Art but Make It Sports: This Instagram Account Compares Classical Art to Sports Moments and It’s Hilarious

The Instagram account @artbutmakeitsports is an account that you desperately need in your life – whether you care about art or not. The digital creator behind this account has hilariously mashed up some of sports’ most iconic moments with art pieces that match up eerily well with each other. We never thought we’d see the day, but the internet is always so full of surprises.

Still Single: Danica Patrick’s Racing Career Zoomed Off, but She Hasn’t Been Able to Hold Down a Relationship Since

With fame and fortune comes a stack of suitors waiting on the sidelines, and Danica Patrick has had no shortage of them. But it seems as though this racing legend is pretty fussy when it comes to the men that she’ll let in her life. This could be due to her failed marriage or the fact that she’s been stuck in messy family dramas, but being single at 40 years old probably wasn’t how Danica imagined her life to play out. So, who are the men who broke her heart?

These Freaky Photos of Athletes’ Bodies Will Completely Change the Way You Think About Them

From bending their bodies into unimaginable shapes to the injuries they often face as a result of their passion, these photos show us what athletes really need to do in order to stay on top of their game. You might not want to look at these photos on a full stomach though, as these nauseating pictures give us a terrifying glimpse into these athletes’ world. And we guarantee you won’t ever look at them in the same way again.

25 Photos of Athletes In Water Sports Caught Making the Most Hilarious Faces

From synchronized swimming to competitive high diving, these athletes have been known to showcase some pretty awkward and downright hilarious faces while competing. And while we comend them for their hard work, that doesn’t mean we can’t get in some laughs with these perfectly timed photos of water sports athletes in action.

These Celebs Reveal Why the Kentucky Derby Is the Hottest Event on Their Spring Calendars

The legendary event of the spring, also known as the Kentucky Derby, draws in an audience from near and far. Whether if you love wearing big hats, you’re a horse fanatic or just looking for a good time – the Churchill Downs is the place to be during the first weekend of May. And nothing can be labeled an iconic event unless there’s a crowd of famous people attending, so of course, celebrities from all industries can be found at these renowned races.

These Photos Show the Women of the WNBA Living Their Best Lives Both on and off the Court

Scoring baskets and breaking records is just part of the full-time responsibility the women of the WNBA have in their day-to-day lives. Being able to be a professional athlete and do what they do not only takes talent but practice and perseverance.

47+ Sports Reporters That Are Guaranteed to Distract You from the Game

We take a look at the biggest female names in the world of sports reporting. From football to basketball to racing to soccer and more, these pretty ladies got all the action covered and keep us in the loop of all things sports. Although, they do run the risk of distracting you from the game. Who are they? What are their stories? Put on your helmet and join Hype Galore as we answer all your questions.

Sports World Expresses Frustration Following Grand Jury Ruling on Breonna Taylor Case

In March, police officers fatally shot Breonna Taylor, a Louisville resident, when they barged into her house to serve a no-knock warrant. She was not the target. On Wednesday, the grand jury announced that only one of the three officers that opened fire would be indicted. Following the news, members of the sports community express frustration, anger, and disappointment over a perceived lack of justice for Taylor.

At Only 22 Years Old, Naomi Osaka Is on Her Way To Become the Next Big Tennis Superstar

Japanese professional tennis player Naomi Osaka is taking the world by storm, both on and off the court. She’s raked in the number one position for the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), won the Grand Slam singles three times, and became the reigning champion at the US Open. Aside from her flourishing professional life, Naomi is using her platform to raise awareness for matters close to her heart. And she’s not letting a global pandemic slow her down.

33+ Little-Known Facts About Tom Brady and His All-Star Life

Tom Brady is the stuff of legends. His crazy football stats go on and on. He holds the record for most Super Bowl wins held by a player. He has more rushing touchdowns than most full backs or half backs, and he’s the oldest person to ever win a Super Bowl, at 41. But behind the scenes of the football titan, there is a playful, funny, food-loving family man. Gear up and get ready to be hit with some fun facts about the all-star life of Tom Brady!