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Celebrity Goofballs: 47+ of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces

When we think of our favorite celebrities, we usually see them as glamorous, elegant, stylish, and often beautiful beings. After all, their physical appearance is a big part of their brand. Only rarely do we get to see them at their wackiest. But when we do we realize they’re silly humans just like us.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces54

In the coming pages, you will see your favorite celebs stretch the geometry of the human face beyond what we once thought was possible. The crazy faces you are about to see might make you cringe, they might make you raise an eyebrow, they might frighten you, but they are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Sofía Vergara Reveals an Additional Sense of Humor

Chances are that you know Sofía Vergara from her role on Modern Family. She plays Gloria, Jay’s kind-of-young-for-him wife. She’s hilarious, she’s charming, and she’s beautiful. The Colombian-born bombshell also played in a couple of other less well-known productions, such as The Three Stooges and Chef.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces3
Image: HuffPost

Vergara’s face is well known as one of Hollywood’s prettiest. So maybe it might weird you out to see her side glance overbite face. At an award ceremony, a photographer managed to capture this fleeting moment, and we thank him or her for it. Interestingly, Vergara, more so than other actresses, has a tendency to make crazy faces. And this one is her at her finest.

Chris Evans Charges Into Battle

Chris Evans is one of Hollywood’s pretty boys. Lately, his career has been dominated by Marvel movies. He “is” Captain America in the Captain America films. And his character also appears in The Avengers movie series. His blue eyes and perfectly proportioned face make him a classic American hunk.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces12
Image: Twitter / Chris Evans

Here, it’s not clear whether Evans is off-stage making a crazy face (and somewhat disturbingly revealing the inside of his mouth) or whether this is a screenshot from a Captain America movie and he’s charging into battle. Just kidding: it’s the former – he’s at a red carpet event. But it looks like he’s vigorously trying to catch a martini olive in his mouth, mid photoshoot.

Tyra Banks Gets Really Angry

Tyra Banks is one of those Jill-of-all-trades superstars. She’s probably best known for being the host of America’s Next Top Model. But she also does modeling and acting work herself and she even does the occasional singing gig. In short, she is a bottomless well of talent.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces45
Image: TheTalko

Banks hilariously comes with an extensive arsenal of insane faces, and this one might just be her absolute best. It’s a well-established fact, however, that she can get really angry. There was even a great cutaway scene on Family Guy that shows her getting mad at a contestant and then subsequently morphing into a lizard to devour the poor girl. Maybe that’s what’s about to happen here?

Tom Hanks Is a Little Bit Skeptical

Tom Hanks is one of the most talented and charming actors of our generation. He made his mark on Hollywood history in the late 80s and early 90s with huge hits such as Big and, of course, Forest Gump. Then he reached new heights with the huge success of Spielberg’s war epic Saving Private Ryan. To be honest, Hanks’s resume is too extensive to list here, but we should note that every movie featuring him happens to be amazing.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces44
Image: Newsbeast

It goes without saying that Hanks is a master of facial expressions. From the bewildered Forest Gump to the plane crash survivor in Cast Away, Hanks is a chameleon capable of becoming whoever, wherever. So this photo of him looking down and seeming exaggeratedly skeptical about whatever is below him is right up his alley. We hope he figured out whatever was troubling him.

Uma Thurman Is Just Not Quite Herself

It’s hard to tell which awesome role Uma Thurman is most loved for. Of course, the classic is in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, where she plays Marsellus Wallace’s girlfriend. A little later, she was the main character in the Kill Bill films, where she was the ultimate katana-wielding heroine. Most recently, she played in Chambers, a supernatural horror series.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces46
Image: Ahlanlive

It’s strange to see Uma Thurman sporting such as, how should we put it? Unique face. Somehow she has managed to contort the lower features of her visage into an expression that looks as if she’s mocking someone’s stupid comment. It’s pretty hilarious, considering we’re so used to seeing her as looking so sharp.

Robert Patterson Is In a Silly Mood

Robert Patterson, the heartthrob vampire from the Twighlight franchise has his origins in the netherworld of theater clubs in London, England. The British native got his first gig in the fourth installment of the Harry Potter series, where he played Cedric Diggory. There, he showed a remarkable talent for fantasy acting, and soon after, he was brought to the production that would propel him to stardom (Twilight).

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces41
Image: Robert Patterson Australia

No doubt, Patterson has a reputation for being a big player in the “it” factor club. We guess we wouldn’t mind being assailed by a vampire if it was guaranteed that Patterson would be the one taking a bite. But have a look at him here. We’re not so sure if his majestic and dangerous aura is capable of surviving those disturbing raised eyebrows. Here he looks a little more like Jack Black than the dreamy Patterson we know.

