Creative Artist Brings His Children’s Doodles to Life, Just The Way Their Imaginations Intended

Tue Feb 18 2020

Creative artist, Tom Curtis is clearly a dad on a mission. He has fine-tuned his artistic talents to bring his children’s animated drawings and doodles to life, just the way their imaginations intended. And the hilarious results are nothing short of spectacular.

Tom’s children, Dom and Al were clearly born with wild imaginations. So after Tom had the pleasure of seeing his children’s artwork take over his fridge, he took everything to the next level. He created a real-life digital version of each doodle, in the most creative, comical and outrageous possible way. So get ready to channel your inner child and see the good, the bad, the ugly through the eyes of Dom, Al and some of their childhood pals.

A Woodpecker Sparrow

When Tom uploaded this majestic masterpiece, we have to admit we had to double-take a few times. We then scratched our heads and attempted to google this rare, never seen before bird breed. As it turns out, Tom explained that Dom and Al saw a sparrow perched on a branch of a tree in their back yard.

However, this is no ordinary sparrow. This mysterious-looking creature seems to have been crossed with a woodpecker. Although it resembles a bird with its bird body and feathers, it also has a goofy looking side face with a side-smile. With its distinctive red hair and sharp side-beak, it also stands out from the crowd. This bird is also so good at balancing that it only needs one foot, and this all part of its magnetic charms.

A Wise-Cracking Elephant

On a typical trip to the zoo, we usually take it for granted that elephants look the way they do. But we have to wonder what exactly was going through Tom’s children’s head when they decided to draw this masterpiece. We don’t even know where to start with this wise-cracking elephant.

As an artist, Tom seems to have mastered the art of blending reality with imagination. That way he can bring to life what his children see vs.what adults see. Now if only elephants could talk, maybe they would talk like a wise-cracking cartoon villain. Perhaps they would also give us the side-eye. Then when they opened their mouths we would finally see that they have giant teeth, but only two for added impact!

An Upside Down Space Car

In truth, we have to admire these children for their vision and creativity. Perhaps we have some budding car designers in the making. They’re almost there, they just have to learn a thing or two about how aerodynamics work and about the convenience of having round tires.

We also have to give credit for their spaceship-style capsule car design. Although it does look like the car has been flipped-reversed over with upside-down windows, we can work that out later. We might also need a ladder to jump into the car, but that’s another story. All they need to do is pump up the tires in their imagination and we’re ready to go.

A New Kind of Macaw Parrot

In case you were a little unsure what this exotic feathered friend was in the picture, let us introduce you to the long-tailed, scarlet and green Macaw parrot. In real-life, these are the kinds of super cool parrots that can talk and will probably mimic every word you say.

So, we can only wonder what this parrot would have to say about Dom and Al’s curious creation. When they spotted this unique parrot at the zoo, they also saw it’s very peculiar body shape and feathered angel wings. We love how this new and improved parrot also has the same goofy side-smile and side-feet as its other imaginary friends too!

A Cross-Cow Giraffe

Now we know what your thinking, but let’s take a minute to climb inside Dom and Al’s weird and wonderful imaginations. This drawing was re-imagined during a visit to Whipsnade Zoon in England. Although they had pretty majestic-looking giraffes there, these kids seem to have spotted an interesting new cross-breed.

In their world, giraffes seem to look different than the ones we see. In truth, this giraffe does look like a distant cousin of the family, but it seems to have mutated or been cross-bread with a cow to have those weird patches. While this cross-giraffe’s body seems to have shrunk, their neck looks bigger, thicker and bolder than ever before. We’re still not sure what happened to their side-head but we’ll have to leave that to your imagination!

A Zebra-Sorous

All jokes aside, at least this zebra looks much like a regular cartoon zebra. There’s just one roaring twist. This zebra also looks a little pre-historic. In fact, it could have been crossed with a cartoon dinosaur. Yes, in their world, Zebra cartoon dinosaurs are the new black.

Since we’re already inside their minds, we’re just gonna go with this one and label this majestic creature a “Zebra-sorous”. At least they have been careful to paint their signature stripes in all the right places. It also has the longest Zebra body, tail and the biggest legs and hooves we’ve ever seen. Again, this creature has the same side-head as all the other animals in the zoo.

Comparing the Meerkat

As some of you from Britain might be aware, “Compare the Meerkats” is an English comparison site for insurance. So if you ask an adult from England to “compare the meerkat,” they’ll easily know what you’re talking about. They might even sing the little jingle from the ad campaign.

