Christmas the Kardashian Way: The Over The Top Traditions You Wish You Were a Part Of

The Kardashian clan are some of the most talked-about and divisive celebrities out there, if not the most. Known internationally, people are naturally curious about what goes down behind closed doors. A lot of people don’t agree with their excessively lavish lifestyle, which is on steroids over the Christmas period.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 4
Image: Refinery29

As Kim said in 2017, “So thankful for our close family and our many traditions!” But what exactly are they? At Hype Galore, we’ve tracked down every Kardashian Christmas tradition to find out just what they are up to in their Calabasas mansions. Needless to say, it involves spending a lot of money and going to every effort.

Kim’s Colorless Gift Wrapping

Kim revealed one of the Kardashian’s traditions in 2019 when she told the pubic about their gift-wrapping code. She posted the photo on the left along with the caption: “West Holiday wrapping this year! Each year every family member picks a color and vibe so we know who the gifts are from.”

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 27
Images: Insider (left) Vogue (right)

With such a big family it’s better this way to avoid confusion. “This year we chose creamy velvet!” she told her fans, but they weren’t too impressed. It definitely fits in with her and Kanye’s creamy color preferences. But fans thought it looked like they wrapped the presents in old bedsheets!

Kylie Creates Her Own Traditions

In 2015 Kylie Jenner started her own Christmas tradition at the age of only 18 years old. To be fair to her, she had just bought her very own mansion in California and decided it was high time to celebrate her achievement. Pictured below, Kylie and her closest pals enjoying a festive feast in the new pad.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 41
Image: Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Kylie told her Instagram followers that this was her “First friend Christmas dinner at the house” when she shared this photo. The Kardashians’ friendships are very important to them, so it’s only fitting that they should find a way to include them in their holiday celebrations.

Kris’s One Christmas Rule

Of course, a big catalyst for all the festive cheer is momager Kris. It’s been reported that Kris has even created a rule for herself so that she should always meet her high standard, and that’s to “outdo what she did the year before.” That’s quite a hefty rule, considering how much goes into every Christmas.

Kardashian Christmas57
Images: Daily Mail (left and right)

Pictured above is the Christmas decor circa 2016. That was when Kris was especially enamored with her larger-than-life-sized polar bear sculpture, which is pretty hard to miss. Custom-made for her in Paris from red metal and glass, she called the giant bear “the thing I’m most excited about.” That explains why it had such a prime placement!

Santa Clause’s Annual Trip To Calabasas

Something the Kardashian’s keep doing every Christmas season is hiring an actor to parade around as Father Christmas. They’ll have you believe it’s only been happening since the sisters have had kids, but there’s evidence of Santa paying them a visit before their motherhood days.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 65
Image: W Magazine

He’s hired at the annual Christmas party, sometimes on Christmas day, and once even had his role assumed by Kim’s best friend Jonathan Cheban. But this is no department store Santa we’re talking about. Their Santa is exquisitely dressed and very convincing. The Kardashian’s don’t know how to cut corners.

Kris Hands Over To Kim

Something actually changed in 2019 for the Christmas bash. Instead of Kris hosting it, Kim and Kanye took the reigns in what Kris described as a “changing of the guard.” Kim explained: “My mom’s been doing it for so long that it’s turned into something different. It’s kind of a party just for my mom and mostly her friends. We want it to be a place that we can just have fun and it’s all of our friends and definitely family and my mom’s friends, too.”

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 25
Images: Buzzfeed (left) E! Online (right)

Kim and Kanye threw an extravagant bash last year that turned their home into a white cloud fantasy. 2020 is the first year ever that they’ll be breaking that tradition. Kim announced on Twitter: “The Covid cases are getting out of control in CA. So we decided that we’re not doing a Christmas Eve party this year. It’s the first time we will not be having a Christmas Eve party since 1978.” Only a global pandemic could get in the way of the Kardashian’s traditions.

The Annual Star-Studded Bash

As well as going ham with the decor every year, Kris is famous for her yearly Christmas Eve party that’s as excessive as it gets. Her rich and famous guests can expect captivating light displays, a bottomless bar, evening entertainment, and a sit-down dinner. Even ex-partner Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t want to miss it.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 44
Images: Yahoo (left) W Magazine (right)

How much of a part does Kris have to play in the party planning? More than you’d think. She likes to make sure that everything is exactly as she wants. She told Refinery29 in an interview: “I’m involved in every aspect of the party – from the decorations to the gifts to the table settings to the performance. I love planning every detail, sometimes to a fault!”

