Check Your Attics Because These Old-School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune

Oh, how we long for the good ol’ days. When paying bills wasn’t a concept we even understood. When work was but a mere speck in the distant future. And when the only thing we had to worry about was keeping our sea monkeys alive. Yep, those were the days where we played with our Cabbage Patch Dolls all day every day, and it was glorious. But we have a question for you… do you still have the school toys and games from your childhood in your attic?

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 11
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If you do, you’re in luck. Some of the most iconic toys and games from yesteryear are even more in-demand now than they were back in the day. And because of this, retro fanatics out there are willing to pay thousands of dollars (and sometimes even millions!) to get their hands on them. So, get thinking about where you want to go for your all-inclusive vacation because that “junk” in your attack is now worth a fortune!

1st Edition Charizard Holo Card – $150,000

You know you’ve gotta catch ’em all, right? And that’s exactly why Pokémon lovers across the world are willing to shell out big bucks for the Pokémon cards that you have stashed in your attic right now. These cards took the world by storm during the late 1990s, and while you may have got bored of them after a while, collectors have been in search of specific cards ever since.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 27
Image: Instagram/Logan Paul

So if you just happen to have a 1st Edition Charizard Holo Card in your possession, it’s time to start waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care. That’s because only 120 of these cards were ever made, which has made their price skyrocket. In fact, YouTuber Jake Paul shelled out a whopping $150,000 on one of these cards back in October 2020!

The G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Flagg – $6,000

Whether you were obsessed with G.I Joe when you were younger or whether your family just assumed you were because you mentioned it once in passing, you may have come across the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Flagg. This impressive toy came with all of the accessories and parts to make you feel just like the action man himself, but do you still have it? And more importantly, is it still in the box?

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 26
Image: Twitter/Adam Sheehan

If you have the original set and box from 1985, you could sell this bad boy for a cool $6,000. Over the years, collectors have been pouring their life savings into these G.I Joe toys, and it seems as though everything associated with the action man is now worth oodles. So, if you also have the Atomic Man Para-Trap and the Talking Man of Action from 1975 you could add another $11,000 to your bank balance.

Claude the Crab Beanie Baby – $8,000

Hands up if you had a bed full of Beanie Babies when you were younger? Of course you did. These plush toys were the ultimate status symbol at elementary school, and when your friends slept over they would totally judge you on how many you had been able to procure. And while most people had TY bears and dogs, if you managed to add Claude the Crab to your collection you’re in serious luck.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 25
Image: Mateland’s Home Market

Sure, crabs weren’t cool back in the day – but this guy is now super expensive. This limited edition crab plushie has been sold in the past for upwards of $8,000. This is all due to the fact that this colorful crustacean was involved in some serious printing errors, making every single one different. Some tags have an ® above the ™, and some swing tags even have a space before the exclamation point.

Magic: The Gathering Black Lotus Card – $189,999

Magic: The Gathering offered a special place for wannabe magicians to practice their magic, and it was totally cool, right? It certainly seems to be now, as the adults who grew up with this game are now willing to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to add to their card collection. And the Black Lotus card is the most elusive of them all.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 24
Image: Tumblr

This original card from the 1990s is perhaps one of the rarest cards within the whole franchise, and it’s been noted that there were only 1,100 of these cards ever printed. This means that they are in high demand, and anyone who finds one up in their attic could sell it on for $189,999. We know the buyers are out there, and they just happen to be stinking rich.

Sky Dancers – $200

Okay, you probably don’t need us to tell you that Sky Dancers were a little dangerous. You might even have the scars to prove it. But they were super cool, and we loved being able to make these quirky little fairies fly around the room – and sometimes straight into our eyes. But it was worth it.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 3
Image: Bonanza

While many of the original Sky Dancers were recalled in 2000 because they caused too many injuries, you may have kept onto them. And if you did, you’ll now be able to reap the rewards of going against the grain. That’s because these original Sky Dancers can now sell for around $200 each!

