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Confectionary Artist Liz Joy Bakes Pies That Look Too Beautiful to Eat

If you love eating pies, amateur confectioner Liz Joy's pies might not be for you. They're so stunningly beautiful that you might not even feel ok about digging into them. You might want to hang them on your wall or put them in a museum. From fantasy characters to beautiful nature and much in between, Joy uses the confectionary arts to inspire our imagination and appetites. Let's have a look at some of her incredible masterpieces.
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Student Debt in Overdrive: 35+ Colleges That Just Aren’t Worth Their High Price Tag

Many young people look to American colleges to equip them with the knowledge they'll need in their life. But some universities come at such a hefty cost that it's important you know about them straight away. We're not outright telling you to stay away from these institutions... but it's best you'd know what you're getting into from the start. If you're looking for a comprehensive run-through of the most outrageously priced schools in the United States, look no further. At Hype Galore, we're revealing which colleges will bring you the largest amount of debt.
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Stepping on Board the Most Luxurious Jets and Yachts of Today’s Richest Stars

When you find yourself on the extreme end of the wealthiness spectrum, you might be confronted with a hard choice: Are you going to buy a private jet or a yacht? Get your boarding passes and your life jackets ready. Here, we take to skies and the high seas to have a look at some of the biggest celebs and their insanely luxurious yachts and private jets. These are the ultimate toys of the super-rich.
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30+ of The Most Dramatic and Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

Although having the means to hire a trainer and personal chef might help the rich and famous kickstart their weight loss journeys, that does not mean that hard work and dedication isn't involved. Here the celebrities behind some of Hollywood's biggest transformations get personal about their own struggle and spill the tea on exactly how they managed to get fit and healthy.
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The Last Remaining Blockbuster Is Now Listed on Airbnb Allowing Guests To Relive Their 90s Childhood

As we know, since Blockbuster first opened its doors in 1985 it quickly became one of the world’s largest providers of in-home movies and game entertainment. The company was a huge part of the 90s lifestyle and continued to be so up until 2010 when it sadly went bankrupt. The owner of the last remaining Blockbuster decided to do something a little different with the space after being forced to close its doors.
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Miniature Obsessions, Why Are People Obsessed With Tiny Sized Foods

We are not sure when and where this obsession with miniature food came from but we are absolutely mesmerized by these tiny creations. The biggest player in the game is the YouTube account Miniature Space. If you haven't already, you need to check it out! They have over 3 million followers, so it clearly something the world is loving, and we have to admit, so are we.
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2020’s Problems Have Had a Drastic Impact on This Year’s Pride Celebrations

Due to the global situation, this year's Pride events were cancelled. For some, especially those in countries that don't offer support to the LGBTQ community, the cancellations are particularly devastating because Pride provides one of the rare chances they have to be themselves. Even though this year's situation sucks, we look forward to next year when we will be able to once again properly show our love and support for each other at Pride.
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Celebs Take Advantage of the Lockdown to Proudly Reveal Their Natural Greys and Curls

For the last couple of months, everyone has been on lockdown. Though far from the worst of problems caused by the current global crisis, everyone is looking much shaggier than usual. But this doesn't have to be a bad thing. Just ask some you favorite celebs. In the absence of showbiz and public appearances, these woman have taken to internet to proudly reveal their beautiful natural hair.
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With Always Shifting Their Brand Identity, Period Brands Are Doing More to Be Inclusive

Periods aren't just for women and brands are catching on. With growing public consciousness about how we market brands, more pressure is being applied to businesses to do away with damaging or offensive labels - especially around gender. Society is realizing that polarizing definitions just don't serve the public anymore; if they ever really did. Now, period brand Always is the next big company to shift towards being more inclusive.
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Who Needs a Dating Profile When You Can Have Your Own Personal AD – the New Queer Dating App That Is Shaking Things Up

Let’s be honest when we think of a gay dating app, we think of Grindr. A lot of us didn’t even know there were plenty more out there like Her and Scissr for women. These are the common dating apps for the queer community, similar to the stock standard Tinder and Bumble. Now there’s a game-changer for the queer community, changing the way it all looks and works. We introduce you to Lex.
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