Clever, Creative, and Super Relevant Costumes to Get You Pumped for Halloween 2020

Tue Oct 27 2020

In 2020 Halloween will be quite a lot different than usual. That doesn’t mean we can’t all still have a good time. And the first step to doing that is getting an amazing costume. True, our current times are not without hardships, but they’re also loaded with lots of new material that can inspire us to find the perfect attire for October 31st.

These guys and gals have scoured the newest and best emergent cultural gems, whether it be people, animals, places, situations, or software, and they made them into some of the cleverest costumes we’ve ever seen. Here we’ll take a look at these amazing outfits, we’ll have a good laugh, and hopefully, we can get inspired to create an amazing ensemble of our own.

Carole Baskin

This is how you stay clever and contemporary. This awesome woman, Shelley, dressed up as the sinister Carole Baskin from the much-acclaimed Netflix documentary Tiger King. Did Baskin kill her husband? Does she actually care about the animals? Is she just eccentric, or is she evil? These are the questions that tormented us as we watched the documentary.

Shelley definitely serves us a high dose of Carole Baskin authenticity with everything from the feline-print clothing to the bygone hippie hair. Also, we shouldn’t overlook the makeup that perfectly complements the look that Baskin often gives – somehow, it’s happy and melancholic at the time.

Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus

Elizabeth Guidry and her bf nailed it when they dressed up as rapper Lil Nas X and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus as they are seen in the music video for their hit remix “Old Town Road.” The clever couple even went as far as to include their dog in the costume, dressing him as the horse from the song.

The single succeeded in turning the country music genre on its head and even won the Grammy for Best Pop/Duo Group Performance. And the costumes these two put together go way above and beyond. With one look at the song’s music video, you will find that they matched the get-ups worn by Lil Nas and Cyrus to a T. Looking at these two gives us some serious #relationshipgoals.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This Instagram user Virginia Brown is paying homage to the late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ginsburg just passed away last month, in September, leaving behind an incredible story and a legacy of female empowerment.

We suppose you could say Brown really did the late Ginsburg justice… No, but seriously, her costume skills are right on the ball. The hair, the glasses, the outfit, the book, everything down to the intense gaze makes this getup a match. Our jury concludes that this costume is guilty of being rad.

Baby Yoda

Destined to be a sensation, Baby Yoda was. Elderly Yoda already has a special spot in the heart of culture, and now the baby version of himself joins him there. And this is Myrian’s take on the character. We like it. We especially like the coat/cloak thing. To be honest, it looks incredibly comfy.

The color schemes are also really nice. To be fair, Baby Yoda is one of those characters that are really hard to pull off while still looking like a normal person. Can’t really black out your eyes or make your skin blue and still look normal. So Myrian’s rendering here is a nice compromise.

Cher Horowitz

Seeing this outfit brings up some serious Alicia Silverstone nostalgia. We’ve all probably seen Clueless a million times. And we can see that this woman, Tiwalola, brought back the 90s and threw it right in our face, in a good way. The outfit and the facial expression conspire to give us Silverstone’s perfect privileged blondie.

The plaid set is iconic. Ever since we’ve seen Cher strutting through the school and looking like a queen in it, we’ve been in love. Tiwalola also got the upward look down pat. And the cherry on top is the little pink handbag dangling from her arm.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Leigh Paynter dressed as a woman – maybe as Offred, maybe as another poor oppressed individual in the Republic of Gilead – from The Handmaid’s Tale. The outfit looks like she just got off the set of the show. Long flowing red robes, 19th-century farmer’s wife hat; it’s all there.

We love how the doggie is also dressed up in a nicely tailored handmaid’s outfit, though we guess from her cute face that she’s not quite sure what’s going on. True – and this is really nitpicky – Paynter’s facial expression isn’t filled with the dire gravitas that the handmaids in the show have, but then again, she’s not enslaved by the laws of a dictatorship.

Billie Eilish

This awesome gal who goes by the Instagram name Glory dressed up as the new cool kid on the pop block: Billie Eilish. She’s spot on, she’s got all the hallmarks of a young and edgy Eilish. She has taken everything into account. Starting on top with hair, we see she has the signature twin buns.

