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Meghan Markle Flew in to Support Serena Williams at the U.S Open Proving Royalty Always Sticks Together

While Meghan Markle and Serena Williams are both pop royalty in their own fields, the Royal Duchess and the tennis champ, Serena Williams are also the cutest BFF's. So, when Serena competed for the crown in the 2019 US Open, Meghan flew to cheer her pal on in the cutest possible way. So let's take a look inside the cutest cheerleading moments in their empowering friendship, and see why all eyes were on Meghan during that legendary match.
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The Colorful Reason Why Lithuanians Are Grateful for the Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead and the Lithuanian basketball team are probably one of the best collaborations in both music and sports history. No one could forget the 1962 Centennial Olympic Games when Grateful Dead fans and Lithuanian basketball fans wore the same colors. Although a memorable moment, not many know the heartwarming origin behind this occurrence. If you're a sucker for an underdog story, this one is for you.
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