Celebrity Couples Who Prove True Love Overcomes Even the Biggest Age Gap

If Hollywood romances teach us anything at all, it’s to expect the unexpected. Love blossoms in many situations and a difference in age is not going to hold these lovebirds back. Whether the age gap is 10 years or 40, these couples are proving that age really is just a number.

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Which rockstar fell in love with his personal assistant? Who’s dating someone younger than their youngest child? And which celebrity couple is doing a good job of hiding their age gap from the public? Check out our list of Hollywood a-listers with significant and surprising age gaps.

Billy Joel & Alexis Roderick | 33 Year Age Gap

Legendary singer, songwriter, and pianist Billy Joel married for the fourth time in 2015 to an equestrian and former Morgan Stanley executive, Alexis Roderick. To add to all their differences, they have a 33 year age gap between them! He was 65 when they through a surprise wedding for their unsuspecting guests at their estate in Long Island; she was in her early 30s.

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Image: New York Daily News

They proved the haters wrong after the birth of their first daughter, Della Rose, in August and again with their second daughter, Remy Anne, in 2017. Despite their 33 year difference, they have a similar parenting style. Both of them take tips from their older and wiser relatives, particularly Alexis’ grandmother and Paul’s grandfather. How cute!

Olivier Sarkozy & Mary-Kate Olsen | 17 Year Age Gap

We always thought of Mary-Kate Olsen as one half of a whole, but we didn’t expect it wasn’t with her twin sister, Ashley. When she and Olivier Sarkozy got married in 2015, many were surprised at the union due to the sizable age gap between them. He was 46 at the time and she was 29.

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Image: Pop Sugar

He is a French banker and isn’t completely unfamiliar to life in the public eye – his half brother is the former President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy. On top of that, he’s a whole lot taller than the petit Mary-Kate. She stands at only 1.57 meters tall compared to his 1.9 meters, making her eye-level to his chest!

Holland Taylor & Sarah Paulson | 32 Year Age Gap

Don’t try and tell these Hollywood actresses what to do. Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award-winning Sarah Paulson has been seeing The Practice actress Holland Taylor since 2015. And at 45 and 77 years old today, they’ve only been going from strength to strength as a couple.

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Image: The Sun

Sarah spoke to The New York Times about the interest around her surprising union: “My choices in romantic partners have not been conventional, and therefore the idea that it’s ‘other’ makes it compelling.” But she honestly believes that it is because they’re of different ages entirely that they work so well together. “I think there’s a greater appreciation of time and what you have together and what’s important.”

Guy Ritchie & Jacqui Ainsley | 13 Year Age Gap

British Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrel’s director Guy Ritchie probably had enough of a relationship in the public eye back when he was married to pop star, Madonna. After their relationship, he hit it off with English model and actress Jacqui Ainsley, star of films such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017,) and the Heavy Rain film series (2010.)

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap26
Image: Pulse

Their relationship isn’t in the public eye that much, meaning we don’t know an awful lot about them as a pair other than the fact that they’re 13 years apart. But we do know they had a gorgeous wedding together in 2015, and since have had three adorable kids together: Rafael, Rivka, and Levi.

Stephen Fry & Elliot Spencer | 30 Year Aage Gap

Actor, writer, and comedian Stephen Fry is Britain’s national treasure, having delighted audiences with his BBC book adaptations, comedy skits, documentaries, and hosting for QI. He’s been brutally honest about his mental health struggles, which is why so many people were delighted to hear that he was getting married in 2015 to his boyfriend, comedian Elliot Spencer.

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Image: Daily Mail

Stephen was 30 years Elliot’s senior when they wed in 2015. He was 58 years old, and Elliot was still in his 20s and working towards getting his comedy career going. But despite the age discrepancy, these two lovebirds live a very happy life together. Stephen has previously gushed about married life: “It’s terrific, it gets better every day. I’ll sound really childish if I keep doing this but it’s like a miracle really, it’s just such a wonderful thing.”