Octavia Spencer Is a Silly Face Revolutionary

Octavia Spencer is a talented individual who is involved at multiple levels of the fine art of making films; she’s an actress, author, and producer. You probably first saw her in A Time to Kill, where she worked with a young Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock. Throughout her career, she has amassed a sweet collection of awards, including (but not limited to) Academy Awards, and a Golden Globe.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces37
Image: Twitter / thatfaceyoumake

We know Octavia Spencer is a serious woman. Serious career, serious talent, no one can honestly dispute that. But what we didn’t know is that she has a serious talent for expanding the horizons of our concept of what we call “facial expressions.” We don’t know if we have the words to accurately describe Spencer’s red-carpet face, but this picture is crazy. It literally looks like she a serial killer holding a knife walking down the hall.

Nicole Duckface Kidman

Nicole Kidman is a classic. The Australian actress started brewing up some celeb status in her native country during the late 80s and then gained international fame from her role in Days of Thunder, where she played alongside Tom Cruise. As you recall, they even dated for a while. For decades now, her career has been going steady. A notable recent role of hers was in Killing of a Sacred Dear, which is absolutely terrifying.

Celebrity Goofballs 47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces47
Image: Queen.gr

In many of her films, Kidman plays self-contained, almost a little bit severe characters. Just think of her in The Others, for example, where she played the troubled mother (spoiler) who ends up being a ghost. But here, we see a whole different side of her; the playfulness and comedy are on full display. The duckface and the upward gaze has got us cracking up.

Marilyn Manson Is Not Impressed

We’re all stars in the Dope Show, especially Marilyn Manson. The pioneer rockstar is one of the foundational pillars of the goth movement. With long dark hair, creepy eyes, even creepier makeup, and not to mention, excellent music, Manson’s early years will forever be inscribed into the book of heavy music and culture.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces33
Image: OK! Magazine

Manson has himself noted that he likes being kind of a provocateur. But here it seems that he’s the one being provoked by something. Maybe you know the meme called “McKayla Is Not Impressed.” If not, we suggest you look it up this very moment, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. The bottom line is that Manson is clearly not too impressed by something.

Katy Perry Is a Woman of Many Talents

Katy Perry is one of America’s most-adored pop queens. In the early 2000s, she started her music career. Already by 2004, she had shown serious skills and a ton of promise, and she scored a record deal with Java. Her real breakthrough came a few years later when she released “I Kissed a Girl.” Yes, and we liked it! The rest is history. In 2018, she started serving as a judge on American Idol.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces32
Image: Talent Recap

One of Perry’s most prominent physical features is her big eyes. And of course, this trait comes in handy when it comes to making crazy faces. The internet is full of Perry being silly, crossing her eyes, and making us giggle. In this knee-slappin’ picture, we see her at her best. On an episode of American Idol, the camera zooms in, and she busts out this funny expression. It looks like a mix of incredulity and pure comedy. Nice!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Lost His Upper Lip

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been in showbiz for a long time. He quickly rose to stardom as a child actor appearing in films such as A River Runs Through It and Dark Shadows. His biggest role as a kid, though, was on Family Ties and Third Rock from The Sun. These days, he pops up in all sorts of films and genres, including action, comedy, and drama.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces51
Image: Instagram / Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We know that Gordon-Levitt can make us laugh. He can be a funny dude, just give Don Jon a watch. It’s cringy, but the chances are that it’ll make you smile. Here, he takes a selfie and manages to look like the most worried man in the world. He seems so concerned that his upper lip couldn’t bear it and had to go into hiding. Behind him, you can see Selena Gomez making her contribution to the comedy with a nice photobomb.

Kelly Rowland Can’t Believe Her Eyes

Kelly Rowland’s claim to fame came via her membership in Destiny’s Child (also featuring Beyoncé) and the group’s huge success in the late 90s. At the turn of the millennium, Rowland went her own way. She collaborated with Nelly on “Dilemma” and then started to do her own thing. She recalled that already by her early 20s, she was so rich and famous that it was totally overwhelming.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces49
Image: Business Insider

In this photo, Rowland is in utter disbelief over something that’s happening. As she is being ushered from her car to an event by her security detail, something catches her eye. Her jaw starts its journey toward the ground and her eyes bulge. Obviously, something is attention-worthy; although Rowland by far looks the most stunned, you can notice the rest of the crew also looking in that direction.