Everyone Has Their Own Theme

Another Christmas tradition that some of the Kardashians honor is setting a theme in each of their homes. For instance, in 2019 Kylie went for a gold theme and Kendall chose the color pink. Kylie had a massive $13,000 gold tree erected in the entrance to her home, while Kendall had “Kenny’s pink Xmas” over at her own house.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 39
Image: Instagram / Kylie Jenner

These themes are apparent in all of the Christmas decor that year. From Christmas evergreens to fireplace decorations, no stone is left unturned in the Kardashian quest to have everything matching. And for some, Kris included, they’ll have a whole new theme in the next year. Pictured above, Kylie went for a silver theme in 2016.

Kimye’s Very Strange Christmas Decor

When Kim revealed her family home’s interior on an Architectural Digest video, people were taken aback by just how monotone and minimalist it was. They went for large, empty white and cream spaces that people called out for looking like a futuristic monastery. Everything inside stayed within their restricted color palette, and Christmas time is no different.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 31
Image: Yahoo

Kim and Kanye have chosen bizarre, all-white, and fluffy sculptures to decorate their home during the festive season. The soft silhouettes line every wall and stand taller than the couple themselves. It’s definitely in-keeping with their interior design but doesn’t exactly bring to mind Christmas. Even though some people described it as morgue-like, it’s how they’re choosing to decorate these years.

Kylie Cosmetics Celebrates Christmas

Kylie also has a tradition for her makeup company, Kylie Cosmetics. Every Christmas she brings out a limited edition range of new beauty products, completely chosen by her. For 2020, she collaborated with The Grinch franchise in releasing lip products, face products, and a 16-pan eyeshadow palette.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 12
Images: Kylie Cosmetics (left and right)

In 2019, Kylie released a limited edition holiday collection called Dear Santa that featured lots of red and white. And the year before that she went with a baby blue snowflake-inspired collection. Basically, it’s traditional for her to make sure she earns back all the money she spends celebrating.

Everyone Wears Matching Pajamas

It’s easy to assume that the Kardashians are world’s away from everyday people, but they do have one Christmas tradition that many can relate to. Every single year, the whole family wears matching pajamas on Christmas day, and it seems as though they won’t be getting rid of this tradition any time soon.

Kardashian Christmas8 1
Image: The Sun

In 2015, Khloe wrote about this tradition on her website. “My family started our Christmas tradition of wearing matching PJs a few years ago. It wasn’t always our thing, but now it’s our new thing, and I love having something special that we all do together.” Thanks to this incredible throwback photo, we can see that they take this tradition very seriously.

Mother And Daughter Baking Sessions

It’s no secret that the Kardashian clan love their baked goods. From Kim’s love of Beignets to Kourtney’s Poosh-approved olive oil cake, they are constantly sharing their delicious sweet treats for us all to drool over. While these normally come from food trucks and artisan bakeries, Kylie Jenner and her daughter have used Christmas 2020 as the chance to start a new Christmas tradition.

Kardashian Christmas17
Image: Daily Mail

Coinciding with the release of her cosmetics collection, Kylie and Stormi got dressed up in matching green pajamas and filmed a baking session for the makeup mogul’s YouTube channel in November 2020. The mother and daughter duo baked The Grinch-inspired cupcakes, and Stormi won the world over with her adorable compliments such as, “You got this mommy, I love you so much.”

Everyone Goes to Kourtney’s House

With such a big family to contend with, the Kardashians have oodles of locations to choose from when it comes to their Christmas festivities. However, Kourtney has been the hostess-with-the-mostess for the past few years. Every Christmas morning, the clan makes their way to Kourtney’s house wearing their matching pajamas, and they get ready to celebrate in style as a family.

Kardashian Christmas56
Images: Daily Mail (left) US Magazine (right)

As fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will know, Kourtney loves Christmas and family time more than anyone, and she makes sure the day is perfect. The kids are kept entertained by their new toys and gadgets each year, and Kourtney makes sure to “pull out all my holiday linens and plates to set the table.”