George & Amal Clooney | 17 Year Age Gap

George Clooney and his gorgeous wife Amal may look like a typically well-suited Hollywood couple, but they actually have a considerable age difference between them (not that it makes them any less idyllic.) There are 17 years between the handsome husband and wife.

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Image: Vogue

To add to their difference in years, Amal comes from a totally different background to George. She was born in Lebanon, but moved to the UK and worked her way through law school until she became a barrister specializing in international law and human rights.

Rupert Murdoch & Jerry Hall | 22 Year Age Gap

We may not be in the 90s anymore but that isn’t stopping former model Jerry Hall from staying out of controversy. She married the Australian-born media mogul Rupert Murdoch in 2016 leading many to believe she married him for his money. But they’re forgetting that she’s a millionaire in her own right, after all.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap Jerry and Rupert Square
Image: Digital Spy

She was previously married to Rolling Stones rock star Mick Jagger in the ’90s and, while it didn’t work out, it didn’t stop the Texan gal from finding love with someone else. And we’re sure glad they proved everyone who doubted them wrong – they’re still happily married to this day.

Janet Jackson & Wissam Al Mana | 8 Year Age Gap

Pop legend Janet Jackson was 50 years old when she gave birth to her first child with husband Wissam Al Mana, then 42. He’s a billionaire businessman who grew up in Qatar, London, and Washington. Just three months after Janet gave birth in 2017, however, they called their relationship off.

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Image: The Sun

Despite it not working out in the long run, their age gap didn’t get in the way of enjoying life together. Wissam revealed that they particularly enjoyed going to new places together: “We love traveling… we love going to nice exotic places away from the world and from ­prying eyes.”

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones | 25 Year Age Gap

Married for two decades, actors Michael Douglas ad Catherine Zeta-Jones are famously many years apart in age. They were introduced to each other by Danny DeVito and instantly hitting it off, landing them where they are today. Michael may be in his mid-’70s today, but he still charms Catherine off her feet.

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Image: Yahoo

They have a 25 year age gap and on top of that, are both born on the 25th of September! But it’s not just their birthdays which are keeping them together, it’s their two kids too. “She does still give me butterflies,” Douglas told Us Weekly in 2019, adding “She cleans up pretty good.” We wonder what their secret is.

Levi Meaden & Ariel Winter | 11 Year Age Gap

These two aren’t the oldest in the list, but their age gap is still pretty significant. Actress and voiceover artist Ariel Winter was once rather besotted with her boyfriend Levi Meaden, despite their differences. She was only 18 years old when she started a relationship with him, then 29.

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Image: Celebrity Insider

Their relationship lasted three years and was getting serious. They had lived together in Los Angeles since Ariel was 19 years old, and she quite frankly couldn’t have cared less what people thought of their age gap. “I’m happy, and whatever people want to say, they can say,” she explained in an interview in 2017, adding “I don’t understand why someone would even comment on our situation at all.”

Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster | 26 Year Age Gap

Rockstar Rod Stewart’s well-known for his many relationships with women throughout his life, having had eight children with five different women over the years. But it looks like one woman has managed to get him to settle down for good: the model and photographer Penny Lancaster.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap2
Image: RSVP Live

They started dating right before the turn of the century in 1999 and ended up marrying years later in 2007 in a medieval monastery in Portofino. They both have a strong love of Italian culture and cuisine, choosing to also spend their honeymoon in the same country. They took a yacht together in Portofino, spending their first days as a married couple at the port!

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed | 10 Year Age Gap

You’ll be familiar with actor Ian Somerhalder from TV shows such as Lost, The Vampire Diaries, and V Wars. You may have even heard that he became a father in 2017, welcoming a daughter with his wife Nikki Reed, also an actress. But did you know that these two have a whole decade between them in age?