However, if you ask English children like Al and Dom how they see meerkats, compared to real-life meerkats, you might get more than you bargained for. Yes, in their world, meerkats are little cartoon cretins, who are a little shocked by life. Perhaps that’s because they have some wild giant teeth shooting out of their mouths. We just hope they found a creative dentist!

A Chocolate Labrador Gremlin

Ever since Tom posted his masterworks online, they began to go viral. It also started a new trend as Tom started to received entries from other children, who were inspired to draw exactly they have seen too. So this masterpiece was submitted by another friend of the family, named Tia.

When Tom asked Tia to draw their friend’s gorgeous new chocolate labrador pup, you might have expected her to draw the shape of the puppy and then color it brown. But Tia had her own way of thinking. She simply drew the face of a gremlin creature with sharp teeth and no context. Thankfully, Tom was able to bring her creation to life with his own masterful labrador gremlin.

Hey, Why the Long Face

This weird and creative creation was submitted by another friend of the family, a six-year-old named Beatrice. Objectively, at least she has drawn what looks like the outline of a horse. It’s just every little thing about this horse looks a little more flamboyant and over-exaggerated than usual.

Through the eyes of a six-year-old, this horse has a long giraffe-like face and a longer nose. If only this horse could talk, we can just imagine its slow-talking, deep voice. We also have to talk about its super cool “My Little Pony” style spiked hair and long flowing tail to match. And yet with its oversized body and legs that flow out in angles, we just wonder if the horse could “walk the walk like it talks the talk”!

A Wise Old Zombie Owl

Now we’ve all heard the story of the wise old owl. As the legend goes, a wise owl is filled with infinite wisdom and silently watches everyone from afar with its beady eyes and knowing looks. So, let us introduce you to the revamped version of the wise old owl.

Yes kids, have you ever met the wise old owl zombie? Nope? We haven’t either. But as you can see, this owl does resemble the wise owl. However, it just looks like it hasn’t slept in over a year so that’s why it has different shaped eyes. It only has one super cool wing because that’s all it needs. And who needs feet at the bottom of your body when you can have feet to the side and always be ready for a dance-off.

A Side-Show Cat

According to Tom, this funny-looking furball is actually a friend of the family’s cat, named Cleo. In real life, we’re sure Cleo looks pretty adorable with its eyes in all the right places. But through the eyes of Al and Dom, this cat is quite the comedy performer.

Now you might have heard “Side Show Bob,” but let us introduce you all to “Side Show Cleo.” Although Cleo seems to be missing a few teeth, it seems to have the widest smile we’ve ever seen. Although its eyes are pretty comical, it sure looks like she could tell a few entertaining jokes. Yes, “side Show Cleo” really is living its best life with its pal Fred the pigeon.

Tom’s Play Dough Face

When Tom asked his children to create their own imaginative interpretation of their dad, this unique masterpiece really was the “piece de resistance” of the entire collection. At least their dad does have a face with a nose, eyes and mouth. There’s just a little play-dough twist.

Yes through the eyes of Dom’s children, he seems to have a pretty animated face with some very questionable features. It looks like Tom’s eyes and nose have been moulded into squishy shapes with playdough. But at least Tom does look like a super happy dad with his huge side-grin and welcoming oversized teeth.

A Crazy Bear

In truth, this bear looks a little crazier than the average bear. It even looks crazier than we could ever imagine in our nightmares or in a fully-fledged horror movie. While it’s true that real-life bears can stand on their two hind legs, we’ve never seen them stand on side-feet before.

This creepy-looking bear does have some kind of head. However, it’s head seems to have shrunk to the size of its paw. It also has tiny startled eyes and random claw teeth. Despite its edgy exterior, at least this bear still knows how to wave at us and us. Or maybe that’s just how its paws are positioned on its body in Dom and Al’s peculiar and interesting world.

Back to the Future

As Tom’s blog started to go viral and attract the attention of friends and strangers alike, Tom also became involved in some art initiatives and competitions. As part of a national competition to design a car for the future, Tom was approached and asked to bring some other children’s drawings to life.

This “Jetson’s” style car of the future was drawn by a young child called Eduard. Thankfully, Tom was able to bring the speed machine to life in all its glory. This flying creation does look much like a mini jet with its long body and tail wing at the back. It also has a futuristic cabin for the driver. All we need to do is fire up the rocket feature and we’re ready to blast back to the future!