Mel Gibson Is In the Throes of a Major Struggle

By now, Mel Gibson is a household name. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the West that doesn’t know his name. His big breakthrough came in the late 70s and early 80s for his iconic roles as Max in Mad Max and as the legendary Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon. In the following years, he has been involved in dozens of other projects both as an actor and as a director.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces50
Image: MSN

Gibson knows a thing or two about life-or-death struggles. Don’t forget, he was the mastermind being The Passion of the Christ in 2004. Here, though, it looks like he’s caught in a whole new kind of struggle. We don’t want to speculate too much, but there’s a good chance that he’s desperately waiting for an intermission so he can visit the bathroom. Too far? Maybe, but with a face like this, it really makes you wonder.

Selena Gomez Is Just a Little Too Much

Selena Gomez started her career as a child actress on Barney and Friends. As she continued to grow up, she started to gain traction for her role as Alex Russo on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place. But what she’s best known for today is her enormously successful singing career. Fast forward to 2017, and Gomez had already sold seven million albums! And since then, she has continued to rise. She also co-produced Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces43
Image: Seventeen Magazine

We’ll have to admit, there is a slight, itsy-bitsy, tiny chance that this might not be the most flattering picture of Selena Gomez you’ve ever seen. Apologies; sometimes you have to sacrifice elegance and dignity in the name of comedy. When a photographer caught Gomez inadvertently stretching her face to its limits, it provided us with an unnecessary glimpse up her nose and into her mouth. It’s a little disturbing.

Awkward Invitation for Prince Harry

Prince Harry, the (former?) Duke of Sussex has been the talk of the town lately – until his thunder was unfortunately stolen by the global pandemic. He and his American wife, Meghan Markle have decided to leave the British Royal Family and give up their illustrious status. We’re sure you’ve heard the story. Now, as they continue to withdraw from the public eye, they reside in Los Angeles.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces48
Image: National Post

But a few years before the Meghxit fiasco started, Prince Harry scored some major LOL points for this amazing photograph. On an official visit to Barbuda and Antigua in the Caribbean, the region’s leader awkwardly, as reported by The National Post, invited Prince Harry and Meghan back to the islands for their honeymoon. It was weird because the fact that they were dating was still hush-hush. Obviously, the Prince was uncomfortable…

Is Sandra Bullock Acting or Was She Caught Off-Guard?

Sandra Bullock’s first dose of recognition came from her minor role in Demolition Man in the early 90s. Less than a year later, she had a major breakthrough for her work on Speed. And since then, she has been consistently involved in all sorts of blockbusters. In 2010, she bagged herself a Best Actress Academy Award for her outstanding performance in The Blind Side.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces42
Image: Lavenir Mobile

In addition to all her success, in 2015, Bullock was also named People’s Most Beautiful Woman. However, sometimes even the most beautiful women have their moments. At an Academy Award ceremony, Bullock was photographed sporting this bizarre facial expression. It’s hard to say what exactly her face conveys here, but it seems like a blend of distrust and disgust. It seems like she feels a certain way about the paparazzi.

Joe Keery Shows Us Some Incongruent Sentiment

After graduating from high school, Joe Keery decided that he wanted to pursue a career in acting. So started auditioning for different roles. He ended up trying out for over 100 roles! But before he gave up, he was offered a part in Stranger Things as Steve. Before that, he had a couple of smaller roles, including on a KFC commercial. Also, he’s one of the guitarists in Post Animal, a Chicago-based garage-rock band.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces30
Image: Twitter / Atiha

No doubt, Keery’s face is hilarious here. We suppose you could classify it as some kind of fake crying. We wouldn’t be surprised if a tear rolled down his cheek any second. One of the things that add to the hilarity of this photo is that there is a total mismatch between Keery’s face and the thumbs-up. Keery is trying hard (and succeeding) to look miserable, yet his thumbs-up seems to indicate he’s having a good time at the red carpet.

Reese Witherspoon Is Thinking Things Through

Reese Witherspoon barely needs any introduction. It’s possible that Legally Blonde was her big break. That was probably her most famous role, but she has appeared in all sorts of other projects since then. In addition to her acting career, Witherspoon has managed to take her celeb status and convert it to successful entrepreneurship. She’s now a gazillionaire, having produced many movies and managed a booming fashion line.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces40
Image: NEWS.GE

Good actresses and actors need to be able to manipulate their own faces and portray a wide range of emotions. So maybe this crazy Witherspoon face is just a little glimpse of her amazing acting skills? Armed with a serious duckface, she seems to be looking up at something or someone. Or maybe she’s considering something, and this is her thinking face.