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Image: Instagram / Ian Somerhalder

Chances are you won’t have realized, as Ian still looks so as young as ever – he’s actually in his early 40s! But after only a few short months of dating Nikki in his mid-30s, he knew that he wanted to share his life with her. He popped the question six months in, and they’ve been the picture of marital bliss ever since.

Brian Austin Green & Megan Fox | 13 Year Age Gap

Transformers actress Megan Fox played house with Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green for a while despite their 13 year age gap. They seemed pretty happy, too, with Megan having given birth to three boys; Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. In 2010, the two married on a beach in Hawaii.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap34
Image: The Blast

Fox apparently knew she had fallen in love with him very early on. ” On the set of ABC’s Hope and Faith, “Everyone was sort of gathered around the monitors watching playback from his [Brian’s] scene, and he accidentally grazed my leg with his hand. I felt an electric shocks go through my body, so I figured that meant something.”

Dick Van Dyke & Arlene Silver|46 Year Age Gap

Hollywood icon Dick Van Dyke and his wife Arlene Silver are another prime example of ageless love. “She’s very mature for her age and I’m very immature for my age so it’s just about right!” Van Dyke joked when asked about their marriage. His wife Arlene actually had a similar sentiment saying, “He is a lot of fun. He’s not immature in a bad way. He’s immature in a good way with the wonder of a child.”

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap22
Image: Instagram / Arelene Silver-Van Dyke

The pair first met when Silver was working as a make-up artist at the SAG awards in 2010. Naturally, the first thing she said to him was “Weren’t you in Mary Poppins?” Their relationship eventually blossomed from there and they tied the knot two years later in February 2012. “We feel like we’re both having a second childhood,” Arelene gushed in an interview, adding that she feels like she is in an “absolute fairytale.”

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi | 15 Year Age Gap

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has a 15 year age gap between herself and her partner Portia De Rossi. Having met for the first time backstage at an awards show in 2004, they bumped into each other a year later but this time didn’t let each other slip away so easily.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap21
Image: Instagram / Portia de Rossi

When the Californian Supreme Court struck down the existing marriage laws that prohibited same-sex couples from marrying, they had themselves a wedding ceremony at their Beverly Hills estate. Their 15 yeara age gap hasn’t held these two back from a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher | 18 Year Age Gap

Comedic legend Eddie Murphy has been dating model Paige Butcher since 2012, having welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their lives in November 2018. They were engaged during that time, having actually intended to marry two months before the baby came! They put it on hold for time being while they settled into their new roles, and remain engaged to this day.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap32
Image: Teddy Feed

Their considerable age gap of 18 years definitely caught more than a few people’s attention. But like many others on this list, they haven’t let it stop them from celebrating their for each other. Besides, Eddie’s experience might come in handy for the first time mother – their baby boy was his tenth child.

Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander | 12 Year Age Gap

With 12 years between them, Hollywood actors Alicia Vikander and husband Michael Fassbender have been the subject of a few eyebrow raises. Perhaps that’s why they’ve chosen to be especially private about their relationship, rarely (if ever) making public appearances together.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap30
Image: Glamour Magazine

They began dating in late 2014 when the Swedish actress was 26 years old, and Michael was 37. They met while shooting for The Light Between Oceans and instantly hit it off on a more than professional level. They have plenty in common despite the age difference, with Michael having admitted once to how proud he was feeling over her great body of work. He highlighted how she “embodies her characters from head to toe.”

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade | 10 Year Age Gap

We’re not that surprised about this particular age gap – Gabrielle Union looks unbelievable for 47 years old. Her partner is former NBA player Dwyane Wade and is 10 years her junior. To all the people who doubt if age gaps relationships can really work, these two are giving them a hard time proving it!

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap9
Image: Instagram / Gabrielle Union-Wade

They began dating all the way back in 2008, having briefly parted ways due to their hectic and demanding careers in 2013. They became engaged just later that year, however, marrying in 2014. Now, they have a daughter together who they welcomed into their lives via a surrogate mother.

Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin | 13 Year Age Gap

Actress Anna Paquin met her future husband, fellow actor Stephen Moyer on the set of True Blood back in 2007. The co-stars hit it off both on and off-screen while filming the show’s pilot. Paquin played the role of Moyer’s love interest and as it turns out, not too much acting was needed.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap5
Image: Access Online

Just three years later and the couple shared their vows in a private residence in Malibu California. Today they have two twins together, Poppy and Charlie. While Moyer, at 50 years old, is 13 years older than his 37-year-old wife, this has not kept these True Blood stars from being all-around couple goals.

David Foster & Katharine McPhee | 35 Year Age Gap

Season five American Idol runner up and now famed singer and actress Katharine McPhee also seems to have taken a liking to an older man. On June 28, 2019, she married record producer David Foster, who at 70 years old, is 35 years her senior.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap45
Image: Us Magazine

Foster has five biological children with previous partners and has been previously married four times. In 2017 he ended his marriage to Yolanda Hadid, mother to supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid. McPhee was also previously married but has no children.

Shakira & Gerard Pique | 10 Year Age Gap

The Colombian singing-songwriting sensation Shakira has been outspoken about her initial reservations in dating Spanish footballer Gerard Pique. “He was only 23 when I met him and I was concerned about the age gap as I was 33,” she admitted to The Sun newspaper.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap35
Image: Oprah Mag

Luckily for her, her worries brushed aside and they have now been happily coupled since 2011 – almost a decade! And since the days when he appeared in the music video for her 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem, they have welcomed two sons into the world; Milan and Sasha.

Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman | 12 Year Age Gap

Here we have one of Hollywood’s favorite couples. No quirky pair has made us laugh together as much as these two have. But did you know that Mullally, at 61 years young is actually 12 years older than her 49-year-old husband? Does that make them any less couple goals? Absolutely not! The pair met back in 2000 while doing a play called The Berling Circle.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap14
Image: Us Magazine

Mulally was already a well-known star from her role as Karen in the show Will and Grace and Offerman, still living in his friend’s basement had yet to win our hearts over as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. Now, 20 years later, and 17 years since tying the knot, they are both superstars and are still going strong. They even debuted their first co-written book in 2018 titled The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.

Patrick Stewart & Sunny Ozell | 38 Year Age Gap

Actor, Patrick Stewart, known by Scifi fans as Captain Jean-Luc or Xavier, is happily married to a woman almost half his age. However, his wife, singer Sunny Ozell says this big age gap is irrelevant. “He is so youthful and I guess I’m kind of an old worrywart so we bridge the gap. It doesn’t come up much. He’s in better shape than me, which infuriates me,” she said when asked about their age difference.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap20
Image: Instagram / Sunny Ozell

The couple met in 2008 through a mutual friend while Ozell was working as a waitress in a Brooklyn pizzeria. Stewart recalled it being an “immediate attraction.” Seven years later and the pair decided to make this attraction official and tied the knot. They have been living their best life together ever since.

Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins | 12 Year Age Gap

Many remember back in 2009 when they heard the news that Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins had decided to split. After 23 years together, fans truly believed they would always be one of Hollywood’s forever power couples.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap 54
Image: Entertainment Weekly

The former couple met on the set of 1988’s Bull Durham. They coupled up almost instantly and did not let Sarandon being 12 years older than Robbins get in the way of their love. Although they were never married, they did have two sons together, Jack 30 and Miles 27.

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach | 16 Year Age Gap

In 2013, music legend, Tina Turner tied the knot with her long-term partner, German music producer, Erwin Bach. The couple hosted a beautiful wedding ceremony on the shores of Lake Zurich in Switzerland, where Turner has lived for 15 years.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap18
Image: The Oprah Magazine

Turner first met her husband, at an EMI record label party in 1985. They began dating a year later and have been together ever since, proving once again that age is just a number. Following their wedding, the singer stated that she ha finally reached “nirvana.” “It’s that happiness that people talk about when you wish for nothing when you can finally take a deep breath and say, ‘Everything is good.”