Happy Meal Changeables – $20 – $140

Hands up if your parents didn’t want to take you to McDonald’s when you were younger? And hands up if that made you want those delicious chicken nuggets even more?! The Golden Arches have made their mark on most people’s childhood, and if you grew up during the 1980s you probably begged your parents for a Happy Meal just so you could take home one of the awesome Happy Meal Changeables.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 29
Image: Ebay

While all Happy Meal toys could now be worth a fortune if you have a full set – like all of the Disney-themed characters that are now worth $300 – the Changeables are more desirable due to the fact that they were only around for a short amount of time. Sometimes just one of these toys can sell for around $20 to $140. Not bad for a free toy, right?

Hot Wheels 1995 Treasure Hunt ’67 Camaro – $1,197

Even if your parents didn’t buy you any Hot Wheels when you were younger, they probably still ended up in your house. These toy cars were the ultimate trading tokens at school, and kids loved to build full collections of these toy cars. But in recent years Hot Wheels have become more popular with the older generation, and when it comes to the Hot Wheels holy grail, only one car can claim that title.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 23
Image: Ebay

The Hot Wheels 1995 Treasure Hunt ’67 Camaro is one of just 12 treasure hunt cars within the brand, and that makes it a rare addition to the franchise. There are countless threads on Reddit and other forums detailing the intense treasure hunts collectors go on to try and find these originals. And apparently, they’re so rare that they’re willing to pay over $1,000 for one!

Legoland Town Shell Station – $1,699

Let’s be honest; Lego has it all. You can literally build anything and everything out of these funky blocks, and it seems as though this trend has been captivating adults and kids alike since the 1950s. And in 1979, Lego fans got the chance to introduce a new set into their collection; the Legoland Town Shell Station.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 22
Image: Ebay

While this may seem like just another Lego set that would be gathering dust in the attic, if you have one of these stashed away then you’re in serious luck. This vintage set – still in its original box – is priced at around $1,699. So unless you plan on building your very own Shell station again, then it might be worth taking some pictures and selling it online.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone First Edition – $40,000 to $55,000

The Harry Potter book series has given us the chance to read one of the most magical stories the Muggle world has ever seen, and there’s a high chance that you still have all of the books in your house. Whether you’ve passed them onto your kids or whether you just love to reread them, it might be a good idea to check what edition you have.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 21
Image: Yahoo! Finance

Although most people have one of the 120 million generic reprints out there, there are 500 first editions out there that Potterheads and book collectors alike constantly salivate over. These first editions are worth between $44,000 and $55,000! You can check whether you have a first edition by looking at the print line on the copyright page. If it reads “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1” then you’re one of the chosen ones.

Vintage 1998 Pink Furby -$400

We’re not sure why furry monsters with gremlin-like laughs tickled us so much when we were younger, but we were all obsessed. The goal of many kids during the ’90s and ’00s was to collect as many of these Furbies as possible – and if you were a parent during this time you may have rolled your eyes over this incredibly weird toy. But it turns out that you may be thanking your child after you read this.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 31
Image: The Good Guide

That’s because the Furby can be pretty pricey if you have the right one in your attic. The pink Furby from 1998 – unopened in its box – will allow you to rake in around $400. It’s a little less if the box has been opened and the Furby shows wear and tear, but you’re still going to get back more than you paid for it in the first place. Result, right?

Super Mario Bros for Nintendo Entertainment System – $2,480

We don’t think anyone will ever grow out of the Super Mario Bros game. It’s iconic. It’s legendary. It’s nostalgia-inducing. And we just love it. Over the years, this game has advanced to be compatible with countless game consoles, but back in 1985, it was specially created to be played on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 30
Image: 107.5 Kool FM

As one of the most classic consoles of all time, avid gamers are constantly looking for vintage games that match up. And it seems as though there’s a very long line of customers waiting to buy this game – and they’re willing to pay around $2,480 for the pleasure of owning it. Let’s just hope they don’t slip on the bananas.