Jim Carrey Is a Funny Face Luminary

Jim Carrey is one of the kings of slapstick comedy. And he might just be the ultimate authority when it comes to making crazy facial expressions and contorting his features. He started his career as a stand-up comedian decades ago, which was ridiculously funny. His breakthrough as an actor came for his role on the timeless Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in 1994. And he has been going strong ever since.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces29
Image: The Office Block

This crazy Jim Carrey face is not one of a kind. Twisting his face into all sorts of hysterical shapes is his shtick. Here, he puts his hands on his cheeks and stretches his face and sticks out his lips. The result is weird-looking but truly hilarious. We’re not sure how he’s he’s so flexible, but he manages to pull off some of the craziest grimaces in history. For some of the best ones, we suggest you rewatch The Mask!

Penélope Cruz Gets a Surprising Text Message

Penélope Cruz is from Spain. At 15 years old, she signed a modeling contract in her home country. A year later, she made her acting debut there in a show called Jamón Jamón, a romantic comedy. In 2001, she achieved critical acclaim for her role in Blow, where she starred alongside Johnny Depp. In the same year, she was in Vanilla Sky, where she played Tom Cruise’s love interest. In 2014, Esquire named her the Sexiest Woman Alive.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces39
Image: TRT Haber

Cruz is not typically known for being a funny woman. Not that she doesn’t have a sense of humor, but comedy is not the boldest line on her resume. But this picture brings all of that into question. We think she just received a text from a Nigerian prince informing her that she is the heiress to a huge sum of money. Hopefully, she knows it’s a scam.

Jared Leto Is Just Being His Good Ol’ Self

Jared Leto is both a rockstar and a majorly successful actor. He’s the frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars. His brother, Shannon Leto, is also a member. In terms of his acting career, he has been around and killin’ it for quite some time. Some of his early work includes roles in American Psycho and Requiem for a Dream, both horrifying and disturbing but excellent films.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces26
Image: 20min

Almost as disturbing as some of the movies Jared Leto has played in is his face in this photograph. Why is he so wet? Is that water? Kind of gross. Obviously, he’s not caught off guard; he’s deliberately trying to be funny. So he has succeeded in two of his apparent goals: one, making us giggle, and two, making us recoil a little bit. Ahhh, classic Leto.

Paloma Faith Knows How to Have a Good Laugh

British megastar pop singer Paloma Faith has modest beginnings. In her formative years, she worked in a pub. Her manager asked her to be in his band and she accepted. Then, she got an audition with Epic Records, but when the manager refused to turn off his phone during her performance, she walked out. No worries though. Skip a few years forward and she became a huge pop/soul sensation. Now she’s cruising in the spotlight.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces38
Image: UK Home

Paloma Faith has certainly distinguished herself as a singer. But she took it one step farther and proved herself as a face acrobat with her ludicrous facial expression here. Close your eyes and imagine hearing the funniest joke ever told. That’s what seems to be going through Faith’s head right now. It’s funny, but it’s also a little creepy.

Andrew Garfield Can Be Counted on for a Giggle or Two

Andrew Garfield is well known for his great performances in many movies. We first spotted him in The Social Network, then in Spiderman, and then as a soldier in Hacksaw Ridge. Although he is known as Brit, he was actually born in L.A. He started taking acting classes at age nine, and we can tell that it paid off. Did you know he actually dated his Spiderman co-star Emma Stone for a couple of years? Sadly the couple broke it off sometime in 2015.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces6
Image: We Heart It

Andrew, normally so handsome, is really giving us a funny face in this picture. It seems to be somewhere between happy and confused. One wonders why he opened his eyes so wide, perhaps someone just told him something and he could just not fathom it? Either way, we are loving this confusing look. Keep it up Andrew!

Mary-Kate Is Not Convinced

Mary-Kate is one of the members of our favorite twin sister duo, Mary Kate and Ashley. They made amazing careers acting together from a young age- they first got attention for their role on the sitcom Full House. As teenagers and young adults, they acted in a bunch of TV movies. Remember when they went to Paris in Passport to Paris? These days, they’re immersed in their fashion company.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces34
Image: Reddit / funnyface

You can imagine what is going through Mary-Kate’s head right now: “Umm, what the heck is this weirdo getting at?” She had to borrow a substantial account of skin from the left side of her face and bring it over to the right side in order to pull this look off. Whoever is standing to her right must feel the skepticism in their bones.

Harry Styles Might Have Let the Dogs Out

Even though Harry Styles was eliminated from The X-Factor early on, after the competition, he was exhumed and brought back to form One Direction. And the direction they went was straight upward. After making a name for himself as a musician, he eventually got into acting. In the film industry, he’s best known for playing in Dunkirk, the World War II epic that did spectacularly at the box-office.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces24
Image: FansShare

We can see the humor seeping out behind that glamorous celeb face. Now, try to replicate his facial expression here. You’ll find yourself perfectly poised to do a nice “woof woof.” We’re not sure who let the dogs out here, but Styles is seizing the moment and having a good goof-off.

