From heart-bursting stories of human kindness to incredible real-life heroes, we’ve scoured the web to unearth the most interesting, entertaining and feel-good stories from around the web.

Meet the 25-Year-Old Chessfluencer Hailed as the Real-Life Beth Harmon

The Queen’s Gambit has certainly made chess cool again. What was once considered an old man's game has since taken the world by storm, and while many people have since jumped on the bandwagon, Alexandra Botez got there before anyone else. From winning national titles at just eight years old to becoming a social media superstar, it's no wonder she's now being hailed as the real-life Beth Harmon. Just look at this "Chessfluencer" go!
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Beyond Star Wars: Engineers Just Invented a Lightsaber That Cuts Through Steel Like Butter

We have finally created a real-life, steel-slicing lightsaber. In 2015, engineers were stuck being major technological barriers, but here we are, five years later, and we have a lightsaber that works. Hacksmith Industries has been working to try and bring to life some of the most iconic weapons we see in classic movies. In one of their coolest endeavors, they use electrical technology to build the world's first functional lightsaber.
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How Billie Eilish’s New Sneakers Have Completely Divided the Internet

Only five years have gone by since the internet was turned into a warzone of fierce debate regarding the color of a dress. Some said it was gold and white, while others said it was black and blue. The world was completely divided. But our confusing wounds have healed and we have managed to move on. Now trouble sticks its head up once again as Billie Eilish, the young and talented popstar, stirs up a storm with the imperceptible colors of her new sneakers.
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How This Nigerian Breadseller’s Accidental Photobomb Earned Her a Modeling Contract

This real-life Cinderella story is truly a tale we only hear about in movies. When this local bread seller was going about her day, she had no idea that her accidental photobomb of English musician Tinie Tempah would completely transform her life. While we all dream of one day being discovered on a whim, no one really expects stories like these to happen in real life.
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Instead of Being Upset About The Cancellation of Their Year-End Trip, These 8th Graders Decide to Donate The Funds to the Navajo Nation

For most students around the world, having their end year school trip canceled only meant disappointment. But 8th graders from Santa Fe Waldorf School decided to make the best of it and donate all the trip-designated funds to the Navajo Nation, a community hit particularly hard by the pandemic. They purchased critical supplies such as food and medical gear for the heavily afflicted community.
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After Years of Hard Work, This House-Cleaner Got a Surprise That Would Change Her Life Forever

There is a rare breed of people walking among us who are selfless, always hardworking, and would give anything to improve the lives of their loved ones. Cara Simmons, an employee at Maid-Brite and a single mom of three children, fits into this category. After years of hard work and struggling to makes ends meet, Cara got a surprise that would change her life forever. In this article, we take you through her touching story moment by moment.
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This Midwest Family Transformed a Yellow School Bus Into Their New Home So They Could Travel The Country Together

Do you think of yourself as adventurous? or Spontaneous? Have you ever considered just packing everything up and getting on the road? Well, the Davis family decided after living the standard 9-to-5 lifestyle, that they wanted to renovate an old school bus and travel around the U.S. living on it. We have photos of the whole process to show you how it was done, so settle in and enjoy the journey following this seriously cool family and their epic renovation.
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Mr. Tinder, the Most Right-Swiped Man Is Single and Ready to Mingle

29-year-old Stefan-Pierre Tomlin was awarded the title of "Mr. Tinder" in 2017 after the dating app announced he had hit a record-breaking 14,600 matches in two years. Living in south London, he's both a model and a trained pilot who had spent five years looking for love online. As it turns out, he met his dream woman the "old-fashioned" way; through mutual friends. But he's recently revealed that he's back on the market once more after clashing a lot. Now, he's back to his old casanova ways trying to find a "lucky lady."
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Lockdown Dating: How Potential Lovebirds Date During Social Distancing

As the widespread social distancing efforts to stop the spread of the virus remain in place, life goes on. When it comes to the dating world, there's no exception. Just because potential lovebirds can't hold hands or share a kiss (for now), doesn't mean that they can't pursue a happy love life. All around the world couples are taking to video chat apps and continuing to date. One love story from New York City goes above and beyond in terms of cuteness. Get ready to have your heart warmed.
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Homeless Man’s Decision to Return Lost Engagement Ring Changes His Life Forever

Acts of kindness can be extraordinarily powerful. One small and unexpected deed can lead to huge changes. This is is exactly what happened with Sarah Darling and a Billy Ray Harris, a Kansas City homeless man. After Sarah put some change in his cup, she noticed her engagement ring was gone. When she retraced her steps and confronted Billy, the story that would change their lives forever began.
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