Allison Janney & Philip Joncas | 20 Year Age Gap

60-year-old actress Allison Janney first met her younger beau, Philip Joncas back in 2012 while both working on the film The Way Way Back. They coupled up just a few years later. Joncas, a producer, and production manager has had the honor of accompanying his superstar girlfriend to many award shows since.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap31
Image: Pop Sugar

They made their red carpet debut back in 2015 and have not let the age-gap gossip persuade them into hiding their love. Among other things, the pair seem to have bonded over their mutual admiration for art. Despite engagement rumors, Janney has previously stated that she has no intention of getting married as she does not “believe in the institution.”

Courteney Cox & Johnny McDaid | 12 Year Age Gap

Friends actress Courteney Cox began dating Irish musician, Johnny McDaid at the end of 2013. Cox and McDaid, who is a member of the band Snow Patrol, announced their engagement a year later. They have since decided to break off their engagement but remain together and according to Cox are better than ever.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap3
Image: Irish Mirror

As the actress put it she is “married in her heart,” to McDadi. Cox will turn 56 this June, while McDaid will be turning 44 in July. Sounds like the actress learned a thing or two from her ABC sitcom, Cougar Town. That being said, the age gap seems to play no part in their relationship as they both seem to be madly in love.

John Stamos & Caitlin Mchugh | 23 Year Age Gap

Full House star, John Stamos, first met his wife Caitlin while filming an episode of Law & Order: SVU. They met for the second time while Stamos was filming an episode of Fuller House and Mchugh was in the audience. They began dating after that and two years later, in October 2017, the pair announced their engagement and in February 2018 they were married and expecting a baby.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap11
Image: Instagram / Caitlin McHugh Stamos

Despite Stamos being 23 years older than his wife, the pair share the same morals and values and were both eager and excited to have a family to raise together. They are clearly a match made in heaven. In addition to sharing a dream of a big family, they both love Disneyland. Not only did Stamos propose there, that is also where they had their honeymoon. We are glad to see their age gap is not keeping them from living happily ever after.

Mariah Carey & Bryan Tanaka | 13 Year Age Gap

Songstress Mariah Carey is no stranger to the age-gap. Her first marriage was with a man 20 years her senior, and she was 10 years older than her second husband, Nick Cannon. Despite those two marriages ending in divorce, Carey has found love once again, this time in one of her backup dancers, Bryan Tanaka.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap28
Image: Semana

Tanaka, who is 13 years younger than the singer has been dating Carey since 2016. However, they have known each other for much longer. They first shared the stage back in 2006 with Mariah’s Adventures of Mimi tour. Since then, Tanaka has been promoted to be Carey’s creative director. Only time will tell if he will also be promoted to be her husband.

William H Macy & Felicity Huffman | 13 Year Age Gap

Actors William H Macy and Felicity Huffman first met back in the 80s at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York City. They dated on and off for 15 years before finally getting married, although Macy proposed many times before Huffman agreed.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap33
Image: Pop Sugar

Today, 23 years after tying the knot, they have two daughters and are still going strong. When speaking about his wife on the red carpet, Macy was quoted saying, “She’s always been sort of a dreamgirl for me from the first time I ever saw her. I love everything about her.”

Kelsey Grammer & Kayte Walsh | 26 Year Age Gap

Former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer is happily married for the fourth time, this time with producer Kayte Walsh who is 26 years younger than the actor. The pair have been together since 2010 and married in 2011. They now have three children together.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap44
Image: Page Six

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Walsh revealed that she is “not proud” of the way her relationship with her husband started out. Grammer was still married to his former wife Camille, who many know from her time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Hilarie Burton | 16 Year Age Gap

Actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 53 and Hilarie Burton, 37 first met when they were set up on a blind date in 2009 by Supernatural costar Jensen Ackles. And from the sounds of things, it was love at first sight. “From the moment I met him, he was my husband,” Burton captioned a photo of her and Morgan on her Instagram account. The pair made their red carpet debut as a couple just a year later.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap36
Image: Elle

The couple began building a family together soon after coupling up and it wasn’t until October 2019, after having two children together, that the stars finally tied the knot. The One Tree Hill star seems completely unphased by the fact that her new husband is 16 years older than her and frankly, who can blame her? Morgan is one good looking silver fox.

Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington -Whiteley | 20 Year Age Gap

While Jason Statham might look like he hasn’t aged a day since he first graced our screens in the late 90s, the action star actually turns 53 this coming July. Sounds like time flies when you’re fighting off bad guys. Statham first met his wife, model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley back in 2010 while they were both attending the Coachella Music Festival.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap41
Image: Pop Sugar

Six months later and the couple had moved in together and let their relationship go public. Naturally, their 20 year age difference caught the attention of the media but this didn’t stop them from being one of the most adorable red carpet couples in Hollywood. Today the pair have a beautiful baby boy and have been reportedly engaged since 2016.

Julius Tennon & Viola Davis | 12 Year Age Gap

Actress Viola Davis was going through quite a lonely period in her life when she met her future husband Julius Tennon. In an interview for US Weekly, David revealed that prior to meeting Tennon, she literally prayed for a husband. Three weeks later, and her prayers were answered. Despite being 12 years older than her, Tennon was exactly the type of man she had been hoping to meet.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap52
Image: Instagram / Viola Davis

She met Tennon, who is an actor himself while filming an episode of City of Angels. The pair dated for four years before tying the knot in 2003. Today they have an adopted daughter named Genesis and also co-own JuVee Productions. These two are a power couple to say the very least.

David Cross and Amber Tamblyn | 19 Year Age Gap

Arrested Development star David Cross admits that he was at first hesitant to get involved with actress Amber Tamblyn. In a 2012 interview Cross said, “I was slow to make any moves because of our age difference, and also because she was a fan.” Well, it seems he got over the age gap. Five years after meeting in 2007, the couple got married and they are still going strong today.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap39
Image: Bustle

The pair first started dating after running into each other on the same connecting flight from Houston to Louisiana. Cross sat next to Tamblyn after noticing her stares and the chemistry took off from there. The comedic pair now have a daughter named Marlow.

Dominic Purcell & AnnaLynne McCord | 18 Year Age Gap

Although these two had an amicable split in 2018, we still feel their on again off again romance is worth a mention. With Purcell being 18 years older than McCord, there did seem to be a bit of resentment with the split. The 90210 actress even went as far as to say that she “gave up” her 20’s to be with Purcell.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap38
Image: E News

Despite this, Purcell, known for his role in Prison Break, and McCord both say that they are still friends and are very close. The pair spent more than three years together before splitting up. They first met in 2011 on the set of Officer Down.

Bruce Willis & Emma Heming | 23 Year Age Gap

Actress and model Emma Heming married action star Bruce Willis back in 2009 in the Turks and Caicos Islands, but they were unable to get it legally recognized. But they didn’t mind celebrating their love for each other once more and held another civil ceremony in Beverly Hills only six days later.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap37
Image: Jones Magazine

Being 23 years apart in age hasn’t stopped these two from enjoying life together. It’s been a decade since they joined in matrimony, the couple since welcoming daughters into the world. On top of that, Emma is also a stepmother to Bruce’s three daughters from his marriage to Demi Moore.

David Hasselhoff & Hayley Roberts | 26 Year Age Gap

Actor David Hasselhoff had a couple of marriages under his belt before he met and settled down with Hayley Roberts from Wales. They started dating each other in 2012, having both shared a passion for the Welsh rugby union. They tied the knot in 2018, choosing to have their ceremony in Italy.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap46
Image: University Fox

They were engaged for two years before their wedding, and David actually spoke out a year before he proposed about their sizeable age difference. “Sometimes I think I love her enough to say, ‘Go and find a man of your age and have a life. We had a great time and we love each other but…’ That would be horrible and it would probably take years to get over.” In the end, he did choose to put a ring on it.