Moving down, we see, of course, the over-the-top visor shades (which we’re not sure anyone actually wears non-ironically). She’s dressed in clothes with just the appropriate level of bagginess. Classic Eilish. And don’t forget the color scheme with the emphasis on radioactive, nuclear waste green. Hands down, we love it.

The Demogorgon

Wow. This one is perfect in every way! Not to mention incredibly cute. Briana dressed up as the monster from Stranger Things called the Demogorgon (which is actually a classic underworld monster based on Greek mythology). The absolutely most horrifying moment in the show might still be when we catch a vague glimpse of a shadowy silhouette of a monster as Will is biking home.

Briana and her little friend immaculately replicated the Demogorgon’s scary face/head/whatever you call it. It sort of looks like an open flower. But a flower with scary teeth and an unfathomably black hole at its center. And as you can see, Briana’s costume skills are on point. We wouldn’t want to encounter her dressed like this on a dark night. That might end up being our last Halloween.

Betty and Veronica

Chloe and her friend have done a nice job portraying Riverdale‘s favorite bestie duo, Betty (right) and Veronica (left). We wonder if they chose the costumes or if the costumes chose them because the hair color is perfect. They also got the outfits right.

These are totally the kinds of clothes we can imagine the Riverdale sweethearts wearing. We’re sure that Betty and Veronica from the old Archie comic books would be proud if they could have a glance at their new 21st-century selves.


Jinx, the talented cosplayer, has given us all Halloween vibes with her rendering of the eponymous Sabrina from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She chose Sabrina’a iconic getup: the big red blouse with flowery white trim protruding from its extremities. Jinx made the outfit herself! That’s talent, people.

The big blouse is a far cry from the more risqué outfits (i.e. small black skirts) we see the character wear in the show. But in their own way, they all scream “witch!” There’s something a little creepier, more sinister about the red one. Also, notice the blonde hair. It perfectly matches our favorite young witch.

Number 5

This amazing young dude, who goes by the Instagram name J&K, is really doing justice to Number 5 from The Umbrella Academy. He’s thought of all the details. Of course, the clothing scheme is flawless with the boarding-school boy plaid under the jacket. J&K really thought of everything when he dressed up as our fav ax-wielding time-traveling boy.

The clothes are great but what really makes this outfit something to rave about is the attention to the embellishing details, such as the ax and the blood smear on the face. Also, take a look at the emblem on the jacket. It’s accurate, down to the little umbrella in a corner of the coat of arms.

Scoops Ahoy

This is one for the people that like ice cream and for people that are into Stranger Things. So if you’re human, you probably fit into one of those two categories. These kids dressed up as the employees at Scoops Ahoy, the ice cream parlor in the show. The girl on the left is their customer.

This clever trio totally rocked the costume scheme’s clothing demands. Are they sailors? We weren’t sure in the show and we’re still not sure when we see the outfits in real life. Beyond the clothes, they also nailed the vibe. In between running from monsters and crazy government conspiracies, why not stop and have some ice cream? Fun and fear in one neat package.

Dancing Bunny Ears Emoji

Jennifer and her sister managed to think outside the box and inside the phone. Can you guess what they are? In a stroke of genius, they decided to dress up at the “bunny ears girl emoji.” Needless to say, their execution leaves no room for complaint.

Next time you’re sending a text, browse through your emoji options and you’ll notice two twin women standing side by side dressed in black outfits with bunny ears. Every detail here is accounted for. The black ensembles are spot on and so is the hair. And of course, so are the ears.

Instagram Troll

These two hilarious individuals are certainly creative and innovative. As soon as we saw the frizzed bright green hair, we knew what was up. With the advent of social media, the mythical creature known as a troll has made a massive comeback. And here’s one’s of its nastiest iterations: the Instagram troll.

The pair clearly put some serious thought into the two-part costume. It looks like they even printed out a screenshot of an internet exchange. The print is too small for us to read but we’re sure we would be reading some poor internet user being attacked from under a virtual bridge.

Moira Rose

This is a great portrayal of Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek, the Netflix show that had everyone talking the whole summer of 2020. Here, the name of the game is eccentricity. There’s no other way to describe Moira’s vast bestiary of otherworldly outfits, definitely one of our favorite things about the character.

This outfit is an especially cool one and this woman pulls it off immaculately. The most eye-catching part of it might be the feathers hanging around the neck. They have a metallic blue-turquoise hue to them that balances the black. It’s out there, no doubt, but it is also pretty cool.