1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure – $25,000

Star Wars fans are all about the force. They’ve watched every movie, they’ve researched every character, and they’ve collected every toy or piece of memorabilia out there. And if you were a fan when you were younger, you may have also collected these action figures that were all the rage back in the 1970s and ’80s when the first movie was released.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 19
Image: Ebay

And if you have a Luke Skywalker figurine with a double telescoping lightsaber, you might want to look at the serial number. Because only 20 of these limited-edition figurines were made back in 1978, and they have since become some of the most lucrative memorabilia in sci-fi history. In fact, the latest figures suggest that they are now worth $25,000 each!

Astronaut B Pez Dispenser – $32,000

Candy out of a wrapper? No thanks. Candy out of a Pez dispenser? You betcha! There was something so wholesome about buying Pez’s when we were younger, and everyone at school wanted to show off the many different shapes, colors, and characters they managed to buy. And today, some of these dispensers are now worth a fortune.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 18
Image: Ebay

In 1982, the Astronaut B Pez dispenser was made for the World’s Fair – and while it may have seemed rather basic, it’s actually one of the most sought-after collectibles in the candy world today. One of these bad boys sold in 2006 for a whopping $32,000. But if you have the Mickey Mouse Soft Head or the 1955 Santa Claus Head dispenser you could also make some serious bank.

1969 “Volkswagen Beach Bomb” Prototype – $125,000

We all know that Hot Wheels are a hot deal. There are tons of them out in the world, but every new toy has to start somewhere – and in 1969 a prototype of the now-famous Volkswagen Beach Bomb made its way into circulation. However, only a few of them were ever put out into the mass market – which means that they are now hugely coveted.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 17
Image: Hoffmann Speedster

Although the Beach Bomb became a hugely popular addition to the Hot Wheels family, this prototype was not only a different color, but the surfboards also hung out the back windows. Alongside this, the surfboards can actually be removed! Due to the fact that these prototypes are just so rare, they can sell for upwards of $125,000!

Action Comics No. 1 – $3.2 million

If you weren’t the kind of kid who sat under their blanket with a torch and the latest comic, then you probably won’t get all the fuss was about back in the day. But if you were one of the cool kids, you’ll know that old-school comics can now fetch more money than most of us can comprehend. And Action Comics No. 1 is officially the most expensive comic ever.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 16
Image: Superman Homepage

This particular comic is the first comic to introduce us to the one and only Superman. And less than 50 of these 1938 editions were ever put into circulation – making pristine copies as expensive as some iconic works of art. In 2014, one of these limited edition comics was sold for an incredible $3.2 million!

American Girl “Molly” Doll Original – $11,000

We know what you’re thinking; you can still buy American Girl dolls, right? But these new editions are nothing like the original girls. We talking about Molly, Felicity, Samantha, and even Kirsten. Because these original dolls have since been discontinued, collectors will probably remortgage their house in order to add them to their collection.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 15
Image: WorthPoint

So, if you have an original Molly doll in your attic – and you also have her original accessories and clothing – then you could be sitting on a small fortune. Dust her off and get all of her possessions together, because there’s a buyer out there who would be willing to pay you around $11,000 for it.

Game Boy Light – $750 – $1,000

Remember the Game Boy Light? This little game console takes us back to the days where we weren’t mindlessly scrolling through social media but were instead catching our Pokémon or stressing over Tetris. And it’s fair to say that kids across the world had one during the 1990s. But the big question is… do you still have yours?

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 14
Image: YouTube

The Game Boy Light is perhaps one of the most precious consoles to live under the Nintendo umbrella, and die-hard fans will shell out $1,000 for one if you still have it in the attic. However, you will have to make sure that it’s in mint condition and still in working order – as these gamers don’t have use for a vintage console that doesn’t work.

