Celebs Take Advantage of the Lockdown to Proudly Reveal Their Natural Greys and Curls

These days, quarantine’s got everyone looking shaggier than usual. But stay-at-home guidelines seem to be easing, so we guess that going to the hairdresser will occupy prime real estate on everyone’s to-do list. Celebs are no different. Some of your favorite stars have taken advantage of the lockdown to reveal to proudly flaunt their beautiful natural hair.

Celebs Take Advantage of the Lockdown to Proudly Reveal Their Natural Greys Curls 4

Whether it’s required of their various projects, or whether it’s to make a public appearance, celebs tend to put a lot of work and money into their hair. Take Rihanna for example. She spends about $20,000 a week on her hair! But now that events are canceled and everyone is still at home, the perfect opportunity for them came to go back to the basics. Here, we’ll show you some of the best results!

Ariana Grande Reveals Her Cute Natural Curls

Ariana Grande is one of those mega celebs that needs no extensive introduction, but we’ll mention her in a few words just to refresh our memories. Her breakthrough came when she played on the Nickelodeon sitcom called Victorious. She had to dye her hair red every week, which she says caused it some damage. But as you can see, now it must be fully rejuvenated. In 2013, Ariana released her first record, entitled Yours Truly. The rest is history!

Celebs Take Advantage of the Lockdown to Proudly Reveal Their Natural Greys Curls1

We all recognize her sporting her signature hairstyle: the high ponytail. No doubt, she pulls it off. She’s a stunningly beautiful woman, and the ponytail gives her an extra edge. She was one of the first stars to take to the internet to take out the extensions and reveal her natural hair (in the absence of concerts to play). As you can see, it’s gentle, pretty, and a little bit curly. Although we’re sure she enjoys getting dolled up, it must be nice to wake up and know that she doesn’t have to sit through hours of makeup and hairstyling!

Hilarie Burton Fearlessly Shows Some Greying Roots

It’s hard to tell what Hilarie Burton is most famous for, but our guess is that it’s probably for her work on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, where she played Dr. Lauren Boswell. But she also got some major cred for her six-season role on One Tree Hill. Her claim to fame came when she impressed MTV producers while doing a routine video jockey job during Total Request Live. They loved her so much that they offered her a permanent job. This is what the inception of a star looks like.

Celebs Take Advantage of the Lockdown to Proudly Reveal Their Natural Greys Curls2

Hilarie, like most other celebs, is no stranger to intensive hairstyling regimes when preparing for roles and public appearances. But she recently fearlessly uploaded a picture of herself showing her greying roots. “The ‘silver lining’ is literally growing out of my skull,” she captioned her post. She stated that she decided to flaunt the grey in a show of solidarity with healthcare workers: “When I see it, I’m reminded of all you’re doing to keep us safe. I’m reminded that you deserve to be taken care of.”

Gabrielle Union-Wade Playfully Flaunts Her Original Ringlets

Gabrielle Union-Wade’s breakthrough came in 2000 when she gave her outstanding performance in Bring It On. Before that, she got some recognition for her role in 10 Things I Hate About You. Since her rise to fame and fortune, she has played in tons of different projects, including dozens of movies and shows, and she has also appeared in five music videos. For her hard work and sparkling charm, she has been nominated for several prestigious awards.

Celebs Take Advantage of the Lockdown to Proudly Reveal Their Natural Greys Curls3

A couple of weeks ago, Gabrielle uploaded a video of herself gently tugging on her natural curls. Like the rest of us, her hairstylist is nowhere to be seen (except for maybe on Zoom). Between proudly showing off congenial and beautiful hair, she hinted that she might soon be working on a related product for her hair-care line Flawless (aptly named!). The post, which received almost half a million likes, was captioned “When your natural locks appreciate the lockdown.”