Gisele Bündchen, #nflgoals

You’re probably already well-acquainted with Gisele Bündchen, one of the world’s most famous former models, Forbes‘s 2014 89th Most Powerful Women In the World, and the loving wife of Tom Brady: the football hero himself. Yes, it’s quite the track record, and Gisele is quite the superstar.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces23
Image: Peopletalk

A big part of modeling is aesthetic. So Gisele, being one of the top dogs in the industry, knows a thing or two about looks and faces. So we wonder what she would think if she saw this picture. Not that she doesn’t look nice here. It’s just that she looks like she has traded shoes with her husband and is now plowing through the defense during a QB run.

Somebody Get Cameron Diaz a Kleenex, Fast

Cameron Diaz has been on our screens since our VHS days. Her earliest notable role was in The Mask, where she starred along with Jim Carrey. A couple of years later and eight movies later, she drove home her movie star status by taking a prominent role as Mary in There’s Something About Mary. In the next decades, she went on to play in dozens of more movies. Now, she’s 47, retired from acting, and has her first child on the way!

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces11
Image: Twitter / Savannah Jean

If you look up the various shades of hilarious faces of Cameron Diaz, you will soon find yourself inundated by a plethora of weirdo looking version of her. But this is probably (though it’s hard to decide) our personal favorite. It’s definitely a case of “celeb caught off-guard.” It’s as if she has been listening to someone talk for a while, and now she’s trying her best to hold back a sneeze.

Cara Delevingne Goes From Cute to Crazy and Back

Cara Delevingne is making waves as her modeling, singing and acting careers continue to flourish. After making it as a model, she was cast in a remake of Anna Karenina. Soon after, she voiced a DJ on a radio station in Grand Theft Auto V, the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. In 2016, she played in Suicide Squad, and since then she has played in almost a dozen more productions.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces4
Image: Pinterest / Conrad Lewis

There are some looks out there that only Cara can pull off, and this is one of them. She’s a serious player in show biz, but she has a ridiculously silly side to her. And she flaunts it all the time, such as here, where we get an elephant’s dose of it. She has the uncanny ability to do the craziest faces ever but then an instant revert back to her model poise. She’s a shape-shifter.

Britney Spears Pulls a Fast One

With six albums that reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200, Britney Spears is often nicknamed “The Princess of Pop.” Many fans and critics credit her with singlehandedly jumpstarting the revival of teen pop that occurred in the 90s. Over the course of her fruitful career, she has turned herself into an icon. The release of her latest album was in 2016.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces10
Image: Pinterest / Faces

Celebs of Britney’s caliber have many opportunities – too many, really – to pose for the camera. They walk in and out of an event, they’re swarmed by a mob of ravenous paparazzi. They go grab a coffee in their spare time, same deal. But with this many chances, they will use some of them to be goofballs. Like Britney here, doing a good old classic face twist, using one of her millions of photo ops to have some fun.

Ronaldo’s Secret Soccer Tactic

Portuguese Prince of soccer and world-class ladies-man Cristiano Ronaldo is an international sports symbol. As of now, he is the second-highest-paid soccer player in the world, second only to Lionel Messi, his perceived rival. Ronaldo has shattered all sorts of records; for instance, he holds the record for most goals (ever) scored in the UEFA Champions League.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces17
Image: But Football Club

Notice how in American football, baseball, lacrosse, the players often paint their faces with black grease (it’s to reduce glare from the bright sun or stadium lights)? Well, it also has a war-paint effect, like an ancient warrior. Apparently in soccer, they don’t paint their faces, but with faces like this one, the war-paint effect isn’t lost. This would be a little unsettling if you found yourself facing off with Ronald. No one wants to mess with that.

Is Kate Middleton a Little Anxious?

Kate Middleton, or as she’s formally known, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge will probably be the Queen consort some day. Her husband, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge is next in line for the British throne. Mostly, her career consists of doing amazing charity work. She was named by Time as one of the 100 Most Influential People In the World.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces31

If she’s going to be the Queen consort, an adviser to the reigning Royal of Britain, she needs to practice her emotive faces. A big part of the job is interacting with people, so the Royals always need to brush up on their facial communication skills. According to body language experts, when people bite their lip, it often means anxiety. Alternatively, they say it could also be a sign of flirting. So what is the Duchess trying to convey here?