A Couple of Cartoon Otter Heads

For many animal lovers around the world, otters are usually affectionately referred to as adorable creatures. The main reason for their pure cuteness overload is because of their big brown eyes, cute black noses, and totally huggable paws. However, for Dom and Al, they clearly see features we don’t see.

We have to admit, these otters do look like a pretty hilarious double act. With their cartoon eyes, small noses, claw teeth, and goofy expressions, they look like the most entertaining characters. We can almost imagine them laughing all day about life and about all the hilarious things they’ve spotted in the distance.

A Winning Tortoise

Just as Tom was inspired by his children, many children from around the world were also inspired to submit their creative drawings to him and ask him to bring them to life. So this winning drawing of a tortoise was submitted by a little girl called Lucille.

If you look very closely in the foreground of the photo, you can see that Tom has included a real-life tortoise in the photo. As you can see, Lucille’s re-imagined cartoon tortoise looks a little more fun. While the tortoise shell does resemble the real shell, this super cool creature is so advanced that it only needs three scaly feet. We also love its signature side head.

Panda Art

Now, this is the kind of cartoon panda that we would love to see walking around the jungle. It’s actually fascinating to see the world through the eyes of Dom and Al. We kind of wish these digitally animated characters could be all made into one entertaining and eccentric children’s cartoon series.

In the original drawing, to be fair, this panda doesn’t look much like a real-panda. It looks more like a cross between a happy panda, a monkey, and a spider. With its giant panda body and long spidery legs, we’re still trying to figure it all out. But we’re glad Tom has been able to bring this bizarre creature to life in all its re-imagined glory.

A Futuristic Jumping Car

This masterful design was submitted to Tom by a little six-year old boy named Charlie, as part of the international future car competition. And according to Charlie in the future, all our cars won’t just be able to fly, they’ll also be able to jump across the highway.

As these futuristic space cars will be powered by rocket fuel, they won’t really need round wheels. That’s because they will be too busy hopping through the traffic like a cartoon, as well as flying. Now that we’ve seen this, we can’t wait for some budding designer to invent a real-life half-moon shaped space capsule for us to all to hop across the highway in.

We Found Nemo

Finally, the search is over. We just found Nemo and everyone can finally relax. He was just happily floating on his side, just waiting for someone to draw him in all his orange-emblazoned glory. Thankfully, Dom and Al spotted Nemo at the London Aquarium.

Clearly, in their imagination, Nemo is a happy little fella with the most adorable little flippers. While he also looks pretty different from the cartoon character we all know and love, at least he’s living his best life at the Aquarium, with the widest grin. We also can’t get over his tiny fish teeth!

An Amazing Elephant

Amazingly, Tom’s designs have been inspiring more and more young children to let their creativity flow and to submit their own imaginative drawings. So, this super cool elephant drawing was submitted to Tom by a budding three-year-old artist in the making, named Olivia.

Although this elephant’s body looks pretty squished up with long spidery legs, at least we can recognize the elephant by its long, carrot-colored trunk. The elephant also has antennas instead of long ears and one foot is facing backward. But this drawing is still way more creatively awesome than most children at her age!

An Odd-Ball Goat

We have to admit that goats are funny-looking and funny-sounding creatures in real life. With their animated expressions, hilarious and strange screaming sounds and tendency to stick their tounges out at any moment, they really are meme-worthy.

However, this was all before we were introduced to the new and improved odd-ball goat. With its giant cartoon odd-ball eyes, lack of nose and its blank smiling expression, it actually looks much like a cartoon goat that we would love to see in a new animated series.

A Volkswagon Limousine

When Tom asked his children to draw their imaginative version of a Volkswagon Up car, they created a very eccentric version of the popular brand. We’re actually not even sure if they were looking at a Volkswagon city car at all. We have a suspicion that they were just imagining a stretched limousine space car capsule.

The Volkswagon Up can usually seat five passengers comfortably. However, this stretched space city capsule limousine has five separate doors on each side, so you can bring all the animals in the zoo along for the ride. It also has supersized tires, a bizarre front triangle-shaped bumper and you’ll need a ladder to climb aboard, but it will be worth it in the end.

The Easter Bunny’s Cousin

Well, this is not the type of happy and bouncing bunny that we’re used to seeing hopping through the garden. But at least Dom and Al perfected the art of drawing the actual shape of an animal, rather than just doodling their side-face.