Teddy Ruxpin – $500

Whether you thought a talking bear was super creepy or whether you thought it was super cute, there’s no doubt about the fact that the Teddy Ruxpin bear revolutionized the plush toy industry during the ’80s. This bear allowed absent parents the chance to record a story for their children thanks to the cassette tape built into its back – and it flew off the shelves!

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 13
Image: Reddit

Today, they have been overtaken by the likes of Care Bears and Build-A-Bear’s, but there are some people out there who still admire the workmanship of the Teddy Ruxpin. So, if you have a bear in perfect condition you could see around $500 fly into your bank account. And if you have the 1985 Original Storytelling bear, you’re looking more at $1,640!

Lite Brite – $300

There’s something about bright colors and fiddly, small pieces of plastic that keep kids entertained for hours – which is why the inventors of Lite Brite were onto a winner when they brought this toy into the big market in 1967. The idea was to put these small colored pegs into a board to create pretty shapes, and you may have even had one as a child. And you probably lost all of the pegs to the depths of your couch, too.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 12
Image: Good Housekeeping

But if you did manage to keep all 214 pieces intact, it’s time to dig this old box from the attic and time to start rubbing your hands together. Collectors are always on the hunt for full Lite Brite sets, and what cost your parents just a few dollars back in the day could now be worth around $300. Pretty neat, huh?

She-Ra, Princess of Power and Her Horse Swiftwind – $1,500

Sure, He-Man was pretty cool… but what about She-Ra?! This strong, independent lady inspired kids everywhere when she made her debut in the 1985 Filmation series. Because of that, kids during the ’80s couldn’t wait to get their hands on one of the Mattel toys that were made in her honor. And rightly so.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 10
Image: Action Figure Barbecue

The She-Ra action figure came in many different forms and came with many different accessories, including her horse Swiftwind. And if you were a big fan of the Princess of Power and still have the original She-Ra and Swiftwind in their box, it’s time to get selling. The pair have previously been sold for around $1,500! If you just have She-Ra though, you could still rake in $150-$600.

1995 Playmobil Victorian Dollhouse – $1,000

No childhood was complete with at least one Playmobil set, am I right? This German toymaker brought countless products to life from the 1970s onwards, and children could make everything from their own farmyard set to their own Victorian dollhouse. Yep, this dollhouse was released back in 1995… and today it’s pretty expensive.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 28
Image: WorthPoint

Although Playmobil is still going strong and releasing new products every year, collectors are all about the vintage and throwback sets that bring back a sense of their childhood. And the dollhouse does just that. That’s probably why they’re more than happy to part ways with $1,000 of their money to add this tiny home to their big home.

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Dolls – $100 – $500

Anything dessert-themed was always going to go down well with kids, and while Strawberry Shortcake dolls didn’t give us the sugar rush we were hoping for, we still wanted to add all of them to our collection. And if you were the same – and if you still have a load of these dolls stashed in the attic – it’s time to dust them off and give them a high five.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 9
Image: Etsy

Original Strawberry Shortcake dolls from the 1980s are now in seriously high demand, as collectors love the vintage vibe of them – especially if they’re still in their boxes. These adorable dolls are normally sold for around $100 to $500, and prices will vary depending on the rarity of the doll in question. Still better than nothing, though.

Lego Trains – $1,000 to $3,000

There’s something about Lego that just never goes out of style. Who doesn’t want to build their own Leaning Tower of Pisa or make their Lego people swing from trees? And while Lego was just as famous back in the ’70s and ’80s as it is today, there are certain old-school sets that are more in-demand than others.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 8
Image: Ebay

Modern Lego railroad sets aren’t what they used to be, which is why there are so many people out there who are on the lookout for the vintage sets you might still have in your possession. Whether you have the Diesel Freight Trains, or the Steam Cargo, or even the Speed City Express Trains, you could be looking at a $1,000 to $3,000 set right there.

