From heart-bursting stories of human kindness to incredible real-life heroes, we’ve scoured the web to unearth the most interesting, entertaining and feel-good stories from around the web.

Homeless Man’s Decision to Return Lost Engagement Ring Changes His Life Forever

Acts of kindness can be extraordinarily powerful. One small and unexpected deed can lead to huge changes. This is is exactly what happened with Sarah Darling and a Billy Ray Harris, a Kansas City homeless man. After Sarah put some change in his cup, she noticed her engagement ring was gone. When she retraced her steps and confronted Billy, the story that would change their lives forever began.
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Single Man Becomes a Foster Father and Meets an Abandoned 11-Year Old That Changes His Life Forever

Peter, who grew up amongst hardship, was rescued and given a new lease of life when he was just a boy of 15 years old. Now, he is thankful for the kindness he was given and decided it was his turn to do the same. In order to pay that love forward Peter decided to open his home to foster kids in need and provide them a safe and loving place to grow. To do this, he needed to first completely remodel and prepare his home for his future foster children, whoever they may be. When Peter first started this project however, he really had no idea how far his journey would take him and whose life he was about to drastically change.
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From Oscars Straight to Abattoir, Joaquin Phoenix Saves Cow and Calf From Slaughterhouse

Right now, we think it is fair to say that Joaquin Phoenix is the most known celebrity who is involved in animal rights activism. And he has been for years now. Joaquin was vegan well before it was the cool thing to do. He has been vegan since he was three-years-old! Wow. So after years and years of advocacy, Joaquin has taken things to the next level by stealing a cow and its calf from Abattoir. He's like a real-life animal superhero.
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This Single Mom Notices an Undeniable Connection Between Her Two Fostered Toddlers and What She Discovers Is Life-Changing

Since a young age, Katie Page had always dreamed of having the perfect little family one day. But after she and her husband divorced in her early 30s, Katie's dreams no longer seemed as possible. She felt that she needed to make a big change and move across the country to start again. Before she knew it, she had settled in with a new job and a brand new place to call home. Things were for the first time in a while, looking up. She still wasn't sure what her future held but with a strong dream of becoming a mother, Katie decided that she would try fostering a child. This decision led to a life that Katie would never have imagined, bringing two beautiful children into her life.
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This Little Girl from India Is Already Shattering Stereotypes as a Skating Sensation, and Now She Is Skating Her Way to the Oscars

From her humble beginnings in a small coastal village in India, nine-year-old Kamali Moorthy is well on her way to becoming an international skating sensation. After shattering conventions stereotypes at home, the trailblazing star managed to impress some of the biggest skating legends on the planet. She also caught the attention of some filmmakers, who decided to document her life for the big screen. So, let's delve into her story and see why this gifted star is all set to skate her way to the Oscars.
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Who Is Bang Bang? Meet the Tattoo Artist That Is Marking Hollywood in Ink

While most of you might not recognize the name of tattoo artist Keith McCurdy, the chances that you have not seen his work are slim to none. Known to the world by his self-appointed nickname, Bang Bang, Keith McCurdy has earned his title of the tattoo artist to the stars. With regulars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber, the New York-based artist has had the honor of creating some of the most iconic tattoos to grace the red carpet.
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