The Many Faces of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is really one of a kind. One of her earliest notable roles was in Winter’s Bone, which was downright amazing. As she continued to get attention, she played Mystique in X-Men: First Class. Then all of a sudden, her star status grew exponentially with the release of the first Hunger Games, where she played the lead. Last year, she reprised her role as Mystique in the latest installment of X-Men.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces28
Image: Runaway-Magazine

When we first look at Jennifer Lawrence’s strange rearrangement of her face, we get hit with a sense of unfamiliarity. We often see Lawrence take serious, almost solemn roles. True, this isn’t the case in American Hustle, but it is common. In this photo, however, we see a 180-degree turn. On the face of the real-life, red carpet-frequenting Lawrence, the angst, the quiet vibes, and the long hair are all gone. And we’re left with this priceless photo.

Emma Watson Shows Us a Whole New Side

We and the rest of the world know Emma Watson from her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter movie franchise. Like Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Rupert Grint (Ron), and others, we’ve seen her go from child to teenager to woman in front of our eyes. Now she’s a world-famous superstar. Her last big role was as Belle in Beauty and the Beast in 2017.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces20
Image: NewSide.gr

Watson’s expression here is loud and clear, the squinting eyes and the scrunched up face say it all: “Yeah right, you really think I’m that clueless?” in this case, the photographer caught her at a slightly awkward moment at a red carpet ceremony. But despite the hilarious face, she’s still just as glamorous as ever.

Jennifer Anniston Has Been Making Us Laugh for Decades

The pretty and forever-young Jennifer Anniston became a household name for her role as Rachel on Friends. As you are aware, the show was an astronomical success. Some have even described Rachel as “one of the greatest female characters in the history of American television.” Since her days on Friends and winning prestigious awards, Anniston has appeared in dozens of other projects. Her latest is in The Morning Show.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces27

Jennifer Anniston is a well-known joker, no doubt about that. Most of her roles, including Rachel, are funny characters. So we know that she has a great sense of humor. And some of that comedy juice is on display here. She looks like someone just cracked a clever joke, possibly at her expense. She appreciates the quip, but is already thinking of a comeback.

Beyoncé Became a Meme

Beyoncé (yes, we promise this is her) became one of the world’s most famous and loved pop artists ever. She rose to fame as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child. By now, she has been in the business for over 20 years, and she is consistently putting out good music. She has also done some work as an actress; one of her earliest acting gigs was in the third Austin Powers movie. Remember how awesome she was there?

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces8
Image: Imgur / photogger

This photo is so famous, it even became a meme called “Unflattering Beyoncé.” During her 2013 performance at Super Bowl XLVII, a photographer got this shot. Then, it was all over BuzzFeed. Beyoncé’s publicist asked BuzzFeed to remove the photos. Wrong move. After the request, they went totally viral. True, it’s not flattering, but Beyoncé has millions of drop-dead gorgeous photos to compensate.

Carol Alt Enjoys a Silly Moment

Carol Alt is an American supermodel and actress. In 1979, she was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Sure, her career didn’t take her to the forefront of Hollywood screentime, but in the fashion world, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Throughout her modeling career, she has appeared on over 500 covers. She started her film venture in 1986 and has appeared in dozens of production to date.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces35
Image: NEWS.GE

Here we see Alt having a funny moment in front of the camera. She’s doing that classic tongue-out, twisted face. If you take a close look at her eyes and the direction of her gaze, it seems as if she’s attempting to get a glimpse of the end of her tongue. Maybe someone should help her out and inform her that it’s a little further to her right.

Hayden Panettiere Walks The Line Between Hilarious and Scary

Hayden Panettiere’s first role ever was on a kids’ toy commercial when she was only a few months old. After that, it only took a few years and some pretty big roles to propel her to stardom. One of her most significant early roles was on One Life to Live. She’s probably best recognized for her role as Claire on Heroes, but most recently, she can be seen in Nashville.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces25
Image: People.com

What prompted Panettiere to do this insanely flexible smile? Zoom out a few frames and you will find out that the star is being silly with a child she is holding in her arms. Sillyness is the language of adult-on-kid communication, so we’re sure the kid is having fun.

Daniel Radcliffe Has Always Been a Magical Guy

Daniel Radcliffe is famous for his role as Harry Potter in the Harry Potter franchise. Through eight excellent installments of one of the best fantasy stories in history, we watched Radcliffe grow up in front of us. His wizarding days are now behind, but the world is his show biz oyster. In the last ten years, he has played in a bunch of films and shows. Some of the most eminent are Miracle Workers, Jungle, and Imperium.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces18
Image: Photowire / Henry Lamb

Either Radcliffe is giving someone the hugest and most conspicuous wink we’ve ever seen, or his facial muscles have been hijacked by some via an Imperius Curse (where the spell-caster gains full control of the victim’s body). We’re not quite sure which is the case, but we can see that Radcliffe looks deliriously enthusiastic about something.