Britney and Justin 2001

This one is giving us some serious nostalgia. The couple here, Kirbie Johnson and partner, have replicated the outfits worn by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’s to the 2001 American Music Awards. Back then, the denim duo got everyone talking for years to come. And Johnson and bf have brought it back.

Everything with these two is exactly as it was in 2001 with Britney and Justin. Denim. Denim, more denim. Oh, and jeans. Even the cowboy hat is denim. Apparently, in order to not skip out on any authentic details, Johnson’s bf even had to shave his beard for the occasion.

It’s Raining Men

“It’s raining men, hallelujah,” is a lyric we will never forget. Kelly Mindell, armed with an umbrella, brought all those vibes rushing back at us with this amazing costume. If we could give a higher score than A+ for creativity, we would, because this is one of the best we’ve seen.

As soon as you look at this photo, you know exactly what’s going on. It’s raining men. Also, we love the selection of male precipitation she’s got here. We can see George Clooney, David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Channing Tatum, and more hunks. No criticism here for Mindy. Everything is perfect and highly lol-worthy.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

This couple is for sure riding the clever and contemporary wave with their costumes. Here, we have an amazing copy of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It’s not just the outfits, it’s also the looks. Each member of the couple here has the poise and expressions that make them very convincing Sussexes.

Ok fine, these aren’t exactly scary Halloween costumes. What is scary is how close the resemblance is. We’re sure what game them the idea to become the world’s most talked-about couple is the millions of times someone stopped them and said “OMG you look exactly like…”

Money Heist

This is one of those costumes for which you need a squad to make it work. Wouldn’t work as well if it was one person doing it. But like this, it’s outstanding. The thieves we love in Money Heist are all wearing black shirts under their bright red holdup sweater, so the black tank tops here are accurate.

And the masks… The masks make the whole thing kinda creepy and we like it. If it wasn’t Halloween or a costume party someone might get the wrong idea if these ladies walked into a store. If they went trick or treating, they would probably end up with a lot more than candy in the bag. Might end up with some wristwatches and money.

Netflix and Chill

This one is amazing. Totally self-explanatory. Netflix and chill. We’ve known chill for a while. We all know and love Netflix. And sometimes within the last six or seven years, Netflix and chill joined forces and became one entity: Netflix and chill. Though the words explain everything, the term has a more euphemistic meaning these days.

Pulling off Netflix and chill in costume form couldn’t be done any better (while still staying PG-13). The woman on the left is wearing a red dress bearing the name of the streaming giant and the one on the right is wearing a white shirt that just says “chill.” Even on their own each one of these outfits is great, but together, they’re amazing.

Joe Exotic

Here we have an awesome costume interpretation of one of 2020’s most famous renegades. The guy on the right is Joe Exotic, the main character of the Netflix documentary series Tiger King. The details are masterly. The outlandish shirt is exactly what the real Joe Exotic wears. And the look is complete with the hat, and even the mullet-ish blonde strands of hair.

The woman on the left is dressed up as one of the tigers. She took this in her own direction and the result is really good. We wonder where she got the shirt and the hood cause we kind of want our own. Also, the facepaint is done really well and we’d like a lesson.

Cardi B and Bruno Mars

This one is 100% spot on. This couple dressed up as Cardi B and Bruno Mars as seen on the artwork for their remix called “Finesse.” Every little nuance is in place. If you look up the song and see the artwork, you’ll note that the members of this couple are carbon copies of the real people.

Besides the fact that these are exact copies of their clothes, what makes these costumes so perfect is also the expressions. In the real photo, this is exactly the attitude-heavy look Cardi B gives. And this is literally how they stood in real life. Everything about this situation is accurate.

Zoom Student

It’s hard to get any more relevant to 2020 or prescient than this genius costume. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is the Zoom student. We’re sure that by now you’re well-acquainted. It’s amazing to think that in 2020, a good chunk of our most important happenings take place on a video call.

We love how the team at Project Kid chose to represent the typical 2020 student. A background of talking heads and the student in the middle with a big ol’ “mute mic” spread across his face. If you showed this to someone four years ago, they might not get what the deal is. But now everyone knows what the costume is the second they see it.

