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Rolling Homes: The Families, Couples and Nonconformists Who Shun Convention and Live in Vans

Dismissed by some as simply a millennial's pipe dream, there are people of all ages opting for alternative living in a tiny space on wheels. For some, it's their answer to a rise in house prices; to others, it grants them the freedom to travel. Regardless of their reasons, more and more individuals, couples and families are finding that life on the road is perfectly suiting their needs. Internet accessibility has led to a degree of connectivity among owners of traveling homes like never before. Now, people are able to share, swap stories, and advise fellow van dwellers, in a community that grows day by day. Take a look at the resourceful people who have thrown themselves into this alternative lifestyle!
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This Halloween Took a Not so Unexpected Feminist Turn and We Cannot Get Enough of These Costumes

If you're looking for the most progressive, forward-thinking costume to hit the Halloween party this year, you needn't look no further than what we've got in store for you here! Popular Everything is taking you through some of the most feminist-inspired Halloween costumes over the years. Believe us, you'll gain the respect of everyone in the room if you show up to the October 31st party in one of these outfits!
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FDA vs Juul: The War on the Teen Vaping Epidemic That Hooks Young People on E-Cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been trying hard to crack down on the teen vaping epidemic for the last five years and in light of New York's recent sales ban of most e-cigarette flavors, the pressure is only increasing. Catch up on the latest news on the vaping crack-down in the US and around the world, in a global pandemic that has other countries fighting for an addiction-free future. At Hype Galore, we're taking a look at the current vaping climate in regards to young people.
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A Different Perspective: Life Drawing Models Reveal What It’s Like to Bare All in Front of Strangers

Whether or not you've attended a life-drawing class before, you've likely asked yourself the question, "why would someone opt to model nude in front of a group of strangers?" As we at Popular Everything have come to learn, all walks of life are drawn to this unusual activity, with some even managing to turn it into a full-time career. Such an odd experience is surely noteworthy, not just what it feels like but why someone might opt for it in the first place. Check out some of the daring individuals who chose to expose!
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Trending: #Minimalism. Joy of Missing Out?

We’re all a victim to the marketing of “millennial minimalism”. We’ve witnessed its rise through social media; Instagram posts of bleached white bedspreads and plant pots on empty surfaces. While minimalism is nothing new, it's hard to deny its surge in popularity among millennials. These days more and more of us are resisting the culture of overconsumption. Read about the first steps you can take to deculttering your life, from avoiding consumer traps to owning with more intention.
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Breakfast at Tiffany’s is Finally Possible and It’s an Instagramers Dream Meal

When the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's was made, Tiffany & Co. was exclusively meant for jewelry shoppers and even Hepburn didn’t actually have breakfast in the high-end store. Since the opening of Blue Box Cafe on November 2017, Tiffany's has finally made it a possibility to have a sit-down breakfast at its luxury jewelry store and Hepburn fans can now emulate her in the best way possible. This modern culinary experience is an Instagrammers dream that you don’t want to miss out on if you’re planning a trip to NYC.
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Strawless Challenge: Saving the Ocean One Straw at a Time

500 million. That’s how many straws people throw away each day in the United States alone. These straws might seem harmless but in reality, they are detrimental to the biodiversity of the earth. Once the straws are thrown away, they often times end up in our oceans and seas, threatening the livelihood of the marine life. Thankfully, people are beginning to recognize this problem and young, proactive leaders are finally taking action.
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