Matching With Mommy

The Kardashians love a fancy outfit, and they have a particular tradition when it comes to dressing their little ones. For Christmas, there’s nothing they love more than wearing matching mother-daughter dresses. Take a look at 2019 Kylie and Stormi below in their complimentary green silk numbers.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 36
Image: The Sun

As we can see, Kylie went for a more mature style than her adorable little girl. Stormi wears a cute puffy-shouldered gown while Kylie has gone for a sweetheart neckline and a thigh-high cut. Kim also likes to match with North, Khloe with True, and Kourtney with Penelope.

Hanging Out the Stockings

Kourtney’s home has become the ultimate festive pad for the Kardashian family, but sometimes they do like to keep things simple. Just as many families across the globe hang out stockings on their fireplace, so do the Kardashians. Of course, with so many family members and partners to contend with, even Kourtney’s giant fireplace can’t quite fit them all.

Kardashian Christmas39
Images: People (left) The Sun (bottom)

According to Kris Jenner, Kourtney is solely in charge of the stockings and what goes in them. Although none of the Kardashians have let loose about the contents of their stockings, we can assume that they’re probably not filled with Walmart socks or accessories they picked up at the dollar store. We have a feeling they’re much more extravagant…

Getting the Grinch Involved

Although Kylie’s Christmas themes have always gone down a storm on social media, she really pulled it out of the bag for her 2020 festivities. Ever the businesswoman, Kylie tied her Christmas theme in with her Kylie Cosmetics release, and she made sure that The Grinch was involved every step of the way.

Kardashian Christmas19
Image: Hello!

When Kylie posted this photo on her Instagram, fans immediately gushed over Stormi’s happy little face. While not everyone gets the chance to welcome The Grinch into their home, it seems as though Kylie jumped at the chance to spoil her daughter. Of course, it certainly helped that she could use this photo-op to promote her new collection!

Diamonds Are Their Best Friends

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but who really has the money to buy their family diamonds for Christmas? Well, the Kardashians do! The family go all out when it comes to gifting their sisters, mom, and nieces presents, and it seems as though they have one particular tradition that comes out to play when the women become mothers.

Kardashian Christmas30
Image: Instagram / Khloe Kardashian

This first started when Kourtney gifted her mom a diamond “Mommy” necklace designed by Jennifer Meyer. Kris Jenner then gifted the same to Kim, Khloe, and Kylie when they had their children, and it’s since become a sentimental tradition for their family. Considering this necklace costs $850, it’s also an expensive tradition!

It’s All About the Nostalgia for Kris

Despite the fact that Kris Jenner has friends and family who are worth more than most people could even comprehend, this momager has noted that she prefers gifts that are nostalgic rather than elaborate or expensive. For her, “The best gifts are nostalgic. The ones that are tied to a special meaning or moment in your life.”

Kardashian Christmas53
Image: W Magazine

Because of this, Kris struggles to buy gifts for the men in her life. Although she used to buy her father and grandfather more traditional gifts – like a golf shirt – times have changed. With the likes of Corey Gamble, Scott Disick, Kanye West and her son Robert to buy for, she often falls flat when it comes to festive gift ideas.

Repeat Offender

The Kardashian’s are totally Saint Nick obsessed. Aside from hiring a Santa Claus actor to come over every year, they also love putting life-sized Father Christmas dolls around their house. Take a look at Kourtney posing with one of her favorites – he’s as tall as she is!

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 48
Image: The Sun

The other sisters all have at least one as well, and it’s a tradition no one wants to let go of. Well, except for Kim. It might be kind a bit too tacky for her and Kanye’s taste… perhaps if they made him an all-cream outfit he could blend in with the rest of their house.

Kris Has A Go-To Christmas Gift

Most people could only dream of receiving a Christmas gift from the one and only Kris Jenner, but for her friends and family, this becomes a reality every single year. Kanye West and Scott Disick are two men who are extremely close to the momager’s heart, but sometimes she just has no clue what to buy them. In that instant, she resorts to her go-to Christmas gift.

Kardashian Christmas60
Image: Instagram / Kris Jenner

Although Kris loves to buy sentimental and traditional presents for her loved ones, she has confessed that this “Doesn’t work with these guys. Usually I get Kanye and Scott something in the jewelry category.” We can’t imagine that they’re too upset when they spot those presents under the Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree Competition Is Fierce

By just looking at the Kardashians’ Instagram pages during the holiday period it’s clear to see that they all pride themselves on their decorations. Kris always fills her grand entryway with a giant and colorful tree, but competition has grown fierce over the years. The family seem to be on a mission to outdo each other as each Christmas comes along.

Kardashian Christmas61
Image: The Sun

While Kim has recently opted for more minimal decorations, she always makes sure that her Christmas tree makes a statement in her home. With the snow on the branches and the twinkling lights, we don’t really blame Kim for using her tree as the backdrop for one of her many photoshoots.

Kourtney’s Tree Always Makes a Statement

As a self-proclaimed Christmas fanatic, Kourtney always manages to take her festive decorations to the next level. Her trees are always extravagant, and they always make a statement. This was proven in 2019, when Kourtney opted to flip-turn-upside-down her Christmas tree – quite literally. The end result was pretty magical, but also slightly concerning. You wouldn’t want to walk under that.

Kardashian Christmas55
Images: Yahoo (left) People (right)

However, Kourtney is never content with just the one tree. Every year she fills her home with trees of all different sizes, and she makes every one as breathtaking as the last. She’s even passed her love of Christmas down to her kids, and now they all have their very own Christmas tree in their bedrooms!

Annual Photoshoots Are a Must

It’s no secret that the Kardashian family relies on social media to keep their fanbase thriving. And while Kim once told Kourtney that she was the “least interesting to look at,” that hasn’t stopped her from racking up over 100 million followers on Instagram. For the past few years, Kourtney has won them over with her festive photoshoots.

Kardashian Christmas25
Image: Daily Mail (left and right)

Of course, these photoshoots require an impressive backdrop, and what’s more impressive than Kourtney’s Christmas trees? In December 2020, Kourtney posed for a Nancy Gould-inspired shoot and posted the end results on social media. When Khloe saw her sister on her grid, she couldn’t help but comment, “Can you explain what’s happening here?”

Kendall’s Dogs Always Get Involved

Kendall Jenner may not live her life in the limelight the way her family does, but it’s clear to see that she loves the simple pleasures that come with the festive period. Just like the rest of her family, she dresses her house with twinkling lights and stocking on the fireplace. Kendall also makes sure that her pooch is always involved in the celebrations.

Kardashian Christmas15
Images: Daily Mail (left) Elle (right)

Kendall loves her Doberman Pinscher, Pryo, and she doesn’t miss any opportunity to post photos and videos of him online. So, fans weren’t surprised when the model decided to show off her Christmas decorations and her proud pooch in December 2020. She posted the photo on the right with the caption, “Tequila and pup [Christmas tree emoji] holidays at Kenny’s.”

Kylie Wants Christmas To Be Magical

Now that she’s become a mom, Kylie Jenner now puts all of her effort into putting a smile on her daughter’s face. And while she’s known for transforming her house into a winter wonderland during the holiday period, she now has another motivator to ensure that each Christmas is better than the last.

Kardashian Christmas40
Image: Instagram / Kylie Jenner

In 2020, Kylie made her way to her home in Lake Tahoe and opted for a tree that was larger than life. According to the makeup maven, “the tree is literally right at the ceiling.” And she even decorated the tree with the ornaments her mom used to put on their tree when she was growing up. Of course, she also had to buy a few more to fill the whole thing up.

They’re Not Dreaming of a White Christmas

The Kardashian clan spend their Christmases at home in Calabasas, but it’s not your average Christmas. Although many people dream of a white Christmas with cold weather and snow, that’s never the case in California. Temperatures rarely fall below 16 degrees Fahrenheit, but that doesn’t stop the sisters from creating a magical winter wonderland in their homes.

Kardashian Christmas62
Images: Elle (left) E! Online (right)

Kylie Jenner loves to decorate her outdoor space for the holidays. Whether it’s the Christmas tree next to the fire pit in her yard or the palm tree adorned with twinkling lights, Kylie certainly makes the most of the warmer temperatures. After all, this family loves to hang outside with their loved ones.

It’s All About the Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a staple sweet treat for many households around the holiday period, but the Kardashians take their love of gingerbread to the extreme. For years, the Kardashian clan has shown off their skills in the kitchen and wowed us all with their gingerbread creations. They’re all fans, but rumor has it that Kourtney started this tradition.

Kardashian Christmas5
Image: Yahoo

The family are thought to make their own in the run-up to Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that they spend all of their time baking up a storm. More often than not, the Kardashians will splash out an incredible amount of money to ensure that their gingerbread houses are worthy of a place in Architectural Digest.

Making a House a Home

In fact, gingerbread houses have become synonymous with the Kardashian family over the years. Not only do the sisters spend time with their kids as they pipe the icing cement and stick their delicious wooden walls together, but they also gift these sweet treats. However, they rarely gift their own homemade gingerbread men. They enlist professionals for that.

Kardashian Christmas63
Image: Architectural Digest

In the run-up to Christmas 2020, many of the Kardashian women, including Khloe and Kris, decided to enlist the help of the Solvang Bakery in California for their gifts. Kris bought all of her kid’s customized gingerbread mansions that feature every family member’s name. The price? A cool $1,200 per mansion! We can only assume that Kris bought one for all of her children, which is more money than we can bear to think about.

Dealing With Naughty Elves

To many, Kim Kardashian oozes luxury. It seems as though she has the perfect life, and so, obviously, she must have the most perfect Christmas. But what some people fail to realize is that Kim is first and foremost a mom, which means she has to deal with all of the annoyances that come with having children.

Kardashian Christmas38
Images: Daily Mail (right) The Sun (right)

Although Kim has taken part in the Elf on the Shelf challenge before, it seems as though this hilarious and creative task proved too much for her in 2020. She knows that her kids love this new family tradition, but she just didn’t have the patience to keep coming up with new ideas. So, she put them in quarantine instead.

They Love to Lend a Helping Hand

Khloe Kardashian is often considered the most humble of the Kardashian clan, and it’s clear to see that she’s now teaching her daughter True the importance of kindness. In December 2020, Khloe started a new tradition by taking True to their local fire department with bags of gifts for the selfless workers.

Kardashian Christmas28
Images: Daily Mail (left) Mirror (right)

Khloe posted about the experience on social media: “I know True is young but I think it is important for her to understand how blessed and fortunate she is. It’s so important for her to see how we give back to others, ESPECIALLY in such unprecedented times.” She also noted that this would be the first of many Christmas trips to those in need. What a wonderful example to set for her daughter.

Kourtney’s Favorite Christmas Movies

Some of the best things about Christmas are all of the wonderful, wintry Christmas movies that the world has to offer. Of course, Kourtney Kardashian wholeheartedly agrees. This Christmas fanatic loves nothing more than getting cozy with her kids and watching a festive film. Have you ever wondered what her favorites are, though?

Kardashian Christmas27 1
Image: News Break

In a recent interview with Poosh.com, Kourtney shared her top three Christmas movies, and a couple of them may surprise you. They are The Santa Clause, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Apparently she makes sure to watch the latter every single year without fail.

They Love To Go Ice skating

The bond between the Kardashian and Jenner sisters is something that many families strive towards. While they’re close all-year-around, there’s something about the festive period that brings them even closer. They’re constantly filling their days with their Christmas traditions, and they absolutely love to go ice skating.

Kardashian Christmas23
Images: Daily Mail (left and right)

On this particular occasion, Kendall and Kourtney took to the ice – but it seems as though Kourtney was more like Bambi on ice. According to Kendall’s Instagram post, she “saved Kourtney’s life.” Kourtney obviously agreed with her statement, replying: “If I went down, you went down. A true lifesaver.”

They Always Have Fun With the Kids

Christmas is often considered the most wonderful time of the year, and while the older sisters love to spend their days frolicking on the ice, they also make sure their kids have fun. As the Kardashian clan has grown, more children have made their way into the loop, which means more kids to entertain over Christmas.

Kardashian Christmas52
Images: People (left and right)

However, it seems as though they’re all pretty happy when their Aunt Koko is around. When Penelope and North were younger, Khloe had no problem being their toy for the day. She posed with Penelope in their festive onesies, and she even let North draw all over her face in lipstick. Those are the kind of memories that will last a lifetime.

Always Plugging Something

The Kardashians even have a habit of breaking away from Christmas festivities to promote a product to their fans. For this family, the work never ends. During Christmas last year the eldest sister Kourtney posted a photo of her in front of the Christmas tree to promote Kim’s new line of shapewear.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 14
Image: Hello!

She wrote in the caption that she was having a “cozzzzzy morning,” before tagging Skims in the photo. We admit, it’s not exactly hard work, but it is interesting that they still advertise and stay active on their social accounts, even if it’s during their downtime. After all, this money they spend doesn’t grow on trees!

Kourtney’s Favorite Xmas Movies

Kourtney happens to be a bit of a Christmas movie fanatic. But she’s got some favorites that she also comes back to when the season rolls around. Her first fave holiday movie is The Santa Clause, because “I love that it explains the process and the unanswered questions about Santa and the North Pole.”

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 64
Image: US Magazine

Another favorite of hers is The Nightmare Before Christmas: “I watch it from Halloween through Christmas – I never get sick of it,” she told her followers. And while she loves The Holiday a lot as well, her third favorite had to be Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer: “I watch this every year. It’s so nostalgic and reminds me of my childhood.” Nothing beats getting cozy on the couch to watch Christmas classics.

Waking up To the Sound of Music

Kim Kardashian is known for bringing music into her household, and while this normally comes in the form of her husband or friend John Legend, Christmas 2020 has been a little different. In fact, Kim seems to have hired a piano player by the name of Phil to serenade her family in the run up to the festive period.

Kardashian Christmas65
Images: Daily Mail (left) Instagram (right)

According to Kim’s Instagram stories, Phil has been waking the Kardashian-West household up with his beautiful piano playing every single morning. He has been found sitting at their stunning cream piano, next to their giant Christmas tree, inside their rather minimal living room. What an experience that must be.

Feeling Merry and Bright

No Christmas would be complete without delicious food, and there’s no doubt about the fact that the Kardashians know how to put on a celebratory spread. While the family often post photos of their Christmas food on social media, they’ve never really gone into specifics about what they eat – until Kris Jenner decided to spill the tea.

Kardashian Christmas4
Image: Teen Vogue

According to the momager, the family either brings in outside chefs to keep them fed and watered, or they work together to fill up the table. From Kris Jenner herself, she’s become famous in her family for her homemade truffle butter. If that doesn’t scream the life of the rich and famous then we don’t really know what does.

They Cook up a Storm

Of course, these guys are also known for eating healthily – and while you may be happy to know that they don’t shake their salad bowls over Christmas, they do stick to certain foods. Kris has noted that they always ensure their Christmas table is full of tomatoes, a food that’s known for its anti-aging qualities.

Kardashian Christmas35
Images: People (left) Daily Mail (right)

As if that wasn’t enough, Kim reportedly offers up her own cooking services for this festive celebration. While not known for her skills in the kitchen, Kim reportedly makes a mac ‘n’ cheese recipe that her kids and sisters alike seem to love. After all, Christmas isn’t Christmas without mac ‘n’ cheese.

Keeping Everyone Full Up

One of the shining food sources within any Christmas dinner are the potatoes, and they certainly make an appearance at the Kardashian table. While Kourtney provides the family with the turkey, Kris makes sure that the meat comes with a suitable double helping of potatoes.

Kardashian Christmas11
Image: Mirror

From her sweet potato soufflé to her stuffed mashed potatoes, it seems as though Kris has nailed what every child requires of their mom. With good potatoes in check, we definitely wouldn’t turn down an invitation to join Kris Jenner and her family at the dinner table during Christmas. Our invite seems to have been lost in the mail, though…

Crazy Christmas Outfits

When it comes to Christmas, the Kardashian ladies really like to show off their expressive side through fashion. Before the season is upon us, they plan their Christmas party outfits and make sure that they’re show stoppers. Just look at what Kendall and Khloe wore in 2017.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 7
Image: The Sun

Kendall sported an unusual sculptural skirt/pants combo, while Khloe opted for a Rihanna-Esque see-through bodysuit with intricate beading and fringing. Talk about mixing styles! Khloe was also pregnant at the time with True and brought a big fur coat along with her. Iconic.

They Have Generous Friends

Considering they’re one of the most famous families in the world, you probably don’t need us to tell you that the Kardashians know everyone. They have rich and famous friends, and their popularity certainly works in their favor when it comes to Christmas. In 2017, Kris was asked by her good friend (and Kardashian super-fan) Jennifer Lawrence what she wanted for Christmas. Kris obviously asked for a Porsche…

kardashian christmas66
Image: Architectural Digest

While she didn’t quite get the full-sized Porsche she was hoping for, J-Law pulled the ultimate flex and gave the momager a gift she would never forget. It still looks pretty awesome sitting amongst the festive decorations in Kris Jenner’s house, and Kris made sure her “BFF” knew how grateful she was through an adorable social media post.

Kourtney Plays Dress Up

The Kardashians are no strangers to playing dress-up – remember when Kim was decked out as Cher in 2018? Big sister Kourtney decided to get in on the action in 2020 when she recreated a 1996 Christmas-themed Playboy cover. She was paying homage to the OG model Susan Bernard, pictured on the right.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 18
Images: Grazia (left and right)

We have to say she did a pretty amazing job. She has impeccable eye makeup in vintage sage green, and her bold red lipstick matches the huge hard-to-miss red baubles that dangle from her ears. There’s an uncanny resemblance, and we can only hope it becomes something of a Christmas tradition.

Your Friends Are My Friends

The annual Christmas party is a perfect opportunity for all the Kardashian women to hang out with each other’s friends. Check out Kylie below on the arm of a mystery man – they make a good match don’t they? But don’t get ahead of yourself – this was Kendall’s then-boyfriend Fai Khadra back in 2019.

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 26
Image: Mirror

Having a huge get together with everyone’s nearest and dearest provides a great opportunity to get to know your sister’s boyfriends. It seems like Kendall and Fai have since broken up, and who knows, maybe big sister Kylie didn’t quite approve?

Kris Passed the Christmas Bug on To Kendall

With Kendall being a supermodel, you’d think she can’t indulge herself completely during the Christmas season. But it seems like she’s actually pretty blessed in the genetics department: “I have a pretty standard and strict beauty routine. I find that if I keep it consistent, my skin doesn’t battle me.”

Christmas the Kardashian Way Time Honored Traditions They Bring Back Every Year 45
Image: Teen Vogue

Kendall has touched on the difficulties she faces having such a big family to buy presents for. “You have to keep in mind that I have a HUGE family… so even when I plan ahead, I’m down to the wire,” she once admitted. But it’s all worth it in the end: “The holidays mean it’s a time to spread love & give back! This is my very favorite time of the year, I am an absolute geek for anything Christmas or festive!”

Santa Babies

Kylie doesn’t need her family there to celebrate Christmas. She’s more than happy to make a celebration with her famous friends instead. In 2019, she posted this festive photo on Instagram with the caption “Santa’s Babies.” Taht’s one way to bring the Christmas cheer.

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She was celebrating with Anastasia Karanikolaou (Stassie), Yris Palmer, Victoria Villarroel (Kylie’s personal assistant), and Sofia Richie (Scott Disick’s then-girlfriend.) Wearing matching Santa onesies, they drank through the night in the whimsical Christmas socks.

Kim’s 150 Christmas Presents

With such a big family, gift-giving can be quite the process. Luckily for them, they’re one of the richest families around. And in 2015 Kim revealed just how extravagant the presents can be. That year, Kanye bought Kim 150 individual presents and we’re honestly just jealous!

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Kim wanted people to know that he didn’t just order a bunch of stuff online, however, but actually put thought and care into each of his presents. “He sent his assistant to Italy and shopped via Skype,” she told her followers. And all mom Kris had to say to that was “You’re very spoiled, Kim.”

Caitlyn Jenner Is Still a Part of the Family

Kris and Caitlyn may have divorced, but they keep things amicable for the sake of Kendall and Kylie. So much so that Caitlyn comes over for the annual Christmas bash, and even during Christmas day. She told Loose Women that for 2020 Christmas is still going ahead, just smaller and “within the family.”

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Caitlyn explained: “So this year is going to be downplayed a little bit but we are still going to have it within the family, we are still going to have our Christmas.” But she admitted, “In the past, these Christmas parties are over the top, it just amazed me every year.” Even for Caitlyn, they’re too much!