Dumpster Fire

For most people, looking at how 2020 has been so far isn’t entirely a happy occasion. Sure, good things did happen for some people. But for most, this year has been a complete trainwreck, a total dumpster fire if you will. That’s why this costume is so relevant, not to mention expertly crafted.

Our favorite little detail might be the real trash bags. We suppose Tania couldn’t complain if someone told her her costume is garbage. This isn’t the only amazing costume this woman has. Two or three times a week, she takes the time to craft something amazing (always funny) and uploads it to her Instagram.

Kim Kardashian

This woman is clearly having a great time. We love the heavy comedic element she incorporates into her costume of Kim Kardashian. She’s really nailing the lavish lifestyle angle with the champagne and the pearl jewelry. And true, the world knows Kim doesn’t have a small butt. And the woman in the picture has wielded this fact to her creative advantage.

We suppose the big butt is the crux here, especially cause it’s big enough to host a champagne glass. On a different note, it’s also very cool how this woman represented the spraying champagne. It’s as if someone pointed a remote control at her and pressed pause just as the champagne’s top popped off and the jet squirted out.


We guess if there was an award for Most Prescient Costume, this one would surely win. What we have here is Corona, both the beer and the virus. If you showed these costumes to anyone other than an epidemiologist a few years ago, they just wouldn’t get it. But in 2020, unfortunately, it’s a different story.

These two dress-up luminaries managed to pick up on the fact that one of the world’s favorite beverages happens to share a name with one of its reviled enemies. And they figured out how they could make this little piece of information into a costume. The results are great, certainly viral-worthy.

Fake News

The idea of fake news is something that has worked its way into the collective conscience over the last few years (starting with the Russian invasion of Crimea and Russia’s massive disinformation campaign), so we’re happy to see someone was able to make a costume out of it.

The notion of fake news is really straightforward: news that does not report on the truth. This Instagram user, Lauren Elaine, somehow got her hands on – or made – a shirt that features news clippings (which are all deceitful). Also, just to reinforce the point, she has “FAKE” written on her pants and the paper she’s holding up. A++ for originality, relevance, and creativity!


Rachel Roy and her bf are making us all crack up with their portrayal of the infamous Karen. We feel a little bad for all of those ladies in the world who are really named Karen now that their name has become a pejorative term for an overly entitled, demanding, and unpleasant lady who tends to call the manager when things aren’t going her way.

Though Karen is not one specific person, but rather an archetype, as soon as we look at the details of this costume we know what’s up. That hair, it’s just perfect – the typical Karen hairdo. Though we imagine that in real life, most Karens aren’t this smiley. We imagine most to be kind of miserable.

Instagram Filters

This cute couple managed to catch part of the spirit of 2020 with their awesome costume. True, this year we’ve been rocked with the pandemic and social upheaval, but don’t overlook the era of the filter. Filters are one of the world’s favorite Instagram features. Unhappy with your picture? Bad lighting? No worries, the filters have got your back.

The running joke surrounding filters is that they tend to over-fix. That is, you can have a picture that’s no good, but then a filter makes it amazing, or completely different in another way. So the joke here is on Rebekah Shaw’s partner. He’s pre-filter and she’s post filter.

Bob’s Burgers

What we see here, my friends, is a rendering of the characters from Bob’s Burgers. We’re looking at costumes of Bob and Linda Belcher, and they’ve been done really well. It’s not always easy taking a cartoon and making it into a real-life costume, but these two really made it work.

Everything here matches the cartoon, including the hairdos. It’s funny now that we see a real-life interpretation of Bob’s hair. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but does it give anyone else emo vibes? The clothes are also amazing. And our favorite tiny detail is the extra coat of magic marker hair on Bob’s arms.

Borat Sagdiyev

This costume could not be more relevant since, as we speak, we are basking in the hilarity of the return of Borat in the recently released Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – highly recommended. And Marwan here totally did it justice. We’re sure Sacha Baron Cohen would be proud.

No detail was spared in the planning and execution of the costume. Besides the fact that the suit looks like it was taken from the movie set (we especially love the horrible bagginess of the pants), the goofy look also really matches the character.

Harley Quinn

For this super accurate representation of Harley Quinn, Monica, a cosplay enthusiast went all out. She could easily be Margot Robbie’s stunt double in Birds of Prey. We really like the jacket, which seems to be made out of an assortment of tassels and other dangling flashy things

The rest of the costume also faithfully replicates the famed DC Comics bad girl. She’s got the short jeans, small top, loops of jewelry hanging off the neck, the whacky blueish, and reddish streaks that punctuate the blonde hair. You can tell Monica has put a lot of effort into it and it had paid off.