Yes, in their world, this is exactly how the Easter Bunny looks like. Even though it does have a distinctive square body, stick arms and stick legs, side-feet and cat ears, it does look vaguely like a bunny. Perhaps it’s a distant cousin of the regular bunny called the Square bunny. It also hasn’t had too much sleep because it’s so busy around Easter time, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

A Monster Tractor

Just so you know, if you’ve ever wondered how a six-year-old would draw a super cool tractor that they spotted by the side of the road, now you no longer have to wonder. In the world of Dom and Al, this was no ordinary tractor, this was an imaginary monster tractor-sorous.

For Dom and Al, this monster tractor clearly has the biggest, largest and most giant back wheel you could ever imagine. It then has a supersized tractor cabin, an animated front wheel, and an oversized front body. Actually, this imaginary tractor is ready to be entered into an episode of Monster Trucks, and we’re sure it would do pretty well.

A Donny Darko Rabbit

This imaginative version of a rabbit is slightly different than the Easter Bunny. It’s also noticeably a little more creepy. In fact, it no longer looks cute, fluffy, bouncing or even a square bunny at all. This looks just like what would happen if bunnies went bad.

When Tom shared this photo on Instagram, it did remind us of something but we couldn’t quite put our fingers on it. Then, one genius user hit the nail on the head. With it’s creepy, wide zombie eyes and side smile with claw teeth, this drawing looks like it was heavily based on the haunting rabbit in Donnie Darko.

Tom in Work Mode

This photo might look a little confusing and oblong, but we soon discovered that this is how Dom and Al saw their dad when he put on his suit and went to work. We weren’t quite sure what happened to his eyes until he revealed that this masterpiece was drawn just after the Christmas break.

Admittedly, we’re still not quite sure what happened to Tom over the Christmas break. We know this is the season for overindulgence, but it doesn’t usually cause your eyes to fall one below the other, your nose to be squashed in or your tongue to slip to the side. However, in Dom and Al’s eccentric imagination, this is just how it all went down!

A New Kind of Mom

If we were the mom of Dom and Al, we’re not quite sure if we would take this hilarious portrait as a compliment, or an insult. But we’re pretty sure in the eyes of Dom and Al, this is just how every face really looks in their bizarre and imaginary world.

We have to credit these kids for doodling a face that vaguely resembles a woman. That’s all down to her stylish hair which has been flicked out for added impact. Even though her eyes and eyebrows are at different angles, at least she has thick eyelashes and her eyebrows are on point. She also has a gleaming smile, so we’ll just take it as a compliment!

Some Kind of Unicorn

For most children, if they were asked to draw a unicorn, they would probably draw the shape of a majestic white horse with a long nose, flowing rainbow hair and a tall unicorn horn on the top of its head. However, these are no ordinary children and this is no ordinary unicorn.

Although we are glad Tom introduced us to Dom and Al’s imaginary world and can see life according to them, sometimes their blurred reality really makes us question everything. Are we seeing things wrong or do unicorns really have round gremlin-like faces with side-eyes, buck teeth and side tongues? At least this unicorn still has a horn so it is some kind of unicorn.

The King of the Potatoes

In his heyday, Michael Jackson was widely considered the King of Pop. With his electric energy, thriller dance moves and voice, he was seen as a pop legend and one of the most significant figures of the 20th century. While he did change his looks over the years, we’re just not sure if this is what he was going for.

When Al and Dom were asked to recreate their own version of the King of Pop, we have a sneaky suspicion that they were slightly confused. With his weird-shaped potato head, crazy half-afro hair and long round body, we’re not sure if they were drawing the “King of the Potatoes” or the “King of Pop?”

A Tiger-Clawrous

When Tom took Dom and Al to the zoo, we’re sure they had the time of their lives. They also spotted some wild and undiscovered creatures that we never realized existed.

It looks as though Dom and Al have spotted a new strain of tiger with a long-super stretched tiger body and long spidery-stick legs. The fact that it then looks back at us with its strange side head and giant claw-teeth, makes us pretty grateful that we’re watching their strange world from afar.

The Statue of What

While Tom is clearly inspired by his kids’ random doodles, he also encourages his kids to draw everything they see. So when the children opened a book which pictured the sights of New York, this is what they actually saw through their real eyes when he showed them the Statue of Liberty.

