaps we’d see the Harry Potter characters wearing these luxury items. From crop tops to mini skirts, the biggest haute couture labels clearly set up shop in Diagon Alley. Take a look at what happens when the Ministry of fabric gets involved.

30 Random Facts That Will Make You Realize Just How Fast Time Flies

February 18, 2021

As we grow older it really does become harder and harder to comprehend just how fast time flies by. It seems like just yesterday we were all buying Nokias and playing with our Tamagotchis, but if we actually stop to think about it, it really has been ages since that reality.To help us comprehend just how fast time has raced by, let’s look at some of the most random yet age-defying facts pop-culture history has to offer. Get ready to feel old, while we compare the years to these iconic moments in time.

Siblings or Dating? The Question Behind This New Instagram Trend That Everyone is Guessing Wrong

December 16, 2020

Have you ever come across a couple who look like they could be siblings? Or a brother/sister duo who act more like husband and wife? They can be pretty hard to come by, which is why one Instagram account has been collecting photos of all the peculiar cases. And lots of people are confused. At Hype Galore, we’ve compiled the more brain-twisting examples of real couples who look like siblings or siblings who look like couples.

These Fake Products Never Hit Store Shelves and We Can Totally See Why

November 17, 2020

These are some of the weirdest, concerning, and hilarious product parodies you’ll ever come across. Thanks to digital editing programs like Photoshop, just in time for Black Friday artists have taken products we all know and put a crazy twist on them. From disgusting flavors to worrying medication and more, we see why they would never have a chance at making it to store shelves. But on the upside, these fake products are good for something: they are guaranteed to make you laugh.

30+ Hilarious Moments Spotted at the Gym That Were Almost Too Bizarre To Believe

September 23, 2020

Admittedly, we have all run into some bizarre behavior while pumping iron at the gym and no one can blame you for looking twice. We aren’t sure why but sometimes the gym brings out the strangest in all of us. Whether its someone using a machine completely wrong, a questionable choice in activewear, or someone eating junk food while doing their cardio, here are some of the most head-scratching moments spotted at the gym.

47+ Hilarious Animals Bloopers That Reveal Nature’s Sense of Humor

August 3, 2020

For us humans, we can all get up to a little mischief when we think no one’s watching. And just when we least expect it, we can also get caught off guard by an awkward photo we weren’t ready for. So for animals in the wild, they can get up to some funny and dramatic antics when they think humans aren’t around too. From laughing otters to chest-pumping seals, let’s see how wild animals really act in their own habitats.

47+ People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You

July 16, 2020

Think your’e having a bad day with your spilled coffee? Think again. In the coming pages, you will see some unlucky people who have landed in unfortunate situations. Needless to say, they did not have a good day. From sinking boats to mud tsunamis to ripped trousers, while you’ll feel bad for these people, you’ll also get a good laugh.