Wonder Woman 1984

Dressing up as Wonder Woman is a classic cosplay goal. Every female cosplayer has probably done it at least once it seems. This woman has brought us back to 1984, before the days of Gal Gadot, and dressed up as an earlier iteration of DC’s legendary superheroine.

The costume, and not to mention the natural Wonder Woman look this woman has, come together to perfection. We said earlier “before Gal Gadot’s time…” But this isn’t entirely true. She’s currently scheduled to play in a Wonder Woman sequel called Wonder Woman 1984, and according to the trailers, this is exactly how Wonder Woman is dressed there.

Hipster Game of Thrones

This one was so good it was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine. At the very first glance, it takes a second to realize exactly what’s going on. And then it hits you: what we have here some kind of hipster Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. We love this couple’s original spin on the characters.

We have all the hipster stereotypical hallmarks here: shirt with catchy design buttoned up pretty high, man bun, and of course the cup of coffee. We love it. This whole thing actually has an amazing backstory. In one of the episodes, set engineers forgot to remove a coffee cup before shooting. The cup actually made the final cut and was featured (accidentally) in the episode

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This one’s a real classic. We got two pals who dressed up as Will Smith and Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, one of our all-time favorite 90s sitcoms. Everything about the costume works for these two. First of all, notice the clothes – replicas of the show.

But it’s not just the clothes, it’s also the stature and the postures. These two guys have exactly the required height difference to make it work and look spot o n. Also, this is exactly the kind of positions you’d see Will and Carlton in on the show. Smith with his swagger and Carlton with his mad dance skills…#madnostalgia.

Student Loans

This one is great (but sadly too accurate) because it manages to really capture the feeling of many college graduates. Will they ever finish paying off their student loans? Or will they be tethered to debt forever? The two-part costume this couple created reflects all these anxiety-causing questions.

This costume idea was so good that it was picked up by O, The Oprah Magazine and featured in a Halloween special. The woman is dressed as the poor, debt-wracked student and the man is the loan itself. As you can, the situation looks pretty ominous.

The Travel Bug

Well, this woman dressed up as the travel bug is making us yearn to get back to traveling. Since early 2020, most people have not been able to go on a vacation or travel at their leisure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And seeing this woman with that map in her hand makes us miss 2019 and look forward to 2021.

In a serious stroke of originality and costume genius, this woman used maps to make herself a skirt. The map she holds in her hand is of Ireland. And as for the ‘bug’ portion of the costume, she’s nailed it with the wings and the little antennas. As a side note, travel bug or no travel bug, we’d like to point out that her sweater is really nice.

OG Snapchat Filter

Before this decade of the 21st century, this costume would make no sense. “What is this, a woman dressed up as a dog with a huge tongue?” people would ask. But because we’re all acquainted with all the Snapchat iconography, we think this costume rocks.

The costume is just so true to the essence of the app. The color scheme of her tank top and miniskirt are exactly right and the dog-with-tongue effect is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Snapchat. All in all, this one gets super high scores for ingenuity and implementation.

Carrie Bradshaw

When we stumbled across this awesome costume we had to look closely for a second to make sure that it wasn’t Sarah Jessica Parker we were looking at. Easy to get confused cause this costume is spot-on. Efrat Vachtel made all the details come to life in her rendering of the Sex and the City protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw.

The pink tank top and the puffy, silvery-white miniskirt is the outfit we see Carrie in during the introduction to each episode. Efrat also stayed true to the character with the hair; wavy-almost-curly brunette and blonde. The ensemble comes together immaculately.


Here, Grace Lee brings us a really imaginative interpretation of the queen of pop, Beyoncé. It can’t be mistaken for someone anyone else. She’s got the big shades and earrings. And part of Beyoncé’s name is even written on Lee’s crop top. It’s cool but what makes the costume even cooler is the funny take on Beyoncé’s nickname.

Beyoncé is offered dubbed “The Queen B” or even just “Bee.” So Lee here has the nicknames and incorporated them into her costume. See the little wings and the little antennas? We have to admit, it’s a very cute idea and we like the originality. Plus, it’s flawlessly executed.

