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Beautiful Wives Of Celebrities That You Might Have Forgot About

Let there be no confusion; there are some women who age better than others. Some celebrity wives managed to ditch the aging process and remain beautiful in the spotlight. Check out Hype Galore’s collection of iconic celebrity wives that were and still are all the hype in Hollywood’s beauty scene.



There’s no doubt: some women age with more grace than others and this does not exclude celebrity wives. Although the normal aging process involves a gradual development of wrinkles, sagging skin and forehead lines, countless celebrity wives have managed to defy this natural phenomenon. These beauties have definitely made some of us ladies feel like there’s hope when it comes to aging. Then again, who cares because it’s our personalities and hearts that matter right?

Now, before you’re stunned by all the beauty you’re about to see, remember most of these women have secretly (or not so secretly) remained flawless with the kind aid of beautifying fabrications such as Botox injections, cosmetic procedures, and surgeries. As you may find it absurd and superficial, it’s kind of unfair to judge a human for not wanting the dreaded turkey neck. (yeah, it’s a thing and it ain’t pretty). So, if these ladies have nothing better to do with their time and husband’s money, why not go under the cosmetic knife? After all, when you look good, you feel good!

These wives hit the limelight either through their own fame or through their husbands. They’ve stayed flawless for so long and the world knows it. Once you see the picture of their old selves you’ll be shocked to see how they looked later on in life. The fact of the matter is that when people are always seeing themselves on the covers of magazines, they can’t help but pay extra attention to the way they look. That’s probably why these women look so great despite the plans that natural aging had for them.

Check out Popular Everything’s collection of high-quality images, presenting the iconic celebrity wives, that have made a permanent impression on the Hollywood beauty scene. They might even be unrecognizable to many of you readers out there.


1. Halle Berry

Halle Berry has quite the line-up of celebrity husbands. Berry, married an Atlanta Braves player David Justice. Four years later the two got a divorce. Berry moved on in 2001 when she married Eric Benet. That too only lasted about four years. She then got into a long-term relationship with Gabriel Aubry, and together they had a daughter.

Her most recent marriage is to Oliver Martinez which also came to a quick close after three years. Now Berry is focusing on her acting career.