Deborra-Lee Furness & Hugh Jackman | 13 Year Age Gap

Aussie actress and producer Deborra-Lee Furness is the woman who stole Hugh Jackman’s heart many years ago. They’ve been married for over two decades, having met in 1995 on the set of a TV drama called Corelli. And Hugh has only fond memories of those younger years when his crush on Deborra was growing.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap8
Image: Instagram / Hugh Jackman

He told Ellen DeGeneres back in 2016: “That was my first job, where I met her. She was the star. I had this major crush on her. Everyone did.” In 2017 he mirrored these sentiments by telling PEOPLE Magazine: “Underneath the surface where it’s real, and where it’s still and where it’s deep, that is the love I have with Deb.”

Jeff Goldblum & Emilie Livingston | 30 Year Age Gap

Jurassic World actor Jeff Goldblum married his sweetheart Emilie Livingston in 2015, having had two sons together since. He’s spoken honestly about his change in perspective since Emilie, admitting that “I never thought that I was going to do it [about fatherhood.] I had never been particularly passionate or envisioned it for myself – I don’t have any nieces or nephews, had never seen a birth before.”

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap48
Image: Yahoo

He continued: “We thought about it for a year, talked about it with my therapist, went in together, and after a year of that, I said, ‘Yeah, this sounds kinda good, let’s get married and have kids.’ What we take from this is that regardless of age, if you’re with the right person you might find yourself getting broody.

Joan Collins & Percy Gibson | 31 Year Age Gap

Brtish actress Joan Collins has had her fair share of romantic endeavors in her lifetime, having been married a total of five times. She’s labeled one of the most beautiful women in the world countless times, but it took the natural beauty many years until she met Percy Gibson, who she married in 2002.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap49
Image: Joancollins.com

Even today at 86 years old, Joan still looks smitten with her 55-year-old husband. They still go out for romantic dinner dates, with Joan having gushed that “Percy is such an amazing man, he is so kind and so caring.” She admitted, though: “You won’t always agree about everything, but you need to enjoy each other’s company.” And at least she does!

Steven Tyler & Aimee Preston | 41 Year Age Gap

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler struck up a romance with his assistant Amiee Preston in 2014. It’s been pretty controversial, as they have an age gap of over four decades between them! But they’re proving all the doubters wrong as they’re still going strong to this day.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap51
Image: Page Six

She had a considerable resume before coming to work for Steven in 2012, but she had never had a romantic spark with anyone until him. She was a personal assistant to the President of America, before moving on to being Victoria Beckham’s right-hand woman!

Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa | 12 Year Age Gap

The Aquaman lead actor Jason Momoa has been in a committed relationship with actress Lisa Bonet for over 14 years. It was actually love at first sight for Jason, who first saw Lisa on The Cosby Show when he was a kid. It would take some years until he got the girl, but he got her eventually.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap50
Image: Instagram / Jason Momoa

He told James Corden: “Ever since I was like, 8 years old and I saw her on the TV, I was like, ‘Mommy, I want that one.'” He jokingly added “I’m like, ‘I’m going to stalk you for the rest of my life and I’m going to get you.'” And today, they have two children together. Happy days.

Warren Beatty & Annette Bening |21 Year Age Gap

Many fans assumed that filmmaker Waren Beatty was always going to remain a bachelor, but that all changed when he met actress Annette Bening in 1990. To the surprise of many fans, the notoriously womanizing actor says he had no doubt when he met Bening that “it was time to get married.” The pair met while Beatty was casting for the film Bugsy, in which the pair ended up co-starring in.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap53
Image: People

Once filming came to a close, the pair became a couple and after marrying in 1992, went on to have four children. When asked about being 21 years younger than Beatty, Bening said, “My husband and I have very similar backgrounds even though we’re years apart. So there are a lot of things that we basically share.” She also added that as long as you have a foundation of love and respect, age is just a number.