Emma Stone Can’t Believe What She’s Hearing

In 2017, Emma Stone was the world’s highest-paid actress. That same year, Time named her as one of the top 100 most influential people on the globe. She’s the recipient of tons of awards, including a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Actress. Yeah… she’s a massive name. Her booming career started with her relatively small role on the (must see) Superbad. Then, when Zombieland exploded, her superstar destiny was sealed.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces19
Image: Glamour UK

Emma Stone is well known for being a versatile and flexible actress. Her CV includes work in diverse genres, including comedy, drama, and action. But we’re not sure which genre in her acting repertoire she is pulling this whacky face from. It looks like someone just told her some shocking news, and she’s about to ask, “Wait, are you serious?!”‘

Kirstie Alley Might Have Eaten Too Much Lemon

Kirstie Alley became famous from playing Saavik in Star Trek: Wrath of Khan. Then, about ten years later, in 1999, her celeb status was cemented forever after her appearance in Drop Dead Gorgeous. Just a few years before that, she earned her Hollywood Star of Fame. These days she’s still very active, having played in the series Scream Queens in 2016. She also pretty recently appeared in an episode of The Goldbergs.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces15
Image: Photowire / Henry Lamb

It clearly looks like Kirstie Alley ate a whole package of Warheads or other extremely sour candy. Maybe she popped a whole lemon in her mouth just in time to answer some questions in a mini-interview. Whatever the case, whoever is holding the microphone to her will need to wait a minute or two for this tidal wave of silliness to pass.

Celine Dion Is Holding the Microphone Upside Down

Celine Dion is one of the most belling-artists of all time. She has sold over 200 million albums worldwide! She has put out eight albums and every single one of them did well. Canada’s sweetheart started chiseling out a spot for herself in the bedrock of pop-music when she won a singing context in 1982 and the Eurovision in 1988. She was soon offered a juicy deal with Epic Records. It was all tours, albums, awards, and bright lights thereafter.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces13
Image: Twitter / The Faces of Celine Dion

As an astute observer from Cosmopolitan noted when she commented on this photo, “…she is making the best out of an upside-down mic situation.” And the situation couldn’t be more accurately summarized. The picture was taken during her appearance on The Today Show in 2016. She’s reacting to the comment of another participant. It would be an understatement to say she looks a little doubtful.

Anne Hathaway’s Award-Accepting Face

Anne Hathaway started her career as a teenager, first appearing in the series Get Real in 1999. A couple of short years later, Disney gave her the leading role in The Princess Diaries. In 2013, she won a Golden Globe for her performance in Les Misérables. Mentioning these projects of hers barely scratches the surface. Hathaway is a multifaceted actress, with a huge portfolio of diverse roles.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces7
Image: BeImages / Jim Smeal

This photo shows Hathaway at the 2013 Golden Globes. In accepting one of the most prestigious awards in entertainment, one is humble, including Hathaway, who gave a heartwarming speech. Still, this face hints that under the humility there’s fierceness. In referring to the statuette she said “… forever be used as a weapon against self-doubt.” And of course, there this crazy facial expression, which could also easily be weaponized.

Taylor Swift Is Down for Some Fun and Games

Taylor Swift is a living legend of pop (with country influences). She’s also in the best-selling-ever club. Not only does she have a whopping ten Grammys and one Emmy, she is the holder of six Guinness World Records. One of them, for example, is Fastest Selling Digital Record. She shows no signs of slowing down any time soon; just last year she released Lover, which unsurprisingly did amazingly well.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces1
Image: Insider

In 2018, Taylor Swift released a single entitled “Delicate.” The song is really nice, it starts off with a rich harmony, and then picks up and morphs into classic Taylor. But you’ll probably enjoy the song even more if you watch the video, especially if you’re in the mood for silly goofy faces. There are a few segments on the video where we get to see Taylor transform her face into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Check it out.

Kim Kardashian Is In Interview Mode

Let’s just say Kim Kardashian became as famous as she is mostly thanks to her role on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which debuted on E! in 2007. Her family was already prominent; her late dad, Robert George Kardashian was a famous lawyer. Compounding their fame was Caitlin Jenner’s transition. Kim is currently married to Kanye West. All in all, Kim and the rest of the Kardashian’s are some of today’s biggest stars.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces2
Image: Photowire / Henry Lamb

This is a perfectly-timed photo. Here, we see a hilarious Kim Kardashian answering a question when a microphone is thrust in her face at an event. We are not sure what exactly the microphone-wielder asked her, but whatever it was, it certainly elicited a very enthusiastic response.