We have to give them credit for taking the time, patience and dedication to draw its signature crown. Although not every spike in the crown is exactly in the same place as the original, we appreciate the effort. The statue also has some pretty questionable eyes and the same long-claw teeth as the tiger, but it’s almost there!

The Tale of Pete Who Had Four Rows of Teeth

We have a hunch that the more things these kids are inspired draw, the wilder their imaginations seem to stretch. When Dom and Al met a friend of the family named Pete, we’re sure Pete was flattered and excited when they asked to draw him and he would be included in their super-cool collection.

However, Pete should have realized by now that Dom and Al see everything differently than other people. When they looked at Pete, they saw that he had zombie eyes. He was also so advanced at smiling, talking and eating that he had won his level and been awarded four rows of teeth.

A Rainbow Duck Puffin

While many of us have heard of a puffin, these exotic birds aren’t too common in the English countryside. So when a friend of the family named Byron who lived in the same village spotted this exotic and colorful bird, he was inspired to draw his own creative masterpiece.

Admittedly in real life, Puffins do look like a cross between a seagull, a black and white penguin, and a parrot. But it looks like this colorful little bird has been also crossed with a duck to have those giant duck feet. This puffin also has some questionable side eyes and a random hole for its mouth, but at least its beak is right on point.

A Halloween Twist

Now that we’ve had the pleasure of roaming around Dom and Al’s peculiar imagination for a while. it seems that a lot of these characters have some kind of edge or a claw-teethed twist. So when they actually decided to draw a portrait of their friend Pete with a Halloween twist, we had to hold our breath and see what creature they would come up with.

And they definitely didn’t disappoint! They simply channeled their inner Halloween horror movie and came up with the most monstrous face they could imagine. We’re not sure how exactly Pete would feel about his giant inflated monster head with sharp claw teeth, one random pointy nose/ear, and double eyes, but he looks like the scariest monster we’ve ever seen!

A Droopy Cow

We’ve already met the long-faced horse, but have you been introduced to the long-faced cow. We can only imagine what happened that day to make it look so glum. Perhaps it really had been “dragged through a hedge backward,” just like in the famous saying.

Yes, this cow looks like a distant cousin of the happy and healthy cows we’re used to seeing grazing the grass. Perhaps it was sad that it has a half fur and half skin face, or that its udder looks like a foot with three toes. It also has a tiny body for a cow, but at least it has the same spidery legs and side-feet as its other imaginary animal pals.

Moulding Dad

Throughout Tom’s collection, it seems that his children have changed their minds about how their dad really looks. Whether he wears a suit after the Christmas or is standing in the back yard, his face never really looks the same way twice.

Just like we already suspected, that’s all because Tom has a real-life play dough face. Depending on their mood, the season, the setting or the weather, Tom’s face, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears can be squished and molded into whatever shape they want!

A Penguin Tooth

This brilliant masterpiece drawing was submitted by another childhood friend of the family called Martha. At first glance, this does look everything in the right place. The fluffy and adorable penguin has a black side-beak, the right sized head, eyes, and body. There’s just one slight twist.

If you glance a little closer, you’ll see that this penguin doesn’t actually have a white belly. In fact, it has no belly at all, just the outline of a belly. As we started to stare more and more, it soon became clear that this penguin is formed in the shape of a tooth. And we already know a great imaginary dentist that would love to meet this new and improved penguin tooth.

An Eight-Legged Badger

If you’ve ever come across a badger slow-walking along the side of a country road, then you’ll recognize it by its long distinctive nose with black and white stripes. But through the eyes of an eight-year-old named Emily, this badger looks much different from the regular ones we’re used to spotting.

Yes, this new and improved badger seems to have been crossed with a centipede. Not only does this cross-badger look super cool with its eight new and improved legs, but its nose is also locked to the ground. This means it can be sure to never ever miss a piece of food from the sidewalk ever again. And we have to admire Emily for her inventive cross-breeding imagination.

A Unicorn Giraffe

This happy little fella looks like a cross between a geometric giraffe, a camel an alien, and a magical unicorn, and we can’t stop staring at its adorableness. The wonderful creation was submitted to Tom by a six-year-old called Benjamin, and he sure has a wilder imagination than most.

So we have to give kudos to Tom for allowing us to tap into our inner child and bringing the magical giraffe to life for us to all enjoy. With its geometric shaped square body, tall rectangle neck, unicorn wings, two monkey tails, and alien eyes, this giraffe sure is a sight for sore eyes!