Richard Gere & Alejandra Silva | 34 Year Age Gap

Here’s another unconventional age pairing that proves love conquers all. Actor Richard Gere married Spanish publicist Alejandra Silva back in 2014 and since then they have been living happily ever after. The pair have only beautiful things to say about one another and according to Silva they are both “living in a fairytale.”

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap23
Image: New York Daily News

With Gere being 34 years older than his wife, the two seem completely unphased by this age gap. They have especially bonded over their mutual commitment to Buddhism and humanitarians. In 2019, they welcomed their first child and are now expecting their second.

Heidi Klum & Tom Kaulitz |16 Year Age Gap

In February 2019 supermodel, Heidi Klum solidified her love with her younger beau, Tom Kaulitz, who at 30 years old is 16 years her junior. Klum and Kaulitz, who is the guitarist of the band Tokio Hotel, first began dating around March of 2018, after meeting at a friend’s party.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap13
Image: Instagram / Heidi Klum

When asked about their big age gap, Klum addressed the judgment saying “You have to just live a happy life without worrying too much about what people think because worrying is only going to give you more wrinkles.” We could not agree more Heidi.

Bob Saget & Kelly Rizzo | 23 Year Age Gap

Full House star Bob Saget didn’t think he would find love again after splitting from his 15-year marriage but that all changed when he met model and TV personality, Kelly Rizzo. The pair met in 2015 through a mutual friend and tied the knot three years later.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap12
Image: Instagram / Bob Saget

Now the happy couple loves to travel together and have well documented their adventures that they often share with fellow stars like John Mayer and John Stamos. “I’m happier today, and I’m the youngest 61-year-old I know!” Saget exclaimed in an interview talking about his younger wife. He also gushed about the fact that his three daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer love and fully accept Rizzo into their lives.

Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart | 22 Year Age Gap

Ally McBeal actress Calista Flockhart was not going to let the age gap between her and future husband, Harrison Ford stand in her way. Despite his controversial romantic past, and being 22 years his junior, Flockhart was not deterred from making a move on the Star Wars legend.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap10
Image: Pop Sugar

The actress reportedly spilled a drink on Ford at the 2002 Golden Globes in order to strike a conversation. It seems her scheme worked because they tied the knot in 2010 and have been together ever since. According to Flockhart, the age difference does not factor in their life at all. When asked about the secrete to their long-lasting love, Flockhart said that humor is a central piece of their relationship.

Sam Taylor-Wood & Aaron Johnson | 23 Year Age Gap

They were the subject of considerable attention when it because publicly known that these two were seeing each other. British artist and director Sam Taylor-Wood had met a young Aaron Johnson when she cast him as Joh Lennon in her 2009 film Nowhere Boy. They were married not long after, with Aaron having assumed a fatherly role towards Sam’s children from a previous relationship.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap43
Image: Digital Spy

Sam didn’t care what other people were going to say about their union: “I could predict who was going to take a step back and who was going to say, ‘Are you happy? Great.’ I didn’t really care: people could have protested and I would have been, like ‘whatever.’ I was in it so deep.” She told The Sunday Times, “When you’re solid with someone in your own love, you don’t think about it.”

David Schwimmer & Zoe Buckman | 19 Year Age Gap

Friends star David Schwimmer found love in the form of Zoe Buckman, a British artist and photographer. They had gotten married in 2010, with Zoe giving birth to their only child and daughter together, Cleo, a year later. Despite their age gap, they were a picture-perfect little family for a while.

Celebrity Couples Who Proved Their Love Is Bigger Than Their Age Gap47
Image: RNews

They split up in 2017 after seven years of marriage, but have since sparked rumors about having reconciled their differences. March 2020 saw them walking together in park without their daughter, happily chatting in the sun. Who knows, maybe their story isn’t over yet.