Boba Fett Action Figure – $32,000

Yep, we’ve got another Star Wars figurine that’s worth some serious cash money – but are you really surprised? The whole franchise is worth around $70 billion dollars, which includes all of the movies, the theme park attractions, the memorabilia, and the toys and games. And the Boba Fett action figure is perhaps one of the most coveted toys in the Star Wars business.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 7
Image: Ebay

This bounty hunter may not be as famous as some of the other characters in the franchise, but the rare action figure is the one that all hardcore fans want to add to their collection. Especially if it’s vintage and in mint condition. These figures will normally score around $5,000 if it’s no longer in the box, but if you have one of these bad boys still in the box you could be looking at a whopping $32,000 slam dunk!

Original Rainbow Brite and Color Kids Dolls – $1,000

In 1984, kids across the US were graced with a brand new television show to obsess over. Of course, we’re talking about Rainbow Brite. Although it only stayed on our screens for one season, kids couldn’t get enough of the adventures of the color protector and her friends. And so, Rainbow Brite and Color Kids dolls flew off the shelves.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 6
Image: Ebay

These colorful dolls offered bright colors, fuzzy fur, and rosy-red cheeks – but they’re no longer in production. And when you can’t readily buy something from the store it instantly becomes more expensive, which is why these dolls are now selling for around $300 to $1,000 depending on the doll! Starlight the Horse is particularly expensive if you have one lurking around.

Vintage Easy-Bake Oven – $300

If you had the Easy-Bake Oven, you’ll know that this was so much more than a toy. Oh, yes. While other makeshift kitchen toys gave you the chance to pretend, the Easy-Bake Oven gave you the chance to actually bake cookies. And who doesn’t love playing when it comes with such a delicious reward? That’s probably why this toy was so popular back in the day.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 5
Image: Ebay

Although the Easy-Bake Oven is still alive and cooking today, it was first introduced in the early 1960s. And if you just happened to receive yours during that time – and you still have it – then you could be looking at some serious cash coming your way. Without a box, this original vintage oven could bring you $120. But with a box, you’re looking more at $300!

Full Set of Jurassic Park Pogs – $1 Million

When you think about it, our obsession with Pogs was a little strange. They were literally cardboard milk caps with pictures on them, but at school we wouldn’t let anyone touch them and we would guard them with our lives. Pogs were a serious business, and the aim was to collect as many as possible. So, do you still have a full set?

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 4
Image: Twitter/Jurassic Right

Depending on what Pogs you still have, you could be sitting on a small fortune. Especially if you have the full six-piece holographic Jurassic Park set. This set is so rare that it sold for a whopping $1 million back in 2016! But even if you have the non-holographic set that includes 54 different Pogs, then you’re still looking at around $2,500.

Vintage Toy Story Figurines – $900

When the movie Toy Story came into our lives in 1995, the world flipped upside down. Soon enough we were all shouting “to infinity and beyond” at the top of our lungs and writing “Andy” on the bottom of our shoes. And kids who were fans of the show begged their parents to buy these cool ’90s figurines.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 2
Image: Ebay

During this time you could buy every character from Woody to Buzz Lightyear in this figurine form. And now, these vintage toys are all the rage again and collectors are saving up their dollars to be able to add them to their collection. Now, a pristine Buzz in his original box will sell for around $500, a Stinky Pete for $700, and a Mr. Potato Head for $900!

Original 1996 Tamagotchi – $3,000

If you grew up in the ’90s and didn’t own a Tamagotchi, what were you doing with your life? We put our hearts and souls into making sure that these digital beings survived throughout our childhood. and while most of the time we failed because we totally forgot about them, they still gave us so much joy.

Check Your Attics Because These Old School Toys and Games Are Now Worth a Fortune 1
Image: Mashable

And in recent years, the Tamagotchi has made such an impressive comeback that originals from the ’90s are now worth a fortune. While some of the most common Tamagotchis are selling for around $40, there are rarer ones out there that are fetching up to $3,000! So, do you still have yours?