George Clooney Was Thirsty

George Clooney is one of Hollywood’s really big dogs, one of the Great Danes of show business. His real rise to fame came in the 90s when he played in the medical series ER. Before that, he had some small-time gigs, including being an extra in one. By now, Clooney has played in almost 50 movies! Additional endeavors of his include producing (he co-produced Argo, for instance) and activism.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces22
Image: kknews.cc

George Clooney boasts one of Hollywood’s most memorable faces. And this photograph further adds to the memorability. It seems as if he has had just a little too many refreshments. He may be feeling overly-refreshed, just too darn fresh. It’s insane how quickly a celebrity can go from one of the most charming-looking people in the world to…well, something else.

Adele Is Dismantling British Dental Stereotypes

British superstar Adele has been annihilating all sorts of records. For example, she broke the Guinness record for being the first female to ever have two singles and two albums in the U.K.’s Top 5. Prior to her, only The Beatles earned a similar accolade. She started writing music as a teenager. When her friend posted some of her material on Myspace, it soon got attention from XL Recordings. Boom! Her career was launched.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces5
Image: Twitter / adelesface

Through all her music videos and public appearances, we’ve never got this good a look at Adele’s teeth. Of course, there is the old stereotype that British people don’t have the best teeth. But in addition to shattering musical achievement records, Adele also shatters the dental misconceptions. Thanks to this awesome grimace (which is a little scary), we get a rare behind-the-scenes view.

Blake Lively Lives up to Her Name

You probably best know Blake Lively as one of the stars of Gossip Girl. But she also has received quite a bit of recognition for her work on the two Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants films, which was more or less her first role. She’s pretty diverse – she’s also good in the action/thriller genre. Just watch The Town, where she worked with Ben Affleck.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces9
Image: DailyMagazine.News

Blake Lively’s last name is obviously fitting. She’s energetic and is always radiating vitality. She also a woman of many lively faces. Here’s a perfect example. Her confusion, dismay, skepticism (or whatever is it) isn’t just being conveyed by a little raise of the eyebrow or squint. She goes all out. Her face completely transforms into an emotion-conveying machine. In the world of silly faces, it doesn’ get much livelier than this!

Paul McCartney Can’t Believe That Some People Aren’t Beatles Fans

Paul McCartney, enough said, no intro. Just kidding, but not really though. Paul McCartney was one of the lead vocalists for The Beatles. You may have heard of them before, they’re kind of a thing. After the band disbanded in 1970, McCartney continued to write music with various groups and solo, and it was excellent. These days, he still plays shows and writes songs, traveling all over the world as one of history’s greatest rock stars.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces52
Image: Star Insider

This is the face Paul McCartney made when some told him “Hey Jude” wasn’t a great song. He was taken aback. Again, just joking around. But seriously, he does look quite shocked. The real explanation here is simply a case of “the right place at the right time.” Clearly, something has got the 78 rock and roll god to be a little more expressive than usual.

Danny Trejo Is Giving Us the Scares, Again

Danny Trejo executes the “guy you never want to mess with” role flawlessly in every movie. You’ve for sure seen him before because he has played in dozens – no, scratch that, hundreds – of movies and shows! Some of the best-known ones are Heat, Machete, Spy Kids, The X-Files, and recently he has even does voice acting in Rick and Morty.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces55
Image: ScreenAnarchy

He’s the undisputed ultimate tough guy. As if his intimidating stature and “don’t mess with me” expressions aren’t enough to make us feel that he’s one of the last actors we’d want to get in a scrap with. Now we might know what he looks like when he’s really, really infuriated.

Chris Brown Looks a Little Ticked Off

Chris Brown started his career early in life when he performed with a church choir. After several local performances, he was scouted and would soon sign a deal with Jive Records. His very first album was certified Double Platinum, so you could say he had a good start. Tarnishing his legacy, though, is a series of legal issues, some quite serious. No doubt, Brown can dance and make awesome music, but there are some issues.

Celebrity Goofballs  47 of Your Favorite Stars Making Unimaginably Strange Faces14
Image: CBS Philly.

In this photograph, it looks like Brown is kind of chewing someone out. Not trying to make light of his legal issues, but one of them involves a scuffle over parking. Before the situation deteriorated severely, there was a heated argument. So Brown’s face here might give you a little indication of what that was like.