Life Gives You Lemons

This costume is really clever and we love how minimalistic it is. Doesn’t require all that much: just a t-shirt that says “LIFE” and a basket with some lemons. So what we have here is straightforward. It’s life giving you lemons. Instagram user Shelby Ligon here looks very jolly. We wished life was also this smiley when it decides to give us lemons.

What really makes Ligon’s costume idea so original is that she literally took it from a proverb. Some people dress up as characters from shows or other people or animals, others dress up as certain situations (like, for example, a dumpster burning), or they dress up as objects, apps, or programs. But this might be the first time we’ve ever seen someone dressing up as a saying.

Dead Vine

We love this one cause it’s really refreshing. Dressing up as a social media platform is on its own a pretty unique idea, but Rachel Yohe took it one step further when she decided to also tackle the (sad) fact that Vine has already met its demise. Remember Vine? For a while everyone was all about those fun short videos.

It has been some years since Vine was popular. Now, it’s totally dead. It just couldn’t keep up with all the features its competitors offered. So its creator (Twitter) decided to shut it down. Rachel Yohe totally nailed the deathly aspect here with the blood and the pale, pallid skin. Great costume idea, and perfect rendering.

Social Butterfly

Instagram user Jennifer Runser wowed us with her portrayal of the friend we all have in some form – the social butterfly. Her costume definitely scores a homerun in the cleverness department. Not to mention, now she has a cool shirt that she can wear whenever.

We like how she combined two elements which on their own are not obvious into a final product that’s more than the sum of its parts. Also, this costume is great cause it lets you wear something extremely clever but it’s totally uncumbersome.


These ladies went all out with their Ghostbusters costumes. The clothes and props are amazing. We particularly adore the inflatable ghost suction weapons. Their choice of costume is pretty up to date. There’s also a little story behind it. In 2016, the new Ghostbusters film came out.

Whereas the original film, which came out in 1984 featured an all-male ghost-busting team, the new film had a team of women. For some, it was a big deal and they were outraged. But anyone that saw the movies knows those ladies gave a great performance and did the characters justice. And these costumes in turn do justice to those characters.

Avocado Toast

Calling all the members of Generation Z and a very large number of millennials, this one’s for you. When you first look at Courtney Matesic’s costume, you’re like huh? Avocado? Cheers? Toast? Yes! Avocado toast. We really love the way she conceptualized the 21st-century delicacy as a costume.

We’re not sure exactly why, when, where, or how avocado toast became a thing and turned into some kind of culinary symbol. But to be fair, it is tasty. Its increasing popularity also spawned a whole bunch of other derivations, such as cappuccino served in an avocado. Maybe next year Courtney will give that a shot.

Shaggy and Velma

What we have here are a couple of characters from Scooby-Doo. As soon as we see these colors, the part of our brain responsible for nostalgia instantly lights up and brings us way back. Even though the show ended in 1970, everyone has still seen it cause there have been a few movies since.

The costumes also benefit from having a very subtle twist. In the cartoon, Velma is kind of portrayed as a geek, and Shaggy is, well, quite shaggy. But in this clever 21st-century reinterpretation, they look quite a bit edgier – and we think it’s great.

Zoom Call Fail

This one actually made us lol when we saw it. Admit it, if it wasn’t for the heading above this paragraph, you wouldn’t have a clue what this is supposed to be. A woman enjoying a coffee while on her laptop (perplexed emoji here)? And then we find out it’s a Zoom call fail. Nice.

Ok, the special effects and the props used for this costume aren’t the most sophisticated we’ve ever seen, but it’s dead on point. We’d be willing to bet serious money that the overwhelming majority of people working from home during these pandemic days are attending Zoom calls in their underwear. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just be careful.

Taylor Swift Cardigan

At first glance, it’s clear what’s going on here. Did this photo come from a different article and is in a costume article by accident? No. This is the same cardigan that Taylor Swift wore when she did one of the songs on her new album, Folklore. It’s nice, it’s elegant, and it looks pretty comfy.

Though the hook of the costume may be lost on people that aren’t quite avid Taylor Swift fans, everyone else will know this cardigan well by now due to its many performances. And those that have had Swift’s album on repeat the whole summer can order themselves